Holly Bobo, missing from TN 2014 discussion #5 ***ARRESTS***

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If you haven't looked at Topix regarding this case, you might want to take a peek. You can use your brower's search engine and put in Holly's name and Topix and you'll be there. Last time I looked, there were over 7000 posts regarding this case. Some of the comments are in line with the arrests, and many (from prior) have been completely inaccurate. There's gossip, rumor, speculation and fact. How do we discern one from the other? We can't. And that's why we don't allow Topix to be a source link.

For those of us who are reading over there, please remember that when we post here, we need to keep our information focused on MSM and LE information. That's just how we roll on Websleuths.

WSMV-TV, Nashville ‏@WSMV · 1m ·

 A suspect in the #HollyBobo case has been charged with attacking a correctional officer. New details coming up at 4 o'clock.
I am praying that the pressure and confinement on these guys causes one of them to crack and spill the truth...
he knows he's in deep crap and there is no way out of this one.

whatever happened to holly, I hope the full truth comes out.
I believe as time goes by Zach will come to realize that the world does not revolve around him. It is only the beginning of the incarceration he has to come.

Suspect in Bobo disappearance charged with attacking jail guard

Zachary Adams, who is facing charges in connection with the disappearance and murder of 20-year-old Holly Bobo, was charged with attacking a guard inside the Chester County jail, according to court papers.

read more ........ http://www.wsmv.com/story/25904895/suspect-in-bobo-disappearance-charged-with-attacking-jail-guard

Wow. Bad mistake. The guards wont like that news. They can make his life much more miserable than it already was.
I believe as time goes by Zach will come to realize that the world does not revolve around him. It is only the beginning of the incarceration he has to come.


IMHO, if he was involved, I think it will be just the opposite. It will be because ZA does think the world revolves around him that he will talk in order to cut the best deal he can or to save himself from a potential DP (don't know if they're seeking that or not). He isn't going to truly "find religion" and confess. He will do anything that he thinks is in his best interest and if his "best interest" is cutting a deal, he will do it. If he's involved, only time will make him realize it's in his best interest.
My opinions only, no facts here:

If men addicted to drugs are imprisoned and not given appropriate medical treatment to counteract their withdrawals, they will likely become more belligerent. This serves the purposes of those who never cast the first stone, but decreases the chances for a truthful outcome.

I saw the earlier fun and spirited discussions about physical vs. circumstantial evidence. Let me apply "reductio ad absurdum" (reduce the argument to absurdity). A man is arrested for walking down Times Square at high-noon in NYC with the severed head of a recent murder victim under his arm. THAT is physical evidence. Or in real-life, a man in front of the entire nation, on live camera, attempts to kill the U.S. President. That is John Hinckley, Jr. and Ronald Reagan. And remember, John Hinckley, Jr. was found NOT GUILTY by reason of insanity, confined to a mental institution, and is reportedly now allowed outside the mental institution 17 days a month as a free man.

A meter-reader reports a body near-to a POI's home during an active and mature investigation, in an area searched several times previously. Based upon this latest tip, an officer conducts a search at this same site and finds NOTHING. Four months later, other officers search the same site and remarkably- now find the victim's remains. This is circumstantial evidence. This is the Casey Anthony situation.

To me, all criminal investigations are much the same. "Jack" did it, but you have to find him. If what you have are suppositions (many cases), long after-the-fact witness claims or 'magic evidence' (many cases), talking-dogs (Casey Anthony), jail-house confessions (endless cases), or indefinitely-imprisoned and pressured suspects (Casey Anthony did almost three years in solitary confinement)- you ain't got "Jack"!! If you cannot find Jack: YOU AIN'T GOT JACK!! And you may not find "Jack" by the time of trial!

Remember, in the Holly Bobo case, "Jack" is reported by the FBI to be 6 feet or less in height and 200 pounds in weight- a shorter and stocky individual. This does not resemble the two currently-jailed suspects. I am still looking for "Jack" so that fellow sleuthers cannot claim that I don't know "Jack"!

Sleuth On!
An article that goes into a little more depth about Zack's suicide and assualt.

On June 13, Chester County Sheriff Deputy Mark Griffin received an incident statement from corrections officer Mark Morris, which stated that Morris had overheard Adams make suicidal comments, “specifically to throw himself from the highest point to which he could climb inside his cell,” according to a report sent out from the sheriff’s department today.

“I advised second shift supervisor, Sgt Brown, to have Inmate Adams moved to a specialized cell so that he could be monitored and observed twenty-four hours per day to prevent him from injuring himself,” Griffin wrote in the report.


Zack is lucky it is summertime. It would be a little chilly sleeping naked in a concrete cell during the winter.
Wow. Bad mistake. The guards wont like that news. They can make his life much more miserable than it already was.

It may take awhile, but those jailers will take the savage out of the beast. By the time his trial rolls around, you will probably see a much kinder and gentler Zach Adams.
:seeya: Good Morning !

Wow ! Just saw the latest news about ZA ... off to catch up !

:please::please::please: for Holly and the Bobo's !

Court Hearing Set For Suspect Charged In Bobo’s Disappearance

Jeffrey Kurt Pearcy was charged with tampering with evidence and accessory after the fact. He was set to go before a judge in Henderson County General Session Court at 1 p.m.

Pearcy appeared in court last month, where the judge entered a plea of not guilty on his behalf. Bond was set at $25,000, with a requirement that Pearcy wear a GPS tracker on his ankle at all times.

Updated: Jul 01, 2014 9:21 AM CDT

From https://twitter.com/JordanBuie:

Jordan Buie @JordanBuie · 21h

Deputies say man charged with Holly Bobo's murder suicidal, assaulted officers.


I hope Jordan covers today's hearing for JP ... no word yet on JP -- just the comment about ZA and a link to the Jackson Sun article.
From News Channel 5 :

Holly Bobo Suspect [Zach Adams] Charged In Jail Altercation

A report from the Chester County Sheriff's Office said Zachary Adams was being moved to a specialized jail cell on June 13 after he made suicidal comments, "specifically to throw himself from the highest point to which he could climb in his cell."

The report said Adams hit two corrections officers and tried to trip another jailer as they tried to restrain him. Adams was carried to the cell, where he was to be monitored to prevent him from injuring himself.

ZA is pretty much a life-long criminal who has terrorized his entire community. I have a feeling there is no love lost for him. He has had time to sober up and realize that no one, including his grandfather or other relatives, can get him out of this mess. Reality is setting in.
If he did abduct and have a hand in hurting Holly, as I feel he most certainly did, then he is just beginning to reap his punishment.
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