Holly Bobo's Remains Have Been Identified

Chris Conte‏@chrisconte·1m
NO confirmation this is #HollyBobo but it is a very active scene. TBI and Sheriff Dept are looking for any other evidence in the area.
Heather Mathis @WBBJ7Heather · 30m
UPDATE: Skull found was 11 miles away from #ZachAdams property searched in February.
Will Nunley‏@willnunley·42 secs
So far I am only hearing of one discovery, a skull. Obviously a careful search of the area is underway.
The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation confirmed to The Jackson Sun that human remains have been found in Decatur County.

The remains were found within about 15 miles from the home of Zach Adams, a suspect in the kidnapping and murder of Holly Bobo.

The TBI has not commented on whether the remains could be connected to the Bobo case.

Bobo, a 20-year-old nursing student, was last seen the morning of April 13, 2011, after her brother saw a man dressed in camouflage lead her into the woods behind their parents' house on Swan Johnson Road near Parsons.

Adams was charged with Bobo's murder and kidnapping after investigators searched his property in February and early March. On April 29, Jason Autry was indicted on the same charges.
'NewsChannel 5, the CBS affilitate in Nashville, has confirmed a hunter found a human skull not far the home of Zach Adams.'


All the media tweets I'm seeing are giving distance of from 10-15 miles of Zach Adams home. It's very close, anyhow.

Police are stressing they have NO link to Holly at this time, but it's obvious they won't have, until DNA tests are run. Unless they find items nearby.
'Hunters are the eyes and ears of the forest'...
Can't imagine what the Bobo family is going through..


"Body Watch" how do you cope?


"Body watch" is it a taboo subject? Almost all families of the missing go through it. I did. And, now I sit this watch with other families of the missing. But why does it seem to be so hush-hush?

Some families I know don't want to know when body watch is taking place and that is their prerogative so we don't hear from them too much. Others very much want to be a part of it and that is also their prerogative yet they don't seem to talk about what they went through on body watch.

Many aspects of what the families of the missing face are rarely discussed in public, but body watch seems to be the least talked about even though it is what is on the minds of all families every time a body or bones are found anywhere.
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So now we have a better idea of the location.

Chris Conte@chrisconte · 11m

We're on scene in Holladay, TN where hunter found a skull this afternoon. No confirmation it's #HollyBobo @NC5

Chris Conte&#8207;@chrisconte·6 mins
@willnunley County Corner Rd. .. Long dirt stretch along I40
Oh my. First it was hunters and now it's people searching for ginseng.....I wish they wouldn't report anything until they have identification.

Chris Conte&#8207;@chrisconte·4 mins
DA: two people were out searching for ginseng when they found human skull this morning. Will do DNA tests to determine if it's #HollyBobo

Makes more sense. Ginseng is a federally protected plant and the TN harvest season opened September 1, 2014.. Ginseng is usually found in low lying valleys near creeks...

Tennessee Ginseng Law and Regulations
The harvest season for wild ginseng in Tennessee is September 1 - December 31.
So far, the location where they found the skull is weirdly reported. Undoubtedly riddled with huge inaccuracy.

The info they've given says, via various reports, that the location is (a) in Holladay TN, (b) in the part of Holladay that's in Decatur Co, not in Benton Co, and (c) 10, 11, or about/less than 15 miles from the Adams property.

Unless we (or I) have locations badly bolluxed, that set of facts does not appear possible. One or more of those "facts" are simply wrong.

Here's a rough sketch of the geography, and it's easy to see quickly how wrong it is.


* Holladay TN town

_________________ county line dividing Benton and Decatur Co
* Adams home, approx 1 mile S of county line, and about 5 mi each way from
extreme borders E and W of Decatur Co

* Parsons TN

If the skull was found in Decatur Co and 10-15 miles from the Adams property, you have to go South, and by a considerable distance. Holladay (the town area) is about 5 mi NW as the crow flies, and Adams is only maybe a mile from the Benton Co line. You can't go N/NE/NW from Adams and be in Decatur Co (the limits are something like 1 mi N, 5 mi NE, 5 mi NW)

It's about 12.5 mis to Parsons (town area) from Adams. Locations going S/SE/SW that far are not likely to be described as in Holladay.

If we can trust the description as being in Holladay but also in Decatur Co, then it's way more likely that it's only 3-4 miles from Adams, or maybe even much closer. If instead the "10-15 miles away" is true, then if it's in Decatur Co it has to be way south, and could even be in the rough vicinity of the Bobo home.

In time I'm sure we'll get something better.
Matt Gerien @MattGerienFox13 · 2h

The sheriff tells me investigators could be on the scene in Decatur County for days.

Matt Gerien @MattGerienFox13 · 2h

The Decatur County Sheriff tells me "We have no reason to believe this is Holly Bobo's body and we have no reason to believe it's not."


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