Hugh Grant Flees from Hookers

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    Shocked Hugh Grant fled a Bangkok bar — chased by dozens of hookers trying to grab his penis [24-Dec-2003] Printer Friendly

    The movie heart-throb ventured in for a drink with two minders and ended up scarpering with his hands in front of his crotch.

    Hugh, 43 — in Thailand filming the sequel to Bridget Jones’s Diary — only managed to down one beer before two girls dancing in bikinis recognised him and leapt from the stage.

    They made a beeline for his flies — as is the custom among Bangkok tarts. A horde of others taking a break between dances joined them.

    Hugh clutched himself with his hands.” Hugh, who was famously arrested in his car with Hollywood hooker Divine Brown, had gone with his bodyguards to a street called Soi Cowboy — notorious for its go-go bars, naked dancers and “ladyboy” transvestites.

    The red-faced actor was in the Tilac bar when he was spotted. Tippawan said sadly: “He would have been a good catch. But I guess he did not feel comfortable. He hurried out — and left the street.”

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