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I wonder if the divorce case will happen before LE commits to whatever kind of case they are going charge in Kyrons disappearance.
I wonder if there was a lunch in Kyron's backpack left at the school that day.
1. I wonder what the exact words are in KH's will or if he has one.

2. I wonder how much debt TH and KH have combined. Since she is not listed as an owner on his house, do they have a shared credit debt (i.e. cards or loans) or are all of these in his name only too?

In addition to your second "I wonder"...

1....I wonder if Terri had a history of irresponsible financial behaviors...?

2....I wonder if the reason only Kaine's name is on the deed to the home is possibly because Terri had a poor credit rating...?
I wonder what combination of internal and environmental factors made Terri into the troubled person she clearly is--and what we can learn from that....
I wonder if TH is innocent in the disappearance of Kyron. And if she is, I wonder what her attorney is telling her. And if she is, I wonder what her move will be if there is never an indictment against her. Try to get her baby back?
I wonder if there is no indictment, and if Kyron remains missing, and if this becomes clearly a cold case, if Kaine and Desiree will tell the public what was in Terri's disturbing emails, what evidence they were given about the MFH, and the real reasons they connect this crime to Terri?
I wonder if Kaine and Desiree were aware of Kyron's supposed seizures?

I wonder if K was seen with Kyron and TH at Skyline on that morning?

I wonder if the conversation that Kyron's deskmate claims to have heard between the teacher and a sub was true?
I wonder if one or both of the Horman children had been drugged to make them sleep (and keep them quiet) prior to Kyron's disappearance. And is that one of the things LE knows about that they wish they didn't.

I wonder if we will ever hear from Kyron's doctor.

I wonder what the other Moms and teachers at the school really thought of Terri, in spite of her "homeroom Mom" persona. As I've written before on other threads, I think that sometimes parents call themselves "volunteers" when they really just show up to gossip or show off with other grown-ups or to bully the teachers. I could make a list of crazy behavior I've seen at my kid's schools, but I'll leave it at this. :angel:
I wonder...

1....if Terri had added an extra insurance coverage to the family credit cards. One that would cover the balances after a spouses death.

2....if Terri has told the truth about what happened on June 4th to her attorney.
I wonder whether there were any vehicles parked at the school all day that didn't belong to school staff etc. The kind that might have been left by somebody leaving with TH or another person.
I wonder if Terri's parents have been allowed visitation with their granddaughter, K?
I wonder why Terri hasn't fought to get custody or visitation rights with her daughter?
I wonder how long Terri is going to remain unemployed and live with her parents.
I saw that too. Carol was quoted in writing as saying the first time she saw Terri was when she was 3 and in a "little white skirt." Wish I could find that link...
I wonder if that picture of Terri in the white skirt dated in the late months of 1972 (Terri would have been 2 1/2 or 2 3/4 years of age) was the first time Carol saw Terri. (?)

I wonder why there not any infant photos of Terri?
I wonder if there is any proof or evidence, such as emails or IM chats, that Terri may have tried to convince someone to help her get Kyron away from his parents or Kaine. LE says that there is no evidence that he may be deceased, but is there any actual proof that he may be alive and hidden.
I wonder when the sexting photos sent to MC are going to be released and published on the front of the National Enquirer. (I would like to stock up on groceries beforehand so I don't have to look at any of this in the checkout line.)
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