ID - 4 Univ of Idaho Students Murdered - Bryan Kohberger Arrested - Moscow # 53

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The strangest thing to me is he was seen by her and still came back. Why would he come back knowing she could have possibly called the cops unless he was convinced she thought he was just a friend or random person at the house. Weird stuff. I wonder if there was more to the conversation that was left out of the PCA and he threated her or something. Who knows.
His car was in the vicinity the next morning. We don't know if got out of his vehicle or how close he got to the house. This was based on cell tower data.

He could likely see the residence. He was probably checking news sources about the crime and noticed there were none and drove out there...MOO

I wonder where the cell towers are located? I can't find them on a map. The reason I ask, is the towers may have had a decent range or they may be hyperlocal. My hunch is there was a tower that serviced the area south of Taylor but could have covered a broad area.
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Wow, this reads like a nightmare. This thread is moving so fast that have not been able to read all.N ot sure if this has been said, but I wonder if one of the reasons he came back in the morning, was that he realized he left the knife sheath and he was hoping he could go back in and retrieve it, but decided against it. MOO
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Another thought I had. I find it interesting that LE found a sheath to the knife because in one of the online discussions, the online persona had an intense discussion about the killer leaving a sheath behind at the murder scene.

Based on the information in the PCA: It seems that M was killed first (if that is where he took his knife out of the sheath). 2) K would probably have been second based on proximity. 3) X would have been third, since she was found in the hallway. I wonder if she was coming back from getting her Door Dash food. 4) E was killed 4th. I wonder if E woke up or he was killed in his sleep.

So, I wonder if M was the target and K, X and E were collateral damage?
Where did you see was killed in the hallway?
That Mad Greek menu is barely veggie-friendly. If you're a strict vegan/vegetarian, you're not going to be driving 10 miles for two options (Greek salad and hummus with pita; questionable on the vegan pizza, unless they have a separate grill) that you could get in your own town. All the other dishes at Mad Greek can only be made vegan by removing items, which is fine in an emergency but not exactly geared to vegans. (I just hope the murderer enjoys nothing but peanut butter every day for the rest of his life.)

Why not falafel and dolmas? With some hummus? The standard thing that vegans order at Greek restaurants and why Greek restaurants are usually considered vegan friendly.

Also, many places these days prepare Greek rice with vegetable broth or will do so on request.

Now the separate grill thing is an issue, but separate small pans for vegan preparation of falafel are already standard most places (who would use anything other than a falafel pan to fry falafel? or a special falafel deep frier - because otherwise, the falafel are not gonna taste right).

Vegans are very accustomed to ordering things with ingredients subtracted (as are vegetarians) and cooks are extremely accommodating and used to it. Most restaurants do not have yummy proteins like hummus and falafel though. And dolmas. All Greek restaurants have great salads, IMO, and is it really a big deal to ask for no feta? Millions of people have food intolerances and do this daily.

Pizza may go directly on the oven rack (but that assumes he can eat yeast, in his extreme vegan state), Don't know how he feels about oven racks and don't care - he's going to end up being fed by a tube if he rejects the vessels and ovens in which his jail food is prepared.

Regular pizza places are much worse, because vegan cheese (IMO) is not that great. Rather have a traditional food like refried beans (almost always vegan where I live and travel) or falafel. In this case, I do wonder if BK regards yeast as an animal because, if not, then he also gets pita bread.

You're right though - he's unlikely to get any of this great food in jail. Peanut butter it shall be. With celery. With apples. And, if he's okay with yeast, he can have a PBJ sandwich.
I am not trying to make this thread about me but I do want to offer an explanation as to why DM may not have called 911.

When hubby and I were in college we lived in west Tulsa to be closer to TU. One weekend my older brother and wife came to visit, so my SIL and I decided to cook dinner. I didn't have everything we needed so she and I climbed into her car to go to the grocery store in Town West shopping center. We got out, did our shopping, me checking out first as I had fewer items. I came strolling out, holding my purse and bag of food items, thinking about dinner.

A man stepped out of a van and walked straight toward me. I thought nothing of it. Suddenly he grabbed me in what we call a bear hug, pinning both my arms to my side. I literally could not raise my arms to fight, could not get away. I was completely shocked, unable to process what was happening or try to get away.

At that time my SIL walked up behind me and asked "What's going on?" The guy immediately dropped his arms and said "Oh I thought you were someone else. Sorry." He turned and walked away, got into his van and left. My SIL asked me "Who was that?" I told her I had no idea, I had never seen him before in my life. We went home, told our hubby's about it, decided it really was just a case of mistaken identity. We laughed it off and did not call police and report it.

Exactly one week later, a local radio newswoman, Valerie Shaw, while shopping for diapers disappeared from Town West shopping center at the exact same grocery store parking lot. They found her raped and strangled to death miles away in Rogers County. The killer went on to kill four more people before he was caught and executed. My SIL and I instantly recognized him as the man who grabbed me that evening. Except for my having slightly darker skin Valerie and I could have been sisters. I have been haunted since 1984 by the question, if I had called the police and reported it would Valerie still be alive?

So I can personally speak to why DM did not call 911. First you are in shock, then later in denial. You just don't ever think something bad is going to happen to you or has happened. Especially when you are young.

But believe me I never walked out of anywhere with my head in my butt again. To this day I check my surroundings before I step out of a car or a building and if someone approaches me I don't let them get close to me, I give them a wide berth.

DM has a long way to go and a lot of guilt and a lot of "what if's" questions to work through before she ever gets through what happened. She will never get over it but she will hopefully, with therapy, get through it.

My prayers for her.

I don't k now why he didn't kill her too.
Maybe his intention was to kill 4 people, not 5, not because he couldn't but because it was not part of his grand plan.
He was well disguised, dressed in black, masked.
He may have been imitating a specific killer he had studied..
Just a thought-- he might've thought she was holding a gun. Unlikely, but many people do have weapons when opening their door in the middle of the night.​
Does anyone know if he had been inside the house before the murders?

its not known but I wonder since it states his phone was located at the house on 08/21/22 whereas all the other entries indicated phone located nearby or vicinity etc so the fact that this one location entry seems to be specific makes me think he could have been there
I would think a reasonable person wouldn't want anyone, especially the defense rip apart DM. Maybe I'm wrong.
They are going to want to know if she had anything to drink, if she has ANY history of ANY drug use, if she had anyone else in the room. What exactly was she doing just prior to hearing something that made her open the door? Was her response different than any other night? Approximately how many men whose identities were unknown to her had been through the house in the last 6 months? What was her comfort level with that? Was it ever discussed as a household? Is she able to describe people in general? Can we test this? And on and on... Being a witness is rough.

As a home visiting nurse, I was subpoenad as a witness in custody battles and domestic violence cases and found it some of the most stressful moments of my career, even more than going into some of the more violent homes I visited. My colleagues often said they felt similarly.

I feel for DM
He was definitely asked about mental health issues as per this link:

He was also asked about medications. I'll try to find the transcript referencing that.
Those are standard questions at arraignments. if someone has severe mental illness or is on medications that effect judgment it goes to their competency to agree to things at that hearing, for example signing an agreement to be extradited or to make an initial plea. Some of utterly crazy people will say their mental health is fine, and some s of perfectly sane people will say it is not, based on their interest of outcomes from that hearing.
Maybe this has already been pointed out, but that second page appears to be nothing more than the back of page 1. The redacted stamp is backwards, as it would appear through the back of the paper. Page 1 and page 3 read consistently from one to the other, so I don't think there was any other whole page of redacted material. That's just my opinion, though.
I believe there was something on that page at some point. In a previous employment life when I worked for an attorney, if a page was blank it was marked "This page intentionally left blank" to keep someone from copying information onto that blank page that was not originally in the document. That was my experience, anyway.
I did see that about Corner Club, but can you steer me to where that was said about Mad Greek?

I keep checking and still haven't seen that anywhere - not even as a twitter rumor.

The pings will tell the story. When I do searches, Websleuths speculation comes up as the highest search result for people PONDERING whether he went there, some rags have picked that up; the second highest hit is reddit; other rags have picked that up, stating, "MAY have gone to Mad Greek."

So absolutely NO confirmation whatsoever that he went there. Or that he interacted with any of his victims - only that he was in proximity to them for 3 weeks or more.
I would call those bushy eyebrows…
Check out his eyebrows in the photo he used for his PhD degree (first photo in the series of five embedded in this article):

Bushier still. Possible he trimmed them post-crime.
Wow, this reads like a nightmare. This thread is moving so fast that have not been able to read all.N ot sure if this has been said, but I wonder if one of the reasons he came back in the morning, was that he realized he left the knife sheath and he was hoping he could go back in and retrieve it, but decided against it. MOO
That is EXACTLY what I stated (as my opinion) in an earlier post.
After watching him in court today, i think he will most definitely be part of his own defense team, if not going all in with a 'darrell brooks' self representing. He still thinks he's smarter than everyone. He's not drugged, was very engaged, and seemed almost 'giddy' at being there. He won't plea. He wants his 15 minutes.
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