ID - 4 University of Idaho Students Murdered - Moscow # 36

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Oct 5, 2019
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This tragedy seems to be breaking news:

Police said they responded to King Road for a report of an unconscious person. When officers arrived, they “discovered four individuals who were deceased...”

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Media Thread/No Discussion

Press photo album (compilation courtesy of WS member cujenn81)

Moscow ID Police Departement Facebook page

City of Moscow re King Road Homicide

Detectives are looking to develop context for the events and people involved in the four murders at 1122 King Rd in Moscow, Idaho. Anyone who observed notable behavior, has video surveillance, or can provide relevant information about these murders:

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Please read The Rules (linked in my signature), and continue discussion here.

Also, for anyone other than victims or an officially named POI/suspect, use initials or your post will be removed.

No sleuthing or insinuations/accusations against anyone who is not officially named a POI/suspect by LE.
Admin Note > Horse's mouth:

LE has said the skinned dog is not related.

Detectives are also aware of a Moscow Police incident of the report of deceased animals left on a resident’s property. This was determined to be wildlife activity and not related to the murders.

Members have been advised before not to discuss it any further. If you still wish to discuss it further, call the Sheriff's Office but don't post about it here or you may lose posting privileges.

Thank you.
The following Johnny Law youtube was originally posted by Mayboy1998 earlier today but because it was not a podcast host we were familiar with and we did not have time to view it in its entirety, it was removed. Having now had time to view it, it is being approved on a one-time basis because it does seem to provide an excellent analysis of the layout of the house, where individuals may have been sleeping, and it speaks to the location of the red liquid in relation to the overall layout of the house.

Thread is open again.

When someone posts a rumor, please do NOT respond. Just Report and let us nip it in the bud.

Responding makes a lot of extra work for us, and we get cranky when we have to read through almost an entire thread to find and clean up 25+ responses about something that should never have been posted in the first place.

Thank you.
Thread 13, post #977 has the pic with obvious berries on the tree right next to the deck.

Sorry, can't get it to link.

We don't quote post numbers because those can change over time due to Mods having to remove posts.

The following will help everyone know how to quote a post from elsewhere and then your link will not change due to moderation:

How to Quote a Post from Another Thread

This post lands at random

To any members who have complained about removal of their off topic posts and TOs issued for derailing the discussion.

There is a very good reason Off Topic posts are a violation of Websleuths TOS.

First of all, the threads are not personal chat or comedy rooms. Off topic posts derail the thread, making the thread all about you and what you want to talk about. Each day, hundreds of members and thousands of guests come to Websleuths to read about the topic the thread is dedicated to, not to read about you or your life or what you think is funny. It is disrespectful to the victims who these threads are dedicated to.

The one thread you post off topic in is not the only active thread that Mods and Admins deal with every day. WS has thousands of threads, 212,000+ members, and only 4 staff to deal with hundreds of active threads 24/7 .

Simple math ... if there are 200 members currently online and even 5% of those members feel it is okay to sneak in that innocuous little off topic post, and each of those 10 posts receives 10 responses and those responses receive even 2 responses each, that is 200 off topic posts alone that our volunteer Moderators would have to search for and remove in a day (in addition to all the other TOS violations they have to deal with).

This means that for your little post that you think is harmless, our staff have to go through pages and pages of posts to find all the responses to your OT post.

Please be courteous to other members, the families and guests reading here, and to our volunteer staff who work very hard in trying to keep the discussions respectful and on topic.

Thank you.

Stop bringing rumors into this discussion, and stop stating opinion as fact.

There is no approved source to support that EC was found in the hallway.

Mods have had to remove or modsnip tons of posts based on members discussing "whispers" (i.e RUMORs) and/or members theories that contain information as fact when such "fact" is actually based on rumor.

Members who violate the above TOS are subject to a temporary or permanent loss of posting privileges.
Hey everyone,

WS requires links to information stated as fact. What you "heard somewhere" or "read somewhere" "think I heard" etc is NOT an approved source. If you can't link it, you can't post it.

No link, no post !!

Little rumor, big rumor .. doesn't matter. A rumor is a rumor. Don't bring them to Websleuths.

Also, at Websleuths every family member, every parent, friend, etc. is considered a victim unless they are an officially named POI or suspect. If parents don't go public and give interviews, people think that's not right. If they give interviews, people think that's not right. You aren't in their shoes ... lay off the criticism of how those innocent people may or may not be reacting during their time of grief.

And, it's been said many, many times, stop the generalized LE bashing.

Thousands of members every day have no problem posting in accordance with our rules and policies. Please post responsibly and respectfully.

Thank you.

You may discuss what the father says in any of his interviews. You may choose to believe him or not to believe him. The father has whatever information that LE has chosen to tell him - and that may or may not be complete information. The father may have a POI in mind, but that does not mean that the person is actually a POI.

You may NOT take what the father says in his interviews and use it to discuss, sleuth, or accuse anyone who has not been declared a POI or suspect by LE. Websleuths' policy is and always has been that those not named POI are not to be sleuthed.

From this post forward - ZERO TOLERANCE

"Hoodie guy" has not been named a POI or suspect by LE, nor has anyone else. ANY sleuthing or accusations against a non-POI is now, and has ALWAYS been a violation of TOS.

LEAVE THE FATHER ALONE. You may discuss what he says but you may NOT bash him in any way.

PLEASE do not respond to violations of TOS in order to argue or correct them - just report the post.

Timeouts have been and will be issued.

Thread is open

Quick reminder about sources, from the Etiquette & Information link in my signature:

Information stated as fact must be supported by a link to a mainstream media or law enforcement source (or other WS approved source) to substantiate the fact, otherwise the post will be removed, along with all responses to it.

And from the Social Media link:


Victim (missing or murdered person)
Suspect (as officially named by LE)

Public Pages
Mainstream Media (MSM)
Law Enforcement (LE)
Approved group support pages for victims, such as "Help Find..." and "Justice for..." (usually a page run by family)
Legitimate non-profit organizations who provide assistance and support to victims and their families (e.g., Klass Kids, Texas Equusearch).

Please don't post random YT, Twitter, etc. links that have not been approved here.

ETA: COMMENTS on allowed sources are NOT allowed, as they can't be vetted for accuracy.

This post lands at random to some of our newer members who are used to other sites ... Websleuths is NOT those other sites.

We do not tolerate snark or rudeness toward other members.

Thousands of members post here every single day and have no problem posting politely and within our Terms of Service.

If you can't post with total respect, Websleuths is not for you.

Thread is open. Three things before you get back to posting:

1. STOP replying the obvious violations of TOS. If you do, then we have to moderate the original post, and your post, and anybody who replied to your post, and so on and so forth.

2. If you can't provide a link from MSM or LE, don't post it. Don't say you'll find a link later, don't say you can't link because it's not approved here but this is what it says. If you can't link it, you can't talk about it. Like in #1, we have to clean up the original and then the responses, and the responses to responses, and so on and so forth.

3. Stay on topic, to THIS case, not just generally. Geneology research is not specific to this case, for example (and we have no indication that we're there yet, anyway). And again with the responses.

And that's how threads stay open.

Please review the links below this post for guidelines.
To clarify, for Websleuths purposes, which is fact-based, and has intentionally strict TOS, “FACTS” are those that can be substantiated by a link to the information being stated as a FACT in MSM. That generally means stated by an official with LE. Anything that is an OPINION, even from retired officials with LE, are not necessarily considered FACT on WS. While we respect opinions of retired LE being interviewed in stories on high profile cases, they may or may not have info that LE working the case have. Families can be sources of fact for background info regarding victims, but not about details of the crime, unless they were witness to it.

You are free to discount in your own mind what WS considers facts, but you may not argue about it here. Websleuths is also LE-friendly. While we all understand LE is human and can sometimes make mistakes just like any of us, you may not speculate that it has happened UNLESS there is some basis in FACT regarding this case.

If you have further questions about this, please send a REPORT.
It will be considered OFF TOPIC at the least, and IGNORING MODERATORS/ADMINISTRATORS INSTRUCTIONS at the worst, and your posting privileges may be limited.

Have spoken with Tricia about the Banfield interview with CM.

As Chris McDonough is no longer an approved source at Websleuths, we are not allowing linking to the Banfield interview with him, or any discussion of the content of that interview.

If/when the same information surfaces in other MSM, we will then allow such discussion.

Any questions, please do not ask on the public thread. Thank you !!
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