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Detailed Case Timeline Part IX of XXI (Update 9)

September 2019

FOUND DECEASED: Joshua Jaxson “JJ” Vallow & Tylee Ashlyn Ryan
Arrested: Lori Norene (Cox) Vallow/Daybell and Chad Guy Daybell

Sep 2019 :-
CR: “Every time I did reach out ‘hey Ty I love you’ it’d be like ‘hey love you super busy’, or my mom would say that, I’d text her ‘is Tylee okay?’, ‘yeah, she’s super busy.’ “
KM: “Kay and Larry kept trying to reach JJ and Lori”
LW: “We called Lori so many times
KW: “I emailed her, text her, left voicemails, everything
LW: “Please, let us…”
KW: “Please, whatever, we want to see JJ.” (source Dateline episode 2 “What Happened to the Children” aired 1 May 2020)

Sept 2019 – Tylee’s phone sends texts to her brother CR throughout Sept but they become less frequent by October (CR interview w/Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix). Every time CR tries to call Tylee after Aug 30, Lori makes excuses on why Tylee can’t talk to him (Affidavit of Probable Cause Doc).

1 Sept or 2 Sept 2019 - Lori moved with children JJ and Tylee, along with Alex and a friend from AZ to Rexburg, ID (Fox 13 Salt Lake City; Affidavit of Probable Cause Doc).

1st Week of Sept 2019 – Tylee was seen by a neighbor, SB, who helped Lori and AC move into 2 townhouse-style apts in the same complex in Rexburg. Lori, her children, her brother and a friend had all driven up from AZ. SB helped them move in a few weeks before school started. SB only met Tylee once and never saw her again. Lori told SB she moved there to attend college. (Fox 13 Salt Lake City).

2 Sept 2019 – Labor Day.

3 Sept 2019 – Lori enrolled JJ in Kennedy Elementary School in Rexburg, ID (Fox 13 Salt Lake City).

5 Sept 2019, 7:26 am – Lori calls and sends an email to LIFE Academy in AZ to withdraw JJ from school, saying she got a new job out of state. Despite the email, Lori never followed the formal practice to withdraw JJ and the school never received a request from JJ’s new school, Kennedy Elementary in Rexburg, for transfer of his records. The letter makes mention of Lori’s husband dying “last month” even though it had been nearly 2 months since CV’s death. School officials also say Lori claimed CV’s death was a suicide. (Fox10 Phoenix)

6 Sep 2019, 12:41 pm to 12:53 pm (duration 12 mins) – Alex’s phone pings at Chad Daybell’s house, not in the back yard. (06/10/2020 Probable Cause Affidavit of Detective Ron Ball)

6 Sept 2019, 2:46 pm – A neighbor takes a picture of JJ and Tylee standing over a pile of toys outside their Rexburg apt; the neighbor texts the photo to someone else who asks what is going on. The neighbor replies “The new kid [JJ] brought a laundry basket full of toys (mostly like stuffed plushie types) and dumped them all in the massive puddle in the corner of the grass.” (KSL TV).

Approx 7 Sept 2019 – Lori’s brother Alex lived with her about a week before renting his own apt in the same complex in Rexburg (LocalNews8 ABC).

Approx 7 Sept 2019 – JJ told his friend, neighbor SB's son, that he and his sister would be leaving soon. "They played everyday almost, until [JJ] said he was moving to his grandmother's…They told my son that, 'Oh yeah, we're going to go visit my grandmother.' We didn't know where that was. I said, 'Oh, okay,' and I understood because school was about to start. The semester was about to start and she was going to school, from what I understood," SB said (LocalNews8 ABC)

7 Sept 2019 – Lori’s account or electronic device is logged into a classroom communication app from JJ’s former school, LIFE Academy in AZ, and Lori’s user account is shown as having viewed a post made by the school (Fox10 Phoenix).

7 Sept 2019 – Chad’s wife Tammy volunteers at a Rexburg Rescue Run event. Chad was not present with Tammy at the event (Websleuths Verified Insider posts).

7 Sept 2019 – Lori does a podcast with MG titled “2 Feel the Fire ~ What is a Baptism of Fire?

8 Sept 2019 – Tylee is seen for the last time last on a trip to Yellowstone with Lori, JJ and Alex. Police obtained phone records that show Lori, AC and J.J. went to Yellowstone National Park. There is also a photo of Tylee at the park entrance from Lori’s iCloud account. “This is the last time we can find any record of [Tylee Ryan] being with Lori Vallow. We have found no witnesses who can verify they have seen TR since Sept. 8, 2019,” (02/18/2020 Affidavit of Probable Cause; East Idaho News).

8 Sep 2019 – AR tells NG she was surprised that LV had taken a trip to Yellowstone because it’s cold in Sept. That wasn’t the LV she knew and what she would have enjoyed. LV would go to Disneyland or Hawaii or somewhere warm. (source Nancy Grace podcast interview AR 6 Jul 2020)

8 Sep 2019 (Sunday) : - 06/10/2020 Probable Cause Affidavit of Detective Ron Ball

– trip to Yellowstone NP was further established (by FBI CAST unit – cellular analysis survey team) by tracking the GPS, cell tower connections and Google account info on AlC’s phone. T
hey drove there in AlC’s silver Ford F-150.

6:40 pm - AlC’s phone exited the west entrance of YNP.

6:45 pm - 7:02 pm (duration 17 mins) – AlC’s phone at Buckaroo’s BBQ grill in West Yellowstone, Montana. (NB. it was likely closed on a Sunday)

Then 1 hour 35 minutes later…

8:37 pm - 9:35 pm (duration 1 hour)AlC’s phone at LV’s apartment.

Then 8 minutes later…

9:43 pm - 9:53 pm (duration 10 mins) – AlC’s phone at Maverick on Main Street, Rexburg, a gas station and convenience store.

Then 51 minutes later…

10:44 pm - 11:15 pm (duration half an hour) AlC’s phone at LV’s apartment.

Then half an hour later…

11:44 pm – AlC’s phone at his own apartment.

9 Sep 2019 (Monday) :- 06/10/2020 Probable Cause Affidavit of Detective Ron Ball

midnight - 12:44 am (overall duration 1 hour) – AlC’s phone at his own apartment.

Then 2 hours later…

2:42 am - 3:37 am (duration 55 mins) – AlC’s phone at LV’s apartment. (This is the only time in September he appears to go to LV’s apartment between midnight and 6:00 am.)

Then one hour later…

4:37 am - 8:59 am (duration 4 hours 20 mins) – AlC’s phone at his own apartment.

Then 22 minutes later…

9:21 am - 10:39 am (duration 1 hour 18 mins) AlC’s phone at CD’s property, at 9:21 am behind the home near the east end of the barn. (202 N 1900 E, Rexburg).

10:47 am – AlC’s phone City of St Anthony (5 min drive from CD residence – but could be a (flyer) random cell tower ping)

10:57 am - 11:39 am (duration 42 mins overall duration at Daybell property = 2 hours or 2 hours 18 mins) – AlC’s phone at Daybell residence.

Then 13 minutes later...

11:52 am - 12:02 pm (duration 10 mins) – AlC’s phone at Dell Taco in Rexburg.

11:53 am – text CD to TD – “Well, I’ve had an interesting morning! I felt I should burn all of the limb debris by the fire pit before it got too soaked by the coming storms. While I did so, I spotted a big racoon along the fence. I hurried and got my gun, and he was still walking along. I got close enough that one shot did the trick. He is now in our pet cemetery. Fun times!

11:56 am – text CD to TD – “Gonna shower now and then go write for a while at BYU. Love you!

after 12:02 pm and for rest of day – AlC’s phone at his own apartment.

2:47 pm – text TD to CD – “Good for you!

2:48 pm – text CD to TD – “I’m back home now

9 Sep 2019 – In Jun 2020 KSL TV obtained a satellite photo of CD’s property for 1:32 pm on 9 Sep 2020, showing a dark spot of disturbed ground measuring approx. 5 feet by 6.5 feet, in the place her remains were recovered.

11 Sept 2019, 7:07 pm - Venmo in Tylee’s name sent money to her older brother CR with a heart.

16 Sept 2019 – Chad and Lori do a podcast along with MG called: “3 Feel the Fire ~ Chad Daybell Sharing Jesus' Love”.

17 Sept 2019 approx 3:15 pm – JJ is seen playing outside Lori’s Pioneer Road apt in Rexburg on a neighbor’s doorbell camera video (2KUTV).
KW believes it is obvious that JJ was not on his medication.

17 Sep 2019 – Re. Ring Doorbell video footage :–

KW: “When I saw that ring doorbell video that scared me to death, and finding out that she was telling neighbors he was her niece’s drug-baby, not her son, that just shows me how she was distancing herself from him. Maybe make it easier for her to do something to him?
LW: “that’s actually been the lowest point in all of this, even lower and more hurtful than the death of Charles. How low can you get? For her to say that, it’s not the person that has the loving capability of a mother.”

NE: “you can hear JJ uncharacteristically swearing and police documents say she had not filled up his medication.”
KW: “I can’t understand that because that would have made him unruly, out of control, angry, and all these feelings that he has without that medication. It would have made her life incredibly easier than with him not taking it. The only reason I can think of her not giving it to him is 1/ she didn’t know where it was or 2/ she didn’t want to fill it because maybe she didn’t want anyone to know where they were. Or she was keeping him more agitated to keep her agitated to keep her moving down the path she was on, which was a very dangerous homicidal path that she’s been on since July.” (source EIN)

18 Sept 2019, 2:00 - A nanny Lori found on first comes to meet Lori and JJ. The nanny later told RPD she understood her employment was going to be ongoing (02/18/2020 Affidavit of Probable Cause). During that first visit, Lori was welcoming and hugged the nanny but reportedly told several falsehoods “She explained to me how they recently moved here from Arizona. Her husband had just died of a heart attack and how J.J doesn't quite understand the situation…Her daughter also lives in Rexburg and is going to college. She said her daughter doesn't like to babysit J.J without being paid so she wanted me to work for her. Occasionally her daughter would come visit for dinner or to do laundry, but she never said that she lived there with them. It appeared that only Lori and J.J lived there... ” the nanny said (AZfamily). The probable cause doc says no evidence has been found of Tylee ever enrolling in college in BYU-Idaho or any other BYU campus.

19 Sept 2019 -The new nanny arrives to watch JJ; She parked in the back in the visitor parking by their garage. "When I walked inside, [Lori] mentioned how she was waiting for her brother to come and leave with her to the airport. She said she was going to the Idaho Falls airport. She said her brother also lived here in Rexburg." "[Lori] mentioned how if she got home later to give JJ his medicine right before bed because it makes him tired fast. She joked about how she liked that because some days when he was extra tough for her to handle, she would give him his meds and have him go to bed early..." Lori’s brother came over and was quiet, then he and Lori left in Lori’s car with Lori driving. JJ had a toy he carried everywhere with him called “ducky” from Toy Story. It was made by Lori and him. The nanny noticed that JJ’s room didn’t seem to have a bed in it, only toys, and he slept on a thin mattress in the corner of Lori’s room. Lori said that she had to put 2 locks on the door because "sometimes JJ escapes". After dinner JJ went to play with the child next door. While Lori is gone JJ has a melt-down; when Lori returns she shows JJ an “overwhelming” amount of love according to the nanny. Lori walked in from the garage with her brother and the friend they picked up from the airport, a woman who did podcasts. The nanny didn’t see a suitcase. Lori paid the nanny about $40 in cash. ( 02/18/2020 Affidavit of Probable Cause ; East Idaho News, Fox13 SLC, Nanny statement).

19 Sep 2019 – MG visited LV in Rexburg, staying 4 nights. Soon after MG arrived LV told her JJ had become a “zombie”. LV had already told MG her belief about zombies which she learned from CD. “Gibb reports that the term “zombie” refers to an individual whose mortal spirit has left their body and that their body is now the host of another spirit. The new spirit in a “zombie” is always considered a “dark spirit”. While the “dark spirit” inhabits the host body, the person’s true spirit goes into “limbo” and is stuck there until the host body is physically killed. As such, death of the physical body is seen as the mechanism by which the body’s original spirit can be released from limbo.” LV had pointed out JJ’s behaviors, such as “sitting still and watching TV”, “claiming JJ said he loved Satan” and an “increased vocabulary” as evidence JJ was now a zombie. MG observed JJ and felt his behavior to be the same as she had always observed it. 06/10/2020 Probable Cause Affidavit of Detective Ron Ball

19 – 23 Sep 2019 :– MG stayed with LV Thursday to Monday morning;

MG: “LV told me that they did walk around the track together. She didn’t tell me what they did or didn’t do but I did have an opportunity to walk with them. I was surprised, I’m like ‘aren’t you worried that people are going to see you?’ she says ‘Tammy doesn’t come out a lot, she doesn’t come over to this part a lot’. They were openly affectionate. “They said a lot of people that knew Chad didn’t know what Tammy looked like”.

CD was very quiet most of the time, he let her do most of the talking”. MG describes CD as “reserved, sometimes he came across not very confident”.
JJ was there in ID but TR was not;
MG: “
I was told she was at BYU-Idaho”. “I knew that Tylee had her GED that she got when she was 16 or 17, and so it could have been plausible but it didn’t feel like it. There was definitely question marks for me. It didn’t feel real. It didn’t feel like the truth. I didn’t know what to say about it, I wouldn’t assume she had done something to her, so it was unusual.”
JJ was not on the walks, he was at home, with AlC watching him.
LV didn’t talk about TR.
MG: “
JJ was all around us and we were talking about him quite a bit. As I arrived on the Thurs she said that he had turned into a zombie the day before. And she was pointing out behaviors of his, like look how he’s doing this, that’s unusual, or look how he’s doing that. She was trying to create uncertainty in me about what I saw. He kind of looked like JJ to me – hyper and angry one minute kind of chill or crying the next minute.
did it worry you, oh no look what happened to Charles when he became a zombie, something might happen to him?
MG: “I didn’t think she would do that because that’s her boy. She said ‘it’s time for JJ’, something to the effect of ‘he’s in the way of our mission, so we need to send him to Kay’s house’. We talked about Kay and we talked about some of her family members that could take him on…she wasn’t sure if Kay would really receive him. That was the plan that I knew of, he’s going to Kay’s house…I met Kay briefly but I didn’t interact with her…I talked to her a few times on the phone, she did express that he went to Kay’s house within a short period of time after I left…She said ‘we met at the airport and she received him’, I believed it.” (source EIN interview).

KM: “Did you see Tylee there?”
MG: “No.”
KM: “What did Lori tell you?”
MG: “She told me she was at BYU-Idaho going to school with some friends.”
KM: the campus is just up the hill from Lori’s townhouse.
MG: “I was like, ha, she got into BYU, I wonder how she did that.”
KM: MG knew by then that Tylee had been declared a zombie.
MG: “Chad had told her ‘oh she wasn’t made a zombie just recently, she turned a zombie back when she became a difficult teenager’. She said he [JJ] became a zombie the day before I arrived. The reason I believe he became a zombie, my own internal thoughts, is that he was going to stop Chad and Lori from being together basically. I think he was in the way. I think that’s why he became a zombie.”
KM: “What happens to zombies?”
MG: “It seems like they are dying.”

KM: all that weekend says MG Lori was making up reasons to say that JJ was out of control.
MG: “She was obsessed about talking about it. To the point where she was saying ‘look how he’s behaving. Look how hyper he is here’. She was planting ideas to show me that she believed he was a zombie. To my mind he looked like typical JJ.”

KM: A friend of MG’s named David was there too that weekend. They were leaving Monday morning, Sep 23rd.
DW: “When I went to say goodbye Lori was just there and she said ‘JJ had one of his zombie moments and climbed up on my fridge, pushed my picture of Christ down, and climbed up onto the upper cabinets and was stuck between the ceiling and the cabinet and was just raging’. I’m looking at the cabinets and I saw absolutely no sign of any damage of any kind. Not even a scuff.”
KM: “You knew right away she was lying to you?”
DW: “Yeah. So I just said ‘I would like to see JJ’. I wanted to see him. She said ‘he was out of control so I had Alex come in and get him’.”

KM: MG told us that during her weekend with them they went for walks together at BYU running track. Holding hands. Hugging. Kissing. In full public view.
KM: “Did you ask them aren’t you afraid of being discovered by Tammy?”
MG: “Yes. They said Tammy doesn’t usually come out, or here.”
KM: “It’s a small town.”
MG: “That’s what I thought, this is a small town. They didn’t seem to be worried about it.”
KM: maybe Tammy was a little more plugged in than Lori and Chad gave her credit for. In fact Tammy did become suspicious and confronted Chad. Is that right?
MG: “I had heard that from Lori that she became suspicious.”
KM: “Do you know how she confronted him or what she said?”
MG: “No, I don’t recall, she just said that she was.” (source Dateline episode 3 “What Happened to JJ and Tylee” aired 22 Jun 2020)

19 Sept 2019
- A Rexburg woman has a long conversation w/ Chad on a flight to Mesa, AZ. During the conversation, they talked about their families, religion, and Chad's books; the anonymous woman has read a few of them and says, "[Chad] told me he was not writing those novels anymore about an apocalypse or something. He was just going in a total new direction in the books that he was writing." Chad tells her he is on his way to help a female relative in the Valley (i.e. the Phoenix area) who needs to remodel her home. "He said I hope we can get this work done in the time that I have before I have to be back," recalled the woman (Fox10 Phoenix).

21 Sept 2019A Book of Mormon Evidence and Universal Model of Science Event is held in Rexburg. The event flyer on the website advertises “Come to Yellowstone in September”.

Weekend 21/22 Sep 2019 – the affidavit of probable cause states that MG and her boyfriend DW stayed at LV’s residence in Rexburg the weekend of Sep 22 and 23 2019. That would be Sunday and Monday based on those dates. MG stated (EIN interview) she left Rexburg on Monday morning, 23 Sep 2019. 06/10/2020 Probable Cause Affidavit of Detective Ron Ball

22 Sep 2019
late, night of (Sunday) - Last verifiable sighting of JJ in LV’s apartment (#175), by MG and DW. (AlC lived at #107). DW, MG and LV were going to do a podcast. DW said JJ was acting up and so AlC took JJ to his apartment. When AlC returned later that night he was carrying JJ who appeared to be asleep with his head on AlC’s shoulder. DW saw it as a tender moment. ( 06/10/2020 Probable Cause Affidavit of Detective Ron Ball )

23 Sept 2019
– The Autumnal Equinox (Last day of Summer/First day of Fall).

23 Sep 2019:- Monday (source 06/10/2020 Probable Cause Affidavit of Detective Ron Ball ) :-

btw 8 and 9 am – When DW woke up he asked LV where JJ was. LV informed DW and MG that JJ had been acting like a zombie and had been crawling on the kitchen cabinetry between the cabinets and the ceiling, and knocked a picture of Jesus off the refrigerator. LV said that AlC had come and taken JJ.

– JJ had an unexcused absence from school.

9:55 am - 10:12 am (duration 17 mins) – AlC is on CD’s property near the pond at the northern edge.

23 Sep 2019 – MG and DW have confirmed to law enforcement that at no time during their interaction with LV did they believe JJ was in danger. LV had not said anything about harming JJ or having AlC harm JJ. - 06/29/2020
Probable Cause Affidavit of Detective Ron Ball

23 Sept 2019 –
Chad texts ”Thanks so much” to Filmmaker Devin K Hansen about the movie project. Chad did not reply to any texts from Hansen after this date. (Fox13 Phoenix)

24 Sept 2019 – Lori unenrolled JJ from Kennedy Elementary School in Rexburg, ID, telling administrators she planned to homeschool him. No requests were made for JJ’s transcripts (Fox 13 Salt Lake City; East Idaho News; Affidavit of Probable Cause Doc).

24 Sep 2019 – Kennedy Elementary School in Rexburg was in the process of creating a new individual education plan for JJ due to his autism - undated but still incomplete when LV withdrew him. LV called Vickie Barton of the Madison School District and informed her JJ was going to Louisiana with his grandparents and wouldn’t be home until the end of October or later. (06/10/2020 Probable Cause Affidavit of Detective Ron Ball)

24 Sep 2019 – when AR later heard that LV had told JJ’s school she was going to homeschool him it didn’t make sense to her because LV had always had a lot of help and even with a lot of help JJ requires a lot of attention and time. (source Nancy Grace podcast interview April Raymond 6 Jul 2020)

24 Sept 2019 - Tylee’s 17th birthday. Nobody has reported seeing her on this day. At one point Rexburg's Assistant Police Chief Gary Hagen said, “It sounds like the last time anybody had seen the kids were somewhere on the 23rd or 24th of September,” (Daily Mail) However, the probable cause doc released in Feb 2020 states the last time Tylee was confirmed seen by anyone is Sept 8th, 2019 (Affidavit of Probable Cause Doc).

24 Sep 2019 – LV’s sister SS (interview May 2020) says she texted TR on her birthday and TR responded “thank you Summy, love you, happy birthday to you too.” She says she has no way to know if it was TR who sent the message.

24 Sept 2019 - The nanny contacts Lori, and Lori tells her that JJ has gone to stay with his grandma for several weeks and that her services are no longer needed "...[Lori] responded to me that JJ was with his grandparents for a month and that she was in Hawaii. She said in about a month, when they come back, that I could work again..." (Affidavit of Probable Cause Doc; East Idaho News, Fox13 SLC).

25 Sep 2019, 10:05 am to 10:22 am (duration 17 mins) – Wednesday - AlC’s phone pings in CD’s house (not back yard). (source affidavit prob cause)

26 Sept 2019 - Eviction proceedings against Lori’s brother Alex are filed in San Tan Valley's Pioneer Justice Court (Court docs).

26 Sept 2019 - National Public Lands Day (Entry into Yellowstone is FREE).

26 Sept 2019 thru 7 Oct 2019 - Madison School District, where JJ was previously enrolled, is closed for the spud harvest break. Spud Harvest moved up a week for North Fremont students

28 Sept 2019 – Colby is growing concerned that Tylee hasn’t called him or facetimed him in weeks. A text chain between CR and Tylee’s phone number shows his concern:
CR: Hey Ty!! Happy Birthday I’m so proud of you! I know you have been through [a lot]… trust god, its all gonna be okay...
Tylee’s Phone: thanks colbs. I love you.
CR: Hey ty are you okay?
Tylee’s Phone: I’m good just tired… Call you back later. Love you.
CR: Okay call me tonight please
Tylee’s Phone: at the movie. I’ll call you after
CR: Ty, please call me after your movie. I’m worried about you.
Tylee’s Phone: Worried about me? What?
CR: …I Just want to hear you talk …
Tylee’s Phone: Ok this week was busy I’ll call you soon.
CR: Okay please call me tonight if you can
CR says he kept trying to push Tylee to call him but every time it seemed like she pushed him away. She would keep saying “I’m busy” and that doesn’t make any sense to him. (Dr Phil Show).

Approx 28 Sept 2019 – About 3 weeks before Tammy dies Chad allegedly tells his author friend Julie R in a frustrated voice: "My plan can't move forward until Tammy's dead." (Inside Edition).

30 Sept 2019 thru 11 Oct 2019 – The Sugar-Salem School District, where Tammy works as librarian is closed for spud harvest break. Calendars

c. 30 Sep 2019 – LV informed MG that she had arranged for JJ to go live with KW. LV told MG she had told KW that she had cancer in order to convince KW to take JJ. LV told MG she had travelled with JJ and handed him off to KW in an airport. 06/29/2020 Probable Cause Affidavit of Detective Ron Ball

Sep/Oct 2019 – (not specified but before Nov) MBP says she visited LV in Rexburg for a weekend when she didn’t have her own children under the 50/50 custody arrangement. She said LV said ‘come and see if you like it up here.’ They toured BYU-Idaho. LV told MBP that TR was with friends and JJ was doing some type of therapy, or with a nanny, or in a school that will help him, and so MBP wasn’t asking where he was. (source EIN May 2020 interview)

Late Sept 2019 – The son of one of Lori’s Rexburg neighbors asks if JJ can come play with him; Lori tells the child JJ went to live with his grandma “ … one of their children went to Lori’s apartment sometime in late September to play with JJ, and the child was informed by Lori Vallow that JJ was not there and that he had gone to stay with his grandma” (Affidavit of Probable Cause Doc; East Idaho News).

Late Sept or Early Oct - About 3 weeks before Tammy’s death – Julie R and Chad call each other. Julie said “And I asked him, do you still see Tammy dying? And he said yes I do,” (Fox13 Salt Lake City).

End Sep 2019 – 3 weeks before TD died JuR received a call from CD. He said “my plan can’t move forward until Tammy’s dead, or until Tammy dies”. JuR says she felt darkness in it, his frustration and his anger.

Timeline Part IX of XXI (Update 9) - September 2019


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Detailed Case Timeline Part X of XXI (Update 9)

October 2019

FOUND DECEASED: Joshua Jaxson “JJ” Vallow & Tylee Ashlyn Ryan
Arrested: Lori Norene (Cox) Vallow/Daybell and Chad Guy Daybell

1 Oct 2019 – Proof of service is filed indicating Lori’s brother Alex was served with an eviction notice for his San Tan Valley rental house (Court docs).

1 Oct 2019, 2:08 – Approx 3:32 pm - Lori signs a $53-per-month rental agreement for a 10×10 unit at Self Storage Plus in Rexburg. Oct 1 is the only time Lori visits the unit alone; She is driving a blue Nissan Rogue. She is seen removing a heavy tote from her car and placing it into the unit after she signs the contract. Later CCTV shows Lori and/or a man associated with her visiting the unit nine times in October and once in November (East Idaho News, Dateline).
1 Oct 2019 – LV took the storage unit in the name Lori Ryan.

2 Oct 2019, abt 7:20 am - BB, estranged husband of Lori’s niece Melani, takes his 2 older children to school and 2 younger children to a custody exchange with Melani. Then he goes to the gym and returns home approx. 9:13 am (Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix).

2 Oct 2019, abt 9:14 am – BB is shot at in the driveway of his Gilbert, AZ home; A bullet narrowly misses BB and shatters the driver’s side window of his Tesla. At first BB thought the shooter was using a paintball gun, due to the sound it made, but when he examines his car he sees a bullet hole and realizes it was a real gun with a silencer. The shooter is driving a vehicle matching the description of Tylee’s Jeep. BB calls 911. “Did you see the guy that, that actually—” The dispatcher begins to ask. “I didn’t see who it was,” BB answers. Much of the call is redacted. It’s unclear what he was telling the dispatcher but in later interviews, we learn BB suspects it was Alex driving. BB knew CV well, knew all about AC shooting CV in July and recognized the Jeep. After GPD arrive and take BB’s statement, a police report is filed, and an attempted murder investigation begins. The Jeep was caught on CCTV and was later confirmed to be registered to the late Charles Vallow. After the shooting attempt on his life, BB takes his 4 children and goes into hiding with them (Family interview on GH; Fox News & Arizona Republic, Dateline).

2 Oct 2019 – In child custody documents filed in May 2020 BB states that – (paraphrased)

- BB left his home at approx. 7:20am to drop their older children off to school and exchange the younger children with MB.
- eyewitnesses placed a jeep (as described below) pulling up outside BB’s residence shortly after BB left with the children.
- instead of returning home to work BB then went to the gym.
- BB arrived back home at approx. 9:13am. Upon his return, a jeep with Texas plates, registered to CV, and with no back tire on it (as described by himself and eyewitnesses at the scene) was parked out front of his residence and when BB passed the individual inside of the jeep fired a shot towards BB’s side front window, shattering it and hitting his vehicle just inches above his head.
- BB knows that MBP had given a watch with GPS tracking on it to their son Braxton.
- BB notes that no one but MBP would have known when BB left his home that day.
- BB notes further that he had just moved into the rental residence only a few days prior and BB had shared the address with MBP as requested in a text.
- the shooter is believed to have been Alex Cox.
- it is believed that MG will testify for BB that MB was “deeply involved in a doomsday cult” and as to MB’s and other members’ beliefs.
(source Fox 10 Phoenix extracts of documents released 14 May 2020)

2 Oct 2019 – According to investigations carried out by Justin Lum of Fox 10, who canvassed the neighborhood BB lived at on this date,

- the jeep was recovered in Idaho by Rexburg police after the welfare check and search warrant of 27 Nov 2019.
- A neighbor of BB’s states that on the morning of 10/2 she noticed a jeep parked across the street from her, to the right of BB’s home. It had been parked there all morning (for at least two hours).
- The jeep faced west, parked nose to nose against another car.
- When BB had been (allegedly) shot at the neighbor heard a loud noise. (note BB believes he saw a silencer on the rifle)
- The neighbor saw the jeep speed off down the street after the shooting.
- The majority of homes didn’t have security cameras.
(source - Justin Lum, Fox 10 Phoenix on 4 Jun 2020)

2 Oct 2019 – shooting at BB:-

KM: “Did you ask Alex if he tried to shoot Brandon?”
MBP:I, I did (laughs). Flat out just said ‘Alex like, you know, what happened with that?’ and he made some jokes about it and then we both talked about how insane that would be for him across the street with a rifle in broad daylight in a recognizable car.”
KM: “Did he ever actually deny it?”
MBP: “Um, yeah, (shaking head no) he denied it many times.”

KM: “His friend Mary told us she hoped Alex didn’t do it but she had a growing suspicion and not just about Alex.”
KM: “Can you bring yourself to believe that your friend Alex committed these deeds of his own free will?”
MT: “No, no, that’s not even a question. That’s not who he was.”
KM: “So if he did these things why would he do them?”
MT: “He would do them as a protector and defender of his sister and her children..” (source Dateline episode 2 “What Happened to the Children” aired 1 May 2020)

2 Oct 2019 – BB refers in his child custody documents (father’s list of witnesses and exhibits) filed in June 2020, to surveillance images from October 2, 2019.

2 Oct 2019, Approx 2:25 pm – Lori and a man visit her Rexburg storage unit in her car for about 7 minutes; Enhanced video shows the man is likely Chad. Timestamps on the video show Lori’s blue Rogue arriving at 1:25 p.m. but owner of storage facility says clocks were off by one hour (East Idaho News).

2 Oct 2019, 2:27 pm - Lori & the man thought to be Chad get out of the vehicle near the unit she rented the day before (East Idaho News).

2 Oct 2019, 2:29 pm – The man who looks like Chad pulls a tire out of the back of the Rogue and rolls it into the storage unit (East Idaho News).

2 Oct 2019, 2:30 pm – The man who appears to be Chad & Lori carry what appears to be a removable rear car seat together and place it into the storage unit (East Idaho News).

2 Oct 2019, 2:32 pm – Lori and the man who looks like Chad shut the door and leave the facility. On the way out the door he slaps her on the butt, and she responds as if they are a couple (East Idaho News).

2 Oct 201917 days before TD’s death, LV placed an order on Amazon, using CV’s account, for a Sterling Silver Southwestern Style Malachite Gemstone ring or band, size 4, for $35.99. Malachite was also referred to in a document found on a computer IP passed to his ex-wife in Feb 2020, under a sub-heading ‘spiritual healing’ – “healing malachite solution/balm”, “malachite is said to have healing properties”, and “administered by calling on it in a blessing” under the main heading ‘spiritual weapons’. (sources EIN)

2 Oct 2019 – AR tells NG re. LV’s ring purchase - she knows LV is “a master-planner, she’s always 10 steps ahead”. (source Nancy Grace podcast interview 6 Jul 2020)

3 Oct 2019, 2:11 pm - Lori and a man, who looks like her brother Alex (AC), visit her Rexburg storage unit in Lori’s Rogue for about 4 minutes. AC removes both the tire and the seat from the storage unit and places them in the car. AC walks differently than the man seen from the day before (thought to be Chad) and he carries the tire rather than rolling it. AC also carries the car seat by himself, rather than working with Lori like the day before (East Idaho News).

3 Oct 2019 - BB refers in his child custody documents (father’s list of witnesses and exhibits) filed in June 2020, to surveillance images from October 3, 2019.

3 Oct 2019 – Family members have told EIN that on this day CD was working outside and came in to tell TD that her deceased grandmother Cooper had visited him. He claimed Grandma Cooper told him that TD needed to go and visit her parents in Springville, Utah. TD had mentioned to CD earlier that week that she wanted to see her family but she was hesitant to go. TD always travelled with CD or the children but on this occasion the following day she drove to Springville by herself.

4 Oct 2019 – TD drove to Springville by herself and arrived in the evening. She had dinner with her parents and stayed at her sister’s house. (Source EIN - see 10/3)

4 Oct 2019
Tammy Daybell visits her parents in Springville, UT about 15 days before she died; She was healthy and doing Zumba and a clogging class according to her dad.

4 Oct 2019 - A judgement is entered in the San Tan Valley eviction case against Alex (Court records).

5 Oct 2019 – TD woke up around 9am and drove back to Rexburg. (source EIN see 10/3)

5 Oct 2019 – there was a text exchange between BB and MB regarding exchange of children (referred to in MBP’s 17 June 2020 court filings)

Between 6 Oct – 26 Oct 2019 – A man (possibly Alex), visits Lori’s Rexburg Storage unit alone 5 times. He drops off a variety of items, including gun cases (East Idaho News)

6 Oct 2019, 1:42-1:50 pm – A man thought to be Alex visits Lori’s storage unit alone in a pick-up truck belonging to Alex and takes something out of the unit; he stays about 8 minutes (Dateline).

7 Oct 2019 - there was a second text exchange between BB and MB regarding exchange of children (referred to in MBP’s 17 June 2020 court filings)

7 Oct 2019 – the wedding ring ordered on 2 Oct 2019 was delivered to LV’s townhouse in Rexburg. (source – see 2 Oct 2019)

9 Oct 2019(Weds) MBP last saw her own children. (source Morgan Loew interview)

Oct 2019 – sometime after 9th - on acct of seeing her children on 9th Fox10 posts in Jun 2020 that MG will testify in BB’s custody case regarding amongst other things MB’s travel to Hawaii in October 2019 to spend time with LV.

9 Oct 2019 - Tammy has an encounter with a masked man with a gun outside her Salem home, which she contacts the police about. She also posted about it on Facebook:
“Something really weird just happened, and I want you to know so you can watch out,”...“I had gotten home and parked in our front driveway. As I was getting stuff out of the back seat, a guy wearing a ski mask was suddenly standing by the back of my car with a paintball gun. He shot at me several times, although I don’t think it was loaded. I yelled for Chad and he ran off around the back of my house...” (East Idaho News, Daily Mail)

10 Oct 2019, 5:39 pm – Venmo in Tylee’s name sent money to her older brother CR with a heart and “We love you”. CR says the money sent through Tylee’s account was from his mom Lori. CR figured his mom was having Tylee send money through her account because Lori is not very tech savvy. (CR interview w/Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix).

13 Oct 2019 - BB, husband of Lori’s niece Melani meets with Rich Robertson (RR), an AZ-based private investigator w/R3 Investigations. "He was so anxious that we actually met in my office on a Sunday morning and he told me this wild tale of killing and missing people and religious cults and that he had been the victim of a drive-by shooting…Basically, the bottom line for him at that point was he was hoping I could find Alex Cox and the Jeep that Alex was driving, and he hoped that I could find his wife, whom he had lost contact with for about two weeks…They were going through a divorce and they were supposed to exchange their four kids and she didn't show up for the last meeting. And then he was the target of the drive-by shooting and he thought that he recognized his assailant as being Alex Cox." RR said (Inside Edition)

c. 13 Oct 2019 (after)RR (PI) looking for AlC and MB contacted MG because she is a friend of LV and MB:

RR: “She was wholly disinterested, said she hadn’t had contact and didn’t know where anybody was. It was that disinterest that alerted me that she did know, and I’m fairly sure that MG was lying to me, protecting her friend MB, from “the evil” BB - CD’s circle believed the husbands to be “evil”. ” :-
(paraphrasing) : MB and BB got divorced for a lot of the same reasons that CV and LV were divorcing. LV recruited MB in the CD group and she started becoming one of the believers – she started making “off the wall” comments with “religious context” about BB being possessed and committing evil acts.
NG: “MG and MBP and IP all deny being part of a cult…” (source NG/Fox Nation Special 30 Jun 2020)

15 Oct 2019
- A Writ of Restitution is requested (Sheriff/constable eviction) to evict Lori’s brother Alex from his San Tan Valley rental house (Court docs)

15 Oct 2019, 8:11 pm - About 2 Weeks after BB was shot at, Melani allegedly texts BB saying that she has decided to move to Boise, ID. Melani: “I have made the decision to move to Boise. We will need to create a new schedule for the kids. We can pay to go to mediation again or save the money by coming to a mutual agreement. I’m fine with whatever you decide. The kids could remain with you in Arizona, you would have to arrange for daycare and I could have the kids for school holidays and summers. Or I could take the kids to Idaho and enroll them in school there and you could have the kids for school holidays and summers. Please let me know what you'd like to do” 8:12 pm BB: “Seriously?” 8:16 pm Melani: “Yes” 8:20 pm BB: “Why how is that good for our kids? I don’t understand. I will keep them in az and figure it out but why these kids are going to need us both. They need things to stay the same and to have structure.” 8:34 pm BB: “When are you moving?” 8:48 pm BB: “Is that it? No more information this is pretty important can you give me more details if you are planning on moving you should have them right?” 9:05 pm Melani: “I’m planning to go next week” 9:05 pm BB: “What day” 9:07 pm BB “Are you still planning on having the kids this week and weekend?” (Arizona Republic) Justin Lum Fox 10 Phoenix

16 Oct 2019, 11:05-11:11 am – A man visits Lori’s storage unit alone in a pickup belonging to Alex and puts something into the unit (Dateline).

16 Oct 2019, 1:43 pm (ID Timezone) - Venmo in Tylee’s name again sent money to her older brother CR with a heart. This is the last activity on Tylee’s social media.

18 Oct 2019 – BB filed an emergency motion for temporary orders in the child custody case. (referred to in MBP’s 17 June 2020 court filings)

18 Oct 2019 – TD’s friend and co-worker Mandy Fowler saw her the day before her death. MF had stopped by the library to talk about a book choice but TD felt distant. “She was just really busy and didn’t want to talk a lot. She seemed maybe kind of frustrated and that wasn’t typical of her.” (source EIN)

18 Oct 2019 – Tammy goes to bed having a coughing fit (according to Chad when he called her family to tell them she was dead).

19 Oct 2019 - Tammy is found dead by family members in her ID home at 202 N 1900 E, Rexburg (Salem), ID; A Fremont Co officer goes to the Salem home in response to a call about Tammy’s death. The Fremont Co Coroner Brenda Dye arrives at the home as well and examines the body. No autopsy is performed. Dye writes a death certificate. The coroner initially ruled the death “natural causes,” and decided Tammy didn’t need an autopsy, but police later determined her death is suspicious and exhume her on Dec 12th for autopsy. (Fox13 Salt Lake City).

19 Oct 2019 – On the day Tammy dies her daughter calls Julie Rowe: “And she said Julie do you know what I’m most scared of and I said no what and she said my dad getting remarried,” Julie said. (Per Julie’s interview with Fox10 Phoenix Feb 29 2020)

19 Oct 2019 – TD’s friend and co-worker Mandy Fowler got a call from her supervisor with the news of TD’s death. (source EIN)

19 Oct 2019 – Neighbor Matt Price went over to the Daybell’s house the morning TD died. He says “Chad didn’t seem to have any emotion, it was very odd.” (Source KSL TV - EIN)

19 Oct 2019, 10:21 pm – Tylee’s AZ friend sends Tylee a text to say she misses her and had been thinking about her. She didn’t get a reply until six days later (Post Register).

20 Oct 2019 – The day after TD’s death staff at the school where TD worked gathered to comfort her daughter EM, who teaches at the same school. EM wanted to hear everyone’s happy memories because she said that is what would get her through it. EM reportedly shared concerns about the state in which they found TD’s body, and shared that TD appeared to have pink foam coming out of her mouth. MF and multiple sources told KSL (media outlet) of concerns that TD’s funeral was rushed. (source EIN)

After 19 Oct 2019 –
NE: How did you learn that Tammy had died?

MG: “Someone text me, a friend, not any person that was associated close but just a friend, she said ‘hey just want to let you know she passed on’. I said ‘how did you find out?’ She said ‘Facebook’. I thought ‘oh my gosh, she died, that’s what they said was gonna happen, I wonder what happened’. I didn’t know how they did it, but I knew it was part of the plan, that she was supposed to pass away.” (source EIN interview)

KM: “Did Chad tell you or Lori that Tammy was going to die?”
MG: “Mhm.”
KM: “Did he say how or when?”
MG: “No, he didn’t. He could have made it up on the spot because he met Lori, I don’t know. People were always dark or zombies or turning into zombies and I was like why are all these people in your life turning into zombies? Somebody that’s preventing you from being with Chad basically. Or him with her. ‘Tammy would understand’, that’s what he would say, ‘she’d understand’.” (source Dateline episode 3 “What Happened to JJ and Tylee” aired 22 Jun 2020)

MBP: “When I saw Chad’s Facebook post that she had passed, it was, you know I felt sadness for him, I know he adored his wife, I felt sadness for them and their family.”
KM: “Soon after, Chad collected the life insurance. At least $430,000.” (source Dateline episode 2 “What Happened to the Children” aired 1 May 2020)

After 19 Oct 2019 – see interview Woodcocks/Court TV, re. BB/Woodcocks’ knowledge of TD’s death shortly after. Also -
KW: “I would say she got poisoned because that seems to be something they like to do. Lori has spoken of it, poisoning and...”
TdR: “When did you speak of it?
KW: “Oh it’s just been over the years. You know some people say something in passing…

After 19 Oct 2019 – SF (author published by CD) read CD’s Facebook post about TD’s death and thought it was “poorly written” for an author and “cold”. SF heard CD went to Hawaii, met a widow there and got married. She thought it was gossip because it didn’t sound like the CD she knew. (source EIN video)

After 19 Oct 2019 – MG was informed by LV that when someone became a zombie “their original spirit left their body and entered “limbo”, and is trapped and cannot progress to “paradise”.” LV then told MG that to be freed from limbo the physical body needed to die. MG reports she was never told by LV or CD that they planned to carry out physical killing themselves. When she was told this information, MG was still under the belief that JJ was with KW and TR was at BYU-Idaho. source - 06/29/2020 Probable Cause Affidavit of Detective Ron Ball

After 19 Oct 2019 – Chad collects $430,000 from Tammy’s life insurance policy following her Oct. 19, 2019 death (Affidavit of Probable Cause Doc; East Idaho News).

Soon after 19 Oct 2019 – Reegan Price (CD’s neighbor) noticed a bonfire in the fire pit on Daybell’s property. (affidavit prob cause)

21-24 Oct 2019 – The ID school where Tammy was librarian holds a book donation drive in her memory and makes a remembrance corner in the library to help the children remember her. Central Elementary Book Fair

22 Oct 2019 – Funeral services are held in Utah and Tammy Daybell is buried in Springville, Utah (Tammy's Obit).

22 Oct 2019, 3:14 - 3:24 pm - A man visits Lori’s storage unit alone in the pick-up truck belonging to Alex and he takes something out of the unit (Dateline).

22 Oct 2019 – BB and Melani’s divorce is finalized (Consent Decree); BB requested full custody of their 4 children on the grounds that he believes Melani was behind the attempt on his life in early October; He also requested Melani not see the children without supervision; Melani did not show up for court to challenge custody of the children; (Court records; Arizona Republic). Family Court Case Information - Case History

22 Oct 2019 – Final eviction notice is served via sheriff/constable at the San Tan Valley rental house of Lori’s brother Alex.

23 Oct 2019 - A 2nd memorial service for Tammy Daybell is held in Rexburg, Idaho. Tammy’s children participate and Chad speaks; The closing song is ‘Families Can Be Together Forever’ and a poem called ‘Your Mother is Always With You’ is printed in the program. “It was really weird because the casket wasn’t even there. It all came together so quick and felt rushed. There weren’t a lot of people at the service,” says a friend of the Daybells. (East Idaho News, Tammy's Obit).

23 Oct 2019 – TD’s obituary and the memorial programmes contained incorrect information about the location and date of her memorial service. It was held at 1:00pm at Henry’s Fork Stake Center, 1508 Ball Road, Rexburg, ID 83440. The programme and obituary gave the correct building name but the address for the Hibbard Chapel at 2001 N 3000 W, and the date as “Wednesday 21st October“. As a consequence many people went to the incorrect address and arrived late to the memorial service. (source WS verified friend of the Daybell family @RexburgSleuth and copy of programme at 6:09 mins in this youtube video)

KM: “After the funeral Lori invited Chad and his 5 children to her townhouse.” [NB – this might be incorrect - it is believed that one of the sons was overseas on his mission at the time.]
MG: “I believe they came over to her house and had cookies and they fell in love with her. That’s what she said.” (source Dateline episode 3 “What Happened to JJ and Tylee” aired 22 Jun 2020)

24 Oct 2019 – Chad moves out of the Salem, ID house he shared with Tammy and two of his adult kids. He told his kids he wanted to sell the house and the book publishing business he and Tammy had built since 2004, but they convinced him not to. He later says he has plans to go to Hawaii to edit a book. (WS Verified Insider posts).

25 Oct 2019 - 11:14 am (AZ time) – Tylee’s AZ friend receives a reply to her Oct 19 text saying, “hi. miss you guys too ...luv ya.” The friend didn’t think it sounded like Tylee. “She spelled out her words for the most part,” the friend said. “Plus, she would have texted more if I reached out.” (Post Register).

25 Oct 2019, 12:48 – 12:57 pm (ID Time) - A man visits Lori’s storage unit alone in a pick-up truck belonging to Alex and he takes something out of the unit (Dateline).

26 Oct 2019 – Run for A Refugee 5K, Tammy had been training to run this 5 that was held a week after her death (Daily Mail, WS Verified Insider).

26 Oct 2019, 5:07–5:17 pm - A man visits Lori’s storage unit alone in the pick-up truck belonging to Alex and he puts something into the unit (Dateline).

28 Oct 2019, 2:00-2:06 pm – 2 men driving Alex’s pick-up truck are seen on CCTV at Lori’s Rexburg Storage Unit moving kids’ bikes into the unit; they also take items out of the unit. The men are believed to be Chad and Alex, together only days after Tammy’s funeral (East Idaho News, Dateline).

28 Oct 2019 – Lori’s niece Melani signs lease agreement to move into Unit #174 at 565 Pioneer Rd in Rexburg. This unit is right next to the Unit Lori moved into in Sept. The lease says that only 1 adult (Melani) and 4 children will be living there (Fox 10 Phoenix).

29 Oct 2019 – A neighbor’s Ring doorbell camera captures footage of Lori still living in the Pioneer Rd apt and an unidentified woman coming to visit her (2KUTV).

29 Oct 2019 – Madison School District was informed that JJ would be home-schooled. (affidavit prob cause)

Late Oct 2019 – Tylee’s brother CR notices that Tylee’s texts to him had become less frequent and changed. The texts did not sound like Tylee and were not written the way she normally would reply (CR interview w/Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix)

31 Oct 2019, Halloween – Around Halloween time the nanny hired through in Sept again texts Lori to ask if her services are needed for JJ. There was no response (AZ Family).

31 Oct 2019 – Chad sends a newsletter to GRI website members titled: “Moving into the Second Half of My Life.” The letter begins: “My dear wife Tammy passed away in her sleep early Saturday, October 19. When I awoke at around 6 a.m., it was clear she had been gone for several hours. It came as a shock. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been awakened somehow, but all indications are that her spirit simply slipped away during the night. Her face looked serene, with her eyes closed and a slight smile. It was devastating to discover her that way, but I’m so grateful that her death was peaceful.” Chad also writes that after her death Tammy told him “several messages…and I’m in the process of implementing what she has told me to do. She has indicated that my life has two parts that were planned even before I came to earth.” (East Idaho News).

31 Oct 2019 – Lori’s niece, Melani, reserves a U-Haul from Gilbert Self Storage in AZ. The rental application says she is moving to “byu idaho student housing” in Rexburg, ID and will drop off the U-Haul at Self Storage Plus in Rexburg (Fox10 Phoenix).

31 Oct 2019, 3:29 pm – Melani & Alex fly from Idaho Falls to Mesa, AZ on Allegiant flight 531, sitting in seats 5C & 5B (Fox10 Phoenix).

31 OctNov 1 2019 – Late at night on Oct 31, RR, A private investigator hired by BB, observes Alex & Melani load up U-haul outside Melani’s Chandler home and discard children's items on the curb. "It was all kids' stuff, it was clothing, it was blankets, it was toys, mattresses, bedding materials. It was all in a pile out there on the curb with a little cardboard sign on it that said, 'Free,'" RR says. RR says he tracked Melani to Rexburg, not Boise: “We saw them loading the U-Haul they rented in Arizona and took to Rexburg and we saw where they were living but we didn’t see the kids,” RR said (KTVB7 News, AZ Family, Inside Edition).

Timeline Part X of XXI (Update 9) - October 2019


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Detailed Case Timeline Part XI of XXI (Update 9)

November 2019

FOUND DECEASED: Joshua Jaxson “JJ” Vallow & Tylee Ashlyn Ryan
Arrested: Lori Norene (Cox) Vallow/Daybell and Chad Guy Daybell

Nov 2019 – The Jeep involved in the shooting attempt on BB is located in Rexburg and seized with a search warrant from Gilbert PD. It is identified as a grey Jeep Wrangler with TX plates and as the vehicle that Tylee regularly drove and was registered to the late CV. (Affidavit of Probable Cause Doc).

c. 1 Nov 2019 - RR (Private investigator): “I followed [AlC] to a restaurant, I wanted to make sure it was AlC I was seeing. I sat at the table next to them and positively ID’d AlC and MB over breakfast. They were engaged in a very serious quiet conversation, MB was wearing sunglasses. They went back to the home and got a few more things in the U-Haul and then took off.

RR used a co-investigator to intercept MB and AlC in Rexburg. (source NG/Fox Nation Special 30 Jun 2020)

c. 1 Nov 2019 – MG finds out BB was shot at :-
MG: “I had met BB briefly once or twice, not much conversation, just ‘hi’. I didn’t know he was shot at until I was asked by Alex and Melani to go check on his house to see if BB’s children were there. I drove by, cos she was concerned about her children, and I talked to a neighbor and he said that they had moved out 2 weeks ago and he said there was no children there and he said ‘I’m really glad they moved on because somebody tried to shoot at BB’. I shared this with Alex and he said ‘oh yeah, we heard about that, he got shot at but we believe that somebody tried to make it look like it was me.’ I was like ‘wow!’”
NE: Do you think it was Alex?
MG: “From what I have heard it does sound like it.” (source EIN interview)

1 Nov 2019 – text message from MB to BB questioning children’s whereabouts and safety. (referred to in MBP’s 17 June 2020 court filings)

1 Nov 2019 – A Gilbert PD detective begins intermittent surveillance of Lori while investigating the attempted murder/drive-by shooting at BB that took place Oct 2 in Gilbert, AZ. That detective reports that he never once saw JJ nor Tylee in the month of Nov. (Affidavit of Probable Cause Doc).

2 Nov 2019, 1:24 am – Melani posts to her facebook that she is offering a $10,000 reward for information about her husband and children’s whereabouts (Adam Herbets, Fox13 SLC)

3 Nov 2019 – Melani continues to look for her children before leaving for Rexburg. RR followed Melani and AC using a GPS tracker on their vehicle as they went to friends' houses looking for the kids on the day before they left for Idaho. "It was clear to us that she was aggressively trying to find the kids, even though she left all the kids' stuff on the curb… And she was traveling with Alex Cox, so that increased the anxiety for Brandon and his kids," Said RR (Inside Edition).

4 Nov 2019 - Melani and AC arrive in Rexburg, ID (Inside Edition).

c. 4 Nov 2019 – MBP says as soon as she moves up there in Nov she doesn’t see the kids there and that “Lori says they’re safe and they’re doing everything they can to keep them from the people that are trying to harm them” (source May 2020 interview)

4 Nov 2019 – According to MBP; when she arrived in Rexburg she was getting her home ready and LV was doing her own thing. She was next door but MBP spent most of her time with AlC, and if she saw LV “she was still moving in and getting situated there”. MB “saw some of their things” and LV “had a room set up perfectly for Tylee and JJ”. It didn’t seem strange to MB. Detective Hermosillo and another gentleman had come to MB’s door while she was moving her stuff in – she assumed it was about BB. He asked if she knew who lives next door and she said she thinks AlC’s name was on lease so sometimes he goes over there and sometimes her aunt goes over there. MB didn’t know what that was about. (source EIN May 2020 interview)

4 Nov 2019 – On her move to Rexburg - MBP says she had a little sister going to school “up there”and a brother that lived a couple hours away. MBP says if she didn’t see JJ LV would tell her he’s with a friend or a nanny. (source 12News’ Erica Stapleton’s May 2020 interview)

4 Nov 2019 -
KM: “Did you ever see Tylee and JJ?”
MBP: “When I moved up there I did not see them.”
KM: “No, they were gone?”
MBP: “From November, from when I first got up there, I didn’t see them.”
MBP: “She had their stuff there in the home. They were never up there as far as I know.” <-this statement was shown before an ad break and the sequence in the interview might be wrong because it wasn’t shown again >
KM: “Did you ask? Where are they?”
MBP: “I’d ask Lori, um, you know, I wasn’t close with Tylee during her teenage years, she was very independent, so if Lori, you know, said that she was with friends I just believed her (raised pitch).” (source Dateline episode 2 “What Happened to the Children” aired 1 May 2020)

5 Nov 2019 – Only a couple weeks after Tammy’s death, Chad Daybell is married to Lori Vallow in a beach ceremony in Kauai, Hawaii. A photographer takes more than 600 photos in 45 minutes of the ceremony taking place without any family present. JJ & Tylee are also not at the wedding. “An officiant lead the ceremony as flower petals shaped in a heart surrounded the husband and wife, later Chad is seen playing a ukulele as Lori smiles, hula dancing.” (Fox10 Phoenix; Rexburg PD Dec 20, 2019 Press Release). Rexburg Police Department

After 5 Nov 2019 - LV’s sister SS and mother JC were not invited to LV and CD’s wedding and had never been invited to any of Lori’s weddings. They say they learned they got married on the news.

5 Nov 2019 – text message from MB to BB re. kidnapping and potential resolution. (referred to in MBP’s 17 June 2020 court filings)

After 5 Nov 2019 MG, CR and MBP reactions to LVD and CD's quick marriage:-

NE: What did you think when you found out Chad and Lori quickly fled to Hawaii? Didn’t you find out because she sent you the wedding photos on your email?
MG: “I knew that they were going to be married like as soon as she passed away. Their whole goal was to get together because they expressed to me many times that Tammy would be okay with this as she passed on. She had a mission to fulfil on that side, so they both felt that that was where she was supposed to go...” (source EIN interview)

KM: “Lori’s son CR didn’t even know about it [the wedding].”
CR: “I saw the pictures of them and just the dancing and just knowing that they are there alone, both of them having so much family, and they just cut, there’s no words for it.”

KM: “Why the sudden marriage to Chad?”
MBP: “I can’t answer why they got married quick. I don’t know if uh, both being able to share that common ground of being a recent widow, I don’t, I can’t speculate
KM: “VERY recent
MBP: “It is, it’s fast but I can’t..”
KM: “and a very recent widower, I mean my Lord!”
MBP: “Yeah,”
KM: “Two weeks after his wife died Chad married? You’d think that was planned somehow, wouldn’t you?”
MBP: “Um I know in the, um, our faith sometimes it’s really fast. If you know, and, um, feel right about it, there’s no sense in dating around with tons of people.” (source Dateline episode 2 “What Happened to the Children” aired 1 May 2020)

After 5 Nov 2019 – Chad informed family members he had remarried. Chad told Tammy’s family members that he would never visit them in Utah. Chad told family he was in Hawaii and told his parents they were free to visit him. No one knew Chad planned to remarry and family members were in disbelief that he would remarry 2 weeks after Tammy's death (WS Verified Insider).

After 5 Nov 2019 - After Lori & Chad married, Lori tells family members that Tylee died in 2017, a year before Tylee’s dad JR died in 2018, and Chad tells family members that Lori has no minor children. Both statements are untrue. Rexburg PD released this info in Dec 30, 2019 press release; (Rexburg Journal). Chad tells his parents in Springville, UT that Lori was an “empty-nester.” Chad tells his sister-in-law (Tammy’s sister) Lori has no juvenile children. (Affidavit of Probable Cause Doc; East Idaho News).

After 5 Nov 2019 – A few weeks after Tammy’s death, a family friend talks to Chad’s son: “We were talking about how his family is doing and he told me his dad remarried…I thought it was a joke because he kind of laughed about it afterward. I laughed and he said, ‘No, I’m serious. My dad went to Hawaii on a business trip and met a widow and they just got married.'” The friend didn’t know how to respond and says the Daybell children seemed unhappy their dad remarried already. The friend also recalls, “I’ll never forget he said, ‘My dad’s not a bad guy – he’s just done some bad things.'” (East Idaho News).

7 Nov 2019 – Newlyweds Lori and Chad show up at a house with a room for rent on the island of Kauai. “They said that they waited all day for God to tell them which house to go to and he told them to come to mine,” said the homeowner JM. JM says “they were like 2 teenagers that had just been set free. They were just giddy.” Chad fills out a rental application stating his monthly income is $30,000 as author and owner of Spring Creek Book Company. He gives a move in date of Nov 9th and lists “Lori Daybell, my wife” as his emergency contact. (Fox10 Phoenix).

8 Nov 2019
– Chad sends an email to JB, Owner of Kauai Dreams Realty: "We are interested in seeing this property. Would the owners be interested in leasing this property to a clean couple with no pets or children?" (Fox10 Phoenix)

8 Nov 2019KW discovered LV’s wedding ring purchase on Amazon and other internet searches in October 2019, including ‘beach wedding dress, men’s extra-large white slacks and shirt, men’s tennis shoes, swim trunks, and a women’s yellow bathing suit’, by looking through CV’s emails and google search history.

KW: “I stayed right here on my computer for 12 hours. I was on the phone with our PI, Rich, with our Chandler detective, with BB’s Gilbert detective, I don’t think I was talking to the FBI then. That was on November 8th. I went through every email and every account that I could get into, cos I knew his favorite passwords. I didn’t know they were married at that time.”

NE: “You saw the searches for the wedding apparel?”
KW: “Yes.”
NE: “Was she tech savvy? Delete text messages or delete histories on computers?”
KW: “she could delete text messages, but she never even thought the emails are going to the Google account, Charles’ gmail account.” (sources - azfamily and EIN)

12 Nov 2019 – A few days after Chad’s Nov 7th rental application the homeowner JM reads Tammy Daybell’s obituary and feels like something was wrong with how happy Lori and Chad were acting when they visited her house to view the room for rent. JM sent a text to Chad asking about Tammy’s death. Chad texted back: “Hi J****, yes, Tammy’s passing was such a shock. I woke up that morning and she had clearly been dead for a couple of hours, but she had such a peaceful look on her face. At her burial I felt her tell me she was happy and already busy helping our family on the other side of the veil. I felt she helped me reconnect with Lori so quickly, and it has actually helped my children move forward.”
JM sent a reply text: “Oh wow. Did the Coroner say what was the cause? So you and Lori knew each other already?”
Chad changed his mind about renting from JM (Fox10 Phoenix).

Approx Nov 2019
- Chad is released from his calling as Executive Secretary to the Bishop in his LDS church ward in Idaho. The Bishop announced from the pulpit that if anyone needed to schedule a meeting, to do so with another brother of the ward (WS Verified Insider).

12 Nov 2019, around 6 pm - LE documents say Lori’s niece, Melani (MB), trespassed onto the property of her in-laws in American Fork, UT. MB came to look for her husband BB and their kids. BB's parents took all the kids upstairs and BB told MB she could not be there. A LEO called MB on the phone and she claimed BB kidnapped her kids and she hadn’t seen them in over a month. The LEO told MB she could face criminal charges for trespassing if she returned (Fox10 Phoenix).

12 Nov 2019 - incident report from American Fork, ID PD regarding MB’s request for a welfare check on her children (to be supplemented upon receipt) (referred to in MBP’s 17 June 2020 court filings)

14 Nov 2019 – Lori’s brother Alex Cox drives their niece Melani (MB) back to BB’s parents’ home in a 2020 Kia Telluride. BB’s family calls 911 to report MB is there again, ringing the doorbell, banging on the door and yelling and she was seen going into the garage. BB’s father yells “Get out of my house! The police are on their way! Get away from my door! Now!” then he tells the 911 operator “Somebody tried to kill my son three weeks ago, and we believe that she’s involved in it.” Police say they found MB coming out of the garage when they arrived on the scene. BB's family say MB brought a court order saying she could take the children. At this time, BB was in AZ. Police cited her for criminal trespassing and told her to leave the property or she would be taken into custody. Police later found cause for a domestic violence enhancement and determined MB should be arrested. MB turned herself into AFPD and was booked into Utah County Jail for the misdemeanor. She was released on $2500 bail the same day. Alex posted $1950 for MB’s bail (Arizona Republic, Utah County Sheriff's Office Booking records, Fox10 Phoenix).

Mid Nov 2019 – Chad and Lori return to Rexburg after their Kauai honeymoon and live together in the townhouse Lori rented in Sept 2019 (Dateline).

Mid Nov 2019 – JJ’s grandparents didn’t know about Lori’s new husband nor did they know that Lori had moved to Rexburg, ID. KW is still worried about JJ and has trouble sleeping; With no contact from Lori nor JJ in months, KW decides to look at CV’s email account. KW knows her brother’s frequently used passwords and guesses correctly the first time. Once logged in she sees a recent email from Amazon showing an order has been shipped to an address in Rexburg, ID. KW realizes that is Lori’s new address. As soon as the sun comes up, KW calls a detective in AZ to tell him where to find Lori. KW requests a welfare check of JJ at the Rexburg address. However, it was about 2 weeks before Rexburg PD is able to make contact with someone at the address to conduct the welfare check (Dateline).

Abt 19 Nov 2019About a week before conducting a welfare check on JJ and Tylee, a police officer came to SB’s door asking questions about Lori and her children. SB is the neighbor who had helped Lori move into her Rexburg townhouse with the children in Sept 2019 (Fox 13 Salt Lake City).

20 Nov 2019 – (precise date taken from one of their interviews) According to MBP and IP - IP downloaded some dating apps and found MB on one of them and asked her to dinner at MacKenzie River that day, because he says he doesn’t communicate well through text. MBP says they were across the street from each other and they didn’t know. IP says they spent the next 2 days talking constantly. He says MB was different because with the previous people he dated it felt like he was trying to make up reasons to go on a second date. IP says one of the things that led to them getting married so quickly was their children. (source EIN)

KM: “MB went on the LDS dating app Mutual and met a man named Ian Pawlowski.”
IP: “It’s hard to put into words what I felt but I just as soon as I saw her I knew. She sat down and there was so much that we had in common.” (source Dateline episode 2 “What Happened to the Children” aired 1 May 2020)

Mid-Nov 2019 –
NG: ‘Was MB’s new husband IP a member of the ‘cult’?
RR: “It appears he was, had some connections to it.”
NG: ‘What about AlC’s new wife?
RR: “It appears she was too”.
NG: “MG and MBP and IP all deny being part of a cult…” (source RR on NG/Fox Nation Special 30 Jun 2020)

21 Nov 2019 - Lori’s account or electronic device is logged into a classroom communication app from JJ’s former school, LIFE Academy in AZ, and Lori’s user account is shown as having viewed a post made by the school (Fox10 Phoenix).

22 Nov 2019 – BB filed a motion for alternative service with exhibits – BB/MB child custody case. (referred to in MBP’s 17 June 2020 court filings)

24 Nov 2019, 1:16-1:20 pm – Lori and a man (believed to be Chad) are seen on CCTV in a car visiting Lori’s Rexburg storage unit for about 4 minutes; they remove items and also place items into the unit. This is the last visit to the storage unit by Lori and/or any of the men associated with Lori (East Idaho News, Dateline).

25 Nov 2019 – Rexburg PD is contacted by Gilbert PD after JJ’s grandparents, KW & LW, requested a welfare check (Affidavit of Probable Cause Doc; East Idaho News)

25 Nov 2019IP says he went to AZ with his children to spend Thanksgiving with his family and MB came down a few days later (which we know was on the date of the apartment raids - 27th).

26 Nov 2019 - Rexburg PD attempt to conduct a welfare check on JJ, the adopted 7- year-old special needs son of Lori Vallow, at their residence at 565 Pioneer Road in Rexburg, ID (Dateline; Rexburg Press Release From Dec 20, 2019).

26 Nov 2019 - RPD first talk to Alex and Chad outside Lori’s apt. “Chad acted as if he didn’t know Lori very well and stated he didn’t know her phone number,” the probable cause doc states. “Alex told the detectives that [JJ] was with his grandma, KW, in Louisiana, which was not likely to be true due to the fact that KW was the individual who first called in a missing child report to the Gilbert PD.” Alex tells RPD Lori might be in Apt 107, but when RPD checks Apt 107 they find the unit is empty and vacant (Affidavit of Probable Cause Doc; East Idaho News).

26 Nov 2019 – After talking to RPD Chad tries to drive away but a detective stops him. Chad then says the last time he had seen JJ was in Apt 107 in October. He also admits that he knows Lori’s phone number and provides it (Affidavit of Probable Cause Doc; East Idaho News).

26 Nov 2019 - RPD finds Lori in her apt; She tells them JJ is with her friend Melanie Gibb (MG) in Gilbert, AZ. LE calls MG but cannot reach her on the phone. LE talk to Lori again, and she says MG and JJ are at “Frozen 2.” LE tells Lori to tell MG to call them. An affidavit filed Feb 18, 2020 says this statement Lori made about JJ being with MG “delayed the investigation into the whereabouts and safety of JJ by requiring us to take time to investigate a lead that was verified as false.” (Affidavit of Probable Cause Doc; East Idaho News)

26 Nov 2019 – LV provided false information to law enforcement regarding TR’s attendance at BYU-Idaho and/or her current housing situation. source - 06/30/2020
Amended Criminal Complaint

26 Nov 2019 – After RPD leave, Lori and Chad each contact their friend MG separately; Both Lori and Chad ask MG to tell police that she has JJ even though JJ is not with her. MG says she declined the requests of Chad and Lori and she did not lie to the police on their behalf (Affidavit of Probable Cause Doc; East Idaho News)

26 Nov 2019, about 9:30 pm - Rexburg PD have not heard from MG so they call Gilbert PD. LE in Arizona go to MG’s home but she is not there. GPD reaches MG by phone; She tells them JJ has not been there for several months. (Affidavit of Probable Cause Doc; East Idaho News)

26 Nov 2019 – Chad's and Lori's calls to MG on 26th :-

MG: I get a call from Chad, two days before Thanksgiving, he said ‘Melanie when the police call don’t pick up the phone’. My heart just dropped. I said “what?” He said ‘yeah, the police are over at Lori’s house, checking on JJ’. I’m like ‘JJ’s not with Kay?’ “No.” My heart dropped deeper. I just knew something was wrong but I didn’t know, I didn’t understand. He was very nervous…scared, not himself, very unsure, very quivery almost. He said “she’s going to tell them JJ’s with you.” I was in Utah at the time. They put me in a very awkward situation. I was questioning in my mind but verbally there was nothing coming out.
MG: “She [LV] said ‘Kay is trying to kidnap him’. I said ‘how do you know that?’ ‘Well through emails’. I said ‘I have not read your emails’. She said Kay had mentioned ‘it’s not like I’m going to kidnap JJ or anything.’ I did think to myself that doesn’t sound like a threat. [When Lori called, soon after] she sounded like everything was wonderful, she had an upbeat voice and I was like ‘wow, she’s positive’. She said ‘everything’s fine, everything’s okay’. That she was protecting JJ, not just Kay but it felt like many people were after him…I wanted to believe her.
MG: “She asked me to tell police JJ was with me, cos I was going to drive down to AZ, for TG, and that he was going to go with me and she was going to come down there later and pick him up.”
MG: “She said ‘I’ve told the police that you’re at Frozen 2 with JJ’ and ‘get your cell phone out and take a picture of random kids running around to make it look like you have him with you’. I was thinking to myself ‘n’aha, I don’t make stuff up like that’, I just, I’m in shock still. Everybody has different opinions what they’re gonna think about all this, but in that moment I did not know what to say.” Police called within half an hour to an hour. (source EIN interview)

26 Nov 20192 nights before Thanksgiving Lori’s neighbor, SB, says he saw Lori and her brother Alex packing up a truck. SB thought they were traveling for the holiday. Lori left behind her belongings, and left JJ's toys on the front porch. (Fox 13 Salt Lake City).

27 Nov 2019 – AlC left some of his things in ID. MBP and AlC discussed meeting halfway between ID and AZ to bring him his things, before his death on 12th Dec.

27 Nov 2019 – 2 detectives visit Lori’s son Colby at his home in AZ to ask him if he has JJ and Tylee living with him or if he knows where they are located. This was the first time that CR was made aware that Lori had moved with the kids to Idaho. CR calls his mom to ask her what is going on and Lori says “I got it, I’ll take care of it,” and that was it. That was the last time CR talked to his mom (CR interview w/Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix).

27 Nov 2019 – Rexburg PD receives request to help AZ LE execute search warrants at 595 Pioneer Road in relation to the investigation into JJ’s welfare and location. Rexburg PD were authorized to collect blood, fingerprints, hair and hygiene products to collect DNA; personal items such as toys, clothing and shoes; electronic devices; school records and documents related to state assistance received on behalf of JJ as well as bank records “which may be evidence of payments received on behalf of the child as well as payments or expenses made for the child.” (East Idaho News)

27 Nov 2019; 10:13 a.m - A phone related to their investigation is pinged at the general location "right now" when dispatched. However, when LE arrive Lori and Chad have abruptly vacated the home and left town; LE has reason to believe that they did not have JJ with them when they left Rexburg. Subsequently, the local LE contacts the FBI to ask for assistance in locating JJ: Rexburg Police Department

27 Nov 2019 – Neighbors watch as the FBI raids 3 units at 565 Pioneer Rd in Rexburg: Lori's Apt #175, Lori’s niece Melani’s Apt #174 and Lori’s brother Alex's Apt #107 in the same complex. LE breaks the front door of AC’s apt to get inside and finds there is nothing inside except for a couple of small items in the garage. Note: A neighbor stated #174 belonged to Lori’s sister, but the affidavit reveals it was Melani’s unit (Fox 13 Salt Lake City, local News 8; Affidavit of Probable Cause Doc; East Idaho News).

27 Nov 2019 - During the search of Lori’s apt, police note that most of the clothing has been removed but some furniture remains. Police find a prescription med called Risperidone prescribed to JJ to treat irritability caused by autism; It was filled in Jan 2019 and still had 17 pills in the bottle. Police verified that the prescription has not been filled in ID (Affidavit of Probable Cause Doc; East Idaho News).

27 Nov 2019 – MB was talking to IP (as she was driving to AZ) about how she didn’t have anybody to go to Thanksgiving with, so IP invited her to be with his family “on the spur of the moment”. As she was driving to AZ MB got a text from Lt Ball saying ‘somebody’s broken into your home, I need you to call me right away’. MB says she knew BB had a PI following her and says she thought BB sent somebody to break in. MB says she didn’t know what to text back, she was processing, and later she texted back and said she was with people she loves on Thanksgiving “and that’s what’s important”. If her “whole apartment was robbed it’s okay”. He said he needed her to call him. MB says she later found out it was Rexburg PD that knocked down the door and as soon as she returned she went in to Det Hermosillo and asked ‘what’s going on?’ He asked her questions. MB says “LV and CD had left probably right around” when she was going down to AZ. MB thinks it was a planned move to Hawaii.

27 Nov 2019 – IP says MB was on her way to AZ to “wrap up her business with her old house that she moved out of”.

27 Nov 2019
MG: “I called her after that when I was driving to AZ and..we talked about her going on a trip with Chad’s children to California…a family vacation. I was concerned for their safety because that’s what they led me to believe. I wanted to have a prayer, pull over on the side of the road. Chad was very nervous, she seemed fine.”
MG: “After thinking and pondering and talking to a really good friend I admitted ‘I’m very concerned about this zombie idea, I really don’t believe it’, and my friend said ‘I don’t think it’s true either’. We talked until 5 in the morning, about everything, the belief structure...the doctrines…and how they did not fit the pattern the scriptures teach.”

27 Nov 2019, 1:58-2:00 pm, Rexburg PD contacts the owner of Self Storage Plus in Rexburg (Dateline).

27 Nov 2019, 5:08-5:21 pm – Police serve a search warrant for Lori’s Rexburg Storage unit for “any evidence that the boy was residing at any of these residences, and/or evidence of foul play or the commission of a crime, and/or evidence of the child’s current location.” Inside the unit there were bikes, a scooter, winter clothing, blankets w/photos of the kids, a photo album, sports equipment, a backpack with JJ’s initials and a jersey w/CR’s name (East Idaho News)

After 27 Nov 2019Rexburg PD recovered the jeep alleged to have been used in the shooting of BB after this search warrant was executed, in Rexburg. (source JLum Fox 10 Phoenix)

27 Nov 2019 -- During the investigation into JJ’s disappearance, LE learns that Lori’s teen daughter Tylee Ryan moved with Lori to Rexburg on Sept 1 or 2 but Tylee has not been seen since early Sept. Lori said Tylee was attending classes at BYU-Idaho, but records show she was never enrolled at any BYU campus (Affidavit of Probable Cause Doc; East Idaho News).

28 Nov 2019 – Thanksgiving Day.

c. 28 Nov 2019 (date based on MG’s location on 26th and AlC’s locations on 26th and after 28th) - MG's conversation with Alex:-

NE: What was Alex like with ZP? Did you have much interaction with the two of them?

MG: “Just a little bit at the end, because they didn’t know ea..well they didn’t get together until the very end. So they were just developing a friendship.” “I sat and talked to Alex about that [zombies] a few weeks before he passed away, I’m like ‘I’m not too sure about this zombie thing’, he goes ‘I 100% believe it’. I wanted to meet with Alex and he goes ‘I cannot believe she threw you under the bus like that’.

MG: “I said to him [AlC] ‘do I want to know what happened to JJ?’ Cos that little feeling inside was going ‘there’s something kind of weird going on’. He goes ‘you don’t want to know’. And I thought, ‘woah, I need to go to the police about this’.”

MG: “I spoke to her [LVD] when I decided that there was something going on, that’s awfully wrong. A friend of mine called both of them so I called Chad’s phone, I knew she wouldn’t answer cos I don’t think any of her phones were working anymore. I had a hard time speaking…I said very little. I said ‘why haven’t you told us where the kids are?’ ‘well, for your safety we cannot tell you’. I thought ‘what safety, why am I in danger?’ they wouldn’t answer us of course. I went to talk to the police after that.

DW: “I called Chad and I said ‘I want to know where those kids are’. He just said ‘for your safety I cannot tell you’. And then I said ‘how is me knowing where JJ is gonna threaten my safety?’ He just said ‘I just can’t tell you Dave.” (source Dateline)

28 Nov 2019 – Re. MB & IP decision on Thanksgiving to get married :–

MBP: “it was really fast, I was in this battle still with my ex, and didn’t have my kids with us right then but we felt both ready, we pray about decisions together and we felt it was right that we get married when we did, and Vegas wedding wasn’t dreamy or anything but our goal was to be sealed in the temple one day, and so we said let’s do this while we have M and L and then when we have B, B, B and B too let’s all be together when we have that special day where we can be sealed together.
MBP: “the coincidence of us picking the day right after them [AlC and ZP] wasn’t planned”.

MBP: “this isn’t our big wedding day this is just the beginning of our lives together, and we’ll have that special moment when we’re all together as a family.”
MBP: “we had 2 or 3 hours, we got a dress and a tux and got the kids all dressed up and their hair done.”
MBP: “I think the Lucky Little Wedding Chapel, I think, is where we picked.”

KM: “Two weeks after they left the restaurant that Nov night IP and MB got married in Las Vegas. That same weekend also in Vegas Alex got married to Zulema. We knew we’d heard that name before.”
AR: “Lori talked about her a lot. She said that Zulema had the power to control the elements and just really bizarre things, it was almost laughable.”
MBP: “We’re all kind of doing our own thing, there’s no cult, there’s no planned marriages and all this that we’ve been accused of.” (source Dateline)

Approx 28 Nov - Dec 1, 2019 – Chad spends Thanksgiving weekend on vacation with his family in Southern California, traveling there via SLC airport. Photos posted to social media show Chad at the airport and later Knott’s Berry Farm, an amusement park in Buena Park, CA. Lori wasn't in any of the photos and her location during this time is unconfirmed. The CA trip was concluded Dec 1 and photos were posted on social media Dec 2 (WS Verified Insider posts).

29 Nov 2019, 8:01 pm – Lori’s Brother, Alex Cox, marries her friend Zulema Pastenes (ZP) in Clark County, NV. They marry in an 8 minute ceremony at “A Chapel of Love” in Las Vegas. No one attends the wedding; The witness on the wedding certificate is the chapel security guard. Also on the wedding certificate, Alex requests his name be changed from Alexander Lamar Cox to Alexander Lamar Pastenes; The owner/minister at the wedding chapel remembers the wedding because of that nontraditional request, which he says has never happened before; he also recalls, “They were very cold. It was business they just wanted to get in and get out.” The wedding took place about 2 weeks before AC’s death (Clark Co Marriage Records; Fox 10 Phoenix, Post Register).

30 Nov 2019, 5:23 pm
– Lori’s niece, Melani, marries Ian Pawlowski (IP) at Lucky Little Chapel in Las Vegas, Clark County, NV. Melani’s Uncle Alex (Lori’s brother) was the witness for the ceremony (Clark Co Marriage Records; Fox10 Phoenix, Post Register).

Timeline Part XI of XXI (Update 9) - November 2019


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Detailed Case Timeline Part XII of XXI (Update 9)

December 2019

FOUND DECEASED: Joshua Jaxson “JJ” Vallow & Tylee Ashlyn Ryan
Arrested: Lori Norene (Cox) Vallow/Daybell and Chad Guy Daybell

1 Dec 2019 - Chad and Lori fly from Los Angeles to Kauai on American Airlines. Police do not believe they returned to the mainland after that time. The children are not with them and have not been seen by anyone in Hawaii. (Affidavit of Probable Cause Doc; East Idaho News, CNN).

c. Dec 2019 – RR: “LVD continued using that [CV’s Amazon] account after CV’s death, and she started making purchases. Some of the purchases started being sent to an address in Hawaii.” (source RR with NG/Fox Nation Special 30 Jun 2020)

Dec 2019 – Rexburg PD contacts the Kauai PD and requests help locating Chad and Lori. KPD confirms that Lori and Chad are on the island (KPD Press Conference from 21 Feb 2020).

Early Dec 2019approx. first week of December some boxes from Idaho are delivered to the porch of a vacant Kauai townhome that is for sale. SL, a neighbor and real-estate agent calls the realtor that listed the house; SL is asked by the listing agent to put the boxes inside the townhome. Several days later SL met Lori and Chad who said they had signed a long-term rental contract on the townhome (East Idaho News).

Early Dec 2019 – after MB & IP’s wedding –
MBP and IP kept both their apartments and would sleep at her apartment and set up stuff for IP’s children at hers, she had one extra bedroom, so they spent most of their time at MBP’s. Undated – MBP gets a phone call from “one of LVD’s old friends” and she scared MBP with a lot of ‘I think this happened or this could have happened’ and MBP was having every ‘what if’ because she didn’t see them the whole time she was up there. (source EIN)

2 Dec 2019 – BB filed a petition to modify legal decision-making, parenting time and child support – BB/MBP child custody case. (referred to in MBP’s 17 June 2020 court filings)

2 Dec 2019 – IP’s ex-wife NP allegedly video calls IP’s mother, whom she had not spoken to since their divorce 8 months prior. NP supposedly relayed that she had been in contact with Melani’s ex-husband BB and he had told her Melani was in a cult and had tried to have him killed. (East Idaho News)

2 Dec 2019 – IP’s mother allegedly calls him to tell him about the phone call from NP. (East Idaho News).

3 Dec 2019 – NP calls IP on his way to work and they allegedly discuss how to keep their kids safe and about plans to go talk to the police (East Idaho news).

3 Dec 2019 – Lori’s niece Melani was supposedly “interrogated by police for five hours” and allegedly told IP that two of the officers were possessed with spirits of “two of the original twelve disciples of Cain.” (Fox10 Phoenix). Discovery docs confirm Melani was interviewed on this date (Discovery released 16 Mar 2020, & Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix).

Early Dec 2019 - IP's agreement to go to the police with NP:-
KM: “Ian’s ex-wife heard about all the strange events and she wasn’t happy that the kids she shared with Ian would have to hang around with these people.
IP:She said that she was going to be going to talk to the police tomorrow. At that point I said I’ll go with you, share what I know.”
KM: “Can you tell me Ian how you got involved with the FBI?”
IP: “Yeah I went and sat down with the Rexburg PD and explained everything that I knew and theorized on things that as they may have happened as I understood and from what I’d heard.”
KM: “You made some recordings?”
IP: “I did.”
KM: “What did they want you to record?”
IP: “They wanted the whereabouts of Tylee and JJ, if there was anything I could get on that. I did my best for a little bit and you know there was nothing there, it wasn’t being discussed.” (source Dateline)

4 Dec 2019 – IP allegedly talks to Detective Hope and Detective Hermosillo and an FBI agent named Ricky. IP allegedly told LE that it’s possible Chad, Lori and Alex planned shooting at BB and that Tylee & JJ may be in serious danger. IP also allegedly said that Alex and ZP were staying in Las Vegas “preparing earthquakes” and that an earthquake would hit SLC and many “possessions” would happen after earthquakes due to a “high number of injured”. IP allegedly allowed the police to pull data from his phone (East Idaho News).

4 Dec 2019, Afternoon – IP allegedly meets with police again, this time a Lt Ball and an FBI agent named Travis. LE allegedly gave IP a recording device that looks like a thumb drive on a keychain. IP allegedly wanted to record anything that could help find JJ & Tylee, locate Lori & Chad and understand what happened when BB was shot at. (East Idaho News)

4 Dec 2019, 10:54 pm – IP’s ex-wife NP emails an associate of BB, trying to find him. Her ex-husband had just married his ex-wife. NP says Melani told IP that a demon possessed his ex-wife NP’s body and her spirit came to Melani in a vision or dream to tell her that. NP also wrote she learned Melani was “interrogated by police for five hours” the day prior and told IP that two of the officers were possessed with spirits of “two of the original twelve disciples of Cain.” There is also mention of Melani allegedly saying NP’s kids’ spirits are full of light but that can change at any moment. “I heard something about a missing person that she may be involved in. I don’t know the details on that one,” NP wrote. NP also wrote that IP may go to police for help. She said IP was terrified and asked her to take the kids away on his weekend because “he doesn’t want them around her [Melani]. He has never done that ever.” NP concludes by saying IP told her to “look up the names Alex Cox and Chad Baybell (Daybell)” (Fox10 Phoenix).

Early Dec 2019 – Melani’s new husband IP texts his ex-wife, NP: “Don’t Respond. I need you to encourage Brandon to keep info he gets on the down low until I can get this sorted out. I want to help, but it will be tough if every starts figuring out what I’m learning. She didn’t know before hand what was going to happen. They made the attempt, failed and told her about it after the fact. I understand he doesn’t want the kids around her because of all this, but I believe if she can see them, it will put a huge dent in her trust with her uncles. She’s scared and had been told her two middle children are dead. She has a family court date on 12/11. I’m trying to get her to go” (Fox 10 Phoenix)

4 Dec 2019 - FBI in Phoenix investigates Lori and her fellow podcasters Melanie Gibb (MG) and Jason Mow (JM). Intelligence analysts listened to podcasts the trio did together and quoted Lori in the email chain (Fox10 Phoenix).

5 Dec 2019 – RPD interviews NP & IP. (Discovery released 16 Mar 2020, & Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix).

6 Dec 2019 - RPD is contacted by Melanie Gibb. MG says that both Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow called MG on Nov 26, 2019, at separate times and asked her to tell police that she had JJ even though JJ was not with her. “Melanie informed RPD that she declined Chad’s and Lori’s requests.”

6 Dec 2019 – (undated in interview but from court records) :
MG: “I called the police and I told them everything, just like I’m talking to you. It’s documented, it’s before anything came out on the news, so people can say ‘MG learned this from other things’ - oh no, MG didn’t. Once I talked to them [police] I basically had kind of a long conversation with both of them about a lot of personal feelings, about ‘I am concerned for your salvation, things you’ve done, this is not light, this is darkness’, she shared that she lied to police.”

NE: Is that when you said that they were evil?
MG: “yeah, they didn’t like that very much.”
That’s the last time MG spoke to them. (source EIN interview)

KM: “MG and DW called police. Told them all they knew. Then MG made another call. And confronted her former best friends and spiritual guides Chad and Lori.”
MG: “It was a very unnerving phone call. Now I was confronting them that they were potential killers.”
KM: “Did you ask them about the whereabouts of the kids?”
MG: “yeah, ‘where are they?’ There was no response.” (source Dateline episode 3 “What Happened to JJ and Tylee” aired 22 Jun 2020)

6 Dec 2019 – for about a week before he died AlC complained of shortness of breath and chest pain, according to the medical examiner’s report. (source EIN)

6 Dec 2019 – Chandler PD serves a search warrant for JJ’s records at LIFE Academy in Gilbert AZ. The warrant says there is probable cause to believe there is property/persons connected to a “Conspiracy to Commit Homicide First Degree” and that the offense occurred on July 11, 2019. The records to be turned over include identifying info, family info, medical condition info, prescribed medications, time of attendance, documented contact with family and any forwarding info to new schools. The school had 3 days to comply with the warrant. (Fox 10 Phoenix).

6 Dec 2019 - Gilbert PD serves search warrants for the kids’ medical records at Gilbert Pediatrics. LE initially only plan to get records for JJ, however, before the officer leaves, an employee says that JJ’s sister was also a patient. The officer speaks with a detective who decided to obtain Tylee’s records also with a warrant. (Fox10 Phoenix)

8 Dec 2019, Approx 1:28 pm – Melani’s new husband IP texts his ex-wife NP “I don’t know if I can convince her to go to the family court hearing on Wednesday. I’m trying but she “got an answer” last night from God. Her uncles have her so wrapped up. They’re telling her she needs to move to Ammon. That’s not going to happen because I’m not going to leave Rexburg. They think it has something to do with jurisdiction. Dumbest thing ever. Don’t respond. Just wanted to update you earlier because I had a quick second to call. Stay safe.”

9 Dec 2019 - Lori’s account or electronic device is logged into a classroom communication app from JJ’s former school, LIFE Academy in AZ, and Lori’s user account is shown as having viewed a post made by the school (Fox10 Phoenix).

Approx 10 Dec 2019 – An anonymous resident of Kauai says Lori and Chad arrived on the island around 12/10. The source says he never saw JJ & Tylee, but Lori & Chad were often by the pool (Fox10 Phoenix).

11 Dec 2019 – abt 6:30 am – After determining that her death is suspicious, authorities exhume Tammy Daybell’s body for autopsy. LE had to have a court order to exhume and tried to keep the process as confidential as possible. Her family was not notified. Cemetery workers, Idaho LE, County attorneys, coroners, coroner’s assistant, and funeral director witness the exhumation. Her body is returned by 2:30 pm the same day (KSL).

11 Dec 2019 - Boudreaux child custody hearing - BB refers in his child custody documents (father’s list of witnesses and exhibits) filed in June 2020, to “Ms Boudreaux will testify regarding her communication with MBP wherein MBP confirmed she knew about the December hearing…”

12 Dec 2019, about 3:20 pm – Lori’s brother, Alex Cox, is found unconscious and laying in feces on an upstairs bathroom floor in Gilbert, AZ. Joseph Lopez (JL), the 25 year old son of AC’s “girlfriend,” is the one who finds AC and calls 911. “He just passed out here on the, on my bathroom,” JL says when he calls 911. The dispatcher asks: “Can you lay him flat on his back, on the ground?” “Um… I’ll try,” JL says. “It’s just, there’s feces there and I’m trying to just keep cool right now.” The 911 call reveals that JL does not know AC’s last name nor age and JL is also unaware that AC married his mom ZP in Las Vegas on Nov 29. ZP returns home moments before EMTs arrive and says she knows CPR. Alex dies that day; his cause of death is still unknown. LE has said the autopsy results could take 3 months (Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix)

12 Dec 2019 – MBP spoke to her uncle AlC earlier on the day he died while IP was at work:
MBP: “he’d seemed okay but I knew that week before he was having trouble with um…” [doesn’t complete sentence, diverts].
MBP then says that at one point she was going to meet up with AlC halfway between ID and AZ to bring him some of his stuff, but he had said ‘let’s wait, I’m not feeling very good.’
MBP: “the week before he said [to unknown person] I just kind of have a tightness in my chest or having trouble breathing, he said he had bent down to get a water bottle and it took the breath out of him, and I, ZP was absolutely worried and was like ‘you need to get to the doctor’ and he was like ‘no, no, no’.”
MBP: “there was absolute shock when I got phone call [later, when IP was there with her] from ZP and she was telling me…” [doesn’t complete sentence].
MBP says she called AlC every other day after he moved (to AZ).
MBP says AlC repeatedly gave her marriage advice that morning, which she wrote down.
MBP says she hadn’t been close with AlC most of her life – until she started having problems in her last marriage.
MBP: “He never would judge anyone, nobody could do any wrong in his eyes, he was very positive.” (source EIN)

KM: “They returned to ID while Alex moved out of the townhouse complex and with Zulema moved to suburban Phoenix, where…well can you really call what happened to Alex unexpected?”
MBP: “I mean I talked to him every other day. And he had been having some trouble um, trouble breathing and just didn’t feel like…, he was super healthy guy.
KM: “Zulema has a version, related here by her attorneys Robert Jarvis and Garrett Smith.”
GS: “Zulema got a call from Lori who said ‘you need to check on Alex, I’m worried about him’. So Zulema called Alex and he said ‘I can’t breathe, I’m having a hard time breathing’, and then she had the impression to call her son who was there in the home with Alex and he said ‘he’s not doing well’ and she said ‘call 911’.”
KM: “They’re still waiting for a toxicology report.”
GS: “Yeah I’ve communicated with the ME’s office. I’m contacting them on behalf of Zulema saying we want to know what the report is and…”
KM: “Kind of important.”
GS: “Sure.”
KM: “Police said they’ve told Zulema she is not a suspect in Alex’s death.”
GS: “I’ve heard it in the news right, that he takes a shot at Brandon, he shoots Charles and now we’ve gotta get rid of him, so he’s dead, and you know, sure that’s the logical way you go with that but there’s nothing to support that.”
RJ: “That’s a theoretical [inaudible]”
GS: “Yeah, it’s a hypothetical way of going there.” (source Dateline episode 2 “What Happened to the Children” aired 1 May 2020)

12 Dec 2019 – MG finding out AlC died :-
MG: “Alex was living with his new wife and we all were in the same ward, and so the bishop called and said ‘why is there cop cars around Zulema’s house?’ that was an interesting conversation, and I explained a little bit and then he calls me back and says ‘he died.’ That completely threw me. I had no concept of how that happened, none at all…he did realise that I was going to tell the police, that was made known to him…” (source EIN)

12 Dec 2019 – The ME’s report of May 2020 states AlC died of natural causes. (Source EIN) He was 51 years old. (Source The Sun)

After 12 Dec 2019 – JC is notified by police that her son AlC has died. She didn’t know he was married or had moved back to AZ.

AlC's wife of less than two weeks, ZP, told investigators he had no medical history and did not take any regular medications. (Source EIN)

Mid-Dec 2019 (Approx.) – Lori & Chad are reported to be in Kauai, Hawaii staying at a rented home in a gated community in Princeville. Neighbor and area real estate agent, SL, met them when they moved into the unfurnished 3BR/3BA townhome which had been vacant for quite a while and was listed for $719K. SL says they signed a lease with the listing agent to stay long-term and brought their own furniture. Lori and Chad were mostly guarded and did not share anything with SL about their personal life and why they were in Kauai. Then they sort of disappeared. “I don’t think I ever saw them at the pool or anything like that. (The house) seemed vacant most of the time. I didn’t see lights on or anything like that,” SL says. “I hardly ever saw them at all, and I never saw them with anybody else, so I don’t know if they were living there or not.” (EastIdahoNews, Fox10 Phoenix).

18 Dec 2019 – RPD interviews Chad’s parents JD & SD (Discovery released 16 Mar 2020, & Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix).

19 Dec 2019 – Detective Hermisillo allegedly contacts IP and tells him they have another warrant for Alex’s Rexburg Apt and allegedly asks for the code to the garage so they didn’t have to break the door; IP allegedly shared the garage code. LE allegedly went with a forensics team to look for evidence of JJ having been there. (EastIdahoNews)

19 Dec 2019 - Melani allegedly saw LE at her uncle Alex’s Apt and spent the afternoon at IP’s Apt next door. (EastIdahoNews)

19 Dec 2019 – IP allegedly enters Alex’s apt to see if they have taken anything and to look for the warrant. After that IP allegedly returns to his Apt where Melani is and allegedly tells her he has been talking to police (EastIdahoNews).

19 Dec 2019 – IP told MBP that he had spoken with police and a little later he told her he’d been recording her.

KM: “He says he did not tell her for 2 weeks that he was spying on her for the FBI.”
KM: “How d’you find out?”
MBP: (shrugs) “uh he told me, and er you know you’re shocked like ‘why didn’t you come, come to me?’ you know, I, you know, I wanna help…”
KM: “The whole point was not to come to you.”
MBP: “Sure. Sure.”
KM: “They wanted to know your unguarded thoughts.”
MBP: “Yeah, you know, getting married really quick, you know, they’re working on us, tric.., it’s already hard enough. And, you know, we’re hanging on by a thread and I, I had to look at the intent, of, you know, you know, acting out of fear and he just was trained to do the right thing but confused and thrown in this mess, and I didn’t have anything to hide and so, ‘okay, record my conversations, I’m okay with that’.”
KM: “Yeah.”

IP: “Then she forgave, and we’re moving forward and I’m supporting her.”
KM: “You still cooperating with the FBI?”
IP: “Not actively. I mean any questions they have you know we’ll answer through our lawyers obviously. I opened up to Melani because you know I’m starting to see her perspective see you know this isn’t all the hype it’s been made up to be.” (source Dateline episode 2 “What Happened to the Children” aired 1 May 2020)

20 Dec 2019 - Rexburg Police post on facebook asking for help locating the endangered missing children, JJ and Tylee. They call the death of Tammy suspicious and say it is thought to be linked to the missing children. Rexburg Police Department

20 Dec 2019 - Rexburg PD said the parents are not cooperating with officers’ attempts to check on the welfare of the children.

20 Dec 2019 – Lori’s son Colby finds out about the search of the Rexburg townhouse and that Lori and her new husband had fled Idaho after the media published articles about the missing kids. When CR saw the news he freaked out and tried to call his mom again but her phone number was gone. CR also found out through the news that Lori had married Chad—he had never heard the name Chad Daybell before in his life. CR says he was pissed off, frustrated and confused when he heard (CR interview w/Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix).

20 Dec 2019 - Lori’s account or electronic device is logged into a classroom communication app from JJ’s former school, LIFE Academy in AZ, and Lori’s user account is shown as having viewed a post made by the school (Fox10 Phoenix).

21 Dec 2019 – Police release photos of Lori and Chad, calling them persons of interest. “They told us several stories about where the children are, but when we investigate, the children don’t exist where they say they should,” Rexburg Police Chief Shane Turman told Friday. “We don’t know where they are at, but we think they are in pretty serious danger.”

21 Dec 2019 – Melani’s husband, BB, posts on his Facebook about the attempt on his life: "On October 2nd on my way home from the gym someone sat outside my home and shot a gun at me they hit my vehicle and missed my head by inches. I have reason to believe that this was related to all of the following events…My wife at this time melani began spending a lot of time with this group, at the end of june she demanded a divorce claiming revelation about things that were not real and there was no evidence given just a claim of being told by the savior," BB wrote (Inside Edition)

22 Dec 2019 – KW & LW, grandparents of JJ, plead for any information on the location of the children, "Just show me JJ, show me Tylee, let us see that those kids are OK," their grandfather pleads (Fox10 Phoenix).

22 Dec 2019 – BB, Lori’s former nephew by marriage, says Lori drastically changed after meeting Chad. BB also pleads for the kids’ safe return, "They're both just innocent and they didn't deserve to be involved in any of this." (Fox10 Phoenix)

23 Dec 2019 – BB spoke to the press claiming that Lori and Chad were part of a cult that his ex-wife Melani has also joined. BB also claims that there was an attempt on his life connected to this case:
“I spent the last 11 years of my life spending time with Lori and her now-deceased husband Charles,” BB said. “I don’t know what happened to those kids, but I know there’s people who do, and they’re not talking...”

“You can’t be a member of the church and believe those things,” BB said. “I think it’s an infatuation with the end of the world and an infatuation with power, and they’re using it to try to make money off of people’s beliefs.”

“A couple months ago there was an attempt on my life, so I went into hiding with my kids,” BB said, referencing his 4 young children with Melani. “All I could think was: "Someone's shooting at me. What do I need to do? I need to hit the gas and get out of here."

23 Dec 2019 - Attorney Sean Bartholick issued statement on the Daybells’ behalf:
“Chad Daybell was a loving husband and has the support of his children in this matter. Lori Daybell is a devoted mother and resents assertions to the contrary. We look forward to addressing the allegations once they have moved beyond speculation and rumor.”

23 Dec 2019 – KW, sister of Charles Vallow and grandmother of JJ, says she is skeptical that JJ and Tylee are still alive, "If I have a worst enemy, I would never wish this on them. I would never wish this on anybody," said KW. "She just turned off. The person we knew just went away and she did not want JJ anymore. We were just trying to tell her, God. please let her go to a fire station, a church or something." (Fox10 Phoenix)

24 Dec 2019 – CR, oldest son of Lori and brother of Tylee, release a Youtube video discussing the case. “Every week or two weeks has been something — new news that just sinks your heart through your stomach,” CR said. “I didn't know there was a whole other family involved or anything." (Fox13 News, Fox10 Phoenix)

24 Dec 2019 – KW says Charles and Lori were separated for a few months before his death after Charles suspected her of infidelity. She said Lori was financially dependent on Charles. KW believes Lori had joined a cult after listening to religious podcasts she made discussing the “end of days” (Idaho State Journal).

24 Dec 2019 - Former FBI Deputy Assistant Director Danny Coulson speculates that JJ and Tylee are being held by members of a cult that is preparing for the end of the world (Fox News).

24 Dec 2019 - Fremont County Sheriff Len Humphries says he has reason to believe the children were pulled out of school so they could be homeschooled. He also says “For any kind of an investigation to go forward, we need facts. Certainly, if someone has some information that is factual, or they know where we can obtain evidence, we would be very interested in knowing about that,"… “Social media does tend to lend itself to lots of gossip, which doesn't really help anybody." (KTVB7)

24 Dec 2019 – BH says he was friends with Chad and they served a mission together in NJ. He is in shock from the reports that Chad is now under investigation. “I just was horrified, shaking when I first saw it because this is the last guy that I ever thought would be involved in something like this.” (KJZZ News, Fox13 News)

24 Dec 2019 – A Daily Mail source says that Chad Daybell was excommunicated from the LDS church in the Fall of 2019 for declaring himself a Prophet. The LDS spokesman declined to comment. (Daily Mail, Radar Online).

25 Dec 2019 – Christmas Day.

26 Dec 2019 – KW and LW are interviewed by GH:
KW says she has never met BB in person but he has become part of her family now. KW says that JJ has ADHD and autism and he takes his medication to sleep. If he doesn’t have that medication he sleeps a few hours a night and he’s a mess. Once they got him on that medicine is when he could really slow down enough to get some good sleep and it would keep him calm during the day as well.

After Christmas - Gilbert PD calls NM, the trainer of JJ’s service dog Bailey, to ask questions about Bailey in connection with JJ's disappearance (Fox10 Phoenix).

27 Dec 2019 – An anonymous friend says Lori became obsessed with Chad's books about 4 years ago. Friend says she can't wrap her head around what's happening; remembers Lori as amazing mother who devoted herself to Tylee and Joshua; "She would fly her daughter's friend from Arizona to come see her just so that she would have a better week. I mean she's like mother of the year here…She was 100% into the end of times, the end of the world and she would tell me no you really gotta start preparing for the end of the world. You gotta start getting your stuff together. She would order stuff all the time she would tell me I needed to read all these books [The "Standing in Holy Places" books written by Chad] "Those books she got really obsessed with and she started buying me those books too. She must have gotten close to him from his books…Lori would say things to me like 'I'm never gonna get divorced again. I'm on my fourth husband’… And then she would tell me, 'You gotta get rid of your husband. We'll just go off and do our own thing.'” Says the friend. Lori would allegedly say: "It's gonna be the end of the world and we should all just drive off a cliff and kill us and our kids and die all at the same time." (Fox7Austin)

27 Dec 2019 – Julie Rowe says Chad had visions Tammy would die. “Angels had told him that he was going to lose Tammy,” Julie told a local TV station . Julie said Chad told her he wanted to get out of the publishing business but that Tammy did not. “He said I’m ready to get out and Tammy doesn’t want to get out. When she passes, I’m done, I can’t keep doing this.” Julie also says the missing children are safe. “I do know the kids are safe. I can see them,” she said. “I can see their energy and that they’re in a bright house.” (The Daily Beast)

28 Dec 2019 - Rexburg Police Capt. Gary Hagen told “I don’t think we’re any closer than what we were two weeks ago … (and) time is always of the essence in any case, especially something like this.” Hagen also addressed rumors that this is all related to a child custody battle. “That’s what they claim, but we have proved that there is no active custody battle,” Hagen said. (KSL News)

30 Dec 2019 – LE releases statement: “We know that the children are not with Lori and Chad Daybell, and we also have information indicating that Lori knows either the location of the children or what has happened to them,” the release says. “Despite having this knowledge, she has refused to work with law enforcement to help us resolve this matter. It is astonishing that rather than work with law enforcement to help us locate her own children, Lori Vallow has chosen instead to leave the state with her new husband.” Rexburg Police Department

30 Dec 2019 – Rexburg PD says Lori told witnesses Tylee died a year before the death of her father Joseph Ryan - which is false. Police also say Chad said around the same time that Lori has no minor children – also false. These false statements were made sometime after Tammy died and after Lori & Chad married.

30 Dec 2019 – Actress Valentina and filmmaker Devin K Hansen say they have not heard from Chad since Sept 23, 2019 and that the project to make his book into a movie is officially canceled (Fox13).

Timeline Part XII of XXI (Update 9) - December 2019


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Detailed Case Timeline Part XIII of XXI (Update 9)

January 2020

FOUND DECEASED : Joshua Jaxson “JJ” Vallow & Tylee Ashlyn Ryan
Arrested: Lori Norene (Cox) Vallow/Daybell and Chad Guy Daybell

2 Jan 2020 – Owners of the Rexburg Self Storage facility where Lori rented a until on Oct 1st 2019 notify police that Lori’s credit card has been declined multiple times (East Idaho News).

3 Jan 2020 – Lori’s oldest son CR speaks out on Good Morning America saying he has “absolutely no idea” where his siblings are. He says he is in the dark like everyone else and just praying that they are safe somewhere. (GMA Video).

3 Jan 2020 – FBI and local LE search the Daybell’s home at 202 North 1900 East, Rexburg, ID. Fremont Co Sheriff Len Humphries says they have “sufficient probable cause to get a search warrant for the home. Officers are searching for forensic evidence such as blood or chemicals, which might shed some light on the Daybell case.” (East Idaho News).

3 Jan 2020 - Officers spend time in the Daybell home and search a shed on the property. At one point, they used metal detectors, probes and rakes to go over several portions of the yard. More than 43 items were collected from the home, including “computers, cell phones, journals, documents and medications," which have been sent to forensic experts for examination. (East Idaho News. Post Register).

3 Jan 2020 - FBI spokeswoman Sandra Yi Barker confirms that the FBI is assisting with the case. “We were contacted by Rexburg Police on Nov. 27,” Barker said. “I won’t get into details but we are offering investigative, forensic and technical assistance in Idaho and Utah. Today, members of our Evidence Response Team are in Rexburg assisting with evidence collection. Our victim specialist has also been made available to the families of Joshua Vallow and Tylee Ryan.”

3 Jan 2020 - LE concluded the search at the Daybell property. Detectives wrapped up at the home and finished serving the search warrant Fri evening. They released the home to Chad Daybell's adult children, who Sheriff Humphries said currently live in the house. The sheriff would not specify what was found in the search, but described it as “evidence” and “primarily about Tammy." “The evidence collected today will be sent off for examination by experts,” said Sheriff Len Humphries of Fremont County, Idaho, adding it could take months to process.
(KMVT News, Fox13 Salt Lake City).

3 Jan 2020 - Sheriff Len Humphries says they believe the death of Tammy is related to the missing children. "Those are the two pieces of this," he said. "And how they're related we're not quite sure, but we do believe they are related." He said Chad and Lori refuse to speak to law enforcement and have left the state. He said a lawyer reached out to them weeks ago, saying he was the point of contact for the couple. "We do think they've left Idaho," Sheriff Humphries said. "But that's about all." (Fox 13 Salt Lake City).

3 Jan 2020 - FOX 10 Phoenix releases disturbing court paperwork from Feb 2019 when CV initially filed for divorce from Lori. Charles eventually dropped the divorce case in March 2019; In the divorce documents it says Lori claimed she was married to the Book of Mormon prophet Moroni and that she had lived multiple past lives on different planets. Lori also believes she was married to James the Just and was Mary French in the 1800’s, the grandmother of Joseph Smith, Jr. She also claims to be “a translated being” that cannot die and that she was sent to lead the 144,000 into the new millennium.

3 Jan 2020 – Fox 10 Phoenix interviews CV’s older son on the phone; he asks his name not to be published and says, "I'm terrified for JJ. I’m terrified for Tylee," "I’m terrified for everyone surrounding them and their safety. I’m terrified for my family’s safety."

4 Jan 2020 – A neighbor of Lori in Rexburg, SB, speaks to Fox13 Salt Lake City. "It's crazy. Just baffling," JJ, often played with SB’s kids. A couple weeks into the school year, he said he learned JJ was moving. "What we were told... he was going to move with his grandmother, go visit," Rexburg Police have since said that didn't happen (Fox13 Salt Lake City, Local News 8).

Early Jan 2020 – Sometime around the first weekend in Jan, Lori and Chad stay a couple days at the Kauai Beach Resort in HI.

5 Jan 2020 – CV’s sister, KW & her husband LW flew from LA to ID to meet with Rexburg PD & FBI to discuss disappearance of JJ & Tylee. KW say she loved Lori “as a sister,” but later suspected Lori and Chad were having an affair based on emails exchanged between the two. After Lori met Chad, KW says she started noticing changes in Lori’s behavior. KW says the final in-person conversation she had with Lori was in 2018, in a car on the way to the airport.
KW believes Lori & Chad may have taken JJ and Tylee because they were witnesses to the shooting of CV.
“I don’t have any expectations. I’ve never done this before. I have no idea. I just feel like I need to be in Idaho,”
“I’d love (Chad and Lori) to be arrested. Have her in one room and Chad in the other? Absolutely.”
“Charles told me he had recordings of her. He said, ‘Nobody will believe me,’ and he recorded her one night,”
“Even though it’s deleted, nothing is ever deleted electronically or whatever. However that is … for her to say she’s a translated being and she is reincarnated? That is scary!” -KW (KSTU; East Idaho News)

5 Jan 2020 – Lori’s oldest son, CR, makes a youtube video speaking directly to Lori and asking her to “do the right thing”; "Mom, I want to talk to you like I'm sitting across the room from you," CR said, "You have the power to end this"; CR also asks Lori to let Tylee & JJ Facetime with him so he can see that they are ok. (Fox13 Salt lake City)

5 Jan 2020 –Lori’s former property manager, JP, writes a fb post saying he asked Lori to move out by Aug 31, 2019; JP was disturbed by details surrounding CV’s July 11, 2019 death at the Chandler, AZ rental house managed by JP. JP wrote that on the same day CV died Lori texted him, “we are ok, Ill explain later,” when he texted her wondering why police were at the house. JP also wrote that Lori threw a pool party later that afternoon:
“That day the neighbors reported a pool party at the house, the same day Charles was murdered, with loud music and lots of people swimming. Neighbors also reported Alex was staying at the house for several days following the shooting even though he lived in the same area. I spoke with Lori several times days following the shooting and she never sounded shocked, sad or heartbroken, as you would think a bride would be watching her husband die,” (Post Register).

6 Jan 2020 – JJ’s grandparents, LW & KW are interviewed by RPD (Discovery released 16 Mar 2020, & Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix).

6 Jan 2020 – Sheriff Len Humphries gives interviews about the case. He reveals Tammy may have been poisoned but says tests won't be completed for at least another two weeks. “We're looking for poison, but we are just having to wait for lab results,” Humphries said, “You could say we are in a sort of holding pattern right now.”
More quotes from Sheriff Humphries:
“From an investigation point of view this is a disaster,”
“There are multiple agencies involved — us, Rexburg police, the FBI, as well as police departments in Arizona.”
“There are people who have died strangely in several places, and two kids that we have absolutely no idea where they are.”
“Add to that, the mother is known to have told family members that her daughter died a year ago, which we know is not true.”
”And then she claimed that the 17-year-old had run off with the 7-year-old and didn't say anything to authorities.”
“What kind of parent doesn't help try to find their own kids when they are missing?”
Humphries also said he believes Chad and Lori have left Idaho but are still in the United States (East Idaho News, Daily Mail).

6 Jan 2020 - Tylee’s AZ friend shares the last text she received from Tylee’s phone was on Oct. 25 at 11:14 AM. The friend isn’t sure if Tylee sent the text. The friend texted Tylee on Oct. 19 to say she missed her and had been thinking about her. 6 days later a reply text said, “hi. miss you guys too ...luv ya.” The friend says she didn’t think the text sounded like Tylee. “She spelled out her words for the most part,” “Plus, she would have texted more if I reached out.” “When she lived here, she responded immediately,” the friend said, “And when she moved, it slowly decreased in response time.”
The friend also shares: Tylee had originally planned to stay in AZ, but decided to go to ID for JJ’s sake. Tylee had her GED, so she did not go to HS in ID. Tylee had never mentioned her mother’s religious beliefs to her friend. Tylee said they were moving because Lori got a job in ID. “Apparently that was false,” the friend said. (Post Register).

6 Jan 2020 - Ellsworth Family Law releases statement saying Charles Vallow “expressed genuine fear for his life and under our advice obtained an Order of Protection against Lori Vallow” in early 2019 (Fox10 Phoenix; Justin Lum Fox 10 on Twitter ).

7 Jan 2020 – JJ’s grandparents, KW & LW, hold a press conference in Idaho. They are offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the children’s whereabouts. They spent the weekend meeting with Rexburg PD & the FBI. JJ loves to swim and is hardly afraid of anything in life. Tylee is a typical teenage girl who graduated early from HS and has a close group of friends. KW & LW spoke with JJ several times a week and often those conversations were short, but it wasn’t unusual for JJ to call his grandparents back several times in the same day. Lori never prevented the Woodcocks from talking to or visiting with JJ. During their last 35 sec Facetime with JJ in Aug it appeared someone was monitoring what he said and he didn’t call back after that. They also noticed that JJ’s hair didn’t appear to be as groomed as it had been previously. Lori used to be a cosmetologist and took exceptional care of JJ’s hair. The picture of JJ on the missing poster shows his hair matted and not in it's usual style. KW & LW have launched a Find JJ and Tylee website asking for tips from the public.

Some Quotes from the Jan 7th Presser:
“These are beautiful young children. They’re two extremely intelligent young children and we want them back. We want them back in our family,” -LW

“If there is anything that Lori can come forth with and help us, please do it. She knows how much we love these kids, and we want only the best for them. That’s it. It’s that simple. Please give them back to us.” -LW

“All I want before I go is just to see those children, I just want to hear him beat on the drums, I want to hear him say, ‘Papa, let’s go ride’ or ‘Let’s go to Checkers and let’s go get a hamburger.’ I’m hoping beyond hope that that happens in the near future.” -LW

“Sometimes [JJ] may call and say, ‘Papa!’ and then, he’d just go away. ‘Gotta go, bye!’” -LW

“J.J. is my heart, I’m hoping this will allow one person to simply say ‘I saw (him). I know where he’s at,’ and give us that information, so that we can bring J.J. and Tylee back." -LW

“We want and believe that they are alive, and that’s the reason for the reward,""It’s the reason, we don’t say, the ‘d’ word. We’re not going to because we hope and pray these kids are alive." -LW

“If somebody two years ago would have said ‘This is what’s going to happen with Lori,’ I would have never believed it, Kay would have never believed it. If Kay and I would have had any thought in the future that we were going to be involved in an issue like this, we never would have let J.J. up for adoption. It never would have happened, and now this happened. Lori was a good mother when J.J. was young. You couldn’t ask for a better mother.” -LW

“Lori, you know how much we love J.J. You know my heart beats for him. Kay loves him. All our family loves JJ. Pick up the phone. Call me. Call Kay. If you don’t want to talk to authorities, talk to us." – LW

“If this reward can prompt that, then that’s what I want. They’re good kids. They don’t deserve this. And we as a family don’t deserve it.” -LW

“Please, just let us know where the kids are. It’s not difficult. It would end all of this.” -KW

“We don’t know why we weren’t allowed more access to him, but we reached out constantly in every way – email, voicemail, text, phone call, whatever – and never, ever got a response so that was very concerning to us,” -KW

“It sends chills up our spines,” "That’s just (what) brought it home for us. ‘Oh, my God, this is something really bad.'" -KW, when asked about Lori’s false claims that Tylee died in 2017.

“Charles suspected they were having an affair. He told me about it. He told me what he had that made him think that. He was spot on. There were just some things that we discussed, and he showed me (the evidence).” – KW, when asked about Lori and Chad’s relationship.

8 Jan 2020 - Lori’s account or electronic device is logged into a classroom communication app from JJ’s former school, LIFE Academy in AZ, and Lori’s user account is shown as having viewed a post made by the school (Fox10 Phoenix).

8 Jan 2020 - The former attorneys of the late Charles Vallow say that CV filed an order of protection against Lori in Feb 2019 and told his attorneys, “Steve, I want to make sure that everyone knows that if something happens to me, Lori & Alex did it.” The lawyers say they could not find Lori in Feb 2019 to serve her with the order of protection papers and they even tried looking for her in Idaho (Fox 10 Phoenix).

8 Jan 2020 – A hotel employee says that she expected CV and JJ to return to the hotel for breakfast on July 11 but instead police came to the hotel and informed her CV was dead (Fox 10 Phoenix).

9 Jan 2020 – JJ’s grandparents KW & LW record a segment with Dr OZ Show (Fox 10 Phoenix).

9, 10, & 11 Jan 2020 – Josh Wilson, Principal of Kennedy Elementary in Rexburg, gives statements: “We truly hope for the safety of everybody involved and hope for a positive outcome”. JW says that Lori unenrolled JJ on Sept 24 & told administrators she planned to homeschool; JW says there was no previous activity that would indicate a need for concern from the school; They have not received a request to send JJ’s records to another school but if Lori is homeschooling, she would not need to notify them; The records would remain with Kennedy Elementary (Fox 13 Phoenix, East Idaho News).

10 Jan 2020 – Chad’s bother, Matt, releases a statement pleading for Chad to come forward and cooperate with the investigation. Matt also says he has not been close to Chad since childhood, does not know any more info than the media and asks for privacy for himself, his wife and children.

10 Jan 2020 – A former neighbor of Alex in San Tan Valley, AZ says that about a year ago Lori and AC were seen arguing loudly in the street (Daily Mail).

11 Jan 2020 – Fox10 Phoenix publishes affidavit of warrant for AC’s 2007 arrest in Austin, Texas. The docs describe how AC tased Tylee’s dad JR twice & “made a threat to kill him” after JR had a custody visit with Tylee. AC plead guilty to aggravated assault in the second degree and served 90 days in jail.

11 Jan 2020 - KD, a former producer for a radio show Alex was featured on, shares video of AC doing Looney Tunes impressions from 2016 and says, "In all impressions, he was a good looking funny guy and like I said, charming" (Fox 10 Phoenix).

11 Jan 2020 – Lori and Chad stay in Room 2509 at Kauai Beach Resort, paying $294 for one night. The 5th-floor room with king bed & mountain views was booked under the name Lori Ryan & using a driver's license with an address LE did not know about. (Daily Mail).

12 Jan 2020 - The A&E network series “Live P.D.” features JJ’s grandparents KW & LW.

13 Jan 2020 – The police report, 911 call and body camera footage from the July 11, 2019 shooting death of Charles Vallow is released by Fox10 Phoenix.

Approx 13 Jan 2020 – 12 days before Lori is served with an order to produce the kids, staff members from Dateline stake out the island of Kauai looking for any sign of Lori and Chad or JJ and Tylee. East Idaho News shared with Dateline a tip they received about “a ping” from Lori’s phone placing her near a house in Princeville, Kauai, HI where she previously lived with Charles. Dateline drives by the house and some nearby townhouses but doesn’t see them. Dateline also gets confirmation from the Kauai police that Lori and Chad are there, but there is no evidence of JJ & Tylee ever being on the island with Lori and Chad. KPD asks Dateline to be careful not to spook Lori and Chad. (Dateline, East Idaho News).

14 Jan 2020 – Melani is again interviewed by RPD (Discovery released 16 Mar 2020, & Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix).

14 Jan 2020 – RPD receives Security Video from Yellowstone National Park (Discovery released 16 Mar 2020, & Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix)

14 Jan 2020 – A probate case is filed for the estate of Charles Vallow in Harris County, Texas. Web Inquiry

14 Jan 2020 – The Dr OZ show airs an interview with JJ’s Grandmother KW about the missing children (Fox10 Phoenix).

15 Jan 2020 - Fox10 Phoenix obtains and publishes copies of Gilbert PD reports from Jan 31, 2019. The reports detail a complaint Lori made against CV for taking her purse out of her car at JJ’s school. Also detailed are efforts by CV to get Lori picked up for an involuntarily 72 hour hold with psych evaluation. Lori does not file any charges against CV and police allow her to go to the psych eval on her own, rather than being transported. The report says police followed up and found that Lori voluntarily checked in to Community Bridges and was discharged a few hours later.

15 Jan 2020 – Fox10 Phoenix obtains and releases body cam video from July 11, 2019 of Lori and Tylee’s interview with a LEO outside the home where CV was shot to death. Lori says CV lives in Houston and that she moved into the house about 3 weeks before CV’s death.

16 Jan 2020 – The Madison County Prosecutor files an Order On Petition Under the Child Protection Act in the 7th Judicial District, Madison County, ID In The Interest Of Tylee and JJ. The order says “for good cause shown,” JJ & Tylee are to be placed in shelter care in the custody of the ID Dept of Health and Welfare once they are located; The order says the Dept of Health and Welfare is to conduct an investigation into the health, safety and welfare of the children and report back to the court within 15 days. The order says Lori must physically turn over the children to either the ID Dept or Health and Welfare in Rexburg or the Rexburg Police department within 5 days of being served the order. The children will be appointed a guardian ad litem and an attorney. Finally, it says “Violation of this order may subject Lori Vallow to criminal and civil contempt of court.” (Court Docs, East Idaho News).

19 Jan 2020 – Fox10 Phoenix obtains and releases more details on Melani’s trespassing charge from Nov 2019.

23 Jan 2020 – The Maricopa County coroner’s office releases the autopsy report for Lori’s 3rd ex-husband and Tylee’s father, Joseph Anthony Ryan, Jr. The report reveals that a neighbor last saw JR approx. one week before his body was found. JR body was described as “moderately decomposed”; Due to the level of decomp the ME could not take blood samples and had to instead take an extra sample of muscle tissue from the thigh to store for toxicology testing. The ME also took a sample of liver (Fox10 Phoenix).

24 Jan 2020 – RPD receives more Security Video from Yellowstone National Park (Discovery released 16 Mar 2020, & Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix).

24 Jan 2020 – 29 Jan 2020 – A Rexburg PD detective traveled to Kauai to surveil Lori and Chad; At no time were JJ and Tylee seen with Lori and Chad (Affidavit of Probable Cause Doc).

24 Jan 2020 – SL, a real estate agent and neighbor at the Kauai Townhome where Lori and Chad have been living since mid-Dec has a brief conversation with Chad as he is leaving the house. Chad said he was leaving because the condo was scheduled to be shown to a potential buyer. (East Idaho News).

25 Jan 2020 – Kauai PD serves Lori in Princeville, HI with Child Protection Order filed by Madison County, Idaho Prosecutor’s Office on behalf of JJ and Tylee. The order requires Lori to produce Tylee & JJ to either the ID Dept of Health & Welfare or a judge in Madison Co Courthouse within 5 days. Failure to do so means Lori could face criminal and civil contempt of court charges (Court Docs, East Idaho News).

26 Jan 2020, morning – A Rexburg PD detective observes Lori and Chad on a beach. Tylee and JJ are not with them (Affidavit of Probable Cause Doc; East Idaho News).

26 Jan 2020, abt 3:30 pm -Kauai Police Dept and federal agents serve search warrants on Lori & Chad outside of Kauai Beach Resort in Hawaii. KPD pull Lori & Chad over along the Kuhio Hwy and they enter the hotel parking lot. KPD seizes a black Ford Explorer, the rental car Lori & Chad drove. Lori & Chad are separated in the backs of 2 police SUVs while the warrant is served. After 30 min a tow truck takes away the rental car. LE found birth certificates belonging to Tylee and JJ, Tylee’s financial transaction card, JJ’s iPad, another iPad that was logged into JJ’s Apple account and JJ’s school registration receipts from Kennedy Elementary. Police learned that Tylee’s financial transaction card, which was with Lori, had been used since Tylee was last seen. (Affidavit of Probable Cause Doc; East Idaho News).

26 Jan 2020 - Police go to Lori and Chad’s condo in Princeville to execute another search warrant there. LE found beach chairs, 2 yoga mats and beach towels, but nothing belonging to children. 2 bedrooms were in the unit, but the second room “had no sign of being lived in or otherwise occupied.” (Affidavit of Probable Cause Doc; East Idaho News).

26 Jan 2020 - Media reports that Lori & Chad have been staying at 4141 Queen Emma's Dr Apt 3, Princeville, HI 96722 and have been closely monitored by LE. The missing children, JJ and Tylee are not with them.

26 Jan 2020 – After being detained, Lori & Chad are not arrested, and are allowed to walk into the hotel together. Lori carries a large amount of cash in a plastic bag. East Idaho News reporter Nate Eaton follows Lori & Chad and asks for comment on the missing children, the death of Tammy and the order to produce the children within 5 days. Chad does not speak. Lori only says “No Comment,” and “That’s great,” in reply to the reporter informing her that people are praying for JJ and Tylee.

27 Jan 2020 - Madison Co. Prosecutor’s Office & Rexburg PD release a statement: “Child protection actions are normally confidential and sealed to protect the anonymity of the parties. However, the Madison County Prosecutor’s Office has obtained an order from the Court on the case allowing us to unseal and disclose [the order]”…

“The Madison County Prosecutor’s Office asked the Court for permission to unseal and disclose the existence of the Child Protection Action and the above mentioned Order to alert the public and anyone with knowledge of the location or health and safety of the children. All other documents related to the child protection case remain under seal.”

The release also says there is no evidence that Tylee & JJ were ever w/Lori & Chad in Hawaii and failure to comply w/order may subject Lori to civil or criminal contempt of court.

27 Jan 2020 - Kaua‘i Police Department releases statement that they are assisting with the missing children case. The statement says Lori & Chad have been staying on Kaua‘i for an unconfirmed period of time. It also says: “On Jan. 25, Kaua‘i police served [Lori] with an order of petition in an attempt to have her physically produce her children to the Idaho Dept of Health & Welfare. On Jan 26, Kaua‘i police and Rexburg police executed a search warrant in support of the ongoing investigation related to the whereabouts of the two children. There are no local charges or any current warrants of arrest.” Kaua'i Police Department

27 Jan 2020 - Fremont Co Sheriff Len Humphries says the timing of the Kauai search warrants has nothing to do with Tammy’s autopsy results. Authorities have not yet gotten the autopsy report back. While it was previously reported by some media outlets that Tammy’s family had been privately told the autopsy results, Humphries says there are no results available yet to anyone (Post Register).

27 Jan 2020 - General Manager of Kauai Beach Resort, RM, says Lori & Chad stayed there previously approximately 3 week ago for 1 or 2 days. “I’ve been working with detectives for several weeks,” RM said. Lori & Chad recently booked another stay for Sunday, according to RM. On Sunday, authorities were lying in wait near the resort. However, RM says they are not staying at the resort at this time (Post Register).

27 Jan 2020 – JJ’s grandmother and Lori’s former sister-in-law, KW, gives interviews and makes a direct plea to Lori: “Lori, if you have an ounce of compassion left in your entire body — please produce the kids.”

When asked about Lori’s response of “That’s great,” to being told the country was praying for the missing children KW says: “I felt like she was arrogant. She was demeaning to the kids, to not even acknowledge that they’re missing,”
KW says Kauai Beach Resort is Lori’s favorite resort and KW has stayed there in the past with Lori, Charles, Tylee & JJ. KW & LW say they are going to travel to Idaho on Wed Jan 29 (Fox10 Phoenix, KPVI News).

27 Jan 2020 – Lori and Chad left the Kauai Beach Resort and checked into Kauai Marriott Resort with several suitcases. Staff members at the Marriott confirmed Lori and Chad stayed there for one night on Jan 27 (KTVB, East Idaho News).

28 Jan 2020 – A news crew got a tip that Lori and Chad had switched hotels in Kauai and were planning to take a flight to Mexico. The crew staked out both the front and back entrances of the hotel hoping to see them leaving (Dateline).

28 Jan 2020, afternoon – Staff members at the Kauai Marriott Resort say Lori and Chad checked out after staying only one night. However, Lori and Chad could still be at the resort because they were talking about going to the pool and beach area. A news crew with Dateline videoed Chad and Lori walking to the parking lot in swimsuits, with day bags (no luggage) like they were going to the beach. When asked, “Where are the kids?” Lori says, “No comment” and “Leave us alone, no comment”. Then they turned and went back into the hotel lobby and did not re-emerge (KTVB, East Idaho News, Dateline).

29 Jan 2020 – JJ’s grandparents, KW & LW return to Idaho. They hope that Lori will appear as ordered by the court and produce JJ and Tylee alive and well. “It’s scary, but I’m being optimistic in saying that just the next few days will probably pass very slowly, I’m sure because we’re waiting for Thurs to get here and I just feel like there will be some kind of resolution by Thurs, Thurs at the latest. Whether it’s happy or sad, I don’t know. In the meantime, we’re going to keep hoping and praying that it will be a joyous occasion Thursday,” – KW (KPVI News).

29 Jan 2020 – JJ’s grandparents, KW & LW file a petition to obtain guardianship of JJ in Madison County, ID. If the children are located, they will be placed in custody of state agency and then appointed guardian. If given guardianship of JJ it would be temporary & last 6 months. KW & LW say they have no legal rights to file for custody of Tylee but that they would welcome her: “We will definitely offer that to Tylee. We’re more than happy to have her as well,” (Fox10 Phoenix, Post Register).

29 Jan 2020 – Madison Co Prosecutor Rob Wood makes a statement: “While the court did allow us to announce the existence of the case and the order that Lori Vallow produce her children, any and all other documents, hearings, and court filings are sealed and confidential by law… As such we legally cannot comment on any other aspect of the case.” (East Idaho News).

30 Jan 2020 – Dozens of journalists and news crews from across the country descend on the snowy town of Rexburg, hoping to see Lori show up with Tylee & JJ. At least 10 people wait in the lobby at Rexburg PD (Rexburg Journal). KSL reporter Garna Mejia reports from in front of Tammy and Chad’s Salem home, where some of his adult children still live; Chad’s DIL answers the door but declines to comment. Mejia also says on her twitter feed “we stopped by at his attorney’s place and were told he is out of town.”

30 Jan 2020 - Nate Eaton, East Idaho News, reports from in front of the Department of Health and Welfare, one of 2 places Lori could produce JJ & Tylee to comply with the child protection court order. Alternatively, Lori could take the children to the Rexburg police station on Main St to obey the order by the deadline. However, there is no sign of the children and no sign of Lori.

30 Jan 2020 – JJ’s grandparents, KW & LW, meet with Rexburg police and the Madison Co Prosecutor to discuss the case. KW could not comment on what they talked about but she said in a presser, "They're not gonna let the grass grow under their feet with this, they're going to keep this moving," referring to LE’s next plan of action. (KW’s Presser, East Idaho News).

30 Jan 2020, 5 PM - The deadline passes for Lori to physically appear in Idaho and produce JJ and Tylee to the Dept of Health and Welfare or the RPD or else face contempt of court; There is no sign of Lori or the children appearing in Idaho (Fox10 Phoenix, Fox13 Salt Lake City).

30 Jan 2020 After 5 PM - Lori and Chad are still in Hawaii. Sources say there were no signs Lori had planned to travel to Rexburg for the deadline. A Kauai resident says he saw a man and woman fitting the description of Chad and Lori, inside their rental unit. An anonymous relative close to the case says “it was less than a 1% chance Lori would ever show up in Idaho today” (Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix).

30 Jan 2020 – Madison Co Prosecutor & Rexburg PD decline to comment on Lori’s failure to comply with the order. Due to the rest of the order being sealed by the courts, the public may not know if any actions are taken to issue an arrest warrant (East Idaho News).

30 Jan 2020 – Official statement from Kaua‘i Chief of Police Todd G. Raybuck regarding case involving two missing Idaho children:
“We appreciate the tremendous outpouring of concern from the public and the media regarding this sensitive case. We kindly ask that you please allow the authorities to continue to conduct this ongoing investigation and give them the space and opportunity to do their due diligence.” Kaua'i Police Department

30 Jan 2020 – JJ’s grandma KW gives a presser after Lori fails to show up in Idaho with Tylee and JJ. LW was originally going to speak as well but he is not feeling well and returned to his hotel room to rest. Quotes from KW: “I just can’t... I don’t know what to do. I had my hopes up for today... hopefully being able to see our grandson.”
"I know she doesn't have them I pray that they are with a family somewhere that is caring for them," “I would like for her to be in jail until she talks,” “If that’s a month or a year or whatever the situation, she needs to be there until she talks. She’s got to say where they are. She has to.” “How do you not have your child for four months? What kind of a mother does that? The only word that is coming to my mind right now is ‘monster’ and as much as I loved Lori…all this has just been very disheartening and I have so many questions,” “We’ve had a really rough few weeks and then once we learned about the order being given to her Saturday, that really gave us more hope that at least we’re now seeing things happening,” "I'm not at all surprised of that. Lori's not going to make this easy, she's got an end game in her head, although this is not a game, but obviously she thinks it is." When asked if she knew where Lori was KW said, "probably sitting on a beach somewhere while we're sitting here wondering where the kids are." "I pray there's an extraditable warrant issued and they bring her in front of the judge," KW said about Lori. "It seems the next steps is in the judge's hands." "I can't say for sure what's going to happen next, other than, I hope it's something that's going to get her attention because I'd love to know where those kids are and I think all of America wants to know where they are," A reporter asks KW if she can elaborate on what evidence Charles had of Lori having an affair with Chad. KW says that Lori is not very technologically savvy; KW says Lori emailed Chad a video of herself in Jan 2019 dancing and did not delete the email from the sent folder. KW says she believes Lori and Chad may have first met as early as 2016 or 2017.

30 Jan 2020 – RPD interviews SWS, a new employee at Madison Middle School since December 2019 (Discovery released 16 Mar 2020, & Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix).

31 Jan 2020 - Lori’s account or electronic device is logged into a classroom communication app from JJ’s former school, LIFE Academy in AZ, and Lori’s user account is shown as having viewed a post made by the school (Fox10 Phoenix).

31 Jan 2020 – Summaries of Chandler PD interviews of Lori & Tylee from the July 11, 2019 shooting death of Lori’s 4th husband Charles Vallow are released by Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix.

31 Jan 2020 – Lori’s son, CR, releases an emotional youtube video titled: “To My Family”. Some quotes from CR directly to Lori:
“I love you because you’re my mom. But at the end of the day, I’m in the same spot, everybody’s in the same spot with no answers.”
“I feel ignored, I feel angry, I feel like I’m so confused and still trying to go on every single day.”
“Last night I just thought I’d feel better by some type of answer, but if anything it just made everything worse.”
“I feel like I’ve just lost everything in such a short amount of time, the only reason I’m doing this is because I feel like this is the only way I get to talk to you.”
“I want you to show them and step up and do the right thing and that's what I’ve been praying for and that's all I want, is to see the kids and for this situation to have some type of closure.” (Fox10 Phoenix, KTVB7 News).

31 Jan 2020 - Kauai PD says no arrests in this case. "We're just on standby waiting for Rexburg PD... honestly I don't know what the status is on that." (Adam Herbets Twitter)

31 Jan 2020 – A Special airs called “FOX 13 Investigates: The Writings of Chad Daybell”; Reporter Adam Herbets conducts FB Lives before and after with Q & A about the case. A professor specializing in profiling says he believes the FBI is looking through Chad’s books for clues. “(Agents) can look into the psychology of people like this,” Chris Bertram said. “Two books that I’m going to read first? His autobiography and his last publication.” Excepts from Chad’s books are highlighted during the special.

“The most common question I receive is, ‘What parts of your books are based on what you’ve seen in vision, and what part did you make up?’” Chad Daybell wrote in his autobiography. “The short answer is that I don’t fictionalize any of the events portrayed. I’m really not that creative… My torn veil allows information to be downloaded into my brain from the other side. The scenes I am shown are real events that will happen.”

“That tells us something about his personality,” Bertram said. “He believes what he is hearing gives him direction in his life… We may see hidden messages in these writings.” (Fox13 SLC Special Report w/Adam Herbets)

Timeline Part XIII of XXI (Update 9) - January 2020


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Detailed Case Timeline Part XIV of XXI (Update 9)

1 February 2020 TO 18 February 2020

FOUND DECEASED: Joshua Jaxson “JJ” Vallow & Tylee Ashlyn Ryan
Arrested: Lori Norene (Cox) Vallow/Daybell and Chad Guy Daybell

2 Feb 2020 – Lori & Chad reportedly attend meetings at LDS Church in Kapa’a, HI. They are seen speaking w/the bishop, acting as if everything is OK and as if they don’t have a care in the world. They were also overheard saying that the media was lies and one-sided. JJ and Tylee were not in church with them (Nate Eaton, East Idaho News).

Feb 2020LVD’s mother says she spoke to a friend of LVD’s in Kauai – “she said she was gonna see her at church, Lori was going to go to church in Kauai, and I said well if you talk to her tell her that her mom thinks she should put the kids in a room with today’s date, take a picture, and send it to the police. Please, that’s my advice, as her mother. That would solve a lot of problems.” (source Morgan Loew interview 7 May 2020)

2 Feb 2020 – Nate Eaton with East IdahoNews is sitting in church when he gets a text from his weekend editor saying the owner of a storage facility wants to speak to him; Nate stepped out of church to call the owner who wanted to help in the case of the missing kids; The owner says Lori rented a unit from him Oct 1st and LE served a search warrant on Lori’s unit in Nov; he offers to share CCTV video of Lori and others visiting the storage unit Lori rented (Dateline).

2 Feb 2020 – Lori’s son, CR, gives an interview to Fox10 Phoenix reporter Justin Lum.

2 Feb 2020 – Internet forum Pathway to Zion announces it is shutting down. In a message to members of PTZ, Chad’s author friend, HS writes, "A few days ago I was given a warning about our community…It took a few days of prayer and discussion to get over the shock. The drama with Chad and Lori has emboldened unscrupulous local church leaders across the United States to use memberships to different communities as a sign of apostasy. PTZ membership will be used as grounds for ex-communication... The only responsible way to deal with this is to close the community and destroy the assets that belong to this community." HS warned members to avoid discussing "non-mainstream topics in public" for their own protection, and specifically mentioned "Energy Healing" and "Multiple Mortal Probations" as being outside of "the current church's gospel diaspora." HS says, "If you do choose to ignore this advice, please note that you will look like a nail that needs hammering to the hammers that are looking for anything out of place... discuss these things in public at your own peril... It is not worth it to lose your temple recommend by trying to defend out of mainstream ideas or teachings. At this point in time, having access to the temple is greater than anything else." (Fox13 SLC).

3 Feb 2020 – Charles Vallow’s 2nd ex-wife gives an interview to East Idaho News.

4 Feb 2020 - Lori’s account or electronic device is logged into a classroom communication app from JJ’s former school, LIFE Academy in AZ, and Lori’s user account is shown as having viewed a post made by the school (Fox10 Phoenix).

4 Feb 2020 – Alex Cox’s new widow, ZP, files a probate case in Maricopa Co, AZ. Probate Court Case Information - Case History

5 Feb 2020 – JJ’s grandparents KW & LW plan to fly to NYC to tape a 2nd episode with the Dr Oz Show. (Post Register)

5 Feb 2020 - Reporter Justin Lum of Fox10 Phoenix obtains and releases a letter that Lori wrote to Life Academy in Gilbert, AZ withdrawing JJ from the school on Sept 5th, after they had already relocated to Idaho. Lori claims she got a job out of state. Lori also allegedly told school officials that JJ’s father, CV, died from suicide.

5 Feb 2020 – Reporter Justin Lum of Fox10 Phoenix obtains and releases the Order of Protection documents that Charles Vallow filed against Lori Feb 4, 2019.

5 Feb 2020 - Reporter Justin Lum of Fox10 Phoenix obtains and releases the Dec 6, 2019 search warrant for JJ’s school records from LIFE Academy in Gilbert, AZ.

5 Feb 2020 – Lori and Chad’s condo in Kauai is quiet and neighbors say they’ve only seen them once since Sat, Feb 1. All curtains are shut and no answer at the door (Kim Powell, AZ Family).

5 Feb 2020 - Self Storage Plus in Rexburg puts out a statement:
“Self Storage Plus hopes for the speedy and safe return of Joshua “JJ” Vallow and Tylee Ryan,”…“Self Storage Plus is working with local authorities who are investigating this matter and, so as not to jeopardize their investigation, will not be providing any further information at this time.”

5 Feb 2020 - L.I.F.E Academy in Gilbert AZ, where JJ previously attended school, releases a statement: "Our hearts continue to ache during this time. We all want to know where JJ is and know that he's safe. JJ is a beautiful boy who has a smile that goes on for days. His joy of life was contagious. He started with us as a very quiet child, and soon blossomed into a child who loved coming to class, loved being with his friends and loved to talk about his family." (Fox10 Phoenix).

5 Feb 2020 - Rich Robertson (RR), a private investigator hired by BB after the Oct 2 shooting attempt on his life gives an interview to KTVB7. “The person [Brandon] recognized, the person he suspected was the person who did the shooting was the same person who killed Charles Vallow,” -RR.
“The vehicle that was involved in the shooting belonged to Charles Vallow, It was a green Jeep Cherokee with Texas license plates. He recognized that as his former in-law and he suspected Charles Vallows' killer, Alex Cox, was the one driving that jeep.” -RR.
“Lori Vallow certainly got Melani involved in this, by all accounts, the Vallow and the Boudreaux marriages were all idyllic. They were loving couples, they had picture-perfect families. They were like something out of a magazine until they got involved in this kind of cult situation and things started going off the rails.”- RR
“Chad Daybell was someone who was involved in Lori Vallow’s life for some time–a year or two prior… and they all got kind of sucked into this belief system and Chad Daybell seemed to be a leader in that group,” -RR
RR also told KTVB CV had a $1 million life insurance policy. Originally, Lori was beneficiary, but later CV's sister, KW, was & that is still being resolved (KTVB7).

6 Feb 2020 – Audio of a 911 call from Melani’s husband, BB, after he had been shot at Oct 2, 2019 is released (Fox13 Salt Lake City & Fox10 Phoenix).

6 Feb 2020 – Audio of a 911 call from Melani’s trespassing charge in Nov 2019 is released (Fox13 Salt Lake City & Fox10 Phoenix).

6 Feb 2020 – Audio of a 911 call from the son of Alex Cox’s new wife upon finding AC unresponsive on the bathroom floor Dec 12, 2019 is released (Fox13 Salt Lake City & Fox10 Phoenix).

6 Feb 2020 – Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix releases a report detailing gun and blood evidence after the July 11 shooting death of CV. AC’s gun, a Springfield XD .45 caliber handgun was found next to an orange duffel bag. “Inside the bag, a black hard sided case with .45 caliber magazines and ammunition. The detective recalls the magazine having five cartridges inside. The magazine indicated 13 cartridges could be loaded. The rest of the report describes the blood found in the kitchen sink, layout of the home and no sign that Charles had been moved.” The report says the blood in the sink was photographed but not swabbed for evidence. The report also says the officer made the decision to clean a large pool of blood on the floor. Eventually, AC was brought back to the scene to go over his actions.

6 Feb 2020 - Fremont Co Sheriff’s Office says they are investigating a life insurance policy that Tammy took out at her work with the Sugar-Salem Central Elementary.
“She did have an insurance policy from her work. I don’t know how much it was for,” said Fremont County Sheriff Len Humphries. (Rexburg Standard Journal).

Approx 7 Feb 2020 -Tylee and JJ’s church records were not transferred into the ward, and neither were Chad’s (East Idaho News).

7 Feb 2020 – In an interview with Fox10, NM, the owner and head trainer at Dog Training Elite says Lori called him right before her move to ID and asked him to take JJ’s dog Bailey back. "I'm picking up the dog, trying to help them out," said NM. "[Lori] said this tragedy happened, and she needed to move. She told me they were moving up north. I think she said Idaho or something like that. One of her daughters was in school in Idaho. She said they were moving up there to be with her, and so I said 'OK, let me see if I can find a home.' She said 'I need you to come get him right now.'" (Fox10 Phoenix).

7 Feb 2020 – A dispatch call is released from the Fremont County Attorney’s Office detailing a 17 minute phone conversation between a detective from Gilbert, AZ and a dispatcher with Fremont Co, ID. There is no date or time stamp. The detective called to request information on the death of Tammy. From the call: “Oh, yeah… I was the one that actually took that call…So why is someone from Arizona wanting to know? That’s crazy,” the dispatcher says.
“Yeah, isn’t it funny how everything ties together? We just have some cases down here, that… that got our attention with Miss Daybell,” the detective answers.
“The family did not want an autopsy, so they just went straight to the funeral home and the family refused an autopsy,” she tells the detective.
“The family said they don’t want an autopsy, therefore… the coroner just signed off, then and there?” He asks. “And then the funeral home took Miss Daybell? Is that how that works?” “Yes,” the dispatcher responds. “That’s, that’s pretty much how it works.” (Fox13 Salt Lake City).

9 Feb 2020 – For the 2nd week in a row Lori and Chad visit the LDS Church in Kapa’a, HI. This time they are caught on camera walking in holding hands; They do not turn towards nor acknowledge the camera but quickly walk inside without a word (GMA).

9 Feb 2020 – Fox10 Phoenix releases photos from Lori and Chad’s beach wedding in Kauai and for the first time we learn that the ceremony took place Nov 5, 2019.

9 Feb 2020 – Tylee’s paternal aunt, sister of Joseph Ryan Jr, Annie Cushing, speaks to the media for the first time. The last time Annie saw Tylee was in 2018 after JR died. Lori did not tell Annie or any of JR’s family about JR’s death. They had to find out 5 weeks later from LE after no one claimed JR’s body. Annie went to AZ to try to comfort Tylee. One of Annie’s biggest concerns is since Tylee was homeschooled, she doesn’t know the exact date of her disappearance. “We know when JJ was last seen but nobody seems to know when Tylee was last seen,” Annie said (KSLTV)

9 Feb 2020 – KSL also uncovered court documents from Aug. 2007 of Tylee’s custody battle with disturbing information. A Texas court ordered a psychological evaluation for Vallow after she told social workers that “death would be an option before giving Tylee to her father, Mr. Joseph Ryan, even for a visit.” “These are real and serious concerns,” the documents stated.

Approx 10 Feb 2020 - FBI reaches out to Phoenix Police for info on the 2018 death of Lori's third husband, Joseph Ryan (AZ family News article pub 10 Mar 2020).

10 Feb 2020 – The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare must deliver a report to the judge on the investigation into the health, safety and welfare of JJ & Tylee by Feb 10. The case is sealed so we don’t know if this happened (East Idaho News).

10 Feb 2020 – Fremont County Prosecutor denies a records request from Fox10 Phoenix for the 911 call and police reports from the day of Tammy Daybell’s death, due to the active investigation (Fox10 Phoenix).

10 Feb 2020 – Good Morning America shows the new video of Lori and Chad going to church on Sunday and also releases beach wedding photos from Nov 4th, 2019.

10 Feb 2020 – CBS reveals that LE found Tylee’s phone with Lori in Hawaii. “[Tylee's] phone was used several times after she disappeared, but it's unclear who was using it, CBS News correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti reports.”

10 Feb 2020 – Fox10 Phoenix has to pull the wedding photos of Lori and Chad from their Feb 9th report after the photographer revokes permission and asks for compensation for the images.

10 Feb 2020 - A message is posted to a private AVOW forum by a user identified as the site's owner/webmaster, CP, and claiming to be a message from Chad: "Thanks for the update. The issue is that people are linking me to Julie's beliefs, which I studied but rejected. Lori and I have been absolutely silent for three months. I am constrained by my lawyers from saying more until the legal mess is complete, but be assured I will be back," the alleged message from Chad read. "Hopefully the subscribers will be there when I can fully return to GRI [an AVOW forum] and tell my experiences. I appreciate your support." The message was shared with the press by Julie Rowe on Feb 21 (Inside Edition).

10 Feb 2020 – Forum PTZ owned by Chad’s author friend, HS, becomes “read only” in preparation for shutting down (Fox13 SLC).

11 Feb 2020 - Fremont County Sheriff's Office says Tammy's autopsy results could take up to a year (KTVB).

11 Feb 2020 - KTVB's request for 911 call from day Tammy died is denied by the Fremont County prosecutor's office (KTVB).

11 Feb 2020 – KW gives an interview about the guardianship petition: “It will give us temporary guardianship for JJ once found. Then he won’t be placed into social services here in Idaho. If we’re here, we will able to get him immediately. We’ll have immediate custody of him once found,” Said KW (KPLC-7 TV)

11 Feb 2020 – The HLN show "True Crime Live" with Mike Galanos previews a special on the case set to air on Feb 12; audio excerpts from one of Lori’s “Time to Warrior Up” podcasts is played on the show.

11 Feb 2020 – Dr Oz features the case for the 2nd time. When asked about Tammy, KW says, “She is an innocent victim, just like Charles is an innocent victim. Just like JJ, just like Tylee, just like us," "Just everybody in her world – Lori has just exploded it for her own selfish needs or desires” (KTVB).

11 Feb 2020 – Tammy’s father tells a reporter over the phone that the family doesn’t want their silence to come off as indifference. He says they care deeply, but this is how they’re honoring Tammy (2KUTV).

11 Feb 2020 – Fremont Co Sheriff gives interviews regarding Tammy’s death investigation. "There's varying degrees of cooperation among different family members,” Humphries said. "I know there was a report that we had met with the family privately and released the results to them; that was totally fictitious." He also addressed a recording of a Fremont Co dispatcher saying Tammy's family refused an autopsy. “They just kinda looked at her, and I was advised that the family didn’t want an autopsy, and they just went to the funeral home, and the family refused an autopsy,” a dispatcher told Gilbert, Ariz Police Det Ryan Pillar in a phone call. “I know that was a recording that came out of our office. You have to understand that was a dispatcher who was very new and didn’t have the complete information…She did not have all the facts.” "It kind of gives the impression that the families are the ones who make the determination whether or not there is an autopsy, and that actually is the coroner that makes the determination, regardless of whether or not the family wants one done. If the coroner believes that it's necessary, then it happens," said Humphries. (2KUTV, Post Register, Fox10 Phoenix).

11 Feb 2020 – Dateline begins releasing promo videos for 2-hour Special on Feb 14th.

12 Feb 2020 – JJ’s grandma, KW, reveals that JJ’s father, CV, removed Lori from his life insurance policy in Feb 2019. CV instead made KW the sole beneficiary of the $1 Million policy. The policy was NOT contingent on KW having custody of JJ, but CV believed Lori didn’t want JJ and that KW would end up raising him if CV died. KW believes Lori got rid of JJ out of revenge. KW says, “I believe if Charles had left her the million dollars, she would have given JJ back to us and we would be extremely happy…I wish he would have because JJ is worth more than anything in the world. She puts a price on people and if they are no longer of value to her, she eliminates them.” (East Idaho News).

12 Feb 2020 – A radio host and producer in Kauai posts a photo of Lori and Chad holding hands while casually shopping in a Longs store (Jobe Allen, Kong Radio) Jobe Allen on Twitter

12 Feb 2020 – Lori and Chad are seen shopping at Costco in Lihue, HI. A source says “they seem relaxed as Lori’s kids are nowhere to be found. I’m told many on small island of Kauai aren’t happy w/ situation.” (Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix).

12 Feb 2020, 04:45 PM – JJ’s grandparents KW & LW return to Idaho for a status hearing “In the Matter of the Guardianship and Conservatorship of: Joshua Vallow, A Minor Child”. After 2 hours in the courthouse they came out with their attorney, Kyle May and gave a brief statement; no decisions were made (Court records, East Idaho News).

12 Feb 2020 – In a preview for Dateline, AR, a friend of Lori’s, says Lori has been “telling people there's a lot of media hype around her right now. And she's waiting for that to die down.” AR says, “I would describe it as something a little more serious, a lot more serious” (Daily Mail).

12 Feb 2020 – JJ’s former school, LIFE Academy in AZ says Lori has allegedly been logging into the school app to view announcements after JJ was no longer enrolled there. Her account was seen logged in at least 7 times on posts from 9/7 to 2/4, with some of the instances occurring around Thanksgiving and when the story of the missing kids broke just before Christmas. The school has since removed her access and released a statement. "We cannot speculate as to why Lori or someone using her accounts or electronics would continue to follow the classroom or our organization during this time frame," read a part of the statement (Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix).

14 Feb 2020 (?) – An FBI agent named Ricky allegedly calls IP. IP allegedly wrote about this call: "I will no longer openly cooperate with the police or the FBI, but I will through a lawyer. My final straw was when I received a call on Friday from Ricky where he threatened charges of lying to a federal office and/or being an accessory in the disappearance of Tylee and JJ because Melani couldn't clearly answer questions about the religious aspects of the investigation. After I shared my doubts with her, her world shattered. She couldn't answer those questions because she doesn't know what she believes about those things anymore. There was so much information dumped on her by Chad and Lori that she can't remember what she learned from them, from the podcasts she listened to, or on her own. A 20-year veteran FBI agent throwing a hissy fit after one shaky interview tells me all I need to know about how they want to handle this." (Fox10 Phoenix).

14 Feb 2020 – Valentine’s Day. A 2 Hour Dateline special titled “Where Are The Children?” airs Friday at 8 p.m. on KPVI. The episode will also be posted online here.

16 Feb 2020 – Melani’s new husband IP takes a computer to his ex-wife, NP. NP finds a document on the computer outlining religious the beliefs of Melani, Lori & Chad. NP believes IP wrote the letter: READ: Exhibit from Brandon Boudreaux's court filing | East Idaho News (Fox10 Phoenix, East Idaho News).

16 Feb 2020 – Lori and Chad leave Kauai to fly to Maui.

16 Feb 2020, about 1:30 pm – Lori and Chad are seen arriving at the Kahului airport on Maui. A woman recognized them while on the shuttle from the airport to the rental car annex; she took pictures of Lori & Chad at the Hertz rental car counter with their luggage and backpacks. The woman said Lori had “smudged black eyeliner, layers of face makeup and bags under her eyes” (East Idaho News).

17 Feb 2020 – Presidents Day.

18 Feb 2020, Morning – A woman videos Lori & Chad leaving a hotel in Ka’anapali, Maui, where they had stayed in an approx. $500/night ocean front room for two nights. The woman videoing says she called out, “I hope they find your children!” but Lori and Chad did not respond (Fox13 Salt Lake City)

18 Feb 2020, about 2:00 pm – Lori and Chad are again seen at the Kahului airport in Maui checking in for a flight back to Kauai. They were quiet and kept to themselves. A police officer came to the gate to verify that Lori and Chad were on the flight after they checked in. Lori and Chad were kissing and acting "lovey dovey" according to a passenger on their flight (East Idaho News; Fox10 Phoenix)

18 Feb 2020 - Lori and Chad arrive back in Kauai and are seen walking through the airport with the same luggage and backpacks they took to Maui only 2 days earlier. An ABC News crew videos Lori and Chad leaving the airport and asks them where the kids are. Lori holds up her phone toward the camera crew as if she is videoing them with her camera phone as she walks; Lori and Chad get into their rental car without a word (East Idaho News, ABC World News).

18 Feb 2020 – An anonymous churchgoer from the church Lori and Chad attended twice in Kauai speaks to AZ Family News. “John” remembers when JJ was in diapers and when Tylee was only in elementary school. “She [Lori] looked like a good mother. She was [a] very protective mother, and Charlie [Charles Vallow] was the same…he was quiet. He was friendly. He was always smiling. He was a nice person. He was a nice member-- a nice brother,” John said. John says he wants the public to know that the church does not agree with Lori and Chad's "doomsday" views. "That is them, not our church because our church is not thinking about telling people what day or what year or when is going to be the end of the world." (AZ Family).

18 Feb 2020
– An Affidavit of Probable Cause is filed by Madison Co Prosecutor Rob Wood in the 7th Judicial District Court on the State of Idaho: Affidavit of Probable Cause

Timeline Part XIV of XXI (Update 9) - 1 February 2020 TO 18 February 2020


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Detailed Case Timeline Part XV of XXI (Update 9)

19 February 2020 TO 29 February 2020

FOUND DECEASED: Joshua Jaxson “JJ” Vallow & Tylee Ashlyn Ryan
Arrested: Lori Norene (Cox) Vallow/Daybell and Chad Guy Daybell

19 Feb 2020 – BB files paperwork in an ongoing custody battle with Lori’s niece Melani. BB claims to have info from Melani’s new husband, IP. BB says IP has been cooperating with LE. The docs say IP listened to Melani confess that she conspired to kill BB and that Lori’s brother Alex was the shooter. "Melani's new husband has even provided statements to law enforcement that Melani told him shortly after their marriage that she conspired with her uncle to kill Brandon. Melani's new husband has even given up his own parenting time out of fear of what Melani may do or have done to his children," says the court filing. The docs also allege Melani knows where JJ and Tylee are but is refusing to cooperate. Also according to the docs, Melani will sometimes say things like: “Children are full of light, and then just like that they go dark.” (Fox10 Phoenix, East Idaho News).

20 Feb 2020 – Justin Lum with Fox10 Phoenix interviews MT, a former friend of Lori’s brother Alex from his 2006 comedy days in Phoenix. MT shares letter she received from AC while he was serving time in jail for the assault on Lori’s ex-husband/Tylee’s father, Joseph Ryan. MT believes Lori convinced AC that her ex harmed Tylee. "I can’t fathom how Alex would have come to this conclusion, that Joe was harming Tylee, if Lori hadn’t been telling him that," says MT (Fox10 Phoenix).

20 Feb 2020 approx 2:20 pm (HST) – Lori and Chad are seen being placed into separate police cars outside their Kauai condo. Lori is arrested on a warrant issued by Madison County, ID. Her charges include: 2 felony counts of desertion and nonsupport of dependent children, resisting or obstructing officers, criminal solicitation to commit a crime, and contempt of court. Lori is held at KPD on $5 Million bond. Chad is not arrested and is free to go (Fox10 Phoenix, East Idaho News).

20 Feb 2020 – Kauai PD issues a statement on Lori’s arrest: Kaua'i Police Department on Twitter

20 Feb 2020 – Lori’s booking mugshot is released by Kauai PD.

20 Feb 2020 – Madison Co, Idaho Prosecuting Attorney releases a statement on Lori’s charges saying Lori is accused of abandoning Joshua "JJ" Vallow and Tylee Ryan, delayed law enforcement's attempt to find them, encouraged an individual not named in the statement to delay law enforcement's attempts to find the children, and failing to obey a court order to produce the children to Idaho authorities; the max sentence for deserting a child, under Idaho law, is 14 years in prison (Fox10 Phoenix). Justin Lum Fox 10 on Twitter

20 Feb 2020 – JJ’s grandparents, KW & LW, give brief interviews on their reaction to the news of Lori’s arrest: “We are elated. We are relieved. We are ready for the next step which for Lori is: where are the kids? Where are the kids? Where are the kids?” said KW.
"Joy. We are very, very happy," said KW "Joy, joy, joy," said LW. "We knew it was coming. We just didn't know when…I just know they have put so much work into this," Said KW (East Idaho News, Fox10 Phoenix).

21 Feb 2020 – Tylee’s Aunt Annie gives a statement on Lori’s arrest: "The thought of Lori not being in a swanky hotel room tonight is the first hint of justice I have felt in this process." (Garna Mejia, KSL).

21 Feb 2020 – Chad arrives at Kauai courthouse dressed in white shirt & blue tie. Before Lori’s hearing begins, Chad is photographed praying outside the courtroom with an unidentified woman (Nate Eaton, East Idaho News).

21 Feb 2020 - Lori appears for her first court hearing in Kauai. Her lawyer requests an extradition hearing and asks that her bond be lowered to $10,000. Lori’s lawyer also claims she doesn’t have a passport but the prosecutor asks that stipulation be made that if Lori should happen to have a passport and makes bail, her passport must be turned into police as a condition of bond. The judge agrees with the prosecution and rules Lori must turn in any passport she may have if she makes bail; The judge keeps Lori’s bond at $5 Million and sets the next hearing for Monday, Mar 2, 2020.

21 Feb 2020 – Chad is videoed leaving the court room after Lori’s hearing. He doesn’t say a word as reporters follow him out of the courthouse asking questions. A Hawaii local in the parking lot asks Chad how the hearing went and “Where are your children, Chad?” but Chad gets in his car and drives away without a word (Mitch Carr, 12 News)

21 Feb 2020 – Kauai Police Dept hold a press conference after Lori’s hearing.

21 Feb 2020 - Lori is booked into the Kauai Community Correctional Center and a new mugshot of her in orange jumpsuit is released.

21 Feb 2020, about 4:30 pm – Chad is seen by a local at the First Hawaiian Bank in Princeville. It’s unknown if he was there trying to get money to post Lori’s $5 million bond. (Nate Eaton, East Idaho News).

After 21 Feb 2020 but before 28 Feb 2020 – A message posted by Owner/Admin (Head SheepDog) at Another Voice of Warning LDSAVOW. Com forum writes: "Had another conversation with chad this evening. There were 30 some different news agencies camped outside his condo all trying to get him to talk. They are sticking to the original plan of saying nothing whatsoever about the kids until they are in court. Yes, there is a plan, and they are following it through to the end. Yes, there really is a compelling reason for them NOT to offer up a photo or video or voice recording of either of the kids.Yes, I still stand by all my previous comments that the kids are just fine, alive and well.
"Chad has been working on writing down their side of the story, and just as soon as they are actually in a courtroom we will get all the hidden details that will explain to everyone just what has been going on. Sorry for being cryptic. But as was just proven recently, everything I say here on behalf of him WILL BE USED AGAINST him in the court of public opinion and in the court of law. We have but to endure a few more weeks of this media circus, and all the hate, false accusations and innuendo. Once the extradition has been completed Chad will return to defend himself at long last (AZ Family News).

22 Feb 2020 – Chad is seen talking on his phone inside his SUV while parked outside a local supermarket in Kauai (Daily Mail).

22 Feb 2020 – Idaho Governor, Brad Little, comments on the missing children: "That extradition hearing will come from Madison county, in Rexburg, come to our office, we will run it through our system, and then we will send it back and it will go to Hawaii for extradition, and I think that is where it is right now. I hope there is justice and I hope the children are found." (KMVT/KSVT).

22 Feb 2020 – MSM releases child custody documents filed by BB on Feb 19th. The docs state: "Brandon believed Melani, his wife at the time, had a million dollars of reasons to have him killed ... hoping to cash in on the policy to help support the cult that she is believed to be a part of…Melani's knowledge of the whereabouts of her aunt's two missing children and her unwillingness to cooperate with law enforcement is daunting and her current husband has told law enforcement that Melani says sometimes children are full of light and then just like that they go dark." BB & his attorney say Melani feels the “suspicious death of her uncle (Alex Cox) who was the shooter in the incident involving children, has somehow freed her from her role in the attempt on (Brandon’s) life.” The docs allege the “cult” Lori, Chad, and Melani are all in has had “numerous members, adults and children alike, (who) have been being killed off like flies.” (Fox10 Phoenix; Adam Herbets, Fox13 SLC).

22 Feb 2020 – BB says he feels as if he is the “spouse who got away” from a cult that includes Chad, Lori, and Melani. He wishes Charles and Tammy could have also survived, for the sake of the kids, especially JJ & Tylee. Now BB fears for the life of his own kids (Adam Herberts, Fox13 SLC).

22 Feb 2020 – Rexburg neighbors share Ring doorbell camera footage of JJ playing outside from Sept 17 and doorbell video from Oct 29 of an unidentified woman approaching and entering Lori’s apt while Lori stands in the doorway; Neighbors also share a photo of JJ and Tylee in the yard with a pile of toys from Sept 6th. Neighbors say JJ spent long periods of time outside without supervision; they kept the video due to concern about his behavior, saying he seemed irritable and angered easily. Lori didn’t inform them about JJ having autism and she told at least two neighbors JJ was her “niece’s drug baby,” after they confronted her about his behavior and lack of adult supervision. (KSL TV).

23 Feb 2020 – East Idaho News interviews former members of a prepper group called AVOW that Chad and Lori have been a part of, in an attempt to shed light on their beliefs and how they differ from the mainstream LDS church.

24 Feb 2020 – East Idaho News releases the court documents filed by BB on Feb 19th.

24 Feb 2020 – Press Secretary for Idaho Governor issues a statement saying his office has not yet received request for Lori’s extradition (Fox10 Phoenix).

24 Feb 2020 – Sources report Chad has canceled his condo lease and plans to move out by 2/28 and leave Kauai. The condo is reportedly in escrow (Fox10 Phoenix).

24 Feb 2020 – ABC news reporter Marcus Moore approaches Chad at a Kauai gas station and asks if the kids are ok. Chad responds: “I can’t comment” He added “Just grateful for any support. We just have to wait for the legal process to work through.” Moore asked again if the kids are okay and Chad say “I have to go. No comment.” (GMA/ABC News).

24 Feb 2020 – Chad is seen visiting the Kauai Community Correctional Center where Lori is being held (KCCC) (KITV4 ABC)

24 Feb 2020 – JJ’s grandparents do a brief interview saying they believe there is “no chance” that Lori will bond out in Hawaii; They also believe Chad will be arrested eventually and they hope to get answers from both Lori and Chad. KW & LW also say there was never any custody battle over the kids before they were missing, KW especially points out that there would never be any custody claim between them in relation to Tylee (Tylee is not their granddaughter) and KW asks why would Tylee be missing “It doesn’t add up and it’s not true,” says KW (KTVB7).

24 Feb 2020 – Tylee’s Aunt Annie, the sister of the late Joe Ryan, does an interview with East Idaho News. "One of the really pressing questions that I’ve asked throughout this entire thing is when was Tylee last seen…I’ve asked that question over and over and over...I was glad to have some kind of date stamp. But at the same time, it was clearly a disconcerting thought of her being out at this national park with this cast of characters and just wondering what they had on their minds," says Annie in response to the new info released that Tylee was last seen in Yellowstone on Sept 8th.
When asked about her brother’s death Annie says: "I really just go back and forth because on the one hand, it is feasible that he could have died of a heart attack because heart disease does run in our family. At the same time, I have questions about the autopsy," and notes that JR's height and build were incorrect and he had been dead around a week before he was found. JR did have a life insurance policy but she is unsure who received the money. "There’s no question in my mind Joe absolutely would have had life insurance and there’s absolutely no question Lori would not have been the beneficiary…I do wonder if he had it in a trust for Tylee that matured when she turned 17 because JJ was last seen the day before Tylee’s 17th birthday. I have no idea but everything surrounding this whole ordeal seems to be motivated by money."
Annie expresses confidence that Lori will face additional charges and believes others could be arrested. "It’s just been the most mind-numbing thing to watch," she says, choking back tears. "It’s just the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen play out. I live in New York City and it’s weird to walk by a newsstand and see my family. Yet whatever I’m suffering pales in comparison to what these kids suffered." (East Idaho News).

24 Feb 2020 – Prosecutors release bank records showing Chad’s average balance is $138,782.42 at First Hawaiian Bank and his current balance is around $152,000. Prosecutors say Lori is a flight risk, “Given the extensive media attention, she is clearly aware that the authorities have prioritized her case…She also has the means to move across an ocean.” (Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix).

25 Feb 2020, 8:31 am – Lori’s attorney files a petition seeking bail reduction (Fox10 Phoenix). Lori Vallow's Petition to Reduce Bail

25 Feb 2020 - "Sources close to the investigation say detectives are waiting for the snow to melt in Yellowstone to begin searching for more clues about Tylee's whereabouts" (AZ family).

25 Feb 2020, about 2:00 (HST) – Chad visits Lori privately for 1 hour at KCCC. Hawaii Dept of Public Safety issues a statement about the visit saying wardens can hold separate visits when “high profile situation creates higher than normal levels of attention, traffic & security strain for our small jail facilities." Chad parked parking lot of the Kauai jail and spent several minutes in his car on the phone before heading toward the front door. (Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix, Daily Mail)

25 Feb 2020, about 3:15 pm – Chad exits the jail gets in his rental Jeep and drives about 5 miles to a Walmart in Lihue. In his car in the parking lot, Chad uses his phone for about 15 min for what appears to be “an intense conversation”. (Daily Mail)

25 Feb 2020, about 3:30 pm – Chad walks around inside Walmart for about 20 minutes carrying a piece of white paper and exits carrying the same piece of paper. (Daily Mail)

25 Feb 2020 – The mother of one of Tylee’s best friends speaks to AZ Family News. She says “I can’t wrap my head around it” and says Lori was always the fun mom who took the kids on adventures. “We know Lori and my daughter loves Lori and think of her as a second mom…the kids must be OK wherever they’re at [sic]” says the friend.

25 Feb 2020 – Nate Eaton interviews UB, the woman who took photos of Lori and Chad at the Hertz Rental Car counter in Maui on Feb 17th. UB recognized them stories she had seen in the news. "Chad was really recognizable but Lori looked a lot different than the pictures I had seen.. She was dressed in black, heavy clothes and it was 80 degrees outside. She had big bags under her eyes. I had eye contact with her and she just looked like she felt untouchable - like she knew people would recognize her and it didn’t bother her." UB said her heart "sank to her legs" and she was concerned they may be on the run from LE. After getting off the shuttle, UB tried to call police but couldn't get a cell signal. "I had just read that she had been talking to a friend and told her all the speculation around them was media hype that she was waiting for it to die down.. I wanted to have an exchange with her where she knew it wasn’t just the media and the police who were watching for them or cared about the children - that there are parents all over, just like me, who see her and are watching her. People who aren’t going to stop looking for the children.," says UB. Lori looked right at UB through the glass and UB mouthed the words, "I see you. Where are your children?" "I’ll never forget the look on her face. She kind of shrugged and raised the corner of her mouth and eyebrow and she wanted me to know she knows where they are… I really wanted to say something but it was a scary situation. There’s a lot of death around the case and my husband was really nervous about me making a scene." UB sent her photos to the Rexburg PD and detectives referenced them in court docs as evidence Lori and Chad did not have Lori's children with them (East Idaho News).

25 Feb 2020 – The marriage certificate for Melani’s Nov 30, 2019 wedding to IP is released (Fox10 Phoenix)

25 Feb 2020 – CrimeOnline interviews a friend of Lori’s, Tami Joyce. TJ first met Lori in Westlake, TX, in the late 1990s/early 2000s but hasn’t seen Lori since 2007. Lori had not met her 3rd husband Joe Ryan when TJ first met her but was soon introduced to him. Lori and JR had a brief courtship and married within months. Lori and JR had Tylee and JR adopted Lori’s son CR; TJ could not recall if CR had a relationship with his bio father. TJ says Lori had been very much in love with CR’s father and wanted a life with him, but that the man, whose name TJ could not remember and who she never met, “did not want that.” TJ says Lori worked as a hairstylist and appeared to be happy with her 3rd husband Joe Ryan in the early years but the marriage “did not end well.” TJ says Lori adored her children and took great care of them and also took very good care of herself, abstaining from drinking and smoking, living a healthy lifestyle. “She wouldn’t even have a glass of wine,” TJ said and typically went running twice a day. (Crime Online).

25 Feb 2020 – Fox10 Phoenix’s Justin Lum posts subpoenas from Madison County Prosecutor’s Office. The docs command Lori and Chad’s Princeville landlord, the Kauai Beach Resort and Kennedy Elementary School (Rexburg, ID) to produce all records related to Lori, Chad and JJ Vallow to the court on March 9th, 2020 at 9 AM. The orders cover all records from 1 Aug 2019 to the present.

26 Feb 2020, 9am (Idaho Time) – JJ’s grandparents KW & LW attend a telephonic status conference with Judge Eddins in “the Matter of the Guardianship and Conservatorship of: Joshua Vallow, A Minor Child” (Court records iCourt Portal - Online records & payments for the Idaho courts ).

26 Feb 2020, 2 pm (HST) – Lori appears in court for bond reduction hearing. Her attorney again argues the amount is excessive. He also says “Her husband lives here and she has established residency here in the past.” Kauai Co Prosecutor responds that Lori has a history of defying court orders, including child custody cases in 2009 and 2011. “Our position remains that Ms. Daybell certainly is a flight risk, she has resided in numerous states in recent years and is in open defiance to court orders,” The prosecutor says. Judge Watanabe denies Lori’s request for bail reduction, confirming bail at $5 Million; Lori’s attorney says Lori wishes to waive an extradition hearing and return to Idaho immediately. Lori signs waiver of extradition, meaning she will be taken back to Idaho to defend herself against charges including two felony counts of child abandonment. Chad is not in the courtroom. LEOs from ID will travel to HI “as soon as possible” to transport Lori to the Madison Co Jail (Fox10 Phoenix, East Idaho News).

26 Feb 2020 – While Lori is in court Chad is seen back at the Princeville condo with workers loading furniture into a Rent-A-Center truck (GMA, Nightline ABC).

26 Feb 2020 - An explosive statement released by Melani’s lawyer states Melani (Lori’s niece) does not know the whereabouts of JJ and Tylee. Melani goes on to say her ex-husband, BB, has lied in order to wrongfully influence the child custody case; Melani blames the media for reporting “one-sided and unsubstantiated accusations.” Melani then makes her own allegations against BB and denies being in a cult. (Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix).

27 Feb 2020 – Neighbors report Chad has moved out of 4141 Queen Emma’s Drive #3 in Princeville; One neighbor said “He is finally gone.” (Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix).

27 Feb 2020 about 2:10 pm (HST) – Chad is seen in the Shared Blessings Thrift Shop on Kauai. A woman named Sharon stops him and talks to him in the parking lot for 2-3 minutes. Chad tells her he is dropping off donations because he's moving back to Idaho "soon" to support Lori. Sharon asks, "Couldn't Lori get out of jail if she just said where the kids are?" Chad responds, "It isn't that easy." Chad tells Sharon he wasn't in court yesterday because of the media "circus" and says the story isn't being reported properly. He specifically says that East Idaho News is wrong. Sharon asks if Chad is still LDS and he says he is. Sharon did not have her phone on her but got a photo of Chad's Jeep after she got to her car. Then Sharon sent the photo and the details of the exchange to Nate Eaton. Nate invites Chad to contact him and set the record straight: “Chad - if you see this and we are indeed getting our stories wrong, please call me. Email me. Message me. I will talk to you and listen to you. Help me clear up any rumors. Let me hear your side and tell the world your thoughts. Because this story isn't going away - and neither are we.” (Nate Eaton, East Idaho News)

27 Feb 2020 – Chad is seen checking in for a flight at a Hawaii airport. Several people with cellphone cameras video him and ask him “Where are the kids, Chad” and “Are you finally leaving Hawaii?” On his way out of HI Chad told ABC News "the kids are safe," but refused to give any more details. His Hawaii neighbors said he told them the same thing. (Inside Edition, ABC News).

27 Feb 2020 – One of CV’s sons speaks to Nate Eaton and shares text messages Lori sent to him after his father’s death. The son asked Nate not to use his real name, so Nate calls him “Steve” for the article. “I loved to hang out and play with [JJ] and watch movies and run around. He would call me all the time – something like 15 to 20 times a day – and then it dropped to two to three times a day, and then it just stopped…I figured maybe he’s going to school or something like that. I never thought anything bad was going to happen to him or Tylee.” Steve was never close with Lori, even though he spent summers and weekends with her and his dad. He describes his relationship with Lori as “acquaintances.” When Steve heard Lori was in custody, he says it was the “first good news (he has) heard in months and months.” Steve realizes he may never know the whole story surrounding his dad’s death, but wants answers about Tylee and JJ. He hopes justice is served soon and the children are found. “The truth will come out. They need to be found and Lori needs to be held accountable… I have been worried about my safety and my family’s safety because I don’t know how many followers she and Chad have. This needs to end,” said Steve. (East Idaho News).

27 Feb 2020 – Lori’s niece Melani attends a child custody hearing in Mesa, AZ. Walking into court with her are her aunt Summer (Lori’s sister), Zulema Pastenes (widow of Alex Cox) and Melani’s current husband Ian Pawlowski, as well as her attorneys. Reporters video Melani and her entourage in the parking lot and ask her where JJ and Tylee are, if JJ & Tylee are alive and when she last spoke to Lori. Melani does not comment but smiles as she enters the courthouse. Her lawyer tells the reporters to “respect the court.” (Justin Lum, Fox 10 Phoenix).

27 Feb 2020 – During the hearing, called a resolution management conference, Melani’s lawyer motions to hold BB in contempt. Her lawyer says BB filed false information in court as well. BB’s lawyer is there to represent him but BB is not present and is not in AZ. The judge rules all parties have to appear. The next hearing is set for March 26 (Justin Lum, Fox 10 Phoenix).

27 Feb 2020 – Melani’s attorneys come out of court after the hearing and comment on what happened today and allegations against Melani. Their statement says in part “Melani is very fond of her aunt. Her fondness has little to do with her religious beliefs, but more about the kind of person she thinks she is.” Her lawyers also say she has spoken with the FBI 3 times and she has no info on the location of JJ and Tylee (Justin Lum, Fox 10 Phoenix).

27 Feb 2020 – Dr Phil episode about the case airs.

27 Feb 2020 – Nightline on ABC covers the case.

28 Feb 2020 – About 1:30 pm - Chad reserves a rental car from the SLC airport to drive to Rexburg, ID (KSL).

28 Feb 2020 – Fox10 Phoenix releases an email Chad wrote to a Kauai landlord on Nov 8th, 2019 saying "We are interested in seeing this property. Would the owners be interested in leasing this property to a clean couple with no pets or children?"

28 Feb 2020 - The Gilbert PD says they "are unable to substantiate the claims" made about Melani in child custody court filings submitted by BB (Eric Grossarth, East Idaho News).

29 Feb 2020 – Leap Day.

29 Feb 2020, about 10:30 am - Chad returns rental car to Enterprise in Rexburg, ID. Witnesses say another man in a small blue vehicle picked Chad up from there (East Idaho News).

29 Feb 2020 – JJ’s grandfather, LW, appears on Fox & Friends Weekend show. He has a message for Chad: "Chad, I know you are on the way back to Idaho…When you get there, please do a lot of soul searching…Somewhere in that vicinity there are two children and we want them back safe and we hope that you will have this come-to-Jesus meeting with yourself and address these issues as soon as possible." (Fox News).

29 Feb 2020 – Fox10 Phoenix releases portions of emails between Lori and Chad from October 2018 and interviews with Julie Rowe.

29 Feb 2020 - Forum PTZ, owned by Chad’s author friend, HS, is deleted as previously planned (Fox13 SLC).

Timeline Part XV of XXI (Update 9) -
19 February 2020 TO 29 February 2020


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Detailed Case Timeline Part XVI of XXI (Update 9)

March 2020

FOUND DECEASED: Joshua Jaxson “JJ” Vallow & Tylee Ashlyn Ryan
Arrested: Lori Norene (Cox) Vallow/Daybell and Chad Guy Daybell

1 Mar 2020 – Multiple news outlets report that Chad told ABC News “The kids are safe” before he got on a plane to return to Idaho (Rexburg Standard Journal).

c. Mar 2020 – LVD’s sister SS says in a May 2020 interview that she has spoken with LVD a couple of times [since her incarceration]. The first time LVD said to SS “you know me and you know I’ve always taken care of my kids.”

1 Mar 2020 – A private facebook group called "Release Lori Vallow" reaches 652 likes and 1,918 followers. 100’s of comments denounce the page; 429 people rated the group a 1 on a scale of 1 to 5. (KSL).

1 Mar 2020 – Nate Eaton with East Idaho News does an interview with Gray Hughes about his coverage of this case.

2 Mar 2020 - FBI mobile command unit truck arrives in Rexburg and is set up behind the Rexburg Police Dept. “We continue to assist Rexburg Police and our command center is there to provide logistical support,” FBI spokeswoman Sandra Barker says (East Idaho News).

2 Mar 2020, 5:30 pm - Madison County Court releases an administrative order on media coverage within the courtroom ahead of Lori’s extradition. (Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix).

2 Mar- 4 Mar 2020 – Various media outlets film outside the home where Tammy died. A sign on the door reads “WE ARE NOT SPEAKING WITH MEDIA” and a new sign staked in the yard reads “PRIVATE PROPERTY NO TRESPASSING.” Chad’s son comes out to retrieve the mail at one point, but does not comment (AZ Family, Fox10 Phoenix)

3 Mar 2020 - Madison Co. Prosecutor confirms Kennedy Elementary (JJ’s Idaho school), Madison County School District (the district for Kennedy Elementary), Kauai Beach Resorts and Lori & Chad’s Hawaii landlord have all fulfilled subpoenas requiring them to present records; Requests 9 Mar 2020 hearing date vacated. (Garna Mejia, KSL)

3 Mar 2020 - Madison County Sheriff’s Office says deputies are en-route to pick up Lori for extradition to Idaho. (Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix)

3 Mar 2020 – JJ’s grandparents, KW & LW arrive in Rexburg in anticipation of Lori’s extradition. KW gives interviews: “It’s just another hurdle cleared. We’ve got a ways to go still... I’m optimistic. I’m excited that I can finally lay eyes on her. Maybe now she’ll start feeling the heat… I’m just ready to get this legal stuff taken care of. But the one answer I want is ‘Where are the kids?'” KW also notes reports Chad claimed the kids are “safe” saying, “You can be safe in heaven. You can be safe on earth. By saying ‘someone’s safe’ – it just depends on what their idea of safe is.” KW describes filing for guardianship of JJ in Jan: “Up until then, we hadn’t filed for anything nor would we have if Lori wasn’t doing all this crazy stuff. If she was stable, I would have never stepped between a mother and a child,” (Rexburg Standard Journal)

3 Mar 2020 – Press and LE and court personnel attend a planning meeting at the Madison County Courthouse concerning Lori’s upcoming hearing. It’s announced in the meeting that security will be very tight on Friday Mar 6th. The public is welcome to attend but seating is very limited. Media will be allowed to stream live video with one video camera (shared as pool camera). No other cameras allowed in the building. (East Idaho News).

4 Mar 2020 – Status Hearing on guardianship of JJ is canceled (Vacated).

4 Mar 2020, 9 am (HST) – Status hearing is held in HI on Lori’s extradition to Idaho. Lori appears for the hearing wearing prison garb and glasses. The Kauai prosecutor says an Idaho transport team has arrived; Lori is scheduled to be picked up in the afternoon and transported on a red-eye flight. Lori’s defense attorney wants to be informed if transport plans change; he also wants it on the record that Lori has invoked her right to remain silent; he does not want Lori questioned by police without her attorney present during the transport, while waiting for the plane or when they land in Idaho. The judge replies that once Lori is picked up by Idaho authorities, she is out of the Kauai court’s jurisdiction. Lori’s attorney replies that he understands but he wants to “make a record of that so that [Lori’s] Idaho attorney may suppress any statements that they might try to elicit.” The judge ends the hearing by saying, “I just want to state for the record that the county of Kauai, the state of Hawaii has acted expeditiously in assisting the State of Idaho in this extradition.” (KTVB).

4 Mar 2020 – An anonymous friend of the Daybells who attended Tammy’s Rexburg memorial service gives an interview (East Idaho News).

4 Mar 2020 – Media reports on a letter Chad wrote to GRI/AVOW members only 9 days after Tammy’s death (East Idaho News).

4 Mar 2020 - Sources say the $430,000 in life insurance Chad received after Tammy’s death came from several policies and Chad made “significant” increases to at least 1 policy prior to Tammy’s death (East Idaho News).

4 Mar 2020 – An anonymous friend of the Daybells says she had a conversation with one of their sons a few weeks after Tammy died in which the son told her his dad had remarried already. (East Idaho News).

4 Mar 2020 - Lori’s new attorneys, Edwina Elcox, Brian Webb and Mark Means file motions for bond reduction to be heard at her initial appearance. They also file a motion requesting all evidence and discovery from the prosecution in the case (Fox10 Phoenix).

4 Mar 2020 – Kim Powell with AZ Family News, stops by Christopher Parrett’s house. CP, owner of AVOW forum, has claimed Chad and Lori are “totally vindicated” on his website. CP answers the door and says no comment, won’t tell if Chad is inside. As the reporter and her cameraman leave CP opens the door and takes their photo (AZ Family).

4 Mar 2020 - A Rexburg woman says she had a long conversation w/ Chad on a flight to Mesa on Sept 19, 2019. "My husband was sitting in an aisle seat, and I was sitting in the other aisle seat across from him, and Chad Daybell was sitting in the middle seat right by me," says the woman (Fox10 Phoenix).

4 Mar 2020Madison County Sheriff posts that fire code only allows 300 people in the courthouse. The court room only has seating for 72. Seating is first come first serve and everyone is expected to be seated 30 minutes before the 2pm start time. Certain seating will be reserved for staff and family per court order.

4 Mar 2020, abt 11:30 pm (HST) – Lori leaves Hawaii to return to Idaho.

5 Mar 2020 - Chad’s attorney Sean Bartholick says he couldn’t comment on why he is no longer representing Lori, except to say it would be a conflict of interest for him to represent both Chad and Lori (Adam Herbets, Fox13 SLC).

5 Mar 2020 - NBC is designated pool camera for broadcasting Lori’s initial court appearance (Fox10 Phoenix).

5 Mar 2020 – The last known photo of Tylee at Yellowstone is released. The photo shows Tylee hugging JJ with Alex in the background. Another photo from the day shows Lori and JJ taking a selfie. Also released are photos of the truck they drove to the park, a 2017 Ford F-150 pickup, w/AZ license “CPQUINT”.

5 Mar 2020 - FBI & Rexburg Police Department request visitors to Yellowstone National Park on September 8, 2019, submit photos and video.

5 Mar 2020 – JJ’s grandparents KW & LW meet w/Madison Co Prosecutor (12 News).

5 Mar 2020 – JJ’s grandparents KW & LW give media interviews before Lori’s hearing. KW says she and her husband Larry will not give up until Lori tells them where the kids are. KW says she does not care about money and will give Lori anything, including the money from Charles life insurance & her own house if Lori will just give them JJ alive. (ABC15)

5 Mar 2020 – Lori is returned to Idaho. She is escorted wearing plain clothes with handcuffs and at least 3 officers surround her at all times in the airports. They fly commercial planes from Kauai to Los Angeles to Seattle to Boise. From Boise they take a private jet belonging to the Idaho State Police to the Rexburg airport. When they land at the Rexburg airport, Nate Eaton is there asking Lori questions as she is escorted from the plane into a vehicle. She doesn’t say a word. She is driven to the Madison County Jail where a crowd of journalists and curious citizens with cameras have been camped out all day waiting to see Lori being transported into the jail. She is booked into the Madison County Jail and a new mugshot is released. Lori is seen briefly being moved between buildings, wearing an orange and white prison jumpsuit with a ballistic vest. (East Idaho News, Fox10 Phoenix).

5 Mar 2020 - A Hawaiian man working for Dateline arrives in Idaho with 2 Hawaiian leis made by his wife for JJ and Tylee; He presents the leis to JJ’s grandparents LW & KW ahead of the hearing to let them know Hawaiians are standing behind them (Nate Eaton, East Idaho News).

6 Mar 2020 - People tie blue and pink ribbons for JJ and Tylee in a tree outside of the Madison County courthouse in Rexburgm ID (Kim Powell, AZ Family News).

6 Mar 2020 – Lori attorneys file motion asking for 2 separate trails- 1 trial for counts 1,2,3,4 and 1 trial for count 5 in her criminal complaint. Count 5 is misdemeanor contempt of court for failing to produce JJ & Tylee to the court by the Jan 30 deadline. (East Idaho News)

6 Mar 2020, 2:00 pm (MST) – Lori’s Initial Appearance in court in Idaho for the criminal charges of desertion and nonsupport of dependent children, resisting or obstructing officers, criminal solicitation to commit a crime, and contempt of court - willful disobedience of court process or order. Judge asks how Lori would like to be addressed, her attorney answers “Mrs Daybell.” Judge asks Lori is she understands her rights. Lori says “yes.” Judge asks Lori is she retained the 3 judges in court as private counsel. Lori says yes. Judge reads Lori the charges and possible penalties and asks her if she understands each of them. Lori replies “Yes” after each charge to indicate she understands. Judge sets 2 day preliminary hearing for Mar 18 & 19. Next the Judge hears the motion to reduce bond. Lori’s attorney asks for bond in the amount of $10,000 but also asks that bond be set no higher than $50,000. She argues $5 Million is excessive and a violation of Lori’s right to presumption of innocence; she asks that the judge set bond based on the charges, not on the court of public opinion. Prosecutor argues Lori is a flight risk, he goes over her history of fleeing, her history of being held in contempt, her lack of ties to the community, the 3 suspicious deaths that she is related to and the fact that JJ & Tylee are still missing; Lori’s attorney is allowed to have a final argument for the motion for bond reduction. Judge reduces bond to $1 Million and sets the following conditions if she makes bail: 1. Lori must sign a waiver of extradition form allowing her to be brought back before the court from any & all jurisdictions 2. Lori cannot leave the ID counties of Bonneville, Jefferson, Madison & Fremont. 3. Lori must wear an ankle monitor with 24/7 monitoring 4. Lori must appear for all future court appearances, maintain contact with her counsel and abide by all laws of the US.

6 Mar 2020 – After Lori’s hearing family members of JJ & Tylee give interviews on the steps of the Madison County courthouse. JJ’s grandfather LW says it doesn’t matter to him if Lori posts bond, what matters is if she tells where the kids are; “This isn’t about whether I like Lori. This isn’t about whether I like Chad. This is about 2 children,” Says LW.

6 Mar 2020 – After the hearing Chad leaves the courthouse with his attorney out a different exit from everyone else. They get into a sedan parked in the jail vehicle parking lot and drive out a locking gate with barbed wire that has to be opened and closed by LEOs; the driveway with the gate is next to Chad’s attorney’s office. A crowd presses around the car as it waits to turn onto the street. Reporters ask Chad questions through the passenger window with no response. Chad’s attorney is driving and honks the horn several times to clear the people in front of him before turning onto the street and driving away from the courthouse.

6 Mar 2020 – Judge Eddins signs Order Reducing Bail and Conditions of Bail: Reducing Bail and Condition of Bail.pdf

6 Mar 2020, evening – Reporters remain camped out by the jail watching for any sign of Lori making bail. A bag of clothing is seen being carried out of the sheriff’s office and into Women’s Detention Center but there is no confirmation of any connection to Lori; Sources says ankle monitor is ready to go should she make bail; A shift supervisor says Lori is in a cell by herself. At the end of the night no bondman arrives. The 2 bail bonds places in Rexburg declined. An Idaho Falls company says they’re trying to work w/ Lori’s reps but she doesn’t have enough collateral. 1. Lori needs to prove she has $1M in assets 2. Bond company’s insurance needs to assess risk and 3. $100K (10%) needs to be wired to account of bondsman which could take 24 hours (KSL, Fox10Phoenix).

6 Mar & 7 Mar 2020 – Fox13 SLC reports on Pathway to Zion (PTZ), a forum associated with Chad that has shut down out of fear members could be excommunicated from the LDS church. The forum was run by Hector Sosa, Jr. (HS). Chad’s company published HS’s books. HS claims to be able to receive visions from God and has publicly defended Chad. HS posted a message to his members on Feb 2nd titled “End of An Era” in which he gave his reasons for closing and said the website would be “read only” starting Feb 10th and disappear completely Feb 29th. Before PTZ was deleted HS uploaded 45 files, many related to preparations for the end of the world, onto a public Dropbox account.

6 Mar 2020 – A member of PTZ does an anonymous interview under the name “Jim”. Jim says he felt like the website had taken a dark turn since its creation and not all members of PTZ necessarily had the same beliefs. Jim says, "I kind of became a part of that community for some time. Anybody can get caught up into that…I don't think anything good is coming from these forums... It seems like they're taking bits and pieces of LDS doctrine. They're twisting it." Jim comments about HS, “I feel like he was scared…It still seems like he’s defending Chad… Why have they explained it to you but nobody else? Why won’t they say anything to the media? Why won’t they tell us where the kids are? … There’s dark entities in play here and/or a mixture of mental health issues. It could be one or the other or both.” (Fox13 SLC)

6 Mar 2020 – Julie Rowe does an interview about PTZ closing and Chad’s beliefs. Julie defends the idea of multiple mortal probations and says it’s different from reincarnation. "The people that started (Pathway to Zion) started it for Chad and I and other dreamers and visionaries who were being persecuted…I don’t want to identify who I’ve been necessarily. I can just say that I’ve had many lives on this planet… The true doctrine is past lives. I've never been a butterfly or caterpillar. I've never been a dog. I am always a human. I am always female." Julies says about Chad, "Well, he told me he was James the Less… I’ve never told him how many planets I’ve been on. I don’t even know how many planets I’ve been on. I don’t care about that. I’m trying to get through this life…I don’t believe he was making it up. I believe he had deceiving spirits talking to him." Adam Herbets asks, “Do you think Chad has been excommunicated?” Julie replies, “He has not been yet, but I’m sure he will be…Chad and Lori think that they are a part of the Davidic Presidency. Chad thinks he’s a Davidic President or Davidic Servant that’s going to help translate people and start the Church of the Firstborn and all this stuff, and that is an absolute deception. That’s a lie.” Julie also says, “I know, as of a month ago, (HS) was still talking to Chad…Hector and I are casual friends. We talk about things we see… He’s not happy with me that I’ve spoken out.” (Fox13 SLC).

7 Mar 2020 – Video circulates of Lori being dropped off at the jail in a grey Ford SUV matching the one that pulled away from the Rexburg airport in video captured by Nate Eaton with East Idaho News. Dozens of reporters camped out at the jail waiting for Lori’s arrival had filmed a white van pulling into a sally port and the garage door closing. The PIO for MCSO allegedly told reporters Lori was in the white van. Media accuses LE of using the white van as a decoy. Kim Powell says, “Every other inmate we saw was brought in through the sally port door on the side, so why the special treatment?” MCSO says it is possible Lori was taken to the jail through a different door and not through the sally port due to “safety concerns.” Other journalists question if Lori and Chad are getting special treatment and bring up Lori wearing makeup for her first hearing and Chad exiting out a separate door to a private vehicle in a fenced in jail parking lot (Fox10 Phoenix, ABC15, AZ Family News, KSL TV).

7 Mar 2020 – Nate Eaton of East Idaho News posts a photo of a cupcake from a local grocery store bakery that says “Where’s the Kids” on it with orange & white striped frosting.

7 Mar 2020 – Nancy Grace says she is shocked Loriwore red lipstick and smiled broadly during her court appearance Friday, showing a seemingly callous disregard for her missing children”. NG says, “she showed up in style with makeup, blue toenail polish and pink handcuffs…nnd she took the time to curl her hair in cascades down around her face…I'm not a fashion [critic], but while the FBI, the police and the grandparents are looking for her children, she has time to put on lipstick?" (Fox News).

8 Mar 2020 – A special airs called “Exhumed Evidence” on Tammy’s death and exhumation. Springville city police Chief Martinez says “From a Springville perspective, it'd be interesting to find out what happened to Tammy. Then ultimately, where are the kids? If nothing happened to them, where are they & why are they not being brought forward?” Rod Oldroyd, Springville City administrative services manager says “We did [the exhumation] as confidential as we could…Many other people were here that had to be here – witnesses, county attorneys, the sheriff from Idaho, sheriff from Utah, coroners, coroners’ assistants, funeral director – all of that had to be done,” RO also says “I have known Chad and Tammy for a long, long time – as many people in Springville have…To this day, if I thought of Tammy Daybell, it would be that she’s smiling and she’s happy. That’s how she was.” (KSL TV).

9 Mar 2020 – Lori still has not made bail; she remains in segregated portion of the jail, but not in isolation. Deputies are ready should she find a bondsman to bail her out (East Idaho News). Gary Walton, President of Beehive Bail Bonds in SLC says he believes there's "not a bonding agency in the country that would underwrite [Lori Daybell's] bail." (ABC4 Utah)

9 Mar 2020 - Sources say Lori’s brother, Alex, may be linked to both Tammy's death and Charles’ death via digital evidence; Alex died in Dec before he could be questioned. The “[Alex] has been described as the family hitman.” New video shows Alex holding a bullet at a shooting range and saying “that is a 50 caliber semi-automatic.” (CBS News, AZ Family News).

9 Mar 2020 - An Idaho Falls-based apparel company, Swanson’s All American Sports, announces it will be selling hoodies, sweatshirts and T-shirts with “Where are the kids?” printed on the front. $5 from every shirt sold will be donated to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. (East Idaho News).

9 Mar 2020 – Gilbert PD & Chandler PD confirm detectives will travel to SLC this week to meet with other agencies involved in this case. (CBS News).

10 Mar 2020 - Fremont County Sheriff confirms 2 officers will attend the meeting at FBI field offices in SLC, along with Gilbert PD & Chandler PD (KTVB). The FBI could not confirm they’d be present, though their field office is located in SLC. Rexburg Police did not confirm if they would attend (Fox10 Phoenix).

10 Mar 2020 - A woman who is a member of Chad’s "cult" talks about Chad’s spiritual powers and why she still supports him. She said both she and Chad communicate with spirits, and are true Mormons. She said they stockpile food & supplies because the world will end; she will not judge Chad, because all people are sinners. She referred to her organization as a cult, but it was unclear whether she was being sarcastic. When asked what the group was called, she said "Preparing a People." PAP held events and hosted podcasts featuring Chad & Lori among others. The owner of PAP states there is no connection between PAP and any cult or occult activity. "Life is sacred to us. We are innocent of any involvement in Chad or Lori’s personal lives (and never knew Lori or any family members). Our relationship was mostly business, both owning our own separate businesses. We have wondered if Chad/Lori used us for their media purposes, without us knowing what was going on behind the scenes. It does feel like a big betrayal, and probably to anyone who attended our events," states co-owner Nancy James. NJ also states that PAP no longer holds events. (Morgan Loew, CBS5).

10 Mar 2020 – It is revealed that the FBI reached out to Phoenix Police about a month ago in regards to an investigation into the 2018 death of Lori's third husband, Joseph Ryan. Police say they provided information, but so far, the FBI has not asked them to do any further investigation (AZ family News).

10 Mar 2020 – Lori remains in jail. Media reports that bondmen are refusing to work with her to secure the $1 Million bond because they are worried about being stiffed with the full $1million bail if Lori fails to appear in court. (Daily Mail

10 Mar 2020 – Joe Shortino, an evangelist from CO, arrives in Rexburg with a 200 lb wooden cross he has carried across the country in the past and a ram’s horn shofar. Attached to the cross are an American Flag and Prisoner of War flag and a crown of thorns. “The Lord specifically told me that I should come to Rexburg. I’m here to pray for your town and the people. I know there’s been a lot of stuff going on here specifically with the missing children. The Lord said that’s why I’m here - to pray for the town,” JS says. (Rexburg Standard Journal).

11 Mar 2020 – Lori’s son CR says he got a chance to speak to his mother over the weekend as she remains in Jail. He pleaded with her to do the right thing and says it was an emotional conversation. Lori told CR she loves him but no further details could be provided even to him. (Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix).

11 Mar 2020 – Danielle Kingston, A bondsman who met with Lori explains why her company is not writing Lori’s bond at this time: "It’s not about the money. I told her I don’t want to write the bond. I’d rather just have this go away if she would provide where the kids are located. If she could provide that assurance and proof of life, this goes away,” DK also says, “We’ve talked about a number of conditions – having someone from our company with her 24 hours a day, having her cooperate with police, things like that…We take this very seriously, and there are a lot of moving pieces involved in this entire thing.” (East Idaho News).

11 Mar 2020 – Enhanced video is released showing who was at Rexburg storage with Lori on Oct 2nd and Oct 3rd. The video reveals that it was likely Chad with Lori on Oct 2nd and not Alex as originally thought. It appears to be Alex with Lori at the unit on Oct 3rd (East Idaho News).

11 Mar 2020 - Madison County Prosecutor Rob Wood and attorneys for Lori file “Stipulation to Continue” requesting to move preliminary hearing to May 7th & May 8th at 9 am. Both parties ask for more time to exchange and review discovery. Lori waives her right to have a prelim hearing with a set amount of time (East Idaho News, Fox 10 Phoenix).

11 Mar 2020 – Lori’s attorney files a motion to have Judge Eddins disqualified without cause under Idaho Criminal Rule 25:

11 Mar 2020 – Fox10 Phoenix releases Dec 4th 2019 emails from the FBI obtained via a public records request with City of Chandler. An email chain confirms FBI in Phoenix looked into not only Lori, but also her fellow podcasters Melanie Gibb (MG) and Jason Mow (JM). Intelligence analysts listened to the podcasts the trio did together.

11 Mar 2020 - The FBI releases statement about SLC meeting:
"The FBI, the Rexburg Police Department, and numerous law enforcement agencies investigating cases related to Lori Vallow and her missing children, JJ Vallow and Tylee Ryan, are meeting this week in Salt Lake City to coordinate, review, and share information. This is not a new effort. Similar coordination meetings have been routinely conducted since the beginning of these investigations. As sensitive matters may be discussed, and as the investigations remain active and ongoing, we are not providing any further information about the meetings." (KJZZ News).

11 Mar and 12 Mar 2020 – LEOs from Gilbert PD, Chandler PD, Rexburg PD & Fremont County Sheriff’s Office go to Utah for a meeting at FBI field offices in SLC, to coordinate, review, and share information on the investigations tied to Lori & Chad & the missing kids (Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix, KSL TV).

12 Mar 2020 – Madison County Court hearing for the appointment of guardian/conservator of JJ Vallow is canceled (Vacated) (Court records).

12 Mar 2020 – Judge Eddins hears arguments on the phone pertaining to the motions filed to disqualify himself. The Judge hears audio from the state and audio from the defense. The Judge took the arguments under advisement and decided to take time to research before making his ruling.

13 Mar 2020, 2:00 pm – Judge Eddins holds a telephonic hearing to rule on motions filed to disqualify himself. Prosecutor Wood is present while attorneys Webb and Means are on the telephone. Judge asks if all parties are OK with him first ruling on the joint motion made by the prosecutor and one of Lori’s defense attorneys to delay the preliminary hearing date to May 7 & 8. Attorney Webb says he and Elcox plan to withdraw as counsel for Lori and leaves the argument up to Mark Means. The Judge continues the trial as requested. Next Judge Eddins rules on the motion to disqualify himself without cause under Rule 25. He determines that the “contested hearing” rule is open to interpretation and it is every defendant’s right under Idaho law to get a new judge once without giving cause. Judge Eddins agrees to disqualify himself without cause and new Judge will be appointed for the prelim hearing.

13 Mar 2020 – A new judge is appointed. Magistrate Judge Michelle Mallard will preside over Lori’s preliminary hearing on 5/7-5/8. (Court Docs).

16 Mar 2020 - BB refers in his child custody documents (father’s list of witnesses and exhibits) filed in June 2020, to his response on 16 Mar to MBP’s [Feb 27th] motion to hold him in contempt.

16 Mar 2020 – The Madison County Jail says it isn’t changing its preparations over coronavirus due to Lori being there. “Her presence doesn’t change our preparation in anyway. She gets treated the same as any other inmate we have,” says PIO Isaac Payne (Deseret News).

16 Mar 2020 – Lori’s attorney Mark Means files official notice of withdrawal of Webb & Elcox as Lori’s counsel, saying he does not object to their withdrawal. MM remains Lori’s attorney (Fox10 Phoenix)

16 Mar 2020 – The prosecutor’s office releases Initial Discovery Disclosure documents to the defense with 1000’s of pages, 100’s of photos & some videos. Docs include unredacted RPD reports, interviews w/ family of Chad, Lori & JJ, Yellowstone, Idaho Falls Airport & Storage Plus CCTV & RPD body cam video from welfare check/search warrant (Fox 10 Phoenix, KTVB).

17 Mar 2020 – Lori’s attorney Mark Means releases statement: “In the coming days we look forward to the opportunity to work through the judicial process to prove Mrs. Daybell’s innocence.” (ABC news).

18 Mar 2020, 7:09 AM (UTC) – A magnitude 5.7 earthquake happened about 3 miles from Magna, UT, in the Salt Lake City area. Some buildings were damaged, but no deaths and no injuries occurred.

18 Mar & 19 Mar 2020, 9:00 am – (CANCELED) Lori’s 2 day Preliminary Hearing was originally on this date but vacated and changed to May 7 & 8 at request of both the prosecutor and the defense (Court Docs).

19 Mar 2020 - Brian Webb and Edwina Elcox officially filed a motion for leave to withdraw as counsel. "Good cause exists for granting this motion based upon the standards set forth in the Idaho Criminal Rules and Idaho Rules of Professional Conduct," the document states. "Counsel cannot reveal more information than this without disclosing privileged attorney-client communications" (Fox10 Phoenix).

19 Mar 2020 – More docs released in the ongoing child custody case between Lori’s niece Melani and BB for their 4 kids. One exhibit provided by BB’s lawyers shows lease for Rexburg townhome/apt that Melani signed in late Oct 2019. Photos show belongings of the kids left on curb in AZ as Melani left for Rexburg. BB says LE confirmed Melani got married to IP weeks after moving and is pregnant with IP’s child. Docs allege Melani applied for U-haul truck & said she was moving to BYU Idaho student housing. Boarding passes w/ Melani & her uncle Alex Cox’s names show flight from Idaho Falls to Mesa. BB’s PI caught them packing truck late at night 10/31. Another exhibit filed by BB’s lawyers says they found docs on IP’s computer alleging he wrote outline of beliefs of Chad, Lori & Melani. Source says Ian spoke to FBI about this. Mentions the 144,000, translated beings & multiple probations. (Fox 10 Phoenix).

19 Mar 2020 – More Docs released from BB’s lawyers. Natalie Pawlowski (NP), ex-wife of IP, says she found a document on a computer IP brought her on 2/16. She believes IP wrote this letter. It reads in part, “Melani had been told by Chad & Lori that their children had been possessed & had become zombies.” NP also says she got texts from her ex-husband, IP, in early December saying, “They made the attempt, failed and told her about it after the fact. I understand he doesn’t want the kids around her because of all this, but I believe if she can see them, it will put a huge dent in her trust with her uncles. She’s scared and had been told her two middle children are dead.” It is believed the uncles referred to are Chad and Alex. (Fox10 Phoenix).

20 Mar 2020 - Judge Michelle Radford Mallard signs “Amended Order Reducing Bail and Conditions of Release”. Bail is still set at $1 Million and conditions are the same as the order signed by Judge Eddins Mar 6: Order Reducing Bail and Conditions of Release.pdf

24 Mar 2020 – MM files a new motion for bond reduction for LVD asserting new facts have come to light. 03/24/2020 Declared Motion for Bond Reduction

25 Mar 2020 – Governor Little issues statewide stay-home order in response to Covid-19.

25 Mar 2020 – Melani has a criminal court hearing scheduled in Utah for her trespassing case (Adam Herbets, Fox13 SLC).

25 Mar 2020 – MBP’s attorneys Robert Jarvis and Garrett Smith issue a press release entitled “Brandon Boudreaux’s lies and deceptions”. In it, apart from accusations against BB, MBP denies ever being part of a cult, also referred to as “the extremist group” and denies adopting LVD’s and CD’s “extremist beliefs”. It states amongst other things that IP’s confidential summary was illegally obtained, MBP has never abandoned her children, MBP has fully cooperated with LE and Gilbert PD has stated that MBP is not a suspect in the alleged shooting of BB. (source KSL Twitter)

26 Mar 2020 – The next child custody hearing between BB and Melani is scheduled (Post Register).

26 Mar 2020 – An email dated 24 Mar 2020 leaked to Fox10, from Chandler PD detective Nathan Moffat to an unknown recipient, states “we continue to work on Charles’ case and are confident we are getting closer to getting Lori indicted for her involvement in Charles’ death.” CW, CV’ ex-wife, speaks to media about his death. Sgt Jason McClimans of Phoenix PD gave a statement saying that the investigation is still ongoing and upon conclusion of any criminal investigation the case is sent to a prosecuting agency for review and criminal charging. (source DailyMail Online)

27 Mar 2020 – A source tells Fox10 on 31 Mar 2020 that CD is interested in putting a manufactured (mobile) home on his Salem Idaho property this spring. CD made inquiries and said his financing is “moving along well”. He was using the same phone number he registered in Kauai.

28 Mar 2020 – Lamar Advertising donate two giant billboards with the missing posters of JJ and TR. One is at Highway 20 North to Rigby and Rexburg. The other is at Highway 26/North Yellowstone Highway to Jackson, Wyoming. A third digital billboard is situated in Idaho Falls. (Fox10)

30 Mar 2020 – LVD’s attorney MM meets with LVD at detention facility to prepare for preliminary hearing. He complains (4/2) that because of arrangements for Covid-19, he was required to use the recorded jail phone to speak with LVD and had to use jail staff to pass papers to her.
04/02/2020 Declaration in Support of Defendants Amended Motion for Bond Reduction )

Note: If a specific source is not noted in brackets above, then there may be multiple news sources reporting the same info. Source Links are located in the Media thread.

Timeline Part XVI of XXI (Update 9) - March 2020


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Detailed Case Timeline Part XVII of XXI (Update 9)

April 2020

FOUND DECEASED : Joshua Jaxson “JJ” Vallow & Tylee Ashlyn Ryan
Arrested: Lori Norene (Cox) Vallow/Daybell and Chad Guy Daybell

2 Apr 2020 – LVD’s attorney MM files a request for discovery including autopsy and investigation records pertaining to Charles Vallow, Alex Cox, Tammy Daybell and Joe Ryan. The prosecutor files a notice of non-service of this on 8 Apr. 04/02/2020 Request for Discovery

2 Apr 2020 – LVD’s attorney MM files an amended motion for bond reduction with a brief declaration. It complains that no hearing has been granted since request of 24 Mar. 04/02/2020 Amended Motion for Bond Reduction

2 Apr 2020KW and LW are interviewed by Nate Eaton of EIN:
Re. recent news (end Mar 2020) re. IP’s 8-page document attached to BB’s court documents, about zombies and bizarre teachings:–

KW: “I had known a few things before that, about light and dark spirits and BB had talked to me at length about it, and it scared me terribly. How can JJ, a little 7 year old go from light to dark?
KW: “the longer it goes that Lori doesn’t talk about them, if she knew where they were and Chad knew why would they not say something? Because she’s claiming that this is a custody issue.”
LW: “it has nothing to do with custody.”
KW: “it has nothing to do with that. I’m getting this from stuff I’ve read, that she’s told people that it was a custody issue that we were gonna get JJ back and give him to his biological mom and dad and that couldn’t be any further from the truth, and she knows that. Let’s just say that was my reasoning for it – no court in the world would go through with this custody thing without vetting us first.” (source EIN)

c. Apr and May 2020 (“last few months” before June) – Reegan Price (CD’s neighbor) noticed frequent bonfires in the fire pit on Daybell’s property. This was notified to police in June 2020. 06/10/2020 Probable Cause Affidavit of Detective Ron Ball

4 Apr 2020 – Fox10 obtains the Gilbert PD bodycam footage of LV’s interview on 31 Jan 2019 (accompanied by MG and 16 yr old TR) where she is filing a report that CV took her purse and phone, and where she says she found out he was cheating, and where she eventually discovers he has obtained a petition during the night to have her mentally evaluated.

7 Apr 2020 – Prosecutor files objection to LVD’s motion for bond reduction until LVD makes obedience to court’s order. State has made arrangements for non-monitoring of jail calls. 04/07/2020 Objection to Defendants Declared Motion for Bond Reduction

7 Apr 2020 –Fremont County Prosecutor Marcia Murdoch, investigating TD’s death, formally requests Idaho Attorney General’s Office provide “prosecutorial assistance due to other reasons without local prosecutor involvement” in the matters of Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow - conspiracy/attempted murder/murder. (Source see 9 Apr 2020 timeline entry.)

8 Apr 2020 – Prosecutor files notice of non-service of request for discovery dated 2 Apr.

8 Apr 2020 - Ted Rowlands of Court TV interviews KW and LW:
KW: “I knew Tammy died right shortly thereafter because Brandon and I were talking and Brandon, when he found out, he let me know and he and I both knew that that was ‘oh my god, they’re killing everybody all in the way’. We knew it was too coincidental to be not being manipulated. It was a manipulation to the nth degree, however I don’t know if Tammy…I would say she got poisoned because that seems to be something they like to do. Lori has spoken of it, poisoning and...”

TdR: “When did you speak of it?”
KW: “Oh it’s just been over the years. You know some people say something in passing and then I knew that Joe Ryan had died and that just never sat…”
LW: “It never felt right
KW: “Lori always demonized him soo bad, and I didn’t know, so and Charles, he just turned his head to, he was just in love and didn’t even see anything wrong with anything with Lori. He was never upset about stuff like that ‘til it really was happening. He wouldn’t go into that cult stuff with her and that was the division there, but then she and Chad were already having an affair at that time.”
LW: “They’d probably been having one for a year and a half, two years.”
KW: “So at that point it didn’t matter anyway.

TdR: “Did Charles share with you that she was getting into this…were you aware that this was happening, this end of days stuff?
KW: “Well he told me about it, I guess the end of 2018 we saw him a LOT, he and JJ they would come visit, or we met in different places a little vacation and it was unusual for that many visits in that close of a timeframe but we knew something was going on and Charles had talked about this translated being stuff and I had no clue what is was and I’m just like ‘oh yeah, whatever’, I really just kind of blew him off. Man was I ever wrong. And then when they did split up and he’s telling me this I’m like ‘Charles, are you sure? Are you making this up?’ you know, ‘come on’, I’m a very frank person, you know, ‘are you exaggerating it?’
TdR: “And you knew Lori, you knew her
KW: “Yes…I thought Lori would never do that stuff, I thought well Charles maybe you’re doing something.
LW: “I had told Kay a couple of years, two and a half years prior to all of this, maybe even three years, I said there’s something not right with their relationship. And Kay who loved Lori said ‘oh no, they’re fine, JJ is a full time job, oh my god that boy never quits’, and I said ‘okay maybe that’s it’, but my intuition was telling me that there’s an issue, there’s something going on, but I’ll be the first to say I really didn’t think it was an affair, because she loved Charles. Either she’s the greatest actor in the world over 12, 13, 14 years or that’s just a personality trait that she has that she can do these things, and that’s the reason now that I really believe that there’s a mental problem with her. When she said what she said to the ladies at her place about JJ being a drug-baby, that was the nastiest, meanest statement that a parent supposedly parent could ever make. That was beyond the worms in the bottom of the barrel.”

9 Apr 2020 - Idaho Attorney General’s Office, Colleen Zahn, sends a letter to Fremont County Prosecutor Marcia Murdoch agreeing to provide “prosecutorial assistance due to other reasons without local prosecutor involvement” in the matters of Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow - conspiracy/attempted murder/murder [of Tammy Daybell]. Fremont Co will cover associated costs. (source EIN)

11 Apr 2020 - Justin Lum reports on 11 Apr 2020 as follows “a family member of Tammy Daybell who wants to remain anonymous tells me the AG taking over this case is great news and hopes for resolution.”

11 Apr 2020 – Justin Lum contacts the Woodcocks for comment re. LVD’s upcoming 17 Apr bond reduction hearing –
LW: “I hope that it’s left alone, the judge sees through this and does not reduce her bail, I think this is exactly the time not to be reducing bail.”

11 Apr 2020 – A headstone has recently been placed for TD in the Springville Evergreen Cemetery. It bears engravings of her favorite flowers, carnations, and a large duck being followed by five little ducklings, representing her favorite pet duck and each of her children. The inscription reads “TAMARA MICHELLE DOUGLAS DAYBELL” May 4, 1970 – October 19, 2019 – Tammy was a beloved wife and mother, devoted daughter and sister and friend to all animals.”

16 Apr 2020, 1:00 pm - Status Conference Scheduled in Madison County Court hearing for the appointment of guardian/conservator of JJ Vallow (Court Records).

16 Apr 2020 1:00pm – the status conference in the matter of the guardianship of JJ Vallow scheduled for today has been moved to 21 May 2020 2:45 pm because of Covid-19.

16 Apr 2020 – The court issues 5 subpoenas duces tecum on behalf of LVD’s attorney MM – to Idaho Attorney General, Fremont Co prosecutor, JP Morgan Chase (Visa), US Bank and Google.

20 Apr 2020 – Prosecutor files discovery disclosure in response to LVD’s attorney’s request of 2nd Apr. Includes witness list. Many items objected to. 04/20/2020 Discovery Disclosure

21 Apr 2020 – The court issues 1 subpoena duces tecum on behalf of LVD’s attorney MM to Madison County Sheriff Dept.

21 Apr 2020Court TV speaks to JuR, author, former friend of CD and TD. They met in 2014. In approx 2017 CD told JuR that he had a vision that the Lord had told him that TD was going to pass away. “He was quite emotional, a bit upset.” JuR says this is before he met LVD. She now thinks CD had something to do with TD’s death, that he had a motive and was having an affair with LVD.” She says “the guy I knew wasn’t a liar, so far as I knew, and I didn’t know that he was involved in some of the strange religious beliefs that have come forward.” She is concerned that CD and LVD are not acting rationally. “I’m not sure how much he is covering up but I do believe that he knows what’s happened to the kids and I don’t know that he will come clean. Nothing is coincidental. I think there are way too many coincidences going on. And so I don’t think it’s coincidental, I think there are things that are looking pretty nefarious.”

22 Apr 2020 – Idaho Supreme Court suspended criminal jury trials through 3rd Aug 2020 in response to Covid-19.

22 Apr 2020Chandler Police PIO Jason McClimans tells Fox10 that the case [CV’s death] is still under investigation and has not been passed to the Maricopa County Attorneys office. (Source Fox10 Phoenix)

28 Apr 2020 – LVD’s attorney MM requests discovery of information including that pertaining to Melani Pawlowski, Ian Pawlowski and Brandon Boudreaux and recorded jail calls between LVD and MM, and more.

28 Apr 2020 – Mark Means Law (attorney of record for LVD) tweetsPlease note that this office (notice being provided by other means as well) represents Mr. Chad Daybell. If any agency, investigative authority etc., wishes to contact my client please contact my office directly.” Only 4 days earlier Sean Bartholick was still representing CD in a statement to EIN about a fake *** account set up in CD’s name.

28 Apr 2020 – LVD’s attorney MM files request to move preliminary hearing from 7 & 8 May 2020.

30 Apr 2020 – Prosecutor files second objection to LVD’s request for bond reduction, and affidavits in support, setting out details regarding recorded conversations.

Note: If a specific source is not noted in brackets above, then there may be multiple news sources reporting the same info. Source Links are located in the Media thread.

Timeline Part XVII of XXI (Update 9) - April 2020


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Detailed Case Timeline Part XVIII of XXI (Update 9)

May 2020

FOUND DECEASED: Joshua Jaxson “JJ” Vallow & Tylee Ashlyn Ryan
Arrested: Lori Norene (Cox) Vallow/Daybell and Chad Guy Daybell

1 May 2020, 2:00 pm - LVD’s bond reduction hearing at Madison County Courthouse. Judge Michelle Mallard heard argument and denied defendant’s motion to reduce bond.

1 May 2020 – Idaho Attorney General files motion to quash subpoena and supporting affidavit.

1 May 2020 – “What Happened to the Children?” – Dateline –

Extracts not attributed to a particular date -
KM: “Angela Stone, was an admirer [of CD’s], not so long ago.”
AS:I mean he was idolized. He was just this remarkably well-spoken kind man who was right in the thick of all of this. Helping bring people together, to help prepare for the return of Christ. It’s not the Mormonism that 90%, 95% of the church believes in and practises.”
KM: “It was a friend, a member of the LDS church, who eventually intervened with AS, persuaded her she’d been taken in by an extremist cult.”
KM: “Would you use the word brainwashed to describe what happened?”
AS: “Groomed is better. I was groomed to greater obedience, and belief in these miracles and belief in this extreme prepper version.”
KM: “When she left she became the “adversary”. Infected by Satan.”
AS: “I had an evil spirit in me, particularly aggressive form of evil spirit.”

KM: “AS wasn’t necessarily alone. There was more talk, much darker, said AS, of terrifying visions, evil spirits, zombies inhabiting human bodies taking over loved ones, like Chad’s wife Tammy.”
AS:I heard that Chad believed that his wife was supposed to have died in a car accident and that she was now inhabited by a zombie, by an evil spirit, doesn’t have control of herself, and it’s detrimental to the work of God.”
KM: “Before long Chad determined that Lori had been sent from Heaven, had become a translated being” –
AS: “Essentially an eternal being, who can pass through portals, and travel through the world, in a different way. Teleporting or something. I say these now and it sounds absurd coming out of my mouth

KM: “Days after that [KM’s] interview [with IP and MBP] a remarkable document surfaced [on 19 Mar 2020]. We could tell Ian wasn’t exactly forthcoming with us about what was on those recordings. A little frustrating. Except what do you know, Ian memorialized his work for the FBI in a memo, his ex-wife found it on a computer Ian turned over to her after their divorce and we got a copy. According to Ian’s memo Melani told him that Lori and Chad’s beliefs ranged from teleportation to multiple lives to zombies. According to Ian’s memo Lori and Chad told Melani that her then husband Brandon was possessed.”
NE: “And they went on to say that Alex may need to take a shot at Brandon in order to take care of the Lord’s purpose, what needed to happen.”
KM: “Perhaps the most upsetting claim in Ian’s notes was this”:
NE: “Chad and Lori apparently told Melani that JJ and Tylee had become possessed by zombies, they needed to die.”
KM: [re. Alex] “…no task too difficult. Which reminded us of what Chad’s former admirer Angela told us she heard from people in Chad and Lori’s circle.”
AS: “If there is a work that you have been commanded by God to bring forth and God asks you to take somebody’s life in order to bring forth that work, we know our families are going to be together in heaven after we die, so if it’s what God has asked and it’s, it’s almost like their Abrahamic sacrifice.”
KM: “You go ahead and do it even if God doesn’t say stop, you complete the task.”
AS: “Yes, that’s right, you complete this task and you show God your commitment.”
KM: “This is a fact, Lori and Chad are now under investigation for murder.”

LW: “We reflect back to how much we loved her and it’s turned from dislike to ‘why won’t you just say one thing, just tell me where the kids are’.”

NE: [Re. TD’s death investigation]: “We understand that there is quite a bit of evidence there in the cloud, digital evidence that might be able to push this case forward without that autopsy.”

AS: “Chad had had a vision that his wife was inhabited by this evil spirit.”

KM: “Chad switched attorneys this week to the same lawyer representing Lori. We asked that attorney for a statement, any statement regarding location of the children…Charles…Tammy…Alex…Brandon…and no response.

Today a judge refused to lower Lori’s $1 million bond, she remains in jail. She’s expected to enter a plea after her preliminary hearing, now set for July. In the meantime MBP tells us she knows of no crime here, people just need to be patient.”

KM: “You know there’s an awful lot of if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s probably a duck. That’s why people jump to the conclusions they do.”
MBP: “and we’ll find out, eventually, everything will be exposed and then we’ll know. But until then like I can’t make any judgements on things that I…”
KM: “When the hell is eventually?”
MBP: (laughs) “You’re asking the…I don’t know.”
MBP: “I know truth about them and facts. Absolutely I want to say something.” <-this statement was shown before an ad break and the sequence in the interview might be wrong because it wasn’t shown again >
IP: “We’re waiting to see. Lori’s going to have her day in court. She’s going to present her defense and you know we’re hoping that there’s some reason behind it.
KM: “You actually think that she will present a reasonable defense?”
IP: “I sure hope so.”
KM: “That she has a story to tell? That the truth will be revealed?”
MBP: “I hope so and believe so.”

LW: “When you’ve had so many people say ‘be prepared for the worst’, that hurts.”

CR: “We’re all just part of this sad group and everybody there just seeing the mass effect of our family, the people we know and the extended people in the audience
KR: “How many people she’s hurt and affected.”
CR: “Yeah. It’s unreal.”

KW: “She’s destroyed so many people’s lives and she’s blown up their world, not just destroyed them she’s blown them up. It doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense.”

5 May 2020 – Court issues 1 subpoena duces tecum on behalf of LVD’s attorney MM to Telmate (jail inmate phone service)

6 May 2020 – Fremont Co Prosecutor files motion to quash subpoena and supporting affidavit.

6 May 2020CBS This Morning’s Jonathan Vigliotti interview with LVD’s mother JC and sister SS airs. SS says “I have to see my family slaughtered on the news every day. This mob mentality of calling for Lori to be just be hung in a public square basically is what it feels like.” The presenter says JC claims she briefly spoke with a healthy and happy JJ on October 1st; JC: “I talked to him, he just takes the phone, and he knows, you know, he knows who we are.” JC provided CBS News an iPhone 6S bill in the name of Barry Cox showing the alleged call:- 3pm 480.692.9562 Queen Cree AZ, 97 minutes.

May 2020LVD’s family members (JC, SS, MBP) are compensated by news media (The U.S. Sun) for their time.

7 May 2020 – Madison Co Prosecutor files motion to quash subpoena issued to Madison Co Sheriff Dept.

7 May & 8 May 2020, 9:00 am - Lori’s 2 day Preliminary Hearing is scheduled in Madison Co, ID. Hearing moved to July.

7 May 2020azfamily Morgan Loew interview with JC and SS airs. Of note, they say that they do not think LVD is in a cult, they can’t see her blindly following anybody and don’t believe CD could have brainwashed her. SS says she met CD once. They found out LVD and CD were married on the news and they had never been to any of LVD’s weddings, they didn’t know AlC was married or had moved back to AZ, and they found out he died from the police. Full transcript here

8 May 2020 – Maricopa County Medical Examiner Lesley Wallis says Alex Cox died of natural causes – blood clots in lungs and high blood pressure. The report says opinions “are amenable to change should new, reliable and pertinent information come to light.” Dani Covey of Gilbert PD states “the case is still active at this time.” (source EIN)

8 May 2020 – azfamily Morgan Loew interview with MBP and IP airs.

(BB refers in his child custody documents (father’s list of witnesses and exhibits) filed in June 2020, to this interview and Analysis of the interview of MBP by analysist Annie Elliot.)

Of note in this interview; MBP says she didn’t move to ID to be in a cult or to be by LVD, she had her own reasons for having a fresh start. MBP says LVD was moving for TR and JJ’s safety because of threats of harm, she saw some of their stuff in Nov when she moved there, and LVD said they were safe. IP says he recorded some conversations with CD and LVD. He typed the ‘memo’ when he confessed to MBP about going to police, to give to MBP’s lawyers. MBP says her father has been threatening and intimidating her with texts, and that Detective Pillar GPD “never even called AlC or asked him to come in for a visit” after BB’s shooting. When asked if she had anything to do with the shooting MBP says “absolutely not”. MBP asks why nobody is asking why CV had a $2million insurance policy on LVD, and that the truth is being hidden in the media because the cult story and zombies are more exciting. Full transcript here

9 May 2020Nate Eaton of East Idaho News interviews MBP and IP for 90 minutes, with their lawyers who turn off the sound partway through when MBP is questioned about the cult, and then answer for MBP further when NE asks if she thinks the children are safe. Part 2 and Part 3.

IP talks about wishing to see his children ‘here in AZ’.

IP says the document he wrote for MBP’s lawyers sounds a lot more affirmative than what he heard but when he goes into the police he wants “action”, he wants it to be “over with, so things came out in a way they shouldn’t have”.

MBP says the first time she saw these “stats” was from CV bringing it over to her house before she and BB split up.

MBP says after CV was shot BB and AdC pulled her into the garage and said CV has been murdered by AlC.

On LVD smiling after CV was killed - MBP says she knows LVD and when she’s uncomfortable or in shock she laughs or smiles, tries to make light of it, and MBP does the same thing, “it’s just how we handle being in shock”.

MBP says “the whole zombie idea” came from a disturbing phone call she got from one of LVD’s old friends, right after LVD and CD took off to Hawaii.

MBP: “Lori and Chad did not tell me most of those things in the document, those were fears I was hearing from other people and never did I believe them…”

Part 1 is shown here (with transcript) - EIN transcripts - Part 1, Parts 2 and 3

11 May 2020 – Morgan Loew investigative reporter says on 11th June that LE served a search warrant at the home of LVD’s parents in St George Utah, within the month 11th May to 11th June 2020.

12 May 2020Prosecutor files response to defendant’s request for discovery dated 28 Apr. It lists the following electronics seized from LVD, pursuant to a search warrant (date not specified):

Apple iPad with initials JJ on the back
Apple iPad in blue and green protective case
Apple iPad in purple and aqua protective case
Apple laptop computer
HP Laptop computer
HP Laptop computer
PNY 256 Gig USB Drive
Apple iPhone 6s (seized after Lori’s arrest)

12 May 2020 - 12News publishes Erica Stapleton’s interview with MBP and IP:-

But like Melani explained, she gets a phone call from one of her friends saying Lori said this and she shares that with me, I’m just taking that as fact, this is what Lori said. But this is a friend of Lori’s, explaining it to Melani and there is no basis for it.” (NB This is contradicted in IP’s document – where he writes “Melani had been told by Chad and Lori that their children had been possessed and had become zombies”, “she was told either through revelation or by Chador that something would happen to him (BB)…”)

14 May 2020 – Fox 10 Phoenix releases extracts from the latest court filings in the Boudreaux custody case – on BB’s petition. MBP appears to be asking for their children and BB to relocate back to AZ so that they can work towards an equal parenting time schedule. MBP alleges that BB’s allegations are unsubstantiated and are a retaliation for her re-marriage. MBP asks for BB to be ordered to attend high-conflict parenting and anger management classes. MBP alleges BB stated that he did not know who shot at him and he failed to tell the court that MBP stated she still cares for BB even though he has a history of abusing her. MBP states she was not in hiding. BB responds (only extracts seen) with further information about the day of the shooting (see 2 Oct 2019 timeline entry) and states that he believes MG will testify for BB that MBP “was deeply involved with the doomsday cult” and “will testify regarding the beliefs that [MBP] and other members hold”.

16 May 202048 Hours “The Missing Children of Lori Vallow Daybell” with Jonathan Vigliotti [JV]. Transcript.


NM, Bailey's [JJ’s dog’s] trainer: The dog helped settle him [JJ] down, keep him calm.”

SS: “After Charles had died, Lori had been continuously threatened. And she wanted to go somewhere safe. … she didn't wanna tell any of us where she was going because she was being followed and threatened.” JV: “Threatened by who?” SS: “By people who loved Charles and want revenge for his death.”

JV: “Is Lori part of some strange cult?”

JC: “No”, SS: “No, not that we know of, no”, JC:No.” JV: “She's not preparing for the end of the world, she doesn't believe that she is leading the 144,000?” JC: “No.” SS: “She has never said the end of the world is gonna happen in July. That has never come from her mouth or lips ever. A lot of the things that have been reported … any small truths that are in there have been twisted. But most of them are flat out not even true.

JC says she called LV on October 1 and could hear JJ playing in the background. She gave "48 Hours" her phone records that showed a 97-minute call.

JC: “He was alive and well.” JV: “How do you know that though?” JC: “Because I know JJ … no one's gonna pretend to be JJ.”

At one point, she says JJ actually got on the phone and said, "Hi Mimi," his nickname for her.

JV: “You spoke with him though on the phone?” JC: “Yeah. Yes. And I heard him and he was out playing. And he just takes the phone, you know, and he knows, you know, he knows who we are. So he still knew I'm Mimi, you know? He still knew me, Mimi.

JV: “Is Alex the henchman here?” SS: “No [laughs].” JC: “No, he's not.” SS: “Alex was the most easy going, relaxed, hilarious type of person. There's nothing about him that was a hit man.”


KW: “She [LV] didn't want JJ anymore. JJ was too much for her to handle.”

Police discovered a bottle of prescription medicine for JJ's autism with 17 pills remaining - the last time it had been filled was months before JJ disappeared. And JJ's service dog, Bailey - LV returned him three weeks before JJ disappeared, which still baffles the dog's trainer.

NM: “At first, I said "I don't think I heard you right." it would take a very cold and callous person, which I— I think that's who she is.”

Lori's sister and mother say that's nonsense. They claim Lori stockpiled JJ's medication, so he didn't need that pill bottle found by police. And as for Bailey - JC: “I don't think Bailey's an issue, as far as JJ is concerned.” JV: “There's a lot going on that just doesn't add up.” JC: “OK. I — I do know about the dog. I was over there a lot. Charles loved Bailey. JJ was not really attached to it.” SS: “He was fine without him.”

AR: “I don't know any teenage girl that would be okay with being separated from her phone.” JV: “How about Tylee's cell phone?” JC: “She told me in September that she had confiscated Tylee's cell phone.”

JC and SS say Lori didn't want Tylee to be tracked through her phone; she was always fearful of those who she said threatened her and the kids.

By April 2020 authorities were looking into LV and CD for murder in TD's and CV’s deaths:-

Law Enforcement: [at the CV crime scene]: “He shot the f--- outta him, I'll tell you that.”

AR, for one, has never believed that story about CV hitting AlC in the head with a baseball bat: AR: “One, because Charles wasn't a violent person. The second being that Charles had been a baseball player and an athlete in college and if he had hit Alex with the bat in the way that they claimed that he did — Alex would have been a lot more injured.”

LE: “Got a little laceration, do you want me to call paramedics?”

AlC: “No, I'd really like some water, though.”

CV was afraid of LV according to those divorce documents. RR: “He wrote about what he thought might happen to him. … And he was rightfully afraid of that.” SS: “He wasn't scared of Lori. Even the whole time he was filing for divorce and all those things, he was begging for her to come back.”

LVD remains in jail in Rexburg, Idaho. In May 2020, she appeared in court to ask a judge to reduce her million dollar bond, wearing a mask due to the coronavirus pandemic. That request was denied. LVD’s lawyer, Mark Means, spoke after the hearing:

MM [to reporters]: “Regardless of how you feel about religious beliefs, personal beliefs, actions, inactions, she's entitled to a defense. We maintain her innocence.”

CD has not been charged with any crime and appears to stand by LVD. KW is now appealing to CD on Facebook, writing, "SHOW US IF TYLEE & JJ ARE OKAY" and "I am begging you, CHAD end this NOW." In a little over a week it will be JJ's 8th birthday. JV: “Every night, before you go to bed, you know you're waking up to this reality. What do you think before you fall asleep?” KW: “I pray. We just pray about it. That's all we can do.”

18 May 2020 – Prosecutor files and delivers discovery request to LVD’s attorney MM pursuant to Idaho Criminal Rule 16.

19 May 2020bodycam footage of CV requesting police assistance with his concerns for LV’s mental state, and to gain entry to his Gilbert home, as he was locked out and she’d taken his truck, 31 Jan 2019, is released by Fox 10 Phoenix. It shows police breaking entry to the house from the internal garage door. CV’s friend and bishop GB is also present.

19 May 2020 – Gilbert Town Attorney filed a motion to quash MBP’s subpoena of Gilbert detective Ryan Pillar, (leading the investigation into the attempted murder of BB) because he is a part of multiple ongoing criminal investigations that MBP’s family members are involved in, including the attempted shooting of BB. (source Fox 10 28 May 2020) The multiple investigations span over a two-year time frame and comprise eight law enforcement agencies in four states – one homicide, two attempted homicides, three suspicious deaths and two missing/endangered juveniles. (source 27 May 2020)

20 May 2020more bodycam footage of CV from 31 Jan 2019 is released by Fox 10 Phoenix, showing him speaking with officers outside LV’s hotel about her behavior and beliefs.

21 May 2020 2:45 pm – status conference scheduled in the matter of the guardianship and conservatorship of JJ Vallow.

23 May 2020 – before – Nate Eaton of East Idaho News interviews MG. (See individual timeline entries for further extracts of interview) She has been in hiding for 5 months because she started to think “are they gonna come after me?” and she had fears about “what the media would say about me.” She is ready today because she “faced all the fears and decided the truth was more important” and she “needed to do it for those that have passed on, that justice may be served.

MG: “my goal is to speak to the things that have gone on and to speak to many that believe their story.”

NE: Where do you think the kids are?
MG: “They’re not on this planet any more. I don’t think they are, that’s my personal opinion.”

Re. LVD’s family supporting LVD:-

NE: Do you think they know stuff?
MG: “I don’t know about some of the people, I don’t know what they know from Lori, I know some of them what they know and I don’t know what everybody knows, but some of them do.”

25 May 2020 – What would have been JJ’s 8th birthday is marked by a candlelit vigil outside Kennedy Elementary School in Rexburg. A letter from the Vallow and Woodcock families is read out and separately birthday tributes are issued by KW and LW, CR, BB, MBP (through her attorney) and the co-founder of LIFE academy in Gilbert AZ.

27 May 2020MBP’s attorney Garrett Smith announces that he has no reason to believe that MBP is the subject of any investigation, and that the FBI has given him “every indication that they [her family members] are not suspects” but “they want to talk to them” because “they’ve got information that might help find the kids”. Gilbert PD released a statement in regards to the shooting at BB – it states that MBP has previously been contacted by investigators, she has not been identified as a suspect, and investigators are continuing to follow up leads in the case. (source

Note: If a specific source is not noted in brackets above, then there may be multiple news sources reporting the same info. Source Links are located in the Media thread.

Timeline Part XVIII of XXI (Update 9) - May 2020


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Detailed Case Timeline Part XIX of XXI (Update 9)

June 2020

FOUND DECEASED : Joshua Jaxson “JJ” Vallow & Tylee Ashlyn Ryan
Arrested: Lori Norene (Cox) Vallow/Daybell and Chad Guy Daybell

1 Jun 2020 – LVD’s attorney MM responds to Prosecutor’s request for defense discovery.

1 Jun 2020
– FBI informed RPD that they found the text conversation between TD and CD about burying a raccoon dated 9 Sep 2019. 06/10/2020 Probable Cause Affidavit of Detective Ron Ball

June 2020 – The Prices (neighbors of CD) informed RPD that the fire pit on Daybell’s property was hardly ever used until the last few months. Reegan Price told RPD that there were frequent bonfires in the pit on the Daybell property over the last few months and the first one she noticed was soon after TD’s death on 19th Oct 2019. (source pca)

2 Jun 2020 – Detective Bruce Mattingly of Fremont Co Sheriff’s Office contacted SG (TD’s sister). She said she was aware of a pet cemetery on Daybell’s property, east of the red barn near the fire pit. (source pca)

3 Jun 2020 – Lt Ron Ball of RPD interviewed MG and her boyfriend DW in Pleasant Grove, Utah. They discussed in depth the weekend of “Sep 22 and 23 2019” they had stayed at LVD’s apartment in Rexburg. (Note the dates are a Sunday and Monday – error?) See entry for 22 Sep 2019 for further detail. (source pca)

3 Jun 2020 – Lt Ron Ball of RPD asked Special Agent Ricky Wright of FBI to analyse the frequency of AlC’s visits to CD’s property in Sep 2019. The response was 4 visits in Sep; 6th, 9th, 23rd and 25th. Visits on 6th and 25th were indoor, not in the backyard. (source pca)

4 Jun 2020 – SG (TD’s sister) told Lt Ron Ball of RPD that she knew the location of the pet cemetery on Daybell’s property because TD had shown her. SG pointed it out on an arial photograph of the Daybell property and it was the same area where AlC’s phone pinged on 9th Sep 2019. (source pca)

4 Jun 2020T-shirts printed with “Bring JJ and Tylee Home” and “Justice for JJ & Tylee” appear on signs and poles on the road leading to CD’s house. (source EIN)

4 Jun 2020 – An article containing a video interview of SF by Nate Eaton of East Idaho News is published. SF is an author of books about near death experiences published by CD’s company Spring Creek Book Co. starting in 2004. She ceased doing business with him in 2017 when he started publishing non-Mormon material she did not want to be associated with. He has refused to return her book rights. SF says he had never mentioned his own alleged near-death experiences to her in any of their conversations, which she finds odd because in her experience people usually want to share their experiences with others they know will be understanding. When SF heard that CD had re-married in Hawaii she was stunned, particularly to “a woman who didn’t know where her children were”. Other entries detailing her knowledge of CD are in this timeline against their relevant dates. (source EIN)

5 Jun 2020 – Court issues search warrant in relation to CD’s property.

5 Jun 2020Guardianship of JJ – a remote hearing (status conference) was held at 9:00am. The next hearing is scheduled for 30 Sep 2020. (source Justin Lum Fox 10 Phoenix)

8 Jun 2020MBP replaces her attorney in her child custody proceedings. Her new lawyers are J Kyle Scoresby and Lyndsey Fibus of Scoresby Family Law, in place of Steven W Zachary of Zachary Law Group PLC. (source J Lum)

9 Jun 2020 – Tuesday - a search warrant was executed at CD’s Salem residence and property at 7:00am. With the assistance of a local FBI ERT (evidence response) team RPD located multiple sites of interest. Those sites corresponded with the cell phone data of AlC’s phone when he was at the property. One of those sites correlated to a location on the property CD had texted TD about.

06/29/2020 Probable Cause Affidavit of Detective Ron Ball

JJ’s remains are found
: - WARNING GRAPHIC - The first site of interest was located on the north side of the pond near the north edge of the property. AlC’s phone pinged here twice on 23rd Sep 2019. A patch of ground of approx. 4 feet by 2.5 feet appeared to be disturbed and the weed growth on the disturbed ground was shorter than surrounding weed growth. Apparent sod etching was also noticed. The top layer of sod was removed by the ERT. Underneath the layer of sod were several large flat rocks. The rocks were removed revealing two pieces of flat paneling. Similar paneling was found in a barn located on the property (at some point). The paneling was removed and investigators exposed a round object covered in black plastic. A strong odor was then noticed. A small incision was made in the black plastic using a small sharp instrument and a layer of white plastic was observed. An incision was made in the white plastic exposing the crown of a head covered in light brown hair. The remaining dirt was methodically removed, exposing what appeared to be a body wrapped in black plastic, tightly wrapped around the body and secured with grey duct tape. Cheryl Anderson associate professor of anthropology at Boise State Uni was present on scene and advised the remains appeared to be human. Due to the depth and width of the ‘grave’ and the rocks and paneling found, it would be impossible for one person to have dug it, placed a body in it, placed the rocks and paneling in it and covered it back up in 17 minutes.

Tylee’s remains are found: - WARNING GRAPHIC – A second site of interest was located behind a red unattached out-building roughly in the center of the property near the fire pit. Next to the fire pit is an area used as a pet cemetery. AlC’s phone pinged here several times on 9th Sep 2019.

The ground in this area was probed with a steel pole and several areas of disturbed ground were located. Buried remains of a cat and a dog were found during a search of this ground. No raccoon remains were located. A backhoe was used to dig further layers of dirt. Bricks were then located at a depth of approx 1 foot. The soil was then examined and two bones were located. Based on their condition Cheryl Anderson was unable to determine whether the bones were human.

The dirt in this area was searched methodically and several other items of interest were found, including more bones, charred tissue and charred bones. These were determined by Cheryl Anderson to be human remains. Photos were provided to Sara Getz PhD, a forensic anthropologist and she was able to identify these remains as being non-adult human remains.

Chad Daybell is detained by police: CD was observed by officers to be continuously watching where officers were searching, while sitting in his vehicle in his front driveway and in his vehicle across the street at his daughter’s residence. Around the time that the crown of JJ’s head was discovered CD was observed leaving his daughter’s residence in a grey SUV. Lt Ron Ball and other officers pursued him in police vehicles, conducted a traffic stop and detained him. 06/10/2020 Probable Cause Affidavit of Detective Ron Ball

Timed updates for this day – (starts main thread #35 page 27 )

7:00am – execution of search warrant (which currently remains sealed) confirmed to be in relation to the missing children.

9:00am (approx) At least one canine is spotted from the air – (source Nate Eaton helicopter footage, and tweet).

9:00am – WS member SleuthD-o-doubleg’s friend provides a drone photo of the property showing at least 25 law enforcement vehicles, including the FBI’s mobile command unit, lining adjacent roads.

11:30am –approx. - CD was stopped by police officers, traveling away from his home in his silver SUV, about a mile south of his address. He was wearing a baseball cap, grey shirt and blue jeans. CD got out of his car, was placed in handcuffs and put into a police car. (source EIN) An eyewitness says that CD was driving fast and she and her son saw his car being surrounded by unmarked police cars. (source Adam Herbets)

Midday approx. – a reporter tweets that CD’s car is being towed away. (source azfamily)

Just after midday – AnC wrote on Facebook that she got a call from a victim’s advocate and remains have been found [on CD’s property].

12:35pmtweet - backhoes arrive at the property. (source Nate Eaton)

1:30pmShort press conference. Asst Chief Gary Hagen RPD confirms that unidentified human remains have been found and CD has been taken into custody for questioning. No questions taken, no confirmation of how many sets of remains.

4:40pm approx – RPD issue an update and now say that charges against CD are pending.

5:21 pm CD was booked in the Fremont County jail on a felony charge of destroying/concealing evidence, no bond. Mark Means, CD’s attorney, declined to comment. (source EIN)

7:30 pmRPD press conference – CD’s initial court appearance will be at 11am tomorrow, 6/10, and will be livestreamed on youtube.

10pm approx. – (before identification is announced) AnC posted on FB: RIP, little man. Thanks for the drive-by hug and laughs. I’m sorry your short little life was marked with so much chaos, trauma, and heartbreak. I hope you’re safe in your daddy’s arms. <heart> And then a post saying – By way of clarification, I reached out to the FBI tonight, after seeing Justin Lum’s announcement. I can’t speak for JJ but no one has confirmed Tylee’s remains. We are waiting on the ME’s report. They have both kids’ dental records. That’s all I know.

10:43 pmKim Powell tweet – family members tell me that 2 bodies were found on Chad Daybell’s property. Confirmed by LE.

10 Jun 2020 – Police and investigators resume work and searches at CD’s Salem, ID property for a second day, and block off local roads to traffic a mile in all directions. Overnight the property had been guarded by deputies from Fremont Co Sheriff’s Office and crime scene tape. (source EIN – Eric Grossarth)

10 Jun 2020 – Madison Co Prosecutor Rob Wood files two criminal complaints against Chad Daybell in Fremont Magistrate Division – for the destruction, alteration or concealment of evidence (Felony) Idaho Code 18-2603. This is in relation to the discovery of the remains of Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow on his property, although the complaint does not name them the dates correspond with the dates they were last seen. The complaint relating to the date of Tylee’s disappearance and the concealment of evidence includes the additional words – destroy and alter.

10 Jun 2020 – Judge Faren Eddins Fremont Co issues a warrant for Chad Daybell’s arrest.

9:30am –
Justin Lum tweets that CD is charged with two counts of felony destruction and concealment of evidence.

9:45 am – Rexburg PD press release – it says after proper family notification they would like to confirm that investigators discovered two sets of unidentified human remains. Autopsy results are pending.

10:00am – Justin Lum posts a copy of the criminal complaint which reveals the separate dates of the alleged crimes as 8 Sep 2019 and 22 Sep 2019. The complaint alleges the destruction and alteration as well as concealment of human remains concealed on 8 Sep 2019, whereas it alleges concealment only of the human remains concealed on 22 Sep 2019.

11:00am - CD’s initial appearance with Judge Faren Eddins is livestreamed. This is the judge LVD had removed from her case after her bail hearing. CD is seated next to a new privately retained attorney – John Prior, of Meridian ID. Prosecutor Rob Wood states that the unidentified remains are of children, the manner of concealment of one of the bodies was particularly egregious and bail is set at $1 million. CD waived his right to a speedy preliminary hearing and it was set for 1st and 2nd July 2020 at 9:00am.

11:31 am - KW confirms one set of remains has been identified as JJ.

11:40am – the FAA issued a no fly zone up to 400 feet above ground level, over CD’s home, for the period 9:30am to 3:00pm.

By midday the prosecutor has filed a motion to seal the affidavit of probable cause and an order has been made granting same, on the grounds that it is necessary to prevent harm to any person or persons. MM on behalf of LVD requests a copy of the sealed search warrant issued on 5th June.

Family members - KW and LW with CR and KR; AnC; MwD and his wife HD; as well as attorneys acting for LVD’s parents, sister SS and MBP and IP, issue public statements expressing sorrow, to media.

More public statements are issued by TD’s parents, siblings and extended family, and CD’s parents and his family, on 11th June.

11 Jun 2020 – The children’s remains were transported to the Ada County Coroner’s Office. Ada County coroner Dotti Owens is providing pathology services to the Fremont County coroner Brenda Dye, in the cases of JJ and Tylee. (source EIN)

11 Jun 2020JJ’s autopsy – Lt Ron Ball observing – the body had not been removed from the plastic covering it was found in. As the body was uncovered and the face exposed it was clear to him that this was the body of JJ, from having seen photos and videos of him and his haircut which was shaved on the sides and back and longer on top. His body was well preserved. JJ was further identified by BB who was shown an autopsy photo.

11 Jun 2020Tylee’s autopsy – Lt Ron Ball observing – it was not possible to identify Tylee’s remains by looking at them as they were too damaged by fire and dismemberment and no longer had any recognizable features. Dr Glen Smith (orthodontist and deputy coroner in Ada County) was able to identify Tylee by matching an irregular jawline with an x-ray of Tylee when she was alive. Law enforcement was advised that it would still be wise to obtain a DNA verification and sufficient soft tissue exists which was not burnt. They are in the process of having said tests performed.

source for autopsy information - 06/29/2020 Probable Cause Affidavit of Detective Ron Ball

11 Jun 2020
– CD’s house is released after the search, and the Daybell adult children are seen moving boxes and furniture. His daughter moves in (already planned) and his son moves out. The yard is still roped off. KW and LW fly from Louisiana and visit the site where JJ’s remains were found.

11 Jun 2020 – CD’s neighbor Matthew Price speaks to media. He says “we noticed they were having a few bonfires that were kind of out of the ordinary. They had a big bonfire last fall, and they had two or three big bonfires this spring.”

12 Jun 2020 – Fox13’s Adam Herbets reports from outside the Rigby ID home of Christopher and Sue Parrett. AH states the Parretts did not apologize for their post on AVOW supporting CD and LVD but they said “they feel terrible, they had no idea the kids were dead, that their hearts and prayers were with the family, that they’re sick to their stomachs and they want people to know they had nothing to do with this. They said they didn’t feel comfortable sharing [the story CD and LVD gave them] because they don’t want to interfere with an ongoing investigation. “Obviously Chad lied to us.”

12 Jun 2020CD’s oldest son GD, when asked for a comment outside CD’s house, says “just keep supporting us, we appreciate your love and support, thank you.”

12 Jun 2020 – A candlelight vigil to honor the lives of TR and JJ was held in a field in Eastern Idaho. Amongst those in attendance was April Raymond, who drove from Utah to be there.

12 Jun 2020 – CD entered a plea of not guilty to the charges of concealment of evidence, along with notice of his attorney’s appearance as attorney of record, and requested a jury trial.

13 Jun 2020 –
Rexburg PD issues a press release confirming that the human remains have now been officially identified as those of JJ and TR.

13 Jun 2020 – Court TV speaks to the new occupants of the Rexburg house LVD occupied. On an unspecified date since LVD vacated the accommodation the FBI came and searched the crawl space that is underneath the crawl space they were aware of.

13th/14th Jun 2020 – CR and his wife KR visited the site where JJ and TR were found, and left a handwritten message to TR and JJ on the fence.

c. 16 Jun 2020 MG posted a seven-page letter on AVOW, addressing CP and warning others of Daybell’s deceptions. (source EIN)

18 Jun 2020 – Fox10 posts that MG will testify in BB’s custody case regarding MBP’s involvement with Preparing a People, MG’s conversations with MBP regarding the attempt on BB’s life, MBP’s beliefs and her travel to Hawaii in October 2019 to spend time with LV. BB has filed his list of witnesses and exhibits for hearing on 1 July.

19 Jun 2020 – Judge Eddins unseals the probable cause affidavit in relation to CD’s arrest, after a status conference. Parties request the preliminary hearing be moved from 1 & 2 Jul to 3 & 4 Aug 2020.

19 Jun 2020 - CD’s preliminary hearing scheduled to begin on July 1st is continued to Aug 3rd at 10:30am and Aug 4th at 9:30am.

20 Jun 2020JuR tells Inside Edition that she was sexually assaulted by CD in Dec 2018.

20 Jun 2019CD spends his days in jail reading scriptures and religious books. (source Nate Eaton)

22 Jun 2020 – SS, LVD’s sister posts on Facebook that she was wrong.

22 Jun 2020 – The FBI releases a new second photo of TR, JJ and AlC at Yellowstone NP on 8 Sep 2019.

22 Jun 2020Dateline airs its 3rd special in the case – “What Happened to JJ and Tylee. Interviewees include MG, DW, AR and EIN reporters NE and EG. (See other timeline entries for further interview extracts.)

KM: “Story began Oct 2018, in suburban Phoenix, at a church of JC of LDS gathering near her home, Melanie G was teaching a class in alternative health ideas when Lori walked in and a friendship was born. MG had four kids Lori had three. MG got the impression Lori was struggling.”

MG: “JJ was a lot of work for her. He was running around and she was trying to make him happy. Tylee would appear every once in a while out of the bedroom and she did not have a good relationship with her mom.”
MG: “He [CV] seemed like a really nice guy. He seemed to always be taking JJ places. He seemed pretty easy going.”
MG: “Chad said he was Martin Luther, Methuselah… Chad and Lori were in charge of this group and they would find couples or people that would be able to fulfil this calling as the tribulations came upon the world. She had this personality that feels like Velcro. She just takes you in and she doesn’t let you go. They said that different earthquakes were gonna happen, different invasions. He said the 144k were going to move to Rexburg. Most people would end up in tents, but ‘we don’t like to camp so we’re not going to be in the tents’. It was like this secret mission.”

KM: “The group communicated on untraceable burner phones. Chad and Lori went to an LDS temple and performed a DIY sealing ceremony.”

MG: “Lori told me that she had seen in like a dream that he [CV] was to pass away.”
KM : a few weeks later
MG:Chad called her up on the phone and said ‘I just want to let you know that Charles, something happened to him, he became an unclean spirit’. They later phrased it as a zombie.”

23 Jun 2020 – Dateline producer Shane Bishop tweets out that police found as many as 60 untraceable phones and said the group also used approximately 30 email addresses. They also tweet that they’ve heard that at TDs funeral CD was pointing to attendees and pronouncing their spirits as light or dark. They also tweet that on 9 Jun 2020, the day of the search of his yard, CD was given the choice to sit on the couch and be escorted everywhere by a deputy or leave the house. He went across the road and watched from his daughter’s property. They also tweet that MG said that AlC said “they’ll never find them (JJ and TR)”

24 Jun 2020 – KSL TV obtained a satellite photo of CD’s property for 1:32 pm on 9 Sep 2020, the day police believe TR’s remains were burned and buried, showing a dark spot of disturbed ground measuring approx. 5 feet by 6.5 feet, in the place her remains were recovered. (source KSL TV)

25 Jun 2020 – Ada County coroner Dotti Owens completed the children’s autopsies and confirmed outside and ancillary testing has been ordered and will take several weeks to return. The results will be provided to the Fremont County coroner who will pay all fees and maintains responsibility for the investigation. (source EIN)

26 Jun 2020 – LVD’s 47th birthday (in jail). She is in general population and has never been on suicide watch. (source Court TV 24 Jun 2020)

29 Jun 2020Fox10 reports that BB filed a response in the custody battle with MBP. Gilbert PD det Ryan Pillar states that MBP is a person of interest in the attempted shooting of BB. Pillar says MBP never contacted him again after 16 Oct 2019, or sought assistance with finding her children. BB alleges that Madison prosecutor Rob Wood has indicated that MBP is a person of interest in other felonious acts including the disappearances of JJ and TR. BB says MG was told by MBP that two of her children were zombies. The next hearing in the matter is Jul 1st.

29 Jun 2020 – 1:15pm - Rexburg PD executed another search warrant at CD’s property in Salem, Idaho. They went into the house and the barn and were seen in the backyard with cameras. (source EIN)

29 Jun 2020 – LVD was arrested and charged, in the seventh judicial district of the State of Idaho in and for the County of Fremont, with two felony counts of conspiracy to commit destruction, alteration or concealment of evidence in violation of Idaho codes 18-2603 and 18-1701. Robert H Wood, prosecutor for Madison County, ID, is appointed as special prosecuting attorney because of the close nexus with Madison County with their pending charges and future charges.

29 Jun 2020 – Detective Ron Ball swears an affidavit of probable cause against CD for conspiracy (with LVD and AlC) to conceal and destroy evidence.

30 Jun 2020AR, LVD’s friend, speaks to Nancy Grace and says TR had a lot of mysterious health issues and was always sick, in her room resting and sleeping and she was told TR had had several surgeries to try to figure out what was wrong. (source CrimeOnline)

30 June 2020 – LVD’s initial appearance is scheduled for 4:30pm in front of Judge Faren Z Eddins at the Fremont County Courthouse. The bail amount listed against the new charges is $1 million. Mark Means files notice of appearance on LVD’s behalf and she will appear remotely via Zoom.

30 Jun 2020LVD’s initial hearing was held at 4:30pm. CR and KR were present on screen, and KW and LW were listening in. At one point LVD rubbed one of her eyes and requested a tissue. She wore a pale blue sweater, a mask because of covid-19 precautions, and was without handcuffs. Bond was kept at $1million. In response to a question from the judge, attorney MM stated that he had never represented CD. Prosecutor RW interjected and the parties were ordered to make written submissions on the issue of whether MM is conflicted. A preliminary hearing was set for Aug 10th and 11th.

30 Jun 2020 – the prosecutor filed an amended criminal complaint against CD. CD now faces four felony charges - two counts of destruction and concealment of evidence (Idaho code 18-2603) and two counts of conspiracy re same (Idaho codes 18-2603 and 18-1701). The court found that probable cause for the arrest exists, based on CD texting TD about a fire and burial of a raccoon, and deceptively acting as if he did not know LVD very well, or know her phone number, when he was married to her. An initial appearance was scheduled for 1 Jul at 1:00pm.

Note: If a specific source is not noted in brackets above, then there may be multiple news sources reporting the same info. Source Links are located in the Media thread.

Timeline Part XIX of XXI (Update 9) - June 2020


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Detailed Case Timeline Part XX of XXI (Update 9)

July 2020

FOUND DECEASED: Joshua Jaxson “JJ” Vallow & Tylee Ashlyn Ryan
Arrested: Lori Norene (Cox) Vallow/Daybell and Chad Guy Daybell

1 & 2 Jul 2020, 9:00 am – Chad’s 2 day preliminary hearing is scheduled in Fremont Co, ID. Preliminary hearing moved to August 3 & 4 on 19 June.

1 Jul 2020 – CD’s Initial Appearance on the amended complaint was held at 1:00pm. His preliminary hearing on 3 and 4 August remains unchanged at present.

1 Jul 2020 – Boudreaux child custody hearing 4:00pm Maricopa County.

2 Jul 2020Nate Eaton of EIN is interviewed by 97.1 ZHT radio station. He says LVD hasn’t been able to speak with CD for 3 or 4 weeks now and before that they were having video chats for hours, in which CD would tell her that the public supported her and that this would all be over soon.

2 Jul 2020 – The two felony counts of desertion of children against LVD in Madison County are dropped and her preliminary hearing scheduled for 9th/10th July was cancelled. LVD remains charged with the three misdemeanour counts of obstruction, solicitation and contempt.

c3 Jul 2020 – CP recently wrote on AVOW that he spent 3 hours at his home meeting with law enforcement in connection with CD. He wrote “I was oh so very wrong” and offered an apology to all and any he may have hurt. On the same date Fox13 reports that HS continues to defend CD’s innocence until proven guilty.

6 Jul 2020 Crime Stories with Nancy Grace – April Raymond speaks to Nancy Grace

9 & 10 Jul 2020, 9:00 am – Lori’s 2 day Preliminary Hearing is scheduled in Madison Co, ID. Cancelled on 2 July.

10 Jul 2020 –
Judge Faren Eddins signs an order to seal documents in the LVD matter regarding the issue of attorney conflict of interest, because her rights to a fair trial and privacy interests outweigh public interest.

14 Jul 2020 – Nathan Duncan of Chandler PD has replaced Nathan Moffat as the new lead detective on the CV death investigation. Moffat was promoted to sergeant in May. (sources Justin Lum Fox 10 Phoenix and Inside Edition)

15 Jul 2020 – LVD pleads not guilty to the 3 misdemeanor charges – and asserts six (provisional) defences:-

1/ court lacks personal jurisdiction
2/ court lacks subject matter jurisdiction
3/ improper service of process
4/ defendant did not knowingly violate any order
5/ inability to comply
6/ count 2 (solicitation – MG – 6 mos/$500) is a lesser included offense of count 1 (obstruction – lying – 1 yr/ $1000) as they are the same set of pertinent facts, and
7/ she reserves right to assert additional defences once discovery is received, and
8/ she is not waiving her 5th amendment rights by these assertions.

And –
- demands the case be set for pre-trial and jury trial,
- requests oral argument on motion for extended period of time for further defenses as discovery requests are partially outstanding,
- requests oral argument on motion for reduction in bond with dismissal of felony charges of desertion,
- reserves right to file later a motion to change venue.

17 Jul 2020 – LVD pre-trial conference and bond reduction hearing (on her three Madison County misdemeanors) at 10:30am (remote hearing - zoom). Judge Mallard reduced LVD's bond to $150,000, that's $50K in respect of each charge. (She still has a bond of $1million in Fremont County.) The matter has been set down for trial for 25-29 January 2021. (source J Lum)

22 July 2020 – Lori told CV that she believes July 2020 is the date of the second coming of Christ; In Jan 2019 Lori allegedly threatened to murder CV if he stood in the way of her preparing for this date. “I think it’s July 22, 2020?,” KW said. “I don’t know what’s going to happen July 23, you know. Charles told me. He had recordings of her. He said nobody will believe me, and he recorded her one night.” (Fox10 Phoenix, Divorce records, Click2Houston).

Note: If a specific source is not noted in brackets above, then there may be multiple news sources reporting the same info. Source Links are located in the Media thread.

Timeline Part XX of XXI (Update 9) - July 2020


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Detailed Case Timeline Part XXI of XXI (Update 9)

August 2020 and beyond

FOUND DECEASED: Joshua Jaxson “JJ” Vallow & Tylee Ashlyn Ryan
Arrested: Lori Norene (Cox) Vallow/Daybell and Chad Guy Daybell

3 & 4 Aug 2020, 10:30 am and 9:30 am respectively
– CD’s two-day preliminary hearing is scheduled in Fremont Co, ID.

10 & 11 Aug 2020, 9:00am - LVD’s two-day preliminary hearing is scheduled in Fremont Co, ID.

11 Aug 2020 – CD’s 52nd birthday.

25 - 29 Jan 2021 - LVD's jury trial in rspect of three misdemeanor counts, Madison County. Her plea of not guilty here.

Note: If a specific source is not noted in brackets above, then there may be multiple news sources reporting the same info. Source Links are located in the Media thread.

Timeline Part XXI of XXI (Update 9) - August 2020 and beyond


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Detailed Case Timeline Part I of XXI (Update 10)

List of Initials / Persons associated with the case:

FOUND DECEASED: Joshua Jaxson “JJ” Vallow & Tylee Ashlyn Ryan
Arrested: Lori Norene (Cox) Vallow/Daybell and Chad Guy Daybell

AlC = Alex Cox (Lori’s brother, died 2019) - aka AxC
AdC = Adam Cox (Lori’s brother)
AnC = Annie Cushing (Joe Ryan’s sister)
AR = April Raymond (Lori’s friend)
AS = Angela Stone (ex-CD groupie)
AVOW = Another Voice of Warning

BB = Brandon Boudreaux (ex-husband of MBP)
BC = Barry Cox (Lori’s father)
BD = Benjamin Douglas (Tammy Daybell’s brother)

CD = Chad Daybell
CP = Christopher Parrett (owner of AVOW, Another Voice of Warning)
CR = Colby Ryan (Lori’s son)
CV = Charles Vallow (died 2019)
CW = Charles Vallow's ex-wife, mother of their two sons

DW = David Warwick (MG’s friend)

EG = Eric Grossarth (Reporter East Idaho News)
EM = Emma Murray (Chad and Tammy Daybell’s daughter, married to Joseph)

GB = Gabe Bonilla (CV's friend/witness/Bishop)
GD = Garth Daybell (Chad and Tammy’s son)
GH = Gray Hughes (WS member and YouTuber)
GS = Garrett Smith (Cox/Pawlowski family attorney)

HD = Heather Daybell (MtD’s wife)
HS = Hector Sosa Jr. (author, creator of internet forum Pathway to Zion; PTZ)

IP = Ian Pawlowski (husband of MBP)

JC = Janis Cox (Lori’s mother)
JD = Jack Daybell (Chad’s father)
JG = Jason Gwilliam (Tammy Daybell’s sister-SG’s husband)
JJ or JV = Joshua Jaxson Vallow
JL = Justin Lum (Reporter Fox10 Phoenix)
JM = Jason Mow, aka Richard J Mow (ex-police, friend)
JP = John Prior (defense attorney for CD)
JoR or JR = Joseph Ryan aka Joe (Lori’s 3rd husband, died 2018) - aka JAR
JuR = Julie Rowe (Chad’s friend)
JV = Jonathan Vigliotti (CBS reporter)

KP = Kim Powell (azfamily reporter)
KR = Kelsee Ryan (CR’s wife)
KM = Keith Morrison, Dateline
KW = Kay Woodcock (JJ’s paternal grandmother)

LDS = Latter Day Saints
LM = Leah Murphy (Chad and Tammy Daybell’s daughter, married to Adam)
LS = Luis Soltren (Dateline associate)
LVD = Lori Vallow Daybell (nee Cox) aka LV
LW = Larry Woodcock (JJ’s grandfather, husband of Kay)

MBP = Melani Boudreaux Pawlowski (Lori’s niece, nee Cope. aka MB pre-marriage to IP)
MiD = Michael Douglas (Tammy Daybell's brother)
MkD = Mark Daybell (Chad and Tammy’s son)
ML = Morgan Loew (Reporter)
MM = Mark Means (Defense Attorney for LVD)
MtD = Matt Daybell (Chad's brother)
MwD = Matthew Douglas (Tammy Daybell’s brother)
MG = Melanie Gibb (Lori’s friend)
MT = Mary Tracy (AlC's friend)

NE = Nate Eaton (reporter East Idaho News)
NG = Nancy Grace
NM = Neal Mestas (JJ's dog Bailey's trainer)
NP = Natalie Pawlowski (ex-wife of IP)
NY = Nelson Yanes (Lori's first husband)

PaP = Preparing a People
PD = Paul Daybell (Chad’s brother)
PhD = Phyllis Douglas nee Cooper (Tammy Daybell’s mother)

RD = Ron(ald) Douglas (Tammy Daybell’s father)
RJ = Robert Jarvis (Cox/Pawlowski attorney)
RR = Rich Robertson (private investigator)
RW = Rob (Robert) H Wood (Madison County Prosecutor)

SC = Steve Cope (MBP’s father, formerly married to SLC)
SF = Suzanne Freeman (author of books published by CD's company)
SLC = Stacey Lynne Cope (Lori's sister, nee Cox, died 1998, mother of Melani; MBP or MB)
SeD = Seth Daybell (Chad and Tammy's son)
ShD = Sheila Daybell (Chad's mother)
SG = Samantha Gwilliam (Tammy Daybell's sister, married to JG)
SS = Summer Shiflet (Lori’s sister, nee Cox)

TD = Tammy (Tamara) Daybell nee Douglas (died 2019)
TR = Tylee Ryan
TdR = Ted Rowlands (Court TV)

WL = William Lagioia (Lori's second husband)

ZC = Zac Cox (AdC’s son)
ZP = Zulema Pastenes (AlC’s wife)

Timeline Part I of XXI (Update 10) - List of Initials / Persons associated with the case


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Detailed Case Timeline Part II of XXI (Update 10)

Beginning TO 24 Feb 2006 (wedding day of Charles Vallow and Lori Ryan)

FOUND DECEASED: Joshua Jaxson “JJ” Vallow & Tylee Ashlyn Ryan
Arrested: Lori Norene (Cox) Vallow/Daybell and Chad Guy Daybell

17 Aug 1956 -
Charles Leland Vallow's birth.
c. 1960 - JoR's birth
18 Jan 1968 - Alexander Lamar Cox's birth.
11 Aug 1968 - Chad Guy Daybell is born in Provo, UT.
4 May 1970 - Tammy Daybell (nee Douglas) birth.
26 Jun 1973 - Lori Norene Cox is born in San Bernardino Co, CA.

1981 to 1987 – (teenage) – CD’s maternal grandfather Guy Chesnut told him a story about meeting a messenger from heaven in the temple.”I was a teenager when Grandpa first told me this experience, and it really had an impact on me. Up to that point, I figured only the prophet or apostles could receive visits from messengers. But I realized it could happen to common members of the Church under the right circumstances (InsideEdition)

Aug 1985 - 17 yo Chad has near-death experience cliff jumping at Flaming Gorge Reservoir in northern Utah. He claims to have crossed into another dimension & realized there was a world beyond. 1- How it all began |

1985 to 1987 - Chad works as a Springville Parks Department Worker & Supervisor (KSL-TV)
1986 – Chad graduates from HS in Springville, UT. He was an honor roll student and nominated as “teenager of the month” his sr year (1985 & 1986 Springville Herald,

1986CD wrote in @Redvines86 yearbook (they were in the same HS class for 6 years) with regards to one of her female friends, wtte ‘I don’t think she’s good for you, I think you should be friends with other people’. The female friend was “a very strong female who didn’t put up with a lot from anybodyhe [CD] always did better with girls…, had a lot of friends that were girls, …more so than guys”. (source WS youtube interview)

1987-1989 – After HS graduation, Chad takes a LDS mission in a Spanish-speaking area of Morristown, New Jersey. Chad writes in his 2017 autobiography that while serving his mission in NJ he felt he was “actually witnessing the First Vision.” Mormons believe Joseph Smith received the First Vision & was chosen to be the Lord’s prophet. (Fox13 Salt Lake City, Daily Mail)

1987-89 – Fellow missionaries 3 decades ago, Hector Fernandez, and Trent Price recount their memories of CD in Dateline ep.2 "What Happened to the Children":-
HF: “Chad was really loved, really respected, we thought he was really the best of us.”
TP: “
In the bible you’d see David was head and shoulders above, and that was like him. Both physically and spiritually above us. [Chad and Tammy] were inseparable. They obviously connected right away. One of these huge waves hit him and rather than be in his body he felt he was out of his body, having a conversation with a grandfather and learning about his future life.” (Dateline 1 May 2020)

June 1988 to 1992 & 1996 – Unk date) Tammy Douglas (Daybell), worked for Springville City as a billing secretary and receptionist (KSL TV).

1989 – 1992 – age early twenties – CD’s second alleged near-death experience, being hit by a wave. (source book Living on the Edge of Heaven published in 2017)

Apr 1989 – MB/MBP's birth. (source Justin Lum Fox 10 Phoenix )

August 1989 to August 1991 – Chad works part time as cemetery sexton in Springville, UT & starts college at Brigham Young University (BYU) (Chad’s website Archives).

Approx 1989- 1991 – Lori is on the cheer squad at Eisenhower High School in Rialto, CA. Lori is “a flyer” - the girl the team threw into the air. Lori's parents didn't come to her cheer competitions. However, Lori’s HS friend, BFL, says, "As a cheer squad, we were always at Lori's house. Her mom and dad let us hang out there. We used to swim... Everybody was just so welcoming. They had a big family." The Cox family were "very, very devout Mormons," BFL said, and Lori attended religious classes in mornings before school (Inside Edition).

Approx 1989- 1991 – Lori got good grades in HS and talked about going to BYU for college, however she never went to college (Inside Edition).

9 March 1990 - Chad Daybell and Tamara "Tammy" Douglas marry in the Manti Temple. They met while attending BYU. They would go on to have 5 children & 3 grandchildren during their nearly 30 year marriage. (Tammy’s Obit).

1990’s – Chad & Tammy did extensive genealogy research on Tammy’s family & temple paperwork for 100’s of her ancestors (Chad’s blog).

1991 – Lori started dating boys her senior year of HS. "It's weird because it wasn't until our senior year that she even had a boyfriend. She was very much to herself and she hung around just the girls…There was hardly ever boys with us. But in senior year, that's when she started kind of like branching out a little bit." – Lori’s friend BFL (Inside Edition).

18 May 1991 – Charles Vallow marries his 2nd wife Cheryl while living in Austin, TX; They had 2 sons during their 12 year marriage (East Idaho News).

12 June 1991 – Lori Cox graduates from Eisenhower HS in Rialto, CA. (San Bernardino County Sun, ) The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on July 10, 1991 · Page 24

12 Sept 1991 – Lori rides her horse, Nellie, to visit her boyfriend in Fontana, CA. A newspaper features her photo as she rides down Valley Blvd, just east of Cherry St (San Bernardino County Sun, ). The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on September 13, 1991 · Page 31

1 Jan 1992Lori, 18, became a hair-stylist (source US Sun)

1992 – Lori marries her 1st husband Nelson Yanes (source EIN) while she is still a teenager. Her 1st husband is her boyfriend from high school and he is not Mormon. This relationship ends in divorce. (GH family interview; Post Register, Inside Edition).

About 1992 - Lori moved away from Rialto, CA soon after her divorce (Inside Edition).

1991/1992 – Chad works as Asst City Editor for BYU’s newspaper, The Daily Universe. The following semester he served as City Editor (Chad’s website archives).

April 1992 – Chad graduates from BYU with bachelor’s degree in Journalism (Chad's blog).

1992 – After graduation Chad took job as copy editor and headline writer w/Standard-Examiner in Ogden, UT. The family lived in the suburb Washington Terrace in Ogden (Chad’s website archives).

1993 – Chad has 2nd near-death experience. He is hit by a wave at La Jolla Cove, CA. He claims his spirit visited his deceased grandfather, who showed him future events. Chad claims this “caused his ‘veil’ that separates mortal life from the Spirit World to stay partially open, so he often feels as if he has a foot in both worlds” (Chad's Blog).

1993 – Chad says in a 2015 blog post that not long after his 2nd near-death experience he was driving south on I-15 in Orem, UT past Geneva Steel when he saw a vision of the steel plant changed into subdivisions. Geneva Steel would later close in 1999-2001 and in 2015 Chad claims he foresaw that happening. A similar vision in 2005 supposedly inspired Chad to write a futuristic book series (Chad’s Blog).

c. 1995 – MBP’s account of her parents splitting up when she was six: “the night my dad took me, he said we were gonna go get gas and we never came back. We left my mum there and he turned the power off, he took all of her credit cards, took her planner, and just left her there and she was really sick to the point she couldn’t really take care of herself and we hid out in a hotel for a couple of months. And then from then on started a nasty custody battle between them.” “Things weren’t just in her case, and I grew up with my dad and then later my step-mom when my dad got remarried, and I heard all manner of things about the Coxes and my dad cut off communication with them…it didn’t feel right a lot of the lies I was being told about them.” (source EIN May 2020)

4 Dec 1995 - April 2000 – Chad hears about an opening in Springville for a cemetery sexton in 1995 and takes the job in order to move his family back to Springville and closer to their grandparents (Chad’s website archives). Employment records show Chad became a Cemetery Supervisor in July 1996 and resigned in 1999 (KSL TV).

22 Oct 1995 – Lori marries her 2nd husband William Lagioia (source EIN) in Travis County, Texas. Her 1st son Colby (CR) is born during this relationship. This marriage ends in divorce (Court records).

Apr 1996 – CR's birth. LVD was 22.

17 Dec 1996 – Lori’s files for divorce against William Lagioia, her 2nd husband in Bexar County, Texas. (Court records).

1997 - Two years after Chad became a sexton again, he is shoveling snow at the cemetery when he hears a voice say “It’s time to write your books.” (Chad’s blog 3- A voice in the cemetery | ).

25 Feb 1998 – Lori’s 2nd divorce (from WL) is finalized (Bexar Co Court records).

25 May 1998 - Stacey Cox Cope, the sister of Lori and Alex Cox, dies supposedly of diabetic shock; Stacey is survived by a young daughter named Melani (family interviews on GH; Daily Mail). Stacey Lynn Cope (1966-1998) - Find A Grave...

25 May 1998 - SLC's death - [LVD 24 yo, CR 2 yo, AlC 30 yo] :-
LW has heard that AlC was the only person with SLC when she died and then he used her credit cards (source KW & LW int. Gray Hughes 26 Dec 2019)

NE: “there have been other reports about your mother’s death - that somehow Lori may have been tied into it, or whatever is killing all these other people, your mom may have been the first victim. Can you address that?
MBP: “Yes. She died of natural causes, it’s on her death certificate. But she had type 1 diabetes with gastroparesis with that, like she went to every type of doctor, she even went and you know went to, you know, I think she got tested for eating disorders, for everything she got tested for, and it was so clear what she had, it was so far from anorexia, it was a total manipulation of, you know, she’s tiny and can’t absorb nutrients and he took it and ran with the story of that, and it’s hurtful and it’s untrue and she’s not here to tell that truth, and reading through court documents there’s so many things he could have said because we’re real and open about our family we make mistakes he could have said you know true things but it was mostly just lies about everything and that’s similar to what’s happening in my family court case, it’s the same pattern I think we go through these things to learn and experience and seeing that same exact thing happen now in my life it’s too ironic that it’s the same exact pattern.” (source EIN May 2020)

17 March 1999 – Chad Daybell is featured in an article about publishing his first book “An Errand for Emma.” The book is a fiction story set in 1868 with a teen girl main character that is based on Chad’s then 4 year old daughter’s personality. At the time of the article Chad is once again working as a cemetery sexton in Springville - a job he says he purposely took in order to spend more time with his family and have time to write books (BYU Universe).

2001 – Chad claims that Tammy’s grandmother, LC, had a visit from a deceased ancestor, RM; RM supposedly thanked Chad and Tammy thru LC for submitting temple paperwork in the ancestor’s name. Tammy’s grandmother passed away in 2005 and Chad would later claim he received a visit and message from LC in 2011 (Chad’s blog).

April 2001 – Chad is working for Access Computer Products’ in Provo, Utah (Chad’s website archives).

2001 – Lori Marries her 3rd husband, Joseph Anthony Ryan, Jr (JR). Exact date of marriage is unknown, but JR’s sister, Annie, confirmed the year. JR adopts Lori's son from her previous marriage (Post Register) JR’s sister Annie say her brother’s marriage to Lori got off to a joyful start. “They were just madly in love. I had never seen Joe that happy,” (KSLTV). According to court documents obtained by The U.S. Sun, CR was not adopted by JoR but took his last name – (source TheSun)

29 Oct 2001 – Chad does an interview about his job working as a Springville Cemetery Sexton and a book he wrote about it. "It's a physically demanding job," Chad also noted that a 4-year-old visitor once referred to him as "the sexy one." Chad says family members often talk with him about their feelings, "Taking care of the graves is rewarding, as well as helping widows and grieving family members deal with the trauma… Sad times are always when you have to bury babies. That's always a poignant moment." Chad recounts a time when he had to dig up a casket so a mortician could retrieve a wedding ring he had forgotten to remove for the family and another time when a man wanted to set up a Christmas tree and run an extension cord for lights, "I couldn't really exaggerate or fabricate any of these stories, they're just too bizarre… I always get a creepy feeling right in the middle of those,” Said Chad pointing to some juniper bushes, “I don't know what happened there and I don't know why; chills just go up your spine, like you're being watched." (Deseret News).

24 Sept 2002 - Tylee Ashlyn Ryan is born to Lori (29 yo) and JR. CR is 6 yo. JR’s sister Annie said, “My brother had never been married and he had never had a child, so he was over the moon.” (KSLTV).

18 Mar 2003 – Chad’s books are pulled from the shelves of Deseret Book Stores, allegedly due to an irreverent scene in "Chasing Paradise," where a warrior angel drop-kicks a naughty spirit through a wall. Chad is working as managing editor of Cedar Fort publishing at the time (Deseret News).

27 Jun 2003 – Charles Vallow divorces his 2nd wife Cheryl (East Idaho News).

Abt 2004 – Lori wins $17,500 on “Wheel of Fortune” (CrimeOnline).

2004 – Lori is contestant in the Mrs. Texas pageant; she is a semi-finalist, but eliminated in the final round of competition (CrimeOnline).

c. 2004MBP: “Finally when I was 15 I found my uncle Adam [Cox] on a radio, I think I googled him we had computers at High School and I found him and he was one of my favorite people in my life I remember growing up and then it kind of started connecting all those ties that I’d gone so long from age 9 all the way to 15 without.” (source EIN May 2020)

Feb 23 2004 – Lori is listed on a General Warranty Deed for the home she shares with JR in Driftwood, TX (Hays Co Property records).

1 Mar 2004 – Chad and Tammy start their own book publisher, Spring Creek Book Company (Daily Mail, Heavy).

13 Aug 2004 - Lori’s 3rd husband JR files for divorce in Hays Co, Texas. JR fights Lori in the courts trying to gain full custody of Tylee for several years. (Court records, family interview on Grey Hughes).

Nov 2004 – [CD - 36 yo] CD’s company published a book by SF about her near-death experience. CD never once mentioned to SF any near-death experiences he had. SF thinks it would have come up in their many conversations and in her experience if people had a NDE they want to share it with others who would be understanding. (EIN Jun 2020)

2005 - Tammy's grandmother, LC, passes away (Chad’s blog).

2005 – Chad starts working on his “Standing in Holy Places” book series with the first novel called “The Great Gathering” which is set 10-15 years in the future. Chad claims on a blog post in 2015 that his futuristic books included actual visions he had of the future that came to pass, including the recession of 2008 and a steel mill that shut down in 1999. (Chad’s blog 17- Writing “The Great Gathering” | ).

1 Feb 2005Lori sold her wedding ring to a jewellers in San Antonio TX for $4,300. (bankruptcy 2005 docs)

18 May 2005 – Lori & JR’s divorce is finalized in Hays Co, Texas (Court records).

c. 2005 – [CR 9 yo, TR 2 or 3 yo, MBP abt 16 yo] MBP: “Lori flew me out to nanny for them in Texas. It was a lot of fun. Tylee was just little. I loved taking Tylee to do everything. And Colby too. We’d go out on the boat on the lake and Lori was just a fun mom.” (Dateline ep 2 May 2020)

30 Aug 2005Lori filed for individual bankruptcy (Chapter 7) in Texas.

Her residential address: 2501 Watercrest Drive, Austin, TX 78738.
Previous addresses:
2001 – 2004 – 526 Island Oaks Lane, Driftwood, TX 78619 (bankruptcy property)
Aug 2004 – Jun 2005 – 502 Roble Vista, San Antonio, TX 78258

She was listed as a self-employed hair stylist, trading as Lori Ryan, past 8 mos. out of 3300 Bee Caves Rd, Austin, TX. Trading since 1 Jan 1992.

2003 – unemployed
2004 - income from employment as hair-stylist $17.5K
2005 – income (as above) $24K year to date.

Divorced with 2 children ages 9 and 2

Receiving regular income of $3.7K pm, plus alimony/maintenance $1.5K pm

Total expenses of $6.2K pm including charitable contributions of $400 pm.

She estimated that after any exempt property was excluded there would be no funds for unsecured creditors. No. of creditors was between 1 and 15.

Estimated assets half to one million $, estimated debts same.

Attorney’s name Gray Byron Jolink, Bar No. 10856500. 4131 Spicewood Springs Rd, Austin TX 78759, paid $1k for services.

Bankruptcy asset – property - LOT 212 Phase 2 Sec 2 La Ventana Driftwood Hays County TX, 526 Island Oaks lane, Driftwood, TX 78619, worth $710,000 secured claim $580,000.

2003 Chevy Tahoe worth $15,415 on which she owed $16K,
plus personal items, total assets $17,715.

Taxes owed (priority claim) – as a co-debtor $19,563 and on own acc - Philadelphia (2000/2001 1040 taxes) $79,440.89.

Unsecured loans, credit cards, ER Physicians and bank debt totaling $28,811.56. (nonpriority claims)

Other party to house lease ending Jun 2007 $1.9K pm was Elizabeth Steer. (The US Sun)

6 Sept 2005 – Lori is listed on a Trustee Deed for the home she shared with JR in Driftwood, TX (Hays Co Property records).

2006 – Lori’s brother Alex is doing stand-up comedy shows in Phoenix where he meets a friend (MT). (Fox10 Phoenix).

24 Feb 2006 - Lori marries her 4th husband, Leland "Charles" Anthony Vallow (CV) in Las Vegas, NV; Lori is CV’s 3rd wife (Clark Co marriage records, East Idaho News).

Timeline Part II of XXI (Update 10) - Beginning TO 24 Feb 2006 (wedding day of Charles Vallow and Lori Ryan)


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Detailed Case Timeline Part III of XXI (Update 10)

25 Feb 2006 (post CV & LV wedding day) TO end of 2017

FOUND DECEASED: Joshua Jaxson “JJ” Vallow & Tylee Ashlyn Ryan
Arrested: Lori Norene (Cox) Vallow/Daybell and Chad Guy Daybell

6 Mar 2006 – Springville Herald writes an article about Chad’s new book, "The LDS Top 5 Charts" all about celebrities who are also LDS.

11 Mar 2006 – Chad signs copies of his new book at Provo East Bay Seagull Book, 1326 S. University Avenue in Provo, UT (Springville Herald).

08 Aug 2006 – Lori’s ex-husband, JR, files in the 22nd District Court of TX for custody enforcement/modification in the interest of Tylee (Court records).

8 Aug 2006 – LV was ordered to appear and respond to a motion for enforcement in the District Court of Hays County, Texas on 16th Aug 2006. (The Sun)

22 Sep 2006 – [TR about 4 yo] - JoR filed a motion for enforcement of possession or access in Hays County Texas, stating he had been denied all visitation with TR for the month of August. Process was to be served on LV and CV at 1810 Intervail, Austin, Texas. In May 2005 the court-approved agreement was that TR would be with JoR 3 weekends a month and until TR entered kindergarten 2 weekdays a month, and 2 weeks during the summer. JoR’s court filing stated that LV did not bring TR for her summer stay from Aug 9 through Aug 15, to her weekend visit on Aug 4 and her weekday visit on Aug 27. Court filing indicates that JoR was paying TR’s health insurance premium of $385.43 per month, he was self-employed and the coverage was not provided through a parent’s employment. JoR requested ‘the psychological evaluation of “Lori Ryan” and [TR]’, the parties attend a parent/family course, and the court appoint a guardian ad litem to represent TR. JoR requested a temporary injunction to stop LV from making disparaging remarks regarding JoR in the presence or within hearing of TR, and after trial to make it a permanent injunction. The custody battle lasted until JoR’s death in 2018. (Source The Sun)

2007 – CV’s 2nd ex-wife begins to have concerns about Lori’s mental health. “She just seemed off. There were a lot of strange goings-on at their home to the point that a judge ordered cameras to be put in their home to protect the children,” Cheryl says (East Idaho News).

11 July 2007 – Chad’s book “The Great Gathering” is first published by Brigham Distributing for Nook. In Aug 2007 Chad’s Spring Creek Book Company also released the book in Amazon Kindle and Paperback versions. In the book, “one of his characters dies for a noble purpose. The death “was unfortunate, but let me assure you that it wasn’t an accident.” (Adam Herbets, Fox13 SLC).

Aug 2007 – Lori’s brother AC tells his Phoenix friend, MT, that he has to go to Austin, TX to deal with some “family affairs”.

5 Aug 2007 – Lori’s brother, AC, attacks & threatens her 3rd ex-husband, JR in Travis Co, TX. JR was leaving after a custody visit with Tylee when AC approached him in the parking lot, pulled a stun gun & shocked JR with it twice. JR got up to flee and AC chased him. JR fled past a witness who saw AC with the stun gun and AC walked away after that (Court Docs, FOX 10 Phoenix).

6 Aug 2007 – JR goes to the hospital with chest pains the day after the stun gun attack and is admitted for observation. He is also diagnosed with a fractured wrist from the fall to the ground during the attack (Court Docs, FOX 10 Phoenix).

15-16 Aug 2007 – An “affidavit for arrest and detention” of Alex is made & filed in Travis Co, TX for the stun gun attack on JR (Court Docs, FOX 10 Phoenix).

2008 – Abt a year after the stun-gun attack on JR, AC pleads guilty to aggravated assault in the second degree and serves 3 months in jail (Court Docs, FOX 10 Phoenix).

2008 – While serving 90 days for his attack on JR, AC writes 4 letters to his friend MT; MT says AC “usually found a way to mention his ex-brother in law”. One letter reads "Do me a favor. Call Janis. Ask her to put Joe's address on a post card and his license plate number. I think it will be popular here." The "Janis" mentioned is Lori and AC's mother. In another letter, AC writes "P.S., can you get a picture from Lori of one of her ex-husbands and send it to me? Some of the guys would like to hang out with him." (FOX 10 Phoenix).

2008 – The “Great Recession” hits the US; In a 2015 blog post Chad claims that the 2008 recession was just like he predicted it happening in his books but he knew that the end was “still several years away” because one of the key parts of the book involves the government encouraging human microchip implants (Chad’s Blog).

2008 – Chad and Tammy file for Bankruptcy. The bankruptcy records show they have over $100,000 in debt related Spring Creek Book Company. They have assets totaling $149,657.21 but debts in the amount of $353,853.21. Assets include a home in Springville worth $135,900, less than $100 in their bank accounts, various household items and their book company worth an estimated $0. Also listed as asset - 'Copyrights to twenty (20) books written by debtor/website. (annual income of about $2,000, however this decreases every year)' They own a 1997 Mazda Protege (worth $2k) and 2005 Chrysler Town & County van (worth $10k), a turtle, two rabbits and a parakeet. They owe $95,352 to Gmac Mortgage for their home, $7,024 on a 2nd mortgage and $36,699.11 to Central Bank for a 'Statutory lien.' They list five kids ranging from 8 years to 16 years. Both list their jobs as book publishers - Chad's average income was $3,385 and Tammy pulled in $1,579. The docs listed monthly expenses in the amount of $3,927. At the time, Chad was working part-time at Springville City Corp and Tammy was working part-time as an Overload Tech. (Radar Online, Daily Mail).

Sep 2008 – An article in the Daily Herald, a Utah publication, dated 9/17/2008, announces that “Air Force Reserve Airman Melani L Cope has graduated from basic military training at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. During the six weeks of training, the airman […] received physical training, rifle marksmanship, field training exercises, and special training in human relations. […] Cope is the daughter of Steve Cope of Edgewood, Washington, and granddaughter of Kathleen Cope of Orem.”

2008 – Lori’s niece, Melani, daughter of late Stacey Cox Cope, marries Brandon Boudreaux (BB) (Daily Mail).

Mar 2008 - Lori and CV sign a "lien release form" together in Travis Co, TX (Court records).

Aug 2008 to 2009 - Chad works as a Part-Time Cemetery Maintenance Worker in Springville, UT (KSL TV).

19 Dec 2008 – JR requests dismissal of an appeal against Lori Vallow in the 3rd court of Appeals, 345 District Court of Travis Co, Texas; the court grants his request. Joseph Anthony Ryan, Jr. v. Lori N. Vallow--Appeal from 345th District Court of Travis County

26 Jan 2009 – Lori and CV sign forms for authorization for someone to pay property tax on their behalf in Travis Co, Texas (Court records).

1 Feb 2009 – Chad takes a cemetery sexton job in Spanish Fork City. He says he took the job due to the recession’s impact on the book publishing industry (Spanish Fork Press/Daily Herald).

17 July 2009 - Lori’s Ex-husband, JoR, again files a custody suit against Lori in the State of TX. This suit is carried over to the AZ courts and a note about it in Maricopa County, AZ records that reads: “FROM THE STATE OF TEXAS INTERLOCUTORY/OF 7/17/09 IN SUIT TO MODIFY PARENT-CHILD RELATIONSHIP” (Court Records).

– A civil court finds Lori in contempt and charges her with judicial interference for disobeying a child custody agreement with Joseph Ryan in regards to Tylee (Feb 2020 bond reduction hearing).

2009 – Lori is found guilty of 7 different civil contempt charges (Per Prosecutor Wood in Lori’s Initial Appearance 6 Mar 2020).

2010 – Chad and Tammy’s Bankruptcy case is officially closed, with about $203,000 of their debt forgiven (Daily Mail).

2011 – Lori’s brother Alex is ordered by a Travis Co, TX Court to pay Lori’s ex-husband/Tylee’s father, Joseph Ryan, $5000 in restitution for the 2007 taser assault; Alex is placed on probation (Fox10 Phoenix).

27 July 2011 – Lori calls and cancels a July 30th court ordered psych eval appointment, saying that her sister in another state gave birth to a baby with medical complications and Lori was leaving town to be with her sister. Lori requested to change her appointment to Oct 4th (KSLTV).

30 July 2011 – Lori was originally scheduled for a court ordered pysch eval in relation to a custody case concerning CV’s 2 sons. She canceled this saying she was going out of town (KSLTV).

31 July 2011 – A psychologist decides to call Lori to schedule an appointment earlier after a concern that Lori is a “flight risk” was brought up in court (KSLTV).

1 Aug 2011 - Lori showed up early for her psych eval appointment (KSLTV).

5 Aug 2011 – Lori’s Ex-husband, JoR, files “Petition to modify child custody, parenting time and child support” in Maricopa County, AZ Family Court. JoR claims Lori will not let him see his daughter, Tylee, despite their custody agreement. (Court records, AZ Family News).

13 Aug 2011 – A process server serves Lori with the Aug 5th petition through serving her husband CV. The document ordered Lori to undergo a psychological evaluation after she told social workers “death would be an option before giving Tylee to her father, Mr. Joseph Ryan, even for a visit.” The document goes on to say “These are real and serious concerns,” (KSLTV).

2011 - A civil court again finds Lori in contempt and charges her with judicial interference for disobeying a child custody agreement with Joseph Ryan in regards to Tylee (Feb 2020 bond reduction hearing).

23 Sept 2011 – Chad claims that Tammy’s deceased grandmother, LC, visited him and told him Tammy needed to stop playing the computer game “Frontierville” and get back to working on genealogy and temple work; Chad typed up the message and gave it to Tammy and her parents to read that day; Sept 23 was LC’s birthday so they took this as a sign she had spoken to him; Chad says in a 2015 blog post that every Sept 23rd he waits for another visit, but so far LC’s been quiet (Chad’s Blog).

c. May 2012 - CD had started publishing non-Mormon doctrine stories, which SF (author published by CD) didn’t want her name to be associated with, he wanted to take out the LDS stuff from her books, then in May (she thinks about 8 years ago) CD told her he was not going to publish any more books because the call-out was going to happen. The call-out meant (according to online groups not the Church) a call-out by the prophets to those LDS with food storage and a temple recommend to go to the Church’s girls camps before any tribulations and invasions. After that when the call-out didn’t happen he did publish more books.

25 May 2012 - Joshua Jaxson “JJ” Vallow is born in Louisiana. He weighs 2lb 14 oz at birth. JJ would later be diagnosed with special needs- Autism and ADHD, and prescribed medication. JJ’s grandparents, KW & LW cared for him for 9 or 10 months prior to allowing KW’s brother, CV and his wife, Lori, to adopt him (Rexburg Standard Journal, East Idaho News).

5 June 2012 - Lori’s Ex-husband, JoR, files more petitions against Lori to modify child custody and child support arrangements for Tylee in Maricopa County, AZ. The court battle goes on until 2014 when it appears that JoR won his case as the document reads: “Stipulation To Credit (Offset) Petitioner/Father's Child Support Obligations for Seven (7) Months Commencing June 1, 2014” (Court records).

Feb 2013 – CV (56 yo) and LV (39 yo), living in Phoenix, AZ, took possession of 9 mos. old baby JJ Vallow from KW and LW who had cared for him full-time since birth, and started the adoption process which would take 17 mos. to complete. (KW & LW int by Gray Hughes 26 Dec 2019) [TR was 10 yo and CR was 16 yo, CV and LV had been married 7 yrs]

May 2013 to Oct 2014 - Chad works as Springville Cemetery Sexton (KSL TV).

11 Apr 2013 – Baby JJ takes his first steps at 13 months old (East Idaho News).

Approx 2013 – CV and Lori begin the legal process to adopt JJ.

Feb 2014Chad first meets JuR on an online forum called AVOW; Chad helped publish her book about a near-death experience she had in 2004. She became close friends with the Daybells and there was a 3 year period of time where Julie would visit Chad & Tammy in their Rexburg home at least once a month (Fox10 Phoenix, Fox13 SLC). (InsideEdition)

April 15, 2014 – Tylee answers questions on Askfm. https://******/tyleearyan

May 2014 – Tylee Joins Twitter. Tylee Ryan (@tyleearyan) | Twitter

May 2014 – CD published JuR’s first book. (InsideEdition)

1 June 2014 – JoR wins a custody petition against Lori involving adjustment of child support and parenting time with Tylee. Docs read: “Stipulation To Credit (Offset) Petitioner/Father's Child Support Obligations for Seven (7) Months Commencing June 1, 2014” (Court records).

25 July 2014: CV and Lori finalize the adoption of JJ (KW; Post Register); The final decree of adoption from the 14th Judicial District Court Parish of Calcasieu, Louisiana establishes Lori and Charles as JJ’s legal parents (Affidavit of Probable Cause Doc). [CR is 18 yo and TR is 11 yo].

Jul 2014 – JuR first met CD and TD in person. She went on to become friends with CD, TD and their children. (Inside Edition)

August 2014 – Chad’s mom rents a large cabin in Island Park, Idaho for an extended family vacation trip. On this Idaho trip Chad hears a voice say “You’ll live here soon.” (Chad's Blog 14- Following the path to . . .Idaho? | ).

End of 2014/Beginning of 2015 -Lori and Charles Vallow move to Hawaii with JJ and Tylee to start a juice bar called "Juice Island". This business was reportedly a failure and they would eventually move back to AZ (Note: Date based on business filing dates and social media posts; story about the juice bar was from insider posts on WS and confirmed by business filings).

8 Dec 2014 – Lori and Charles Vallow register a business called “Juice Island Hawaii LLC” in Princeville, HI.

2014 – Re: the Vallows' move to Hawaii, (AR speaking to Dateline ep2 May 2020):-
KM: “In 2014 after Colby graduated from High School Lori and Charles and the kids moved to Kauai. Lori was working through the church near her home, where she became a youth leader, where she met April Raymond.”
AR: “We became fast friends. I was a fitness instructor and she was a fitness instructor. She’d been divorced and so here’s another Mormon woman that’s been divorced and been through what I’ve been through. We connected on that level. I felt understood by her.”
KM: What was she like?
AR: “Really fun. Fun to be around, really positive. Full of energy. Full of life. Really nice to me, my boys. Just enveloped us really quickly into her life. It was like oh my goodness this must have been meant to be, that’s how I felt. I felt it was divine design.”

2014 or 2015 – ‘TR turned into a zombie when she was 12 or 13’, which was when she became “difficult” to deal with, according to what LV told MG on an unknown date in 2019. (sources 06/30/2020 Probable Cause Affidavit of Detective Ron Ball and 06/29/2020 Probable Cause Affidavit of Detective Ron Ball) MG says CD told LV this. (Dateline Ep 3 Jun 2020)

2015 - Re: Colby's move back to AZ:- (CR speaking to Dateline ep 2 May 2020)
KM:Colby had grown up. Felt the urge to get his own life going. By then 19, CR moved back to the mainland.”
CR: “I felt especially for Tylee. I wouldn’t say fatherhood role but a positive influence of someone who gives her enough love.”

Approx 2015: Lori becomes “obsessed with Chad’s books,” especially his “Standing in Holy Places” series. A friend of Lori's says: “Those books she got really obsessed with and started buying me those books too. She must have gotten close to him from his book.” (Fox 5; Post Register). In one of those books a character named Tad is upset at his wife Emma for following prophesies signaling the end of the world. Tad says, “I’m not the one tearing our family apart. You’re the one who is selfishly taking my children away!’” Also in the series the fictional Tad “is running from law enforcement and describes how difficult it is to sleep.” (Adam Herbets, Fox13 SLC).

12 Jan 2015 - Lori and Charles Vallow register a business called “JUICE ISLAND - PRINCEVILLE LLC” in Princeville, HI.

Feb 2015 - Chad has a vision of walking a path and hearing a voice say, “Moving to Rexburg will be a tremendous blessing to your children and your grandchildren.” A few weeks after that Chad was eating dinner with his family and said “When we move to Rexburg . . .” He had not brought it up before and “Tammy wasn’t thrilled” but soon Tammy agreed and was looking at real estate in Rexburg (Chad's blog 14- Following the path to . . .Idaho? | ).

2015 – (CD - 47 yo) – CD wrote on his website about the message his grandpa told him as a teenager in the 1980s. (InsideEdition)

June 2015 – Chad and Tammy Daybell buy a house and move to Rexburg, Idaho. Tammy worked as assistant librarian at Madison Middle School. She later became the librarian at Central Elementary School in Sugar City, Idaho (Chad's blog).

25 June 2015 – Tylee Tweets a photo with a friend captioned: “4 more days until Hawaii with this chick”.

11 July 2015 – Tylee Tweets a photo with a friend doing Charlie’s Angel poses, captioned: “Partner’s in Crime”.

27 July 2015 – Tylee Tweets a photo with a friend captioned “gonna miss this girl”.

4 Aug 2015 – Lori and Charles Vallow register a business entity called “JUICE ISLAND - LIHUE LLC” in Princeville, HI.

27 Sep 2015 - Total Supermoon Lunar Eclipse, AKA “Blood Moon”.

Oct 2015 – Chad takes over the day to day operations as Editor of a newsletter called Global Research Initiative (GRI), in conjunction with a forum called LDS-AVOW. The original founder of GRI, Roger K. Young will act as guest commentator (GRI Website).

2016 – Chad works as “sales executive at Falls Printing” (according to his LinkedIn & Daily Mail).

c. 2016– According to AR speaking to NG Jul 2020 (paraphrased):- LV always had a lot of help with JJ. When they lived on Kauai she always had a nanny, usually a live-in nanny, and once he went to school CV was always there to help her manage JJ. It wasn’t something she could do on her own. AR would describe LV as more of a martyr with regards to JJ. CV would help JJ reach certain developmental milestones and LV would discount them and act as if CV was reading too much into JJ’s progress, things like learning the alphabet and recognizing words. She didn’t seem to celebrate those accomplishments the same way that CV did.

Approx 2016 or 2017 – Lori and Chad may have met for the first time as early as 2016 or 2017. Lori’s friend says in a Dec 2019 interview that Lori first became “obsessed” with Chad’s books about 4 years ago. JJ’s grandmother, KW says in a 30 Jan 2020 presser that she believes Lori & Chad may have met in 2016 or 2017. (Friend interview, Fox7 Austin, & KW’s Presser video).

2 January 2016 – Tylee joins Poshmark in Jan 2016 but there is no visible activity after Jan 2.
Tylee Ryan's Closet (@tyleearyan) | Poshmark

1 Feb 2016 – Lori posts a photo to Instagram from Anini Beach, Kalihiwai, HI.
@lolo4kauai on Instagram: “Just a morning stroll in paradise”

2 Mar 2016 – Tylee creates a project on Prezi about Abraham Lincoln: Baltimore Sun

12 Mar 2016 – Tylee retweets a post that says “someone help me i cant stop being hungry”. This is her last activity on Twitter. Tylee Ryan (@tyleearyan) | Twitter

2 Jun 2016 – Alex is featured on a youtube video doing Looney Tunes impressions for a radio show producer, KD (Fox 10 Phoenix).

18 June 2016 – Tylee posts a beach photo taken in Kakaha, Hawaii to her photography Instagram. on Instagram: “Black sand beaches”

8 July 2016 – Tylee posts a photo to her photography Instagram with the caption “Hanalei dayss”. on Instagram: “Hanalei dayss”

19 July 2016 – Tylee creates an account on with the username “typicaltylee” typicaltylee | FanFiction

20 July 2016 - Lori gets a traffic ticket for using her phone while driving in Kauai, HI. (Court records).

24 Sept 2016 – Tylee’s 14th birthday. Lori wishes Tylee happy birthday on her Instagram. @lolo4kauai on Instagram: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little girl who is all grown up!! your mommy loves u so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

28 September 2016 – Lori dissolves one of the 3 Hawaii business entities (Juice Island - Lihue LLC). The other Juice Island LLC’s are listed as “delinquent” for 2016, 2017 and 2018 due to no filings and the state administratively dissolved the entities in 2018.

Dec 2016 – Tylee is listed on the Honor Role as a Freshman at Kapaa High School in Hawaii.

Late 2016/Early 2017 - Lori and the children move from HI to AZ (Date based on business filings and Tylee's school enrollment in HI).

c. early 2017 – Re: the Vallows move from Hawaii back to AZ and change in their relationship (CR 20 yo, TR 14 yo, JJ 4 1/2 yo) per AR speaking to Dateline ep 2 May 2020:-
KM: “Something had been broken. Charles had become an issue for Lori too. Charles had been a catholic when he married Lori, converted to Mormonism for her, embraced the faith, attended their local LDS church enthusiastically. Lori, said April, seemed to have decided she was growing spiritually, becoming superior -”
AR: “He wasn’t that strong, dynamic, spiritual leader that I think she wanted him to be. She didn’t feel like they were on the same spiritual level. And how she had this tremendous longing to be with a partner that was at her same level of spiritual understanding.”
: “Soon after that Lori broke the news to April the family was moving back to AZ.”

2016/7 – LW speaking to Court TV in Apr 2020 about noticing change in LV's and CV's relationship - <snip> LW: “I had told Kay a couple of years, two and a half years prior to all of this, maybe even three years, I said there’s something not right with their relationship. And Kay who loved Lori said ‘oh no, they’re fine, JJ is a full time job, oh my god that boy never quits’, and I said ‘okay maybe that’s it’, but my intuition was telling me that there’s an issue, there’s something going on, but I’ll be the first to say I really didn’t think it was an affair, because she loved Charles. Either she’s the greatest actor in the world over 12, 13, 14 years or that’s just a personality trait that she has that she can do these things, and that’s the reason now that I really believe that there’s a mental problem with her.” <snip>

8 Feb 2017 to 23 Mar 2017 - Tylee is enrolled at Desert Ridge High School in Gilbert, AZ (AZ Family News).

7 Mar 2017 – Chad writes on his blog that he is close to finished writing a book called “Reclaiming Liberty,” but he will not be releasing it until there is “a major earthquake in the western United States”. He also announces that he will release a short autobiography about his two near-death experiences. Update on Reclaiming Liberty |

Spring or fall 2017 – CD came to JuR and said that he had had a vision that TD had died in a car accident. (Court TV Jun 2020)

16 Mar 2017 – Tylee creates a project on Prezi about Linear Functions: #1:

28 March 2017 – Tylee is enrolled in Perry High School in Chandler, AZ and finishes the school year there (AZ Family News).

29 Mar 2017 – Tylee creates a Roblox account under username “Typicaltylee”. Profile - Roblox

19 May 2017 (CD 49 yo) - Chad announces on his blog the release of his autobiography “Living on the Edge of Heaven” discussing his two near-death experiences and his interactions with deceased relatives. At the beginning of the book is a dedication to his wife Tammy: “My one and only.” Chad writes in the book he has had visions of himself as an older man “helping build New Jerusalem,” and “I appear to be in better shape in the future than I am now, probably due to the lack of fast food in Zion.” (Chad’s blog, Fox13 SLC Special Report w/Adam Herbets)

June 2017 – Family members say Lori and Chad first met sometime around June 2017 (Daily Mail).

2017 – According to SF speaking to EIN in 2020 (author published by CD) – SF tried to get the rights to her books back. SF owed him money so she paid him but he still didn’t give her rights back. SF went to an attorney who read through the contract and said he’d never seen a publisher’s contract so one-sided. She didn’t have the money to fight it. CD sent her $400 but she worked out he made six times that amount. SF thought it was dishonest. After her first interview on 4 Jun 2020, SF discovered an email she sent CD in 2017 when she was trying to get her rights back, saying wtte ‘if you continue to publish this material (about the call-out and predictions) there will be death and sorrow’.

Summer of 2017 – Chad meets author and podcaster, Melanie Gibb (MG), for the first time after he speaks at a campout in Northern Utah. MG invites him to speak in her hometown of Mesa, Arizona (Chad's Forward for MG's book).

2017? - MG met CD for the first time “at an event speaking about his last-days dreams and visions”, a camp in Ogden, northern Utah. She “thought his dreams were interesting.” (EIN)

c. 2017 – MBP tells EIN she found out her dad had allegedly been lying about her mom's death : -
MBP: “Up until 3 years ago I didn’t know that my dad had been telling everybody this other side, of, ‘hey your mom died of anorexia, and she was mentally ill’ and basically made himself look like ‘here, I took you away from her’ and I knew that didn’t feel right and I was kind of in shock that everybody in the whole world thinks that she died of anorexia and she’s not here to tell her story and I have all of her medical records and all the court documents and I just, it’s hard seeing the same patterns of what happened to my mom now happened in my life where my kids are taken away from me wrongfully, and things are said about me that aren’t true…

24 Sept 2017 – Tylee’s 15th birthday. Lori posts a “happy birthday” message to her on Instagram that mentions Perry High School in Gilbert, AZ. @lolo4kauai on Instagram: “My Beautiful daughter turned 15 today ! Happy birthday Ty Ty !! I love you so much!!! JJ says "hi Tylee Ryan Perry High School " ”

Dec 2017 – Lori and Chad made their first appearance together on a podcast (Daily Mail)

Timeline Part III of XXI (Update 10) - 25 Feb 2006 (post CV & LV wedding day) TO end of 2017


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Detailed Case Timeline Part IV of XXI (Update 10)


FOUND DECEASED: Joshua Jaxson “JJ” Vallow & Tylee Ashlyn Ryan
Arrested: Lori Norene (Cox) Vallow/Daybell and Chad Guy Daybell

Dec 2017 to early 2018 – Charles Vallow talks to dog trainer, NM, about getting JJ a service dog. NM recommends a Goldendoodle breed commonly trained for children on the autism spectrum and NM trains the dog for JJ. JJ named his dog Bailey after NM’s own dog with the same name. Bailey helps JJ sleep through the night. "Sometimes kids with autism will wander off, they will get distracted. Bailey was there to keep him on task and alert the parents if he was wandering off…He would get up in the middle of the night and they had to have all the doors locked and everything secured so he wouldn’t wander off into the neighborhood," said NM. "When we got to that point in the lesson, the Vallows said that was one of the first nights JJ stayed in his bed and slept through the night, because he had Bailey in bed there with him," said NM. (Fox10 Phoenix, ABC15).

Jan 2018 – Lori’s son Colby gets married in the backyard of Lori & Charles’ home at 3688 E Runaway Bay Pl, Queens Creek, AZ. Tylee arrives late for the wedding after the photos are already taken. CR says life at this time was “totally normal” and everyone was happy. CR lived with Lori and CV until he was married and then he moved out to start his own family with his wife. CR says while Lori & CV had arguments like any married couple it was a normal, good relationship at this time (CR interview w/Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix).

CR speaks to Dateline (ep 2 May 2020) about LVD's reaction to his marriage:-
KM: “You got married, did that affect your relationship with your mom?”
CR: “Oh absolutely. I think that what happened was it just became a competition.”
KM: “Your mom was treating you like a boyfriend not like a son.”
CR: “Mm, oh, 100%.”
KM: “Got angry when you went anyway.”
CR: “Yeah.”

2018 – Tylee and her brother Colby begin a “mentoring” type relationship through texting each other. The siblings don’t talk on the phone much other than an occasional facetime but CR says he makes an effort to text Tylee frequently and ask her how she is doing (CR interview w/Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix).

Late March 2018 - Joseph Anthony Ryan, Jr. -- 3rd ex-husband of Lori, and father of Tylee dies in his apartment in Maricopa County, AZ. His body is not found until a neighbor’s dog detects a strange smell and the neighbor calls police (KTVB7, KSL-TV). He was 58 yo - source The Sun.

TR (15 yo), was left money by JoR - source The Sun.

JoR had moved to Phoenix AZ from Austin TX just to be near TR. LV told KW that JoR was dead for 3 weeks before he was found.

MG tells EIN she knows TR received money from JoR's death

3 Apr 2018 - Joseph Anthony Ryan, Jr. -- 3rd ex-husband of Lori, and father of Tylee, is found deceased in his AZ home. The ME’s report reveals that a neighbor asked for a welfare check on JR when he hadn’t seen JR for approx 1 week. Police used a key from the landlord to enter JR’s locked apartment and found him dead in bed. The coroner’s report says that samples of the liver and thigh muscles were taken to be “held” for toxicology, but the death was not considered suspicious; it is unclear if toxicology was ever run. The death was ruled a heart attack and JR was cremated, meaning no 2nd autopsy can be done (Maricopa Co ME Report, Fox13 Phoenix). After JR’s death Lori applies for and receives SS survivor benefits for Tylee, or so she told her sister-in-law, KW (KW’s 30 Jan 2020 Presser).

Early Apr 2018 – Lori is notified of the death of her ex-husband, JR, but she doesn’t tell JR’s family about it (KSLTV).

After 3 Apr 2018 - After JR's death, Lori reportedly tells a family member she received JR’s life insurance policy and plans to share it with Tylee. Lori also allegedly said to the family member that JR was "evil" and "God took care of him." (AZ Family News).

May 2018 – About 5 weeks after JR’s body was found, JR’s sister, Annie, finds out about JR’s death from her other brother. No one had claimed JR’s body, so officials found ran a background check and called her brother. “That really took me back, I thought ‘you knew and didn’t tell me?” Annie said. (KSLTV)

May 2018 – Lori asks JR’s sister Annie (Tylee’s aunt) to visit AZ to support Tylee. “I decided to put my personal feelings aside about not being told about Joe’s death and I flew out there, hoping to connect with Tylee,” Annie said. When Annie arrived in AZ, Lori discouraged Tylee from mourning her father’s death. “When I got there, it was as if, nothing had happened,” Annie said. “People were hardly talking about Joe and when Lori did, the tenor was — she would actually say, ‘the world is a better place without Joe Ryan.’” Annie also noticed, “There was also a lot of tension between Tylee and Lori” (KSLTV).

24 May 2018 –After visiting Lori and Tylee, JR’s sister Annie texts her daughter: “It was absolutely exhausting. I dealt with so many lies, even with little things. I think [Lori’s] unhinged and untethered from truth” and “Lolo was crazy. I saw a dark side of her when I was there that makes me question some of her claims” and “I regret going down there. She may be a sociopath.” And “Way More. That’s what makes me feel Lori was a sociopath. To her, this was all a game. She had no empathy for the suffering anyone else was experiencing, including Tylee” (KSLTV).

After May 2018 – Tylee’s aunt Annie was so shaken that she decided to cut ties with Lori. “I just left exhausted from the constant campaigning [against Joseph Ryan] and Lolo’s out-of-control ego. But I feel trapped. I connected with Tylee but don’t want anything to do with Lolo ever again.” Annie said in a text message to her daughter. That visit was the last time Annie ever saw Tylee (KSLTV).

June 2018 – Note: According to the Feb 14th 2020 Dateline episode June 2018 is when Lori and Charles moved back to AZ from HI, however, this date does not make sense with the events listed above, notably CR’s January 2018 Wedding at Lori and CV’s house in AZ, JJ getting his dog Bailey from an AZ trainer and Tylee’s Aunt visiting them in AZ the month after Joe Ryan died. Unsure if it is the correct month/year listed.

June 2018 – Chad finishes writing his “Times of Turmoil” book series and "felt prompted" to speak about the book in AZ in July. He contacts author Melanie Gibb and MG arranges a joint speaking event with Chad and another speaker (Chad’s blog).

3 June 2018 – Tylee creates a 2nd Roblox account under username “Tyleearyan”. Profile - Roblox

7 June 2018 – Tylee joins Wattpad; Her location is shown as Chandler, AZ. Tylee Ryan (@TyleeRyan) - Wattpad

27 June 2018 – Chad announces a book signing on his blog for his book “Reclaiming Liberty”, the last book in his “Times of Turmoil” series.

30 June 2018 – Chad holds a book signing in Sugar City, ID (Chad’s blog It’s finally here! | ).

13 July 2018 – Chad speaks at an event in Mesa, AZ with another author and he has a book signing after; This event was arranged by Chad’s author friend, Melanie Gibb (Websleuths Verified Insider).

25 July 2018 – Tylee adds song “watch” by Billie Eilish to her Youtube channel. This appears to be her last activity on Youtube. tylee ryan

24 Sept 2018 – Tylee’s 16th birthday.

Sept 2018 - Chad starts speaking on a podcast called "Glimpses Through the Veil" (Podcast website & Event Flyers).

15 Sept 2018 - Chad speaks at a prepper event in Brigham City, Utah (Event Flyers).

Oct 2018 – MG was teaching an evening class at church and LV introduced herself to MG in the hallway. LV told MG about a lot of personal spiritual experiences that she had. They hit it off. As the friendship grew “we talked a lot about the second coming as well and how excited we are for the things that we’d been studying and learning.” “We talked about JJ being a handful, being autistic and what that was like.” (source EIN)

MG tells Dateline’s KM in an extra: “she had this personality that kind of feels like Velcro, she just takes you in and she just doesn’t let you go, and at first it’s kind of cute because she just like dotes on you, and she buys things, but it’s so manipulating and deceiving but I had never had that experience being deceived by or manipulated by a person, but she would take care of you, ‘oh I need to get this for you’, ‘oh you should do this’ always telling you what to do but kind of in a fun way, and so she just had this way of making you feel like what she was saying was true, because she’d give you amazing experiences that she had, and they sounded really believable, because she was really good at telling you what she would hear from the other side of the veil or what her experiences were in sacred places.”

26-27 Oct 2018 - Chad speaks at a prepper event in St George, Utah (Event Flyers).

Oct 2018 - MG tells EIN she and LV drove to an event in St George, Utah. CD was selling his books and speaking and “that’s when they [LV and CD] got to meet” and MG started to get to know CD more. MG can’t recall if she introduced them. “We were there for 2 or 3 days, and I think he was there for 2 days, and she talked to him a lot about his books and asked a lot of questions.” “They just started talking about these different beliefs that generally are not something you would learn in church. They developed that connection right there.” “It was a step further [than if you found somebody at church and discussed similar beliefs].” CD shared with LV that they had been married before multiple times in previous lives. LV “seemed to understand that teaching already”, through podcasts. MG and LV knew CD had a wife and 5 children. “From there we went back to AZ and he came down to AZ when it was the next event, in November.”

Fall 2018 – MBP tells 12News in May 2020 about meeting CD:-
MBP: “I met Chad initially in the fall of 2018. He was selling his books and I met him and he was very quiet, humble guy. Seemed kind, kind of kept to himself. I had no reason to think he was anything other than trying to sell his books and be a good person. Lori and Chad had a friendship. I don’t know when they initially met.”

Fall 2018 - MBP tells Dateline (ep2 May2020) about meeting CD:-
KM: “In fall of 2018 Lori and niece Melani attended a prepper event, hosted by a group called Preparing a People. They met Chad.”
MBP: “There was a ‘prepare a people’ conference. He got up, talked about his books.

Oct 2018 – Lori’s husband, CV, finds multiple emails between Lori and Chad (Fox10 Phoenix).

30 Oct 2018 – 11:01:04 am MST, Chad emails Lori from “[email protected][redacted]” to “lori 4style @ [redacted]” subject “Family history documents” : “Here are the family history documents you requested.” It includes two documents – a rubric on light and dark spirits, grading Lori’s family members. (Published by Justin Lum on 1 May 2020)

(Page 1)

Family History information​

Current numbers on Earth at this time of each estate level.
These totals represent the “light” spirits. The “dark” has equal numbers.

Estate Males Females​

6 5 2
5.3 0 0
5.2 71 0
5.1 133 4
4.3 700 1,300
4.2 7,000 13,000
4.1 70,000 130,000
3 700,000 2.3 million
2 Billions Billions​

Most LDS members are level 2.
Most bishops and ward leaders are level 3.
Most stake presidents and General Authorities are level 4.
Most apostles are level 5. A few are level 6.
The dark side can only match the light numbers, not exceed them.
That is why there are a few 5’s on earth right now. It limits the dark’s power.
2’s and 3’s are fluid and can change sides during earth life.
4.1 and above have made covenants to their side. They rarely switch sides.​

(Page 2)

Barry Cox – 3L (1500s France)
Janice Cox – 3L (1600s England)
Stacey – Was 3L on earth, has graduated to 4.1L
Alex Cox – 2L
Adam Cox – 3L
Laura – Was 3L on earth, has graduated to 4.1L
Lori – 4.3L
Summer Cox Shiflet – 3L Husband is 2L, but borderline 2D​

First husband – 2L
Second husband: William Lagioia – 2D
Son: Colby Ryan – 3L Kelsee Ryan – 3D​

Third husband: Joseph Ryan – 4.3D Is now sealed away
Daughter: Tylee Ryan – 4.1D​

Fourth husband: Charles Vallow – 3L (1700s London)
First wife: 2D
Cole Vallow – 3D
Zach Vallow – 3L
Joshua Vallow – 4.2L​

Niece: Melani Boudreaux – 3L
Husband: Brandon – 3D
4 kids – Both boys are 3L, Older girl – 3L, younger girl – 4.1L​

16-17 Nov 2018 - Chad speaks at a prepper event in Mesa, AZ (Event Flyers). A forged email written in Charles’ name, and sent to Chad in June 2019, claims Chad stayed at Lori and Charles’ AZ home during this event. It’s unclear if Chad actually stayed there during this event (Fox10 Phoenix, KSL).

The weekend before Thanksgiving 2018 – PaP Conference - Mesa, AZ –
An attendee tells Inside Edition that she travelled from Utah and LV offered to let her, CD, MG and others stay overnight at her AZ home (identified as Queen Creek house by photos) while CV and the children were out of town.

Nov 2018 - MG talks to EIN about staying at LVs house with CD and friends, and about CD/LV's subsequent affair, and meeting CV:-
MG: “Many people, some of my friends, some of LV’s friends and CD all got to stay in her house. He spent some time talking to us as well.” CV was not there. LV and CD “went on a jog in the morning together…he was teaching us about some of his understandings about multiple lives [probations]…”There wasn’t any group, it was just him talking to people individually…he was private, he would talk with her and she would share it with us. He was doing this with others as well, men and women…Did I ever believe any of it 100%? No…It does not represent our church’s teachings at all..

“He goes back home and they’re communicating on the phone every single day…I knew
[she might be falling in love with him]…I said ‘why don’t you go ahead and get a divorce?’ and they were told that they weren’t allowed to…something they received from the other side of the veil is how they would speak about it..

“a lot of us don’t understand what those words mean
[CULT] I would say it’s teachings…and then you have doctrine which is not affiliated with Christianity and it comes from the adversary…it’s enticing because how many people do you hear of even in the world that want to know about their future?..or their fortune? you keep going more and more into it…I didn’t see him forming any groups per se, PaP is not a cult, they did not know about CD and LV’s relationship.”

MG went over [later date] when CV was “cooking a BBQ…and there was swimming in the pool with the kids. He seemed like a nice guy, happy to meet us. He was talking about his conversion to the church and he seemed to be pretty excited about it. There seemed to be some arguing often when I would see them together, he was trying to do things to help her and please her and she seemed like she was struggling to be happy by that…There seemed to be a lot of contention between the two of them.” MG never saw CV become angry or lose his temper with LV or the kids.

Nov 2018 - MG talks to Dateline (ep 3 Jun 2020) about the weekend conference at LV's house in AZ:-
KM: “One weekend when Charles was out of town on business Lori decided to hold a spiritual conference at her house and Chad drove all the way from Rexburg, 13 hours, to be there.”
MG: “Chad was there and he spent the night in the large house. He was telling us some of the deeper mysteries of God. He seemed to have a great respect for women. I think that was pleasing to Lori. He seemed to be convinced that she was a very powerful woman.”

Late 2018 – Lori and Chad met at a “prepper event” in AZ where Chad gave a talk. (Dateline).

Nov 2018 – Brenda Dye is elected to her position as Fremont Co Coroner. She has a high school education and works as an advanced EMT at Fremont Co EMS (Post Register).

End of 2018KW and LW speak to Court TV in Apr 2020 about seeing CV and JJ a lot during this time:-
<snip> “the end of 2018 we saw him (CV) a LOT, he and JJ they would come visit, or we met in different places a little vacation and it was unusual for that many visits in that close of a timeframe, but we knew something was going on” <snip>

Dec 2018 – JuR claims to Inside Edition and Court TV in June 2020 that CD made unwanted sexual advances towards her at this time.

4 Dec 2018 – Lori does her first podcast with Melanie Gibb (MG) & Jason Mow (JM) titled “Time to Warrior Up”. JM says he first met Lori at Temple, they had an “instant connection” and he knew she was a “gatherer”. JM then connected Lori with MG. JM tells a story about working for the Phoenix PD and how he had a fight with a suspect; JM was seriously injured during the fight – detached hamstrings from the pelvis. JM says he retired from Phoenix PD in 2017. During the podcast, “Lori mentions how suffering leads to salvation and that even though she doesn’t want her kids to suffer, she understands they have to in order to see the light.” (Fox 10 Phoenix).

5 Dec 2018 – Lori & Chad, along with Melanie Gibb & Jason Mow, do a 2nd “Time to Warrior Up” podcast with the topic mostly being about the end of the world (East Idaho News, HLN True Crime).

c. end of 2018 – MG speaks to EIN in May 2020 about earthquake predictions for the end of 2019 and talk of the end of the world in Jul 2020 -
MG: ”the belief system was she believed that there was going to be an earthquake that was going to hit so large in Utah by the end of 2019 that they wouldn’t notice anything in her personal life going on. So if she were to marry Chad for example she said that like probably a year before that, when Chad and I get married someday nobody will notice we’re married because of the earthquake and the different destruction going on. I never heard that date [July], I always heard August. That comes from a few different ideas – it didn’t come from her, I’ll just say that, it came from researching she did on her own about the year 2020 would be like a half an hour silence in heaven, it matched up to that year.”

Timeline Part IV of XXI (Update 10) - 2018


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Detailed Case Timeline Part V OF XXI (Update 10)

1 January 2019 TO 28 February 2019

FOUND DECEASED : Joshua Jaxson “JJ” Vallow & Tylee Ashlyn Ryan
Arrested: Lori Norene (Cox) Vallow/Daybell and Chad Guy Daybell

Early 2019 – MG was present when CD first taught LV about zombies over the phone, in reference to CV. At some point CD and LV told MG that they believed they were part of the “Church of the Firstborn” and their mission was to lead the “144,000” mentioned in the Book of Revelation, and to rid the world of “zombies”. sources - 06/29/2020 Probable Cause Affidavit of Detective Ron Ball and 06/30/2020 Probable Cause Affidavit of Detective Ron Ball

Jan 1st/2nd 2019 – MG was present with LV during a phone call between CD and LV. The call was in response to a vision LV had that CV and JJ were going to die in a car accident by Jan 1st or 2nd 2019. LV told MG that CD told her that CV had not died in an accident his spirit had left his body and been replaced by another spirit which was a dark spirit, named Ned Schneider. Weeks after this (MG has informed law enforcement) the word “zombie” was introduced for individuals whose body was inhabited by dark spirits. When LV initially spoke to MG about getting rid of zombies (corroborated by electronic communications made by LV and CD) she spoke about saying prayers to remove dark spirits inhabiting human bodies. source - 06/29/2020 Probable Cause Affidavit of Detective Ron Ball

Jan 2019 – “Kay Woodcock says her brother Charles knew about his wife’s relationship with doomsday author Chad Daybell since last January (2019)”
KW: “Charles showed me several things from his emails that indicated that they were having an affair.” (Source JLum, Fox10 interview of Woodcocks 11 Apr 2020)

Jan 2019 – Chad is a guest interview on “Time To Warrior Up” podcast with Lori co-hosting the podcast along with hosts JM & MG (podcast website).

Jan 2019 – A prescription for JJ’s autism medication, Risperidone, is filled (Affidavit of Probable Cause Doc, East Idaho News).

Jan 2019 (Approx) - Lori emails Chad a video of herself dancing; Charles found the video because Lori was not technologically savvy and did not delete the email from the “sent” folder. This lead CV to believe Lori was having an affair with Chad (According to CV’s sister KW, in Jan 30, 2020 Presser).

Jan 2019 – Chad sends an email to Lori on the subject "Seven missions to accomplish together." The email includes translating ancient records, writing a book about it, identifying locations in AZ for "white camps," the presidency of the Church of Firstborn, establishing food distribution as tribulations start, ordaining individuals to translation and providing supplies to righteous family members (Fox10 Phoenix).

22 Jan 2019 – KW tells Dateline (ep 2 May 2020) that this is the date LV got an email from CD about CV:-
KM: “Jan 22nd 2019 according to KW, Lori got an email from her new religious guru Chad Daybell. Subject a demon with a name Nick Schneider."

22 Jan 2019 – Chad emails Lori a list of her and JJ’s multiple probations (past lives). A source tells JL that CD believes he was James the Just married to Elena (LV). They apparently had 7 kids including JJ & MBP. The list includes five redacted names of people who JL is told may not know they are on the list. (source JL)

(Page 1)

Joshua Vallow – 4.2L
2 – 400 B.C., among Lost Tribe of Manasseh in Northern Europe
3 – Son of James and Elena
4.1 – Jonathan Elliot Edwards, (1745 – 1801) KNBV-3ZW
4.2 – Today​

Lori Vallow 4.3L (3)
2 – Lania, daughter of Methuselah, married Neal A. Maxwell
3 – Elena, daughter of Jesus’ half-brother Judas. Married James the Just.
4.1 – Ilemari, Prophet Moroni’s wife
4.2 – Mary French, wife of Robert Smith, Jr. (1626 – 1693)
4.3 – Today​

(Page 2)

James and Elena
Seven children, four sons, three daughters​

M – [redacted] 5.1L (3)
F – Melani Boudreaux 3L (1)
F – [redacted] 4.3L (1)
M – [redacted] 5.1L (3) 16, tall, high school quarterback
F – [redacted] 4.3L (3), one of the Dream Girls
M – [redacted] 4.3L (1)
M – J.J. Vallow 4.2L (1)​

Jan 2019 - MG speaks to EIN in May 2020 about zombies, drama, incorrect predictions, and going with LV to her mental health evaluation on 1st Feb 2019:-
MG: “The first person [to be considered a zombie] was Charles. That was brought to LV’s attention by CD on the phone. I was in her house when that phone call came in. He described to her that Charles was no longer Charles, this unclean spirit that was friends with Charles on Earth has attached himself to Charles, entered his body and taken over it. He is Ned Snyder. She seemed blown out by it, [the first day]. Chad had this influence on people because he had visionary experience. I have come to understand that that gift has been manipulated by the adversary...I’m not sure if they used that word [zombie] in the beginning. ”
MG went with LV to her mental health evaluation;
MG: “She said she passed with flying colors. I waited on the outside for her. Tylee was the one that picked us up from there. They went in the back room and they talked to her about all kinds of stuff. She didn’t tell me in detail all the things, I probably didn’t want to know.”

NE: Do you think she was honest with them in her religious beliefs or did she lie and give them the answers they wanted to hear?
MG: “I should have asked her that but I didn’t.”
MG: [CV’s] “truck was moved from the airport. When he came back from his flight there was no truck…It was a lot of drama and I would ask her ‘why do these things keep happening to you?’ Because I have never been around so much drama in my life. It just seemed like one drama after another drama and it never ended. I used to say ‘why does everyone in your life turn into zombies?’ and she would say ‘it’s because Satan really hates me’.”
MG: “It was their commission to get rid of all the zombies before tribulations came upon us...through some kind of prayer that they would do. They would go back in the portal to check how many died, 10,000 died or whatever.”
MG: “I asked her [LV] ‘you were told he [CV] was supposed to die, why didn’t he die?’ I think she went to Chad and asked and he let her know that the accident that was supposed to happen didn’t because of people’s choices, agency.”

NE: It sounds to me that Chad was calling the shots
MG: “She would say ‘he’s so much better at getting revelation than me, so I used to get a lot but I rely upon him a lot more now’. So she trusted his, because she was not considered a visionary. So he would tell her…’these people are dark or zombie’ or whatever. He was the one she would call and ask those questions.”

Late January 2019 – Abt 2 weeks before CV files for divorce, Lori takes JJ and moves out of the Chandler, AZ home she was sharing with CV. JJ’s grandmother, KW, says Lori told CV she no longer cared about him or JJ. Then Lori abandons Charles and JJ for 58 days; her whereabouts during this time are unknown and her communication with CV is limited; KW says she believes Tylee was staying with other relatives during this time. (Divorce Documents, Fox10 Phoenix, KSLTV News).

28 Jan 2019 - Enterprise Rent-A-Car emails CV to say that 2,000 points were transferred out of his rewards account; CV later realizes that Lori transferred the points. (Divorce Documents, Fox10 Phoenix).

28 & 29 Jan 2019 - Lori makes multiple transfers of money totaling $35,000 from CV’s business accounts to their personal joint account and then moves the money again from the personal account into an unknown bank account. CV asks Lori to return it all, but she ignores him; CV tries to stop the transfers, but the bank says Lori is a signatory and the payment can't be stopped (Divorce Documents, Fox10 Phoenix).

29 Jan 2019 - CV says Lori called that day and told him she is a god and a "translated being who cannot taste death sent by god to lead the 144,000 into the Millennium". The conversation between Lori and CV would later be documented in both an order of protection and divorce filings: “[Lori] believes that she is receiving spiritual revelations and visions to help her gather and prepare those chosen to live in the New Jerusalem after the Great War as prophesied in the Book of Revelations." Lori also allegedly threatened to murder CV if he stood in her way (Protection Order & Divorce docs, Fox10 Phoenix).

30 Jan 2019 – CV is on a business trip in Houston when Lori calls him. Lori kept calling CV by the name “Nick Schneider” on the phone. When CV asked who Nick was, Lori said that CV was Nick because Nick had killed CV and taken his identity. Divorce docs say that Lori again threatens to murder CV when he returned to AZ; she allegedly said she had an angel to help her dispose of CV’s body. She also said she would ruin him financially (Protection Order & Divorce documents, Fox10 Phoenix).

Late Jan 2019 - CV files a petition with Community Bridges Healthcare for a 72-hour hold and evaluation, according to the documents; the staff called Gilbert Police to bring Lori in for treatment if they make contact with her; However Lori is never taken in for the hold and the petition expires (Divorce documents, Fox10 Phoenix).

30 Jan 2019 - Lori allegedly cancels CV’s plane ticket from TX back to AZ using his computer to log in and cancel online without CV’s knowledge. CV is forced to buy a last minute $600 ticket when he arrives at the airport and finds out Lori canceled his ticket. (Divorce Documents, Fox10 Phoenix).

30 Jan 2019 – When CV finally arrives back at the Phoenix Airport, he finds that his truck, which he had parked at the airport before leaving AZ, is gone. Lori had a spare key and removed the truck before CV came back. CV attempts to contact Lori but ends up taking a taxi to Mesa and then has a friend pick him up to take him home from there. (Divorce Documents, Fox10 Phoenix).

30 Jan 2019 – When CV arrives back at his AZ home he finds Lori has changed the locks and removed “the majority of CV’s possessions”, including CV’s business computer and CV’s shoes, clothing and underwear; Lori also took JJ’s service dog’s collar, JJ’s medicine, clothing and i-pad. (Divorce Documents, Fox10 Phoenix).

30 Jan 2019 – Lori calls CV after he returns to AZ and says she is staying in a hotel with JJ. She says she doesn’t want anything to do with the children anymore; she says she will drop off JJ at school in the morning and CV can pick him up in the afternoon. Lori refuses to return CV’s truck for 3 days, so he has to pay for a rental car to go to work and JJ’s school (Divorce Documents, Fox10 Phoenix).

31 Jan 2019, Morning – Gilbert PD is notified of an involuntary hold order to pick up Lori and take her to Community Bridges for 72 hours of observation. GPD goes to CV’s house looking for Lori and talks to CV there; CV tells them Lori changed the locks and moved out (Fox10 Phoenix).

31 Jan 2019, Morning – Lori takes JJ to school. While she is walking JJ inside CV arrives and takes Lori’s purse, phone and car keys out of her car to try to prevent her from leaving before police could get there to pick her up on the involuntary hold order. CV calls GPD to notify them of Lori’s location and request they pick her up, but Lori had a spare car key and left before police arrive (Fox10 Phoenix).

31 Jan 2019 – CV finds a hotel key card for Hyatt in Lori’s purse and goes to the hotel to try to figure out where Lori is staying. GPD made contact with CV at the hotel. The LEO asked CV if he was concerned about JJ’s welfare since CV says Lori was acting unstable; CV suggested that GPD could wait at the school in case Lori came to get JJ and then they could pick her up for the involuntary hold order. GPD told CV they would not do a “sting operation” to pick Lori up. CV then told GPD he needed to go to the bank (Fox10 Phoenix).

31 Jan 2019, 12:36 PM – Lori along with Tylee and Lori’s friend go to Gilbert PD with a harassment complaint. Lori says that her husband, CV, stole her purse from her car while she walked JJ into school. Lori also accuses CV of cheating on her while on his business trips. GPD calls CV with Lori’s permission; CV says that he went to JJ’s school to help GPD serve Lori with an involuntary hold petition. CV says that he saw Lori’s purse outside the school and picked it up to keep it safe; The LEO on the phone informs CV he could be charged with theft but that Lori only wants her property back; CV replies that he wants his share of the money Lori had removed from their business account. CV asks GPD if they are going to serve Lori with the petition for involuntary hold since she is there at GPD. The GPD officer on the phone tells CV he is not aware of the petition but if CV agrees to bring the petition and Lori’s purse to GPD he will have it verified by his sergeant. CV agrees to bring the items to GPD. The GPD LEO talking to Lori finds her to be “in a normal state of mind” and ends up allowing Lori to go to the facility on her own to talk to staff, rather than have GPD escort her (Fox10 Phoenix).

31 Jan 2019 – GB is interviewed over the phone by Gilbert PD sergeant Scott Gallas in connection with CV’s petition for an involuntary committal of LV. CV - had GB listen in on a call where; LV was “lucid” but “irrational”; told CV he could have the children; told him she would destroy him; told him he wasn’t who he said he was; and accused him of something but wouldn’t say what. (source - Police bodycam footage of this phone interview and LV’s in-person interview is released by Fox10 in Apr 2020.)

The interview room bodycam footage (part 1 and part 2) shows that TR (16) is calm. LV says that TR is going to apply to the police academy. LV speaks about her friend JM (ex-police officer) several times and MG (also present) mentions that she bumped into JM outside CV’s house earlier that morning. LV states that she has just bought a “little throwaway phone” because CV took her phone. Later in the interview LV says that it is her mom’s old broken phone. MG tells police she had no way of contacting LV, who had gone to stay in a hotel the night before. [In May 2020 MG says she knew LV had three phones to communicate secretly with CD.] Police tell LV that they can’t hold her there if she wants to leave before they check out CV’s petition for a mental evaluation.

31 Jan 2019 – AR explains to NG in Jul 2020 about TR's GED - as stated at the police station on 31 Jan 2019 :-
AR says that TR had missed schooling in AZ due to her health issues (digestive issues, stomach aches), and they had decided it was getting too complicated to work things out with teachers to make up work, so they decided for her to take her GED.

31 Jan 2019 – CV’s calls to police –

1:12pm – 1:14pm

D: Gilbert PD, this is Dee.
CV: My name is CV. I’ve got an order to hold my wife, if you can look it up, Lori Vallow.
D: Yep we spoke to you earlier about her.
CV: Right, she is at the Gilbert PD saying I stole her purse. I’m gonna go over there and the officer said he won’t hold her cos he doesn’t have an active order, could you get that to him like immediately? I’m going there right now.
D: Okay just one moment sir.
CV: Thank you.
D: Is she in the lobby right now?
CV: That’s correct. Blonde hair.
D: Okay. And how far away are you?
CV: I’m about 10 minutes away, er 20 minutes
D: Do you want officers with her?
CV: You on civic center drive?
D: Yes. 75 E civic center drive. And do you want officers to go down there with her?
CV: She’s supposed to be detained for bridges. I got an order last night. She’s lost her marbles.
D: Okay, we’ll get in contact with our front office, or our lobby.
CV: Okay but I don’t want to go there if she’s gonna not be detained.
D: Yeah I’m gonna call them right now.
CV: Can you call me back, and let me know?
D: I can have an officer contact you. What’s your number? [redacted]
CV: Thank you.
D: Okay thank you.
CV: Thank you. [Ends 1:14pm.]

1:20pm – 1:22 pm.

M: Gilbert police this is Mandy can I help you?
CV: This is CV, I just called a moment ago, my wife’s in the Gilbert PD saying I stole her purse but she’s been called for, being held at Bridges, she’s supposed to when they can find her. And she is there. Said somebody would call me back in a minute and I just want to make sure that’s gonna happen. Cos I’ve just, I’ve been trying to find her all day, she needs serious help.
M: What’s your name?
CV: My name is CV.
M: And your wife’s name?
CV: LV. She’s the one making the complaint against me at the PD right there. You’re on civic center drive, right?
M: Yep.
[discussion about driving directions]
CV: okay did you know if they were going to give her, do the hold on her for Bridges?
M: Did you just call in Charles?
CV: I did yeah.
M: Okay so it looks like we’ve all the notes in here, yeah they haven’t called you, it’s only been a couple of minutes, it’s been less than 10 minutes.
CV: They said they will call me back.
M: Yes, they will be calling you back.
CV: Okay thank you.
M: Alright? And is your wife Lori is she still here that you know of?
CV: Yes she’s there, she’s waiting for me to bring her purse.
M: Okay, I gotcha yeah they’ll get an officer assigned here just as soon as they can an officer will be contacting you. Okay?
CV: Thank you.
M: Alright thank you sir. [Ends 1:22pm.]

Approx. Jan 2019? – Lori is staying with her brother Alex. Lori and AC are seen arguing loudly in the street outside of AC’s San Tan Valley, AZ home. A neighbor says he thought Lori and AC were married the way they were arguing. “She was screaming at him accusing him of bringing disgrace on their family”. After the fight Lori left AC’s house and was not seen there again by the neighbor (Exact date unknown, Jan 10, 2020 Daily Mail says “about a year ago”).

Late Jan/Early Feb 2019 (Approx) – Lori’s son, Colby, finds out from his cousin that something happened between Lori and Charles and that Lori had moved out of CV’s home. Lori begins to decrease her communication with her married son at this time and CR was not aware of everything that was happening nor does he know exactly where Lori and Tylee were living for the days she left CV (CR interview w/Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix).

1 Feb 2019, 6:45 AM – Gilbert PD follows up with Community Bridges and is told that Lori checked herself in there but she was discharged only a few hours later (Fox10 Phoenix).

1 Feb 2019 – Taylor Larson, CV's divorce lawyer, speaks to NG in Jul 2020 about the divorce that was started but then stopped:-
CV went to the offices of TL on 1 Feb 2019. Their process server was never able to find LV to serve CV’s protection order or divorce papers. They tried finding LV at AlC’s house, LV’s parents’ house, friends’ houses, and a conference in Boise where she had booked a hotel in CV’s name. CV told TL that “
this all started years prior when LV had a near-death experience [NDE] when they were living in Hawaii, and she became fascinated…she became infatuated and at times obsessive over some of these NDEs and was listening to podcasts about other members of the church who had NDEs and had allegedly had visions of the spirit world and can communicate with those on the other side of the veil. CV told me that she would read books over and over about it, she would listen to podcasts non-stop and she just was gravitating towards these type of people and these groups and that’s how she found Chad Daybell because most of his books are about that.” CV asked to dismiss the [divorce] case “because he couldn’t get over the fact that she had abandoned him and JJ and he still loved her and he held hope that someday she would wake up from this and come back to him.” Also “because she had disappeared and he thought ‘why am I doing this if she’s leaving me alone?’ and he wanted to hold out hope for the future of their family”.

Feb 2019 – Chad writes the forward for author MG’s new book “Feel the Fire.” (MG's book website).

Feb 2019 – Chad allegedly tells author/friend Julie Rowe that he and Tammy are “tight on money and he was doing his best to keep his marriage together” (KTVB7, Fox10Phoenix).

Feb 2019 - MG speaks to EIN in May 2020 about the period after end Jan 2019, meeting AlC, ZP and MBP, CD's & LV's phones, portals, divorce and sealing:-
MG: “
spent every day with LV for a period of time, especially when she left CV that first time, at least for a few months and then it kind of spread out a little bit...So I talked to her, he [CD] talked to her but I didn’t talk to him often, just occasionally
I met AlC for the first time at LV’s house, he often came over to visit, and MBP too, and ZP I met at church. AlC was fun and he was a comedian kind of guy and we talked about all kinds of stuff, sometimes spiritual stuff, in the beginning it was more casual because he didn’t know anything about that until later on...
ultimately yes [CD and LV were leaders of a group]…they did believe they were the head of the 144,000…they were trying to find people that fit that group, individually
LV stopped going to church after CV was chasing her with the divorce papers, she kept running…”
MG has not heard of 60 burner/prepaid phones;
I know that she had about 3 phones, but they seemed to be the same was hard to track her at times, you didn’t know which phone she was going to pick special phone that her and CD would communicate with, he had one [too]…”
Their beliefs were “inconsistent” with church and temple doctrine, so they were secretive. “Temple was LV’s favorite place to go”.

NE: “Were their beliefs written down?”
MG: “There was paperwork that showed all the 12 apostles to prophets, people/friends they knew currently, to movie stars, they had maybe 4 pages, and that was created by CD, it was a whole plan, to get to this level you need to go to this many…, I know that CV was aware of it because he sent it out to a lot of people.”
NE: “can you tell me about CD and LV sealing themselves to each other in the temple?”
MG: “CD didn’t tell me, LV did. They felt they were sealed by those on the other side of the veil that had the authority to do that.” [They were both still married, to CV and TD.]
MG: “She said it was okay they did this because they had been married so many times before, their spouses would understand some day.”
CD made a portal in LV’s closet so she can visit him – “it does sound crazy”. “a spot where he said a prayer” – “it was a way for them to interact spiritually. If you were to talk to LV she would probably say I [MG] believed it, but there’s always a bit of doubt because I also know she had doubt. She, 2 or 3 times, said to me “if Chad is a Satan he sure is a good one”.

NE: What was MBP like?
MG: “She was fun. I really love Melani. We did have a special relationship, she loved me and I loved her, she seemed that she had a lot of strife going on in her life and she was really worried about her family and so we had conversations about what was going on, I wasn’t as involved with conversations as LV and MBP were, we were a support to each other I think.”
Re. divorce;
MG: “she says that he [CV] wants to get it but she does not want to, she doesn’t want to go through another divorce again.”

Feb 2019 – Lori’s first grandchild is born to Colby (CR) & his wife. Lori came to the hospital to see the baby. CV did not come to see the baby. CR says as a new parent he was just trying to figure out things for himself at this time in his life while all this drama was going on with Lori and CV. Lori lead CR to believe that CV had cheated on her and that was the reason she left him; that made CR angry at CV; Prior to this CV had been excited for the arrival of CR’s new baby, referring to the child as his granddaughter; CV attempted to text Lori’s family members to tell them he was innocent of cheating but CR wasn’t ready to talk to him; CR cut off communication with CV and Feb 2019 is the last time he and CV talked (CR interview w/Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix).

Early Feb 2019 – Lori calls her friend from Kauai, AR, and says she has just landed in Kauai with Tylee; Lori says she was leaving CV and asked if she could stay with AR. At first AR thought this was a fight that would blowover but she noticed Lori was very different, she was disorganized and “manic” (Dateline).

Approx Feb 2019 – While in Kauai, Lori tell her friend AR that CV has been having an affair and he had turned mean and violent; AR says that does not sound like the CV she knew; it seemed like Lori was villainizing CV. Lori told AR how she had sabotaged CV by canceling his flight home to AZ and taking his truck from the airport, etc. (Dateline)

Approx Feb 2019 - Lori also tells AR about Chad Daybell’s books and the podcasts she had been doing with a new religious group; Lori tells AR about a friend from the group named Zulema (ZP). Lori says ZP has “the power to control the elements”. AR says that Lori seemed “really enamored” with ZP but the things Lori told AR about ZP’s “powers”, AR called “laughable”. Lori says she believes AR is one of the 144,000 chosen ones and Lori is there in Kauai to “gather” her. AR said she did not believe herself to be one of those people (Dateline).

Approx Feb 2019 - Tylee spends most of her time in Kauai sleeping and seems depressed, while Lori talks constantly about death; Lori told AR that CV was already dead and had a demon living inside of him but later Lori changed her story to say she expected to get a call any day saying CV was dead (Dateline).

Feb 2019 AR speaks to NG in Jul 2020 about LV’s and TR's trip to Hawaii - (exact date unknown but also referred to elsewhere in the interview as being spring.) :-

LV visited AR in Hawaii with TR. During this time she talked about being translated and her past lives in front of TR and it didn’t appear to be new information to TR. LV told AR that TR was dark like her father but not in front of TR. LV had lists of people rated dark and light; AR was handwritten on the list and another name she didn’t recognize had been crossed out. AR thought LV was having a nervous breakdown, a midlife crisis. LV told AR that CV had a demon living inside of him called Ned Snyder and LV knew this because NS was shorter than CV. LV told AR that CV had been having an affair but her evidence “didn’t make any sense” – AR asked LV where CV met the woman. LV couldn’t give her a name for the woman. AR thinks the first thing she would have done would be to look up the other woman. LV's evidence for an affair was that CV had met her on Linkedin and his grocery bills were very high when he went out of town. LV told AR that she was there to gather her, she had been appointed as a gatherer by Angel Moroni and Jesus Christ, and AR would need to separate from her children, that AR’s children had a different mission, and AR understood she would have to leave now to “prepare” and travel all over the world to help gather the rest of the people. AR declined and thinks LV was a “little frustrated” but made a comment like “maybe you’re just not ready to hear the truth.” As regards the divorce (if it went through), AR asked LV who would take care of JJ, and LV said CV would have to.

Feb 2019 - AR speaks to Dateline (ep2. May 2020) about LV/TR's trip to Hawaii :-
KM: “Early Feb 2019, AR got a strange phone call from Lori.”
AR: “She said that she had just landed on Kauai, she was leaving Charles and she asked if she could stay with me. I thought they’re having a fight, it’s going to blow over.”
KM: “but Lori, Tylee in tow, no JJ, seemed transformed.”
AR: “She was very different. She seemed very disorganized. A little manic. Saying that Charles had had an affair, she was leaving him, it didn’t sit very well with me. Charles was a friend of mine too. I felt like he was being portrayed as a villain and IMO he wasn’t.”
KM: “Lori gleefully recounted how she’d sabotaged one of CV’s business trips.”
AR: “while he was gone she canceled his return flight, she and another friend went to the airport and took his truck.”
AR: “She was bringing up names of all these people that I had never heard of, or heard her talk about before. She brought up Chad Daybell. All these people that were part of this podcast group that she also was a part of. When she’s describing some of their doctrine and beliefs it was just too much to even get my mind around. It was very divergent [to LDS] it was not even close. The basis seemed to be preparing for the end of times. They believed that they were part of the 144,000 that are ordained, they were here to gather the other members, to join them. The Lori that I knew compared to the Lori that I saw and observed after she connected with Chad and this group is night and day.”
AR: “She told me that she was there because I was one of the 144,000 and she was there to gather me. I said I think I’m not, I know that I’m not one of those people.”
KM: “Having failed in her mission to recruit AR, Lori abruptly left Kauai”

Feb 2019 - AR speaks to Dateline (ep.3 Jun 2020) about Lori's multiple phones:-
AR: “She had several phones with her and was kind of fumbling with them all and one would ring and she would kind of go through all of them and Tylee even made the comment ‘Mom, you look like a drug dealer with all of your phones’. She had pages and pages of doctrine and lists of categories that people belonged in. she was talking about different celebrities and their lightness and their darkness. She was anxious to tell me who the darkest spirit on the planet was – she said it was Oprah Winfrey.”

Mid Feb 2019 – JJ has a live-in nanny - CV states in divorce petition that he had had to hire a live-in caretaker for JJ when LV disappeared.

Mid Feb 2019 – CV vehemently denied LV’s allegations that he was cheating and wanted to take a polygraph to prove it to LV, and offered to put up cash to give her if he failed the polygraph. CV had suspicions that LV was cheating and he sent TL some communications between CD and LV that he had found. (source CV’s lawyer Taylor Larson on NG, Fox Nation Special 30 Jun 2020)

Feb 2019 – CV is taking care of JJ but Lori refuses to return JJ’s medicine, clothing, i-pad and the service dog’s special collar. Lori also never contacts CV to ask about JJ’s wellbeing nor does she request parenting time. CV says this causes JJ emotional stress as his autism makes it difficult for him to understand the situation. JJ needs his medicine, his usual clothing, his i-pad with special apps on it that calm him down, and the dog’s collar so the dog can go wherever JJ goes (Divorce Documents, Fox10 Phoenix).

4 Feb 2019 – Fearing for his life, CV files an Order of Protection against Lori and told his attorneys, “I want to make sure that everyone knows that if something happens to me, Lori & Alex did it.” The order also requests protection for JJ and says Lori is a danger to him. The order says Lori is not to possess firearms and must participate in counseling. The order further says Lori is to stay away from CV’s Gilbert home, CV’s Gilbert workplace & JJ’s school, Lauren’s Institute for Education in Gilbert, AZ even if CV is not present at any of those locations (Protection Order, Fox 10 Phoenix).

5 Feb 2019 – JJ is absent from LIFE Academy (KTVB7).

5 Feb 2019 – CV receives an email from an employee about commission money owed to the employee; The employee threatens legal action if he doesn’t get paid soon. Because Lori refused to return the money, CV was short on payroll and could not pay some CA contractors what they were owed (Divorce documents, Fox10 Phoenix, Post Register).

6 Feb 2019 - “On or about Feb. 6, 2019, Charles realized that Lori had transferred 2,000 Rent-A-Car points out of their joint account,” That same day CV found out Lori had called JJ’s school to ask if he was in class. “(Charles) is worried that (Lori) may be planning to use the rental car points to leave the state and potentially take J.J. with her” (Divorce Documents, Post Register).

8 Feb 2019 – CV begins initial process of filing for divorce against Lori. However, in March CV drops the divorce and they remained legally married (Maricopa Court records).

11 Feb 2019 – The Sheriff of Orange County, CA contacts CV and discusses filing theft charges against Lori for taking the business money. (Divorce Documents, Fox10 Phoenix).

11 Feb 2019 – JJ’s father, CV, visits LIFE Academy and claims Lori had "gone crazy" and was hearing religious voices. CV told the school Lori had disappeared and no one knew where she was and he had a protection order against Lori. CV says he is pulling JJ out of school and taking him out of state until he was safe (KTVB7).

14 Feb 2019 – Valentine's Day - CV signs divorce paperwork that outlines in detail all that Lori has done and said the last few months; CV says he wants sole custody of his adopted son, JJ and he also wants the property and money Lori took returned. The documents make disturbing allegations concerning Lori's mental stability (Fox10 Phoenix).

15 Feb 2019 – CV, thru an attorney, electronically files divorce documents the day after he signed them. The docs say that Lori threatened CV, telling him she was a god preparing for Christ's second coming, which she believes will happen in July 2020; (Fox10 Phoenix).

15 Feb 2019 - CV’ lawyers file a second document asking for temporary custody of JJ, exclusive use of the house and vehicle, return of the stolen money and return of his and JJ’s personal items. However, no one could find Lori to serve her with divorce papers (Post Register).

Feb 2019 - CV learned Lori was going to Boise with a friend for a talk or conference; CV and his lawyers made attempts to serve Lori divorce papers and order of protection papers at the airport, a hotel, and a public event. All attempts to find Lori were unsuccessful (Fox 10 Phoenix; Post Register).

15-16 Feb 2019 – Chad attends a 2-day event in Boise and Middleton, ID. Chad Speaks at the event on Feb 16. The organizers of the event say this is the last time Chad spoke at one of their events (Event Flyer, PAP Media Statement).

Feb 2019 – CV hears that Lori is living with her brother Alex in San Tan Valley, AZ. CV then attempts to serve Lori with papers at AC’s house but that too was unsuccessful, despite the fact that both Lori & AC’s cars were in the driveway at AC’s home (Post Register).

Feb 2019 - Lori and Tylee checked into a Kauai resort after CV filed for divorce. They stayed for around a month, according to resort workers, and then returned to the mainland (EastIdahoNews).

End of Feb 2019 – CV brings JJ back to LIFE Academy but Lori is still MIA (KTVB7).

20 Feb 2019A new password was placed on CV’s Banner Life $1million life insurance account. CV accuses LV of this and asks for a call recording of the change in password. (Source Fox10)

21 Feb 2019 – Officials at JJ’s school, Lauren’s Institute for Education (LIFE Academy), make a report to CPS because Lori had still not been located. (Fox10 Phoenix).

24 Feb 2019 – CV and LV’s 13th wedding anniversary.

26 Feb 2019 – CV asked Banner Life to investigate LV for changing his PIN password to his $1 million policy account. He wrote he wants nothing to go to Lori or any member of her family. KW says on 19 Apr 2020It just made it more real to him that she was done with him, with their relationship, and that she was done with being a mom" (source JL)

Late Feb 2019 – In the midst of filing for divorce from Lori, CV talks to his sister, KW, about his life insurance. “Charles and I had a conversation. He had a $1 million dollar policy with Lori as the beneficiary and he told me he wanted me to be the sole recipient…I told him to leave it to his boys but he was worried about what Lori was going to do,” KW says (East Idaho News, Fox10 Phoenix)

End Feb 2019 - KW speaks to Dateline (ep.2 May 2020) about why CV changed his insurance beneficiary:-
KM: “Charles was so worried he’d be murdered he even made plans for his death by changing the beneficiary of his life insurance policy
KW: “He said because y’all are going to end up with JJ and I don’t know that he’ll ever be independent, y’all will need the money to help.”

Timeline Part V of XXI (Update 10) - 1 January 2019 TO 28 February 2019


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Detailed Case Timeline Part VI OF XXI (Update 10)

1 March 2019 TO 10 July 2019

FOUND DECEASED: Joshua Jaxson “JJ” Vallow & Tylee Ashlyn Ryan
Arrested: Lori Norene (Cox) Vallow/Daybell and Chad Guy Daybell

1 Mar 2019 - CV files to dismiss divorce proceedings against Lori (Post register).

Mar 2019 – IP says on his 9th wedding anniversary NP asked for a divorce. (source May 2020 interview with EIN)

6 Mar 2019 – The court approves dismissal of CV’s divorce proceedings against Lori and they remain legally married but separated (Maricopa Co Court records, Post register).

7 Mar 2019 – Charles formally withdraws JJ from school at LIFE Academy in Gilbert and moves to Houston. CV's older son helped CV and JJ move from Arizona to Texas, after Lori had changed. "Lori had basically just disappeared, and he had no idea where she went for I think two-ish months, and so eventually he was like ‘alright, I have to move away for JJ’s sake, for JJ’s safety’ and so he decided to move to Houston,” said the son. Eventually, JJ would reunite with Lori and Tylee in Chandler, AZ (Fox10 Phoenix).

9 Mar 2019 – CD and TD’s 29th wedding anniversary.

Mar 2019JuR tells Court TV in June 2020 that she cut ties with CD. “he was not going to apologize to me or admit that he was having an affair with Lori or anybody else

26 Mar 2019 - Charles Vallow's texts to a friend:-
From Dateline (ep.2 May 2020)
KM: “A month after that conversation with Kay, on 26th March 2019 Charles sent a series of texts to a friend. The friend recently shared the texts with Dateline freelance producer Luis Soltren.”:-

LS: “It was like Charles came back from the dead.”
KM: “Through these text messages
LS: “yeah. It was chilling to read them.”

4:43 pm CV: “58 days. Believe it. The beautiful sweet Lori you and I knew is gone. She actually believes I’m not Charles. She says an evil spirit named Nick Schneider murdered me and is using me to “violate” her and her family. Not kidding. Gotta get out of here.”

4:45 pm Friend: “Holy camoli I can’t even relate. Who the fake is Nick Schneider. The last time I saw Lori she couldn’t say enough wonderful things about … “

5:22 pm CV: “I truly feel there is no good ending for her. Emotionally JJ is about 4. He will remember bits and pieces. But thankfully not the pain she’s put a lot of people thru for her “mission from GOD” “

5:23 pm Friend: “Charles I appreciate you and trusting me with your hearts issue you are safe here. I will continue to pray for you and your family. You have a friend here that you can truly trust. I have to go for now and will keep you updated. Sleep well my friend. Go with God.”

Texts shown with no timestamp:

CV: “Things have changed so dramatically in the past 6 months.”
CV: “Something snapped. It is so unbelievable and scary.”
CV: “I’m thankful she doesn’t see JJ… She wants him and for me to disappear. Seriously.”
CV: “It’s the freakiest thing I’ve ever experienced.”

CV: “She’s with a group of people called “Woke” and “preparing a people”.”

c. 25 – 29 Mar 2019 – KW and LW tell EIN in Apr 2020 that JJ spent a week in Louisiana with his grandfather LW, and Kay went to AZ to help Charles pack up the house: -

LW: “I am so thankful I had that week to be with him. It was just he and I, so we could basically do what he wanted to in whatever time he wanted to do it. I thank God for that.”

This was while KW went to AZ to help CV pack up the house for his move to Houston. LV showed up at the house:
KW: “She just walked in and just started fussing at him and… I was like what the heck is wrong with her…he was sitting down and …she had her hands on her hips, “what are you doing, why are you moving, I can’t believe this, why are you keeping JJ from me?”, it was just on and on, he said “JJ and I are moving because your family has totally gone away, just like you did, they won’t talk to us, they won’t nothing. And so I’m moving to be close to my family”. She said “what family?” He said “my family in Louisiana”. It was like we didn’t even exist, it was crazy. They talked for a while, it was mostly her fussing loudly,…by the time she left I was sitting at the kitchen table on the computer and she walked over to me…I said “Lori I’m sorry this has happened with y’all, we can talk” and she said “I just miss you” and she started tears flowing, and I thought ‘she never even cried when Charles was talking to her’, the whole thing was weird that day.”
KW saw LV for the last time face-to-face the next day - “we had put all of her and Tylee’s stuff in Tylee’s little casita in the front of the house so they could get it and move it.”

KW tells Dateline (ep.2 May 2020) about LV showing up at the house:-
KM: “Lori abruptly left Kauai and reappeared without explanation back in AZ at the house she’d once shared with Charles, just as he was in the process of moving out. Lori had been gone nearly 2 months and Charles hadn’t a clue where she had been.”
KW: “Lori comes in with her phone on like she’s videoing like she was expecting for Charles to get up and beat the hell out of her. Like there’s going to be some big drama scene. He sees her and he starts crying.”

Approx. Late March? About 2 months after Lori went to Kauai in early Feb 2019, she returns to the mainland US; Lori’s friend AR heard that Lori was back with Charles and assumed whatever crisis Lori had been having had passed (Dateline).

31 Mar 2019 Sunday – CV told LV that he would fly her to Houston to see JJ, because JJ was in Lake Charles with LW. LV told CV that she had a commitment with a friend that she needed to fulfil but she would be back in about 2 weeks and then she’d come and see JJ. (source KW/LW int. Gray Hughes 26 Dec 2019)

Apr 2019 (Approx) – By this time Lori has stopped communicating on a regular basis with her son Colby. Prior to her moving out of CV’s home in Jan 2019 Lori and CR would text or call every couple days but communication gradually decreased until about Apr when CR says their communication had become more of a “check in” once a month or every few weeks rather than a constant back-and-forth relationship. (CR interview w/Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix).

Apr 2019 – One of CV’s sons sees JJ for last time (East Idaho News).

c. Apr 2019 – According to KW - CV had been supporting LV’s whole family. KW was helping CV with his finances after he and LV split. He wasn’t paying for AlC’s cell phone but he was paying for 22 lines every month, i.e. phones and iPads for LV’s family, parents, son etc. Once LV and CV got together she never worked. (source KW and LW int. Gray Hughes 26 Dec 2019)

c. Apr 2019 – LV and TR moved to Houston Texas temporarily:-

KW speaks to EIN about LV going to Houston;

NE: So Charles and Lori worked things out after [end Mar 2019] that argument?”
KW: “No, when she finally came to Houston she was still blaming him for everything, they were not getting back together, she was like “I’m not getting a divorce” cos she had already had so many divorces, she was like ‘we’re not getting back together but we’re not getting divorced’. He was in limbo, she broke him down. He happened to be doing a huge insurance commission check, and within less than a week when she got in Houston – I had access to one account and that’s where the commission went into – that money flew out of that account so quickly. Charles was asking me for passwords for everything cos I had changed all of that since he gave me management of the company money and so I had changed everything where she couldn’t access it but then he ended up giving her all the passwords back, he gave her the keys to the kingdom once again. That money was gone in no time.”

MG speaks to Dateline (ep3. Jun 2020) about LV going to Houston:-
MG: “When she first went to Texas I’m like ‘why are you going to Texas, you’re trying to run from him?’ She goes ‘I was told by the Lord I need to get his finances in order’.”
KM: “Lori was worried Charles might leave his $1mill life insurance to his sister Kay.”
MG: “
She started wondering ‘is Kay going to get the money?’ Because she now was told by Chad that Kay was a zombie, so she was like ‘I bet he’s going to change it around. He’s going to give her the money’.”

KM: “Charles, unaware, texted a friend”:–

Charles Vallow's texts with a friend:-
Friend: “do you trust what she saying. Do [you?] trust Lori?”
CV: “Yes. With out any doubt. Like I said. A lot of. Misunderstanding. We have our Lori back”
CV: “And JJ is over the moon.”

KM: “Apparently reassured she was still Charles’ beneficiary, Lori left him again. Moved with Tylee and JJ back to suburban Phoenix where MG lived.”

9 Apr 2019 – Chad’s author friend Julie Rowe is excommunicated from the LDS church “partly because of her willingness to discuss her belief in multiple mortal probations.” (Fox13 SLC).

15 Apr 2019 - Natalie Marie Pawlowski files for divorce from Ian Robert Pawlowski, final decree issued on July 25, 2019 (Court Docs).

May 2019 – Chad travels to West Jordan, UT to meet actress Valentina and filmmaker Devin K Hansen about making his book "Chasing Paradise" into a movie (Fox13 Salt Lake City).

4 May 2019 – Tammy Daybell’s 49th birthday.

Spring 2019 – (20 Mar to 21 Jun) MG was on the phone with LV when LV told MG that she had called TR a zombie and that TR had responded saying “not me, Mom.” This arose out of LV requiring TR to babysit JJ and TR not wanting to. Sources - 06/29/2020 Probable Cause Affidavit of Detective Ron Ball and 06/30/2020 Probable Cause Affidavit of Detective Ron Ball

25 May 2019 – JJ celebrates his 7th birthday. Video shows him blowing out a candle shaped like a 7 on a chocolate birthday cake. (HLN Video)

31 May 2019 – Chad is scheduled to speak at a conference, but he canceled his appearance in advance of the event due to a “Family Emergency” (Event adverts note the change).

June 2019 – Lori’s niece, Melani, tells BB, her husband of 11 years, she wants a divorce. BB says he believes it was due to Melani's new religious beliefs after following her aunt and Chad into what he calls a “cult.” (Post Register).

4 Jun 2019 - BB refers in his child custody documents (father’s list of witnesses and exhibits) filed in June 2020 (no.19 on list), to Domestic Violence Assessment dated June 4, 2019 for mother’s new husband [IP].

13 June 2019 – Lori uses Venmo to send her oldest son CR money with the note “Medicine” and a heart. This is the last time Lori used Venmo to send money. Lori Vallow

22 June 2019 – Lori is on a podcast with MG, JM and Thor titled: 23 Time to Warrior Up ~ What Most Women Really Want!

Late June 2019 – Charles returns to AZ to try to make his relationship with Lori work; They re-enroll JJ in LIFE Academy in Gilbert, AZ; Lori enrolls JJ in LIFE’s summer program (Fox10 Phoenix, KTVB7).

Abt 20 June 2019 – CV and Lori rent a new rental house together from a landlord/friend, JP, in Chandler, AZ. This is the house where CV would later be fatally shot (East Idaho News, Fox10 Phoenix).

25 Jun 2019 - BB refers in his child custody documents (father’s list of witnesses and exhibits) filed in June 2020 (no. 39 on list), to a text message from MBP’s family to BB’s family on Jun 25, 2019.

26 Jun 2019 – LV’s 46th birthday.

27 Jun 2019 – Last contact AR had with LV. (source Nancy Grace podcast interview April Raymond 6 Jul 2020)

28 June 2019 – Someone set up a fake email address in Charles Vallow’s name and uses it to send a letter to Chad Daybell. Lori’s husband, CV, finds the email on his computer at his house; CV believes the email address and fake email were created by Lori. The forged letter to Chad reads in part: “We really enjoyed having you stay with us back in November... I appreciated you taking time to talk to me about the book I've been working on…I'm willing to pay you well to help me get this book into shape as my ghostwriter. I really liked your autobiography…Is there any way you could come here for a couple of days and help me get the book underway? … I'm out of town until Saturday, but I would gladly fly you down here early next week before the holiday and cover your expense. You could stay in our guest room like before, or in a hotel if you prefer. I hate to take you away from your family, but I know this book is vital to my speaking success. I understand if you don't want to take part in the project, but I would definitely make it worth your time. With admiration, Charles” (Fox10 Phoenix, KSL)

29 June 2019, 10:39 am – Lori’s husband, Charles, sends an email to Lori’s brother, Adam, claiming Lori created an email alias for CV in order to communicate with Chad. CV attaches the fake letter sent the day before on the fake email address. CV’s email reads in part: “I'm not sure if [sic] the relationship with her and Chad Daybell but they are up to something. She created this email alias for me as I've never set this one up. She sent this yesterday and I guess she forgot all her emails are on the computer at my house. I asked her to explain it and she started blaming you, Brandon and me for perpetuating a scheme against her... She will not explain it. I am going to send it to Chad Daybell's wife. Her name is Tammy and I found her email address on their website. I've got her cell number too. Sounds very suspicious to me…Whenever she gets caught doing this kind of stuff she starts blaming everybody else. Mostly me, you and Brandon…I was the only one brave enough to try to get her help in January and look what happened to me. The whole family put a scarlet letter on me…” (Fox10 Phoenix).

2 July 2019 – Lori does a podcast with MG and another woman titled: 24 Time to Warrior Up~Redeeming Our Entrance into His Presence.

4 July 2019 – Independence Day.

8 July 2019 – BB files a divorce/child custody case against Melani (Lori’s niece) in Maricopa Co, AZ; doc reads: “Affidavit Regarding Minor Children” (Court records).

10 July 2019 - CV texts Lori to say he would be there at 7:30 am to pick up JJ on Wed and take him to school and he also wants to take JJ to school Thurs & Fri. Lori tells CV he can take JJ to school but he cannot stay in house; She says she will book him a hotel room nearby (Chandler PD interview docs, Fox10 Phoenix).

10 July 2019, 7:49 PM - CV texts his landlord, JP saying he wants to find a new place to live because things are not working out with Lori. They plan to meet to talk about it the next morning (East Idaho News).

10 Jul 2019 – SS, LV’s sister says in an interview in May 2020 that she asked AlC to go and stay with LV because she “had a sick feeling” and she “didn’t feel safe with Charles coming into town” after all the things she had read [alleged threatening text messages from CV].

10 Jul 2019 – AlC never went back to work after this date. (source KW/LW int. Gray Hughes 26 Dec 2019)

Timeline Part VI of XXI (Update 10) - 1 March 2019 TO 10 July 2019


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Detailed Case Timeline Part VII of XXI (Update 10)

A Timeline of July 11th 2019, the day Charles Vallow was Shot to Death

FOUND DECEASED: Joshua Jaxson “JJ” Vallow & Tylee Ashlyn Ryan
Arrested: Lori Norene (Cox) Vallow/Daybell and Chad Guy Daybell

Summary: On the morning of 11 July 2019, Charles Vallow was fatally shot twice in the chest at his rental home in 5500 block of S. Four Peaks Place, Chandler, AZ, allegedly by Lori's brother Alex Cox during a family argument. Lori was living in the house with Tylee and JJ but separated from CV at the time. CV came to the house to pick up JJ. Lori, Tylee and JJ were all at the house when the shooting occurred. AC claims he was hit in the head with a baseball bat during the incident. AC called 911 and performed CPR on CV until Chandler PD & emergency crews arrived. Police initially ruled the death self-defense and no charges were filed; However, Chandler PD have since said the investigation remains open due to the missing children case (Fox10 Phoenix, Daily Mail).

Abt 6:30/7:00 am – Lori’s brother, Alex, says he wakes up after spending the night in Lori’s Chandler, AZ rental home (curbside bodycam interview w/Alex).

Morning – Lori’s husband, CV, wakes up at a hotel where he has been staying for a few weeks while Lori and the kids live in the rental house. At some point he tells a hotel employee to expect him and his son JJ back for breakfast that morning. It is unclear what time CV left the hotel to go pick up JJ (Fox10 Phoenix).

7:30 am - Lori says she had JJ’s backpack ready for school and she looked at the clock to note the time (Lori’s CPD interview).

Abt 7:35-7:40 am – Lori claims CV arrives at about 7:35ish to 7:40 and is running late, which was unusual for him; he is usually punctual. She tells him to “go now” and get breakfast for JJ from Burger King. Lori claims CV takes JJ to the car but had left his phone on the kitchen counter and comes back in for it. Lori picks up CV’s phone and refuses to give it back to him. Lori says she was trying to see texts he had on his phone and asking him about his texts to her other brother Adam. Lori says she wouldn’t give CV back his phone and he was screaming at her to give him back his phone. Lori said she was “just holding it there” and he was screaming at her. Lori said she was “kind of walking around the house so he couldn’t get it” and “he was kind of reaching for it”. (Lori’s CPD interview).

11 July 2019, 7:50 am -Tylee says she wakes up hearing yelling in the hallway outside her bedroom door and grabs a bat she keeps next to her bed. Tylee comes out of her room and sticks out the bat. CV grabs the bat to pull it out of Tylee’s hands, Tylee lets go of the bat and falls to the floor. AC grabs CV from behind, they both fall to the floor and somehow CV hits AC on the back of the head with the bat. Tylee is sent out to the car to stay with JJ at some point after her fall to the floor. Lori says she doesn’t know when AC went to get his gun or if he already had it on him during the fight. (Lori & Tylee CPD interviews).

11 July 2019, Approx 7:5X? - 8:XX? am - Lori says she heard a gunshot and walked from the kitchen to the living room to find Charles' body. Then she checks on the kids in the car. She almost went back inside before ultimately driving off. This conflicts with Alex’s account given in his curbside interview that Lori and the kids left before he shot Charles (Fox10 Phoenix).

11 July 2019, Approx 7:5X? - 8:XX? am - Tylee says she is outside in the car making sure JJ does not go back inside when she hears a loud noise; Tylee did not know what the noise was at first-- at the time she heard it she thought it was the sound of someone hitting the metal bat on the floor really hard. By the time of her police interview, however, Tylee says she found out what the sound actually was. After the gunshot Lori immediately comes outside. After coming out Lori sent Tylee back inside through the garage to get Lori’s purse out of the master bedroom closet. Tylee says she didn’t see anything when she went back inside. While no timeframe is given for how long the fight lasted, Lori says several times in her interview that this whole thing happened quickly (Lori & Tylee CPD interviews).

11 July 2019, Approx. 8:XX? - Lori Drives away in CV’s rental car with JJ and Tylee to take JJ to school. It takes about 15 minutes to drive to JJ’s school. No time frame is given for when Lori drove away but Lori says the fight happened quickly and that she was only in the car for “a minute” wondering what to do before deciding to drive JJ to school and get him and Taway from the scene (Tylee & Lori’s CPD Interview).

Abt 8:20 am – The time JJ’s school gates open (Lori’s CPD Interview).

Abt 8:32 or 8:35 am – The time that AC says he shot CV according to his “er, couple of minutes” statement at the beginning of the 911 call. He says later that the shooting happened about 5 minutes before he called 911.

8:37 am - Alex makes a 6 min call to 911: "I got in a fight with my brother-in-law. and I shot him in self-defense," AC says. An EMT instructs AC over the phone on how to perform CPR on CV; AC answers questions about what happened and says his is doing the chest compressions while talking. AC says his gun, a .45 caliber pistol, is in a bedroom and no one else is in the house. AC at first says the shooting happened “a couple minutes ago” then later in the call he says it happened “5 minutes before I called”. AC says CV “came at me with a bat” and “I’ve never seen him that enraged before”; AC says CV lives in Houston; AC is not sure where Lori went but he thinks she has taken JJ to school. 911 operator asks Alex to walk outside with his hands up; AC complies with the cellphone cradled in his shoulder (911 call, Fox10 Phoenix, NBC12 News).

Abt 8:43 am – Body cam video shows police entering the house after Charles was shot and after Alex exits. We see CV’s blurred body on the living room floor laying parallel to a large wall mirror. CV is face up with his arms spaced out evenly at his sides and his feet towards the kitchen; his head is in the direction of the front door. The bat is on the floor near the wall, it is located to the right and above CV’s body, not in his hand. Police clear the rest of the home and note that the gun is on the floor in a bedroom. The bedroom is pink with black and white stripes. Alex claims in his curbside interview this was the bedroom he was staying in the night before; AC says he took the gun back there after shooting CV and cleaned up his head before calling 911. Police cannot find any identification on CV’s body and they look around the house trying to find his wallet (bodycam video, Fox10 Phoenix, AZ Republic).

Abt 8:43 am – Body cam videos show curbside interview with Alex at the scene of the house where CV was shot to death. "What happened today? How did it get to this?" the LEO asks AC. "I don't know. He was enraged," AC replies. AC says “He was accusing me…” but he doesn’t finish that thought as a loud Fire Engine pulls up. LEO tells AC to move away from the loud truck then asks AC “What was he accusing you of?” AC replies “I don’t know. He was just yelling at me.” AC says that Lori, JJ & Tylee left the house shortly before the shooting occurred. Then AC says, "It was over my sister. He was getting physical with her, so my niece came out with her bat and he took the bat away…" but the LEO interrupts and asks "Wait a minute. I thought you said your niece left?" AC replies "She did. this was before," AC says he grabbed Charles from behind, and they fell to the ground. When AC gets back up, he explains how he gets hit in the back of his head. "I turned around and he hit me in the back of the head with the bat, so I went to my room and got my gun, 'cause I always carry it," AC says. AC claims he warned Charles to drop the bat before shooting him twice in the chest. We also learn that AC doesn’t live at the house, he is just visiting Lori and stayed the night before; AC drives a truck as a long haul trucker but he is on vacation; AC says he was planning to “do something fun” that day (body cam video, Fox10 Phoenix, AZ Republic).

Abt 8:48 am – Body cam video shows Lori & Tylee returning to the house where CV was shot; they park across the street from the house and approach the LEO talking to Alex; LEO tells Lori and Tylee to wait by the car across the street. After a while LEO talks to them curbside to get their names, phone numbers and ID; Lori says CV lives in Houston, they are separated and that she moved into the house about 3 weeks before; Tylee says she is 16, her driver’s license is inside the house; Tylee says she once drove to Arizona from Texas all by herself (Fox10 Phoenix).

Morning – Alex, Lori & Tylee are all taken to the Chandler PD station for more interviews. Alex is taken in a separate vehicle and all 3 are interviewed in separate rooms.

Approx 9:16 am – Alex is placed in the back of a police car to be transported to the station. Bodycam video records some of the conversation on the way there. LEO pats AC down, takes all the items out of his pockets and puts in a clear plastic bag, then gives him a bottle of water to drink. AC is placed in the back of the car without any handcuffs. LEO turns on the air-conditioning and tells AC how to adjust his own vent in the back. They make small talk about the weather and how hot it is in AZ as LEO drives. AC asks LEO about his vest and how hot it is to wear. AC asks if Chandler is more dangerous or Fallujah and LEO replies he wouldn’t know, he has never been to Fallujah. LEO asks AC why he has a rental car & AC says it’s not his rental, AC says he drives the F-150 truck in the driveway. LEO says he didn’t realize that and radios back to the other LEOs still at the house to make sure they know the rental car Lori drove away in belongs to CV and the truck belongs to AC. LEO asks AC about the truck he drives for work; It’s a 10 speed automatic, it struggles to go up hills; AC picks up hazardous waste in Arizona and takes it to Arkansas for his job (CPD bodycam, Gray Hughes video).

Approx 9:34 am – Alex and LEO driving him arrive at the station parking garage. LEO escorts AC into the office, still no handcuffs and asks him to stand by a desk for a minute while LEO looks around for an empty room. LEO asks if AC needs to use the bathroom. LEO asks AC to put his things down on a conference table in a room with several chairs and directs AC which chair to sit in. LEO examines the back of AC’s head with a flashlight and asks him how his head feels. AC says “a little sore, but not bad.” LEO asks AC if he is having any headaches and AC says “a little bit.” LEO asks AC if he feels nausea and AC says “a little but not bad.” LEO asks if he wants to have a dr look at his head and AC says, “no, it’s more adrenaline than anything.” LEO asks for medical history; AC says he is slightly overweight and his blood pressure was a little high his last physical, but he’s not on any medication and doesn’t have any medical conditions (CPD bodycam, Gray Hughes video).

Approx 9:43 am – Lori is interviewed at CPD, after she uses the restroom. The LEO interviewing her asks Lori to confirm she lives at the house where the shooting occurred and for some background. Lori repeats that she moved in about 3 weeks ago; they were previously in Houston. CV and her are separated but he rented the house for her in AZ so she could be near her family. CV was always “all about” JJ but never about Tylee. Lori explains that JJ is CV’s great-nephew and JJ had been “a drug baby”. They adopted JJ. CV travels all the time for work.

Lori says CV visited once since they moved from Houston and brought her some things but he hadn’t been back and had sent her “all these threats”. Lori mentions “It was on her phone all the time”. LEO asks about the threats and Lori says the LEO would have to see them, CV was always mad at her; CV didn’t want a divorce, but she didn’t like him and didn’t want to deal with him. They have been married 14 years. Lori says CV has always been “horrible to her” while pointing to the room where Tylee was waiting; Lori says CV was always getting into huge fights with Tylee “and it was a lot of things.”

Lori said CV told her “all of a sudden” that he was coming Wed night and he wanted to see JJ. Lori says she told CV she would never keep JJ from him and he could come take him to school anytime he wanted. LEO asks for clarification on when they moved, when they separated and why CV was buying Lori a house in the area. Lori corrected LEO and says CV promised to rent her a house. Lori says that they lived in AZ for a long time, all her family was there, but CV “ripped their son out of school and said they were moving to Houston”; Lori advised she didn’t want to go to Houston and she didn’t go with them at first; She let CV take JJ to Houston and she didn’t file anything. CV filed something and told her she was only going to get supervised visits with JJ because she was crazy. Lori says she “just didn’t talk to him for like 30 days and let him take care of their son, to let her husband see what she has been doing for the last 7 years.” Lori says she has other kids and grandkids too. Lori says “she knew he would be begging her to pick him up, which she stated he did.”

Lori says that eventually CV asked her to come back and that she did move to Houston “for the family”. She and Tylee “left everything to go to Houston.” Lori then talked about problems getting services for JJ and how CV “didn’t do anything”.

Lori indicated CV hadn’t been here in a couple weeks and he had been “nasty” when he was here. CV contacted her and said he was coming Wednesday night and he was going to pick JJ up and take him to school Thursday and then pick him up Thursday and take him Friday. Lori seemed fine with that but told CV he couldn’t stay at the house because he couldn’t get along with Tylee. Lori says CV gets into huge fights with Tylee and Tylee hates CV.

Lori told CV he couldn’t stay at the house and she would get him a hotel; he stays in hotels all the time when he travels, his business pays for it. Lori say CV’s job gives him freedom so he doesn’t have to stay home every day and take care of a special needs child. Lori indicated she does that. Lori says she was a single mom before she married CV; "she has 2 kids and he had 2 kids and they got married and tried to make a family”.

Lori stated that JJ goes to school all day and she talked about how she is just getting his services back. Lori talked about how JJ has been a nightmare because CV ripped JJ out of his routine. Lori described how JJ freaks out when he finds out dad is coming because he associates when dad took him to Houston so Lori didn’t tell JJ that he was coming. CV didn’t bother her last night which she was kind of surprised about because she was expecting “kind of an ambush” that he would just come over and be “just mean”. Lori was expecting CV to say it was his house and he was on the lease so he could stay there; “Lori said that is his macho kind of attitude.”

Lori says CV came over this morning and she was getting JJ ready; LEO asks if CV came [into town] last night and Lori says yes but she didn’t hear from him except that he texted her to say he would be there at 7:30 to pick up JJ.

Lori says CV came over in the morning and he was banging on the door. Lori said “here we go” so she was just trying to be nice and had JJ’s stuff ready for school. Lori stated he had said he would be there at 7:30 but it was more like 7:40, 7:35ish but she wasn’t sure. Lori remembers looking at the clock at 7:30 and indicated he is usually very punctual. Lori says JJ acknowledged his dad and then ran to Lori and said CV wasn’t taking him to school; Lori says she was trying to make things calm and told JJ it was ok that daddy drive him to school. Lori says CV was being real “Smirky” and “Jerky” to her but she was ignoring.

LEO asked if her brother AC lived there with them. Lori said her brother had stayed there last night because Lori was worried CV would come over and “cause trouble with” her. Lori said she just wanted someone else there, wanted her brother there. Lori trusts her brother. Lori lived with AC when CV took JJ to Houston. Lori said she was getting JJ’s stuff ready and CV was saying he was leaving in 20 minutes, mentioning it was 15 minutes to the school. Lori mentioned that you can’t get there early because they don’t open the gates until about 8:20 or something. Lori suggested to him that they go now, because she didn’t want him in the house, so they could go to Burger King and get breakfast. JJ is very particular about food and wants chicken fries and Sprite for breakfast.

Lori told CV to go and he agreed so Lori gave him the backpack and they got in the car. Lori stated CV “always leaves something in the house, that he always comes back and he never leaves the first time” and she is always expecting CV to come back in the house. Lori advised CV had left his phone on the counter. The LEO asked where JJ was and Lori confirmed CV took JJ and his backpack to the car in the driveway but came back in for his phone.

Lori said his phone was on the counter and then Lori had his phone. He told Lori to give him his phone and she told him “why don’t you show me your text that you’ve been texting.” Lori says CV has been acting really “weird” like he he’s been “plotting something”. Lori asks CV why he was there, why he came into town and then she brings up that her other brother Adam came into town at the same time. Lori says she hasn’t talked to Adam in a long time and “she was questioning as to why they talk and if they talk”. Lori Say CV has been sending texts like “you’re going down” and he is “blaming her for their marriage breaking up and other marriages around them and calling her a destroyer of families.”

Lori stated CV “goes nuts” and then indicated that he’s gone nuts before and that she and Tylee have had to leave with JJ before, 5 times over the years. They’ve stayed in a hotel for 2 days before “because he goes nuts”; Lori said “you don’t know what’s going to set him off.” Lori mentioned that they have JJ and he is special needs and it’s really hard. LEO asks what Lori means by “go nuts” and Lori says yelling and screaming. LEO asked about physical violence and Lori says “grabbing and pushing them but never punching them.” Lori says CV has gotten physical with Tylee and with her grown son; LEO asked “physical how?” and Lori says CV got into a fight with her older son, Colby, when he was 16. Lori says CV “went after Tylee two times in Hawaii and he went like he was going to hit Tylee” but Lori got between them. Tylee was 13 & 14 at the time.

LEO returns the conversation to what happened this morning. Lori said CV came back in and she wouldn’t give him back his phone and he was screaming at her to give him back his phone. Lori said she was “just holding it there” and he was screaming at her. Lori said she was “kind of walking around the house so he couldn’t get it” and “he was kind of reaching for it”. Lori said Tylee came out of her room upset and she had a bat. Tylee told CV to “leave her mother alone” and Lori says CV screamed at Tylee “Don’t you hit me with that bat.” Lori said her brother Alex heard the commotion and he came out into the main room.

Lori said CV is screaming and is super upset. Lori doesn’t know if Tylee swung at him or what but CV grabbed the bat from Tylee and went to hit Tylee with the bat and her brother grabbed him from behind to stop him from hitting Tylee. Lori said then they [AC & CV] get into “the thing and he’s hitting her brother with the bat” and “they’re on the ground like grappling around or whatever.” Lori said it happened quickly. LEO asks if CV hit AC with the bat while they were grappling and Lori says yes and is swinging with her right arm downward; Lori says CV is swinging the bat back and forth and they are on the ground. Lori said she is freaking out and is trying to go around and knows JJ is in the car.

Lori says CV gets up and moves the bat towards her; Lori motions with her right hand “as if a person would be swinging backhanded.” Lori says she is going around the other side and trying to get out of his range so he can’t hit her. Lori starts to say she told Tylee and then she stops and explains to the LEO Tylee is on the ground because when CV took the bat Tylee “fell back”. Lori told Tylee to go get in the car with JJ because she didn’t want JJ coming in and she wanted Tylee out and didn’t want the kids in the house for whatever “this fight was going to be”.

LEO asks what CV and AC were yelling during this fight and Lori says things like “get off me” and “ow” but she “didn’t really remember specifics”. Lori says there were not many words “during the heat of it that she remembered,” LEO confirmed Tylee went outside and then asks what happened. Lori says AC and CV got up and CV was coming at her with the bat, yelling at her to give him his phone. “She still had the phone in her hand and all this happened really quickly.” Lori went around kind of the circle and AC was there. LEO asked how CV was holding the bat and Lori motioned with her right hand as if in a backhand and then said he was holding it backwards with one arm. Lori said he was holding it in a way that if he swung it he would have swung it backwards. Lori said “she was kind of turned around and they all (all three the kids were outside) heard the gunshot. LEO asked that she heard the shot and she said yes. LEO asked if Lori actually saw the shot or if she only heard it. Lori said she had gone around to the kitchen to get away from him and then come back around. “Lori said that she didn’t see the shot, that she heard it, and she came back around and she saw [CV] on the ground.”

Several lines of the interview are redacted. Lori got in the car and they left.

LEO asked again about when Lori came around and saw CV on the ground where was AC. Lori says AC was right in front of CV and it all happened very quickly. LEO asked if Lori and AC said anything to each other after CV was shot and Lori said no that they were in shock. Lori went to check on the kids and was going to go back in maybe but she didn’t. Some more lines are redacted. Lori was in the car for a minute wondering what to do and she didn’t know what to do; JJ was in the car and Tylee was freaking out. Lori decided to take JJ to school and away from the scene.

LEO asked Lori if she knew at what point AC had the gun—did he have it on him during the fight or did he have to go get it. Lori stated she didn’t know. She didn’t see him leave the room but it was all so fast. LEO asked if AC normally carried a gun. Lori says AC is a gun person and has guns. LEO asks if Lori knew AC had a gun when he came over to her house. She says no but “she wouldn’t be surprised if he did because he’s professional with guns.” LEO again asked if Lori heard AC or CV say anything while she was trying to get away, prior to when she heard the shot. Lori thought about it & said no.

LEO asks Lori if there was anything else that they didn’t cover. Lori thought for several moments. She said CV was just “so angry, super scary”, and she described how a 16 year old acts when you take away their phone. She says there was something on the phone that CV didn’t want her to see and he was freaking out. Lori says CV was “freaking out to the point that she thought he would hit her in the head with the bat to get the phone.” LEO asks if Lori thought it was possible CV would hurt her and she says “absolutely” and also Tylee. Lori says he would never hurt JJ. Then she adds that CV did hurt her brother AC, he was going “ballistic” and it was “bad.”

Approx 10:14 am – Tylee is interviewed at CPD. Tylee says she woke up around 7:50 because she heard yelling right outside her door. She says she immediately jumped up; She explains she has a baseball bat from when she lived with her uncle; when she was at home alone it made her feel safer, she is not old enough for pepper spray; LEO says he has never been in the house and asks her where her bedroom door opens to. She explains the layout of the house. There is a hallway with 3 bedrooms-- hers, the guest room where AC stayed and JJ’s room- then the kitchen and then the room “where everything kind of happened” was a big empty room with mirrors on the walls. She opened the door and it was her stepdad CV outside the doorway and her uncle AC kind of in the doorway and she could hear her mom behind him.

Tylee says that CV was screaming at AC and Lori but Tylee doesn’t remember what he was saying. Tylee says she told CV he was too close and asked him to take a step back. Tylee says that CV replied “don’t tell me what to do”. Tylee says she stood there and AC kind of moved out of the way and Lori went past him into “the big room where everything happened” and Tylee walked with them. LEO asked if they were more in the hallway and she clarified that they were at the end of the hallway. Tylee says she didn’t really do anything with the baseball bat, “she just kind of held it there”. Tylee says they were both yelling; LEO asks who she means was yelling when she says “they” and Tylee says only CV was really yelling and Lori was “responding”. Tylee couldn’t say what they were saying.

Tylee said she kind of stuck the baseball bat out there and CV grabbed it and tried to take it but she held onto the end. Tylee says she eventually fell and CV took the bat and held onto it. She saw CV take a step back; she thinks AC grabbed him and took him back. Tylee says her mom told her to go with JJ and she ran out the door. Tylee says JJ was in the front seat so she opened the door and stood there. Eventually Lori came out and they left from there.

LEO asked if Tylee knew what happened or if Lori explained anything to her. Tylee says she heard a noise and she knows what it was now, but at the time she thought it was the sound of the bat hitting the floor. There are several lines of text redacted next

LEO asks Tylee again to describe where she was and why she put the bat up. Tylee describes standing more next to Lori, not between Lori and CV and she says she put the bat up because CV was getting too close. The LEO asks what Tylee thought CV was going to do and Tylee says, “hit her.” Tylee says for the most part it has been very mundane but there have been “violent times” when she was scared CV would hit Lori. Tylee says CV and her “have always kind of never got along, since she was little.” Tylee says there have been a few times that they have gotten into fights and she has been scared.

The LEO asks Tylee to describe again what happened when CV grabbed the bat. Tylee says she stuck it out and motions with a 2-hand hold. Tylee says CV told her she would go to jail if she hit him with it and Tylee didn’t say anything. She says she held it out and CV took it, she sort of lunged forward and lost her footing. Tylee says Lori said “Just Let go” and Tylee slipped and fell on her side. After that her mom told her to go so she ran out the door. LEO asks if when she fell could she see what CV did with the bat. Tylee says no she wasn’t really looking in that direction. The LEO asked again about when CV took a step back if Tylee saw AC pull him back. Tylee says she didn’t really see AC pull him back but it seems like that’s what happened. She says she didn’t think CV would have stepped back on his own. LEO then asks if Tylee saw what happened with AC and CV when her mom told her to go. Tylee says no.

LEO asks if after Tylee went out and Lori came outside to the car did she never go back inside. After Lori came outside to the car, Tylee says she went back into the house through the garage door to get Lori’s purse from her closet so they would have her wallet. Tylee says she didn’t see or hear anything when she went back inside. LEO asks her if she went back in after Lori came out and after hearing the loud noise and Tylee confirms. LEO asks where Lori was when Tylee heard the loud noise. Tylee thinks for a moment and says she believes Lori was inside but the door opened almost immediately after.

LEO asks Tylee to describe how everyone (AC, Lori & CV) were acting emotionally while it was happening. Tylee says CV “looked honestly like a crazy person, screaming, and his face was beat red.” Tylee says “she saw [CV’s] face for a split second when he took the bat from her and it didn’t look like him, that he looked like pure rage and he was seeing rage.” Tylee says that was the craziest she has ever seen him. Tylee says AC was being calm, not super calm because it was stressful. AC was just standing there and not saying much and he was being protective of her mom. Tylee says again that CV was yelling and Lori was just kind of talking. LEO asks if she could remember what they were saying or why CV was mad. Tylee says she didn’t and she was sorry. She doesn’t remember what they were saying and she just heard yelling.

11 July 2019 – After the police interview Alex, Lori & Tylee, all 3 are transported together in a police van back to the house where CV was shot to go over the scene LE. A detective who was in the van says the ride back to the house was “bizarre” and “it was the weirdest ride I’ve ever had with 3 strangers”; Lori was “happy-go-lucky”, smiling and talking about how Tylee was going to go to BYU-Hawaii; she was very nonchalant on the ride back (Dateline).

Police detectives - Nathan Moffat and Cassandra Ynclan - speak to Dateline (ep.2 May 2020) about the drive back to the house:-
NM: “Lori was happy go lucky. She was just kind of smiling. It was just a very very bizarre ride back.”

11 July 2019, Morning – An employee at the hotel where CV was staying expects CV and JJ to return to the hotel for breakfast, but instead police detectives come to the hotel and inform the employee that CV is dead (Fox10 Phoenix).

11 July 2019, Morning – Property manager, JP, finds out that there is crime scene tape around the house Charles and Lori are renting from him. JP texts both Lori and CV “Are you OK?” Lori replies around 11 AM to say “we are ok, ill explain later” (East Idaho News).

11 July 2019 – Without knowing what had happened, one of CV’s adult sons texts and calls him and receives no reply, “I was texting him and I remember calling him a couple times the morning he had gotten shot, and he didn’t respond. It was really weird. He usually returns calls and texts relatively fast, so something was off.” (East Idaho News)

11 July 2019, Midday – Lori calls her son Colby and says that Charles died from a heart attack at the house. CR was shocked and went to the house later to see if he could comfort his family. Soon after he came in and hugged Tylee he found out that CV had actually been shot to death. CR “froze up” at this news and didn’t know what to say. CR admits he freaked out and started cussing at Lori and asking her what was going on because “this was a million times worse” than what she had first told him happened. Lori offered no explanation for initially lying to CR. Lori told CR the story of the fight they had that lead to CV getting shot. CR says that he has never seen CV “in a rage” the way that Lori described (CR interview w/Justin Lum, Fox10 Phoenix).

11 July 2019, Afternoon - Neighbors report seeing a loud pool party with music and many people swimming in the backyard of the Chandler AZ house where CV was shot to death that morning. Alex stayed at the house for several days even though he lived elsewhere in the area (Post Register).

11 July 2019 – Charles Vallow’s family members learn of CV's death on the news. CV’s son says Lori has stayed mum on the details. "She couldn’t tell you that there was a shooting?" asked FOX 10's Justin Lum. "No," the son replied, "She refused to tell us." (Fox10 Phoenix).

Dateline speaks to Colby (ep.2 May 2020) re. the day of the shooting:-
KM: “Later that day Lori called her son, CR.”
CR: “I’m at work, normal day, middle of the day, my mom calls me, and she says that Charles had a heart attack.”
KM: “and was dead
CR: “yeah. I’m thinking that he just passed away in front of them. So I’m just freaking out.”

KM: “CR went to the house that evening to console his mom.”
CR: “I come over, Tylee answers the door, hugs me, just starts balling her eyes out. I’m like ‘where’s mom?’, so she’s outside. So I walk outside, go by the pool, she’s on the phone, she hangs up. I’m like ‘are you okay?’ ‘are the kids okay?’ and she kind of hesitated and then just tells me about this fight. She starts telling me about a fight. Tells me that he was shot. And that feeling like, I’ve never felt that before. I’ve never felt such a rush of anger, sad, I mean everything you can feel in a moment happened right there. They got in a huge fight, then it just escalated, Al got into it, a bat was brought into it, Al got hit and then he came out and shot him.”
KM: “How long did you stay?”
CR: “45 minutes, an hour. I wanted out.”

KM: “CR said he didn’t see any pool party. But he still felt something was very wrong.”
CR: “If I’m being honest I wish I never went over there. From that point until now I’ve had this feeling in the back, like just unease. That was the first major step into all this stuff when you look back at it. That happened and then just downhill from there.”

Dateline speaks to Mary Tracy (ep.2 May 2020) re. the shooting :-
KM: “…
according to this old friend Mary Tracy, Alex was a sweet and very funny guy.”
MT: “He was a good friend to me, he was a good friend to my sister Bex, we thought of Alex as our little brother. We loved him.”
KM: “Mary met Alex on the stage, the Phoenix stand-up comedy circuit.”
MT: “He was great at impressions, he was genuinely a funny goofy guy.”
KM: “What kind of impressions?”
MT: “Hannibal Lecter.”
KM: “But then Mary heard the 911 call from the day Charles was shot, and saw the police bodycam footage. And was dumbfounded. Not just because of what happened - Mary was very attuned to Alex’s mannerisms, his way of speaking.”
MT: “When I heard him say on the 911 call ‘I shot my brother-in-law in self defense’ I just want to say ********, that, I can tell, I mean that was so scripted and it just was not Alex. It was just too planned.”

11 Jul 2019 – TR was allegedly left money by CV. (source The Sun)

11 Jul 2019 – According to LW:- CV had been a college pro baseball player and extremely athletic, but he was cautious of AlC. LW thinks somewhere in AlC’s past there must have been a history of violence or problems. (source KW and LW int. Gray Hughes 26 Dec 2019)

Timeline Part VII of XXI (Update 10) -
A Timeline of July 11th 2019, the day Charles Vallow was Shot to Death