GUILTY IL - Christine Foster, 35, brutally murdered, Belleville, 20 May 1995

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    Cold case heats up: Collinsville woman was found dead in ditch 17 years ago

    Kay Bridges knew it was her little sister when she saw her hair sticking out of a black body bag at St. Mary's Hospital in East St. Louis.

    It's been 17 years since Bridges went to the morgue to identify her 35-year-old sister Christine Foster, of Collinsville. Foster had been stabbed more than 20 times. Her skull was fractured. Her throat was slit.

    "I just lost it. I really did," Bridges said.

    George Bricking Jr. charged with killing Christine Foster

    Charges have been filed in a second cold case dating back to 1995.
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    Here's a case with some similarities from 1990, from the same general location, though I can't find it on NamUS.

    Unidentified Female - Lebanon Road, 1/10th of a mile west of the Troy and O'Fallon Road in Jarvis Township, Collinsville, Illinois
    Unidentified Female Name: Unidentified
    Race: White
    Gender: Female
    Age Range: 25-40
    Height: 5'4"-5'6"
    Weight: 120-130
    Hair: Auburn
    On July 20, 1990, at 1:25 p.m., an unidentified, white female body was found in a bean field approximately 40 feet north of Lebanon Road, 1/10th of a mile west of the Troy and O'Fallon Road in Jarvis Township, Collinsville, Illinois. The victim's death resulted from multiple cutting and stab wounds to the neck and torso; her fallopian tubes, uterus and ovaries were missing. Evidence of surgical removal could not be determined. No defensive wounds were found on the victim. The body appeared to have been placed at the site two to three days prior to discovery.
    Anyone with any information regarding the identification of the unidentified victim is urged to contact Detective Leonard Suhre, Madison County Sheriff's Department at 618/692-4433 or 618/ 692-0871.

    There's a sketch there, though the body wasn't in good enough shape to determine an eye color or whether the missing organs had been missing beforehand. Chances are, the victim had undergone a hysterectomy, which brings us to this missing woman:

    Cynthia L. Day was reported missing by family members on August 13, 1990 in East St. Louis, Illinois. Family members advise Day had not been seen in a couple of days and was last known to be staying at the Mounds Motel in Fairmont City, Illinois, with a male acquaintance. She was last seen by her daughters at the Motel.

    So, she would have been around 38 at the time she disappeared, and also a single/divorced mother. She had had a hysterectomy.

    The problem here is that the family is said to have reported her missing on August 13, 1990, after she hadn't been seen in a few days, whereas the Jane Doe was found in a bean field east of Collinsville, an eastern suburb of East St. Louis, on July 20, having been there already long enough to make some forensic determinations impossible. The likelihood is that the family's correct, that she disappeared a few days before they reported it, but that a UID female in the same height/age/weight/race/hair color range should show up in the general vicinity in the general time-frame of this disappearance, with evidence of a hysterectomy, seems strongly coincidental. It also seems possible to fit Mr. Bricking's alleged MO.

    At any rate, it would be nice if the Illinois State Police got that Collinsville Jane Doe info entered into NamUS.
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