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Police believe Allen is the man in suspect photo​

Video from one of the victim's phones shows a man on the trail wearing dark jacket and jeans. An image taken from the video was released years ago as police asked for information to help them find the unknown suspect.

Investigators said in the probable cause affidavit that they believe Allen is the man seen on the video.

Allen told investigators on Oct. 13, 2022, that he wore jeans and a blue or black Carhartt jacket that day, according to the probable cause affidavit. Allen's wife confirmed to police that he owns a blue Carhartt jacket, the document said.

Investigators also claim Allen forced Abby and Libby down the hill to the spot where they were killed, according to the document.


December 1, 2022, 5:08 AM
CARROLL COUNTY, Ind. – The reinstated attorneys for Delphi murders suspect Richard Allen want more time to review evidence and turn over a list of witnesses they plan to call at trial.

In a new filing this week, attorneys Bradley Rozzi and Andrew Baldwin responded to the state’s Jan. 27 motion to turn over discovery materials and their witness list.

The court ordered the defense to respond to the motion by Feb. 21; Baldwin and Rozzi filed their response on Feb. 19.

Delphi murders: Defense wants more time to review evidence

Updated: FEB 21, 2024

Baldwin and Rozzi said they have 20 hard drives filled with evidence along with six separate emails of discovery evidence. They described the amount of evidence to review as “massive” and said they were working as quickly as possible to get through it.

The attorneys wrote that they were in communication with the state regarding “evidence that may exist but has not yet been found by the defense.”

The attorneys requested a March 25, 2024, deadline to fulfill the state’s request. They believe this will give them enough time to review the discovery evidence and determine which witnesses, including experts, they’ll call at trial and which exhibits they would introduce.

Depositions in the contempt of court matter are scheduled for March 1.

After previously allowing cameras in the courtroom, the judge overseeing the Delphi murders case has denied our requests to do so for an upcoming hearing. This after she’s had accusations of bias leveled against her. One has to wonder, why wouldn’t you want to be transparent??


12:41 PM · Mar 1, 2024

The defense attorneys have made accusations of bias against her, and accused her of essentially blackmailing them into stepping down from the case. That issue went all the way to the Indiana Supreme Court, and the defense attorneys were reinstated by the Justices.

A little more info here…


#Delphi Judge Gull denies request for cameras at #RichardAllen 3/18 hearing in Allen County. Also, it's not reflected in online record, but Gull's court executive confirms there are TWO hearings for Allen on 3/18. 1/3

2/3 The 9AM hearing will tackle prosecutor's amended charges (adding 4 more counts) and his contempt claim against the defense team. A 2PM hearing will tackle the defense motion to dismiss the charges (more)

3/3 based on the destruction of exculpatory evidence. Allen is expected to be present for BOTH hearings, taking place in Gull's usual courtroom in Allen County. (end)

Could the Delphi double murder trial start five months sooner than scheduled? | Attorneys for defendant Richard Allen filed a motion for an early trial, and that motion triggers a new clock that starts ticking immediately. Here’s why:


Allen's trial is currently scheduled to begin Oct. 15.


Updated: 11:35 AM EST March 7, 2024
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The #Delphi Murders case is going to trial May 13-31, 2024. Judge Gull just signed the order, following #RichardAllen's request for an early trial. Allen still due in court Monday for two hearings.

Delphi Murders trial now set to begin Monday, May 13, 2024 and last for three weeks.

Allen's request for early trial granted, now set for May 13-31, 2024 in Delphi. Jury will come from Allen County.


On Sunday afternoon, Allen’s defense team amended its motion from earlier this month, which claimed that Carroll County Prosecutor Nicholas McLeland is withholding information surrounding the case.

The information includes two undated reports allegedly never seen by the defense which explain how video interviews in 2017 were lost, went missing or did not contain audio.

The reports also reportedly contain information about reported attempts to recover the lost interviews through purchasing equipment from China.

“However, that is where the report ends,” the amended motion reads. “It is unknown whether the equipment from China was ever purchased or if an attempt to recover the missing interviews were attempted.”

The defense is also asking the court to require the state of Indiana to answer if there is photo dump evidence to further determine timelines in this case, as well as all geofencing data. This comes after the state of Indiana previously claimed that no phone dump evidence case exists from certain witnesses.


Recent filings in Richard Allen murder trial related to evidence, funding for defense

Updated: Mar 18, 2024 / 11:51 AM EDT

Delphi killings suspect judge dismisses kidnapping charges​

  • The judge dismissed two kidnapping charges against Allen
  • Richard Allen faces two murder charges in 2017 killings of teen girls
  • Defendants' attorneys in court to fight accusations of contempt

Updated: MAR 18, 2024 / 01:36 PM CDT

Posted at 3:37 PM, Mar 18, 2024
last updated 1 hour ago

FORT WAYNE — Richard Allen, who is charged with murder in the deaths of Abigail Williams, 13, and Libby German, 14, in Delphi in 2017, was back in court on Monday in Fort Wayne.

Two hearings were held in the case at the Allen County Courthouse.

On Monday, judge Fran Gull dismissed both charges of kidnapping but kept the murder charges.


The court entered recess in the middle of the second hearing – a discussion on accusations of contempt against Allen’s attorneys, Brad Rozzi and Andrew Baldwin.

The line is already forming for today’s hearings in the #Delphi murders case.
@SamJohnsonNews @EmilyWTHR and I will have updates for you from the Allen County courthouse on 13News throughout the day. #wthr


A lot to digest from today’s #Delphi hearing in Fort Wayne. A of today’s events… starting with additional charges against Richard Allen. #wthr 1/

Allen is now facing 2 additional murder charges for the deaths of Abby & Libby Legal expert Katie Jackson Lindsey says the new charges give the Carroll Co prosecutor another avenue to convict Allen without having to prove he’s the one who actually killed the girls. #wthr 2/

The prosecutor also wanted to add two counts of kidnapping but agreed today to abandon that request after conceding the charge falls outside the 5-yr statute of limitations. #wthr 3/

Much of the day was spent on determining whether Allen’s attorneys should be held in contempt. Prosecutor Nick McLeland called three investigators as witnesses. While all seemed credible, none made a slam dunk case tying Allen’s attorney to intentionally leaking info. #wthr 4/

McLeland claimed Brad Rozzi and Andrew Baldwin engaged in a prolonged campaign to leak #Delphi case info to win public support, but I think he fell short of proving that claim in any of the 4 instances he focused on. #wthr 5/

1. Issuing a defense press release against judge’s gag order
2. Mistakenly emailing an evidence list to someone not working the case
3. Major leak of crime scene photos from Baldwin’s office
4. Communicating case info directly to the leaker #wthr 6/

Appears 1. press release came a day BEFORE the gag order was issued.
2. The mistaken email was an error, not premeditated.
3. Neither attorney knew pics were being stolen from Baldwin’s office.
4. Not enough evidence to show Baldwin provided case info directly to leaker. #wthr 7/

While the prosecutor’s case was not air tight, the defense’s presentation today was a downright mess. Attorney David Hennessy chose to focus on YouTuber and Internet Skeuther testimony rather than holes in prosecution arguments. That didn’t fly with Judge Gull. #wthr 8/

The judge sustained nearly every objection to strike defense witness testimony based on irrelevance and scolded Hennessy by stating he couldn’t substantiate or support many of his claims and statements. #wthr 9/

Hennessy did score points in defense of Rozzi & Baldwin by clarifying the press release timeline (before the gag order) and reminding the judge that “willful, intentional disobedience” is needed to find contempt. (Although the judge did not appreciate the reminder.) #wthr 10/

The contempt hearing underscored the bad blood that remains between Judge Gull & the #Delphi defense attorneys. While I truly think the judge tried to be patient, her general demeanor during the hearings was one of disgust & impatience for defense requests & arguments. #wthr 11/

Again, the disgust might be warranted based on today’s defense strategy & line of questioning—but not likely to convince anyone of her impartiality following claims of bias by the defense. Her temper was on display throughout the hearings & directed only at the defense. #wthr 12/

Gull snapped at Hennessy for asking the judge to repeat herself, repeatedly told him to stop interrupting her & admonished him for an “inappropriate” comment toward the prosecutor. Her admonishments often seemed justified. The condescending tone was not. #wthr /13

Gull did not rule on the contempt issue today. She graciously allowed the defense request to submit a post hearing memo to sum up its arguments in writing. That’s due in 1 week. The prosecutor will then have a week to respond. So no contempt decision until April. #wthr 14/

I did not attend most of the late afternoon hearing about the defense request to dismiss charges because of alleged destruction of evidence by the state. But I heard the tense interactions between the judge and defense continued. #wthr 15/

The defense is upset about the state recording over possible witness interviews in the days immediately following Abby & Libby’s murders. They say the destruction of possible evidence helpful to their client is grounds for dismissal. The judge took it under advisement. #wthr 16/

Other important nuggets from today’s #Delphi hearings…The judge DENIED multiple defense motions to 1. delay today’s contempt hearing,
2. recuse the prosecutor from the hearing so he could be called to testify, & 3. recuse Gull from the case in lieu of another judge.#wthr 17/

The judge did not outright deny two other requests, which she “noted,” suggesting there might be possible merit. The first was a defense objection that Gull did not appoint another special judge to oversee the contempt hearing. Hennessy said it’s required by law. #wthr 18/

The second was the defense objection that Gull held today’s hearings in her Allen Co courtroom rather than in Carroll Co. There was an agreement that all #Delphi hearings (except jury selection) would be in Delphi except if there were exceptional circumstances. #wthr 19/

Asked by the defense if she would explain the exceptional circumstance for holding today’s hearing in Ft Wayne rather than in Delphi, Gull refused to explain. But she did pledge to hold future #Delphi hearings in Carroll County. #wthr 20/

Today was the first time we’ve seen Richard Allen is nearly 9 months. He looked healthier than when we saw him last June. He was engaged and alert and, for the first time, I saw him smile (once)—something that did not seem in the realm of possibility last summer. #wthr 20/

The victims’ families were in court today (as they always are) watching every move by the prosecutor & defense and this whole ugly saga play. In many ways, it has nothing to do with the murders of their beloved Abby & Libby. And yet it has everything to do with them. #wthr 21/

For the sake of the victims’ and defendant’s families, let’s hope all these side battles that distract and delay a trial to ultimately determine truth and achieve justice in #Delphi are nearing an end. #wthr 22/
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