GUILTY IN - Brett Zagorac for student sex abuse, Naperville, 2005


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Jul 22, 2004
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Authorities say a substitute teacher facing trial for sexually abusing one of his students in northwestern Indiana has been charged with molesting 13 other children at elementary schools in Naperville and Downers Grove.

Brett Zagorac, 22, was held without bail Saturday in Lake County (Ind.) Jail, pending an appearance in DuPage County Circuit Court.

He is accused of inappropriately touching or rubbing the backs of nine students at elementary schools in Naperville and four pupils at a school in Downers Grove.
Jeez - another story 'down the road' from me.

What are we going to do about these teachers??
When it comes to our kids, teachers and police officers are starting to sound pretty scary.
I know that they get more media attention because they are supposed to be trustworthy, but aren't. But there seems to be so many of them.
I guess it just goes to reinforce the fact that if your kid tells you something suspicous about a teacher or a police officer- check into it, cause it very well could be.
By Jake Griffin | Daily Herald Staff
Published: 12/18/2007 12:18 AM

A former substitute teacher in Naperville will be spending this Christmas behind bars after being sentenced Monday for inappropriately touching a male student.

Brett J. Zagorac, 24, of Munster, Ind., pleaded guilty in October to a misdemeanor battery charge in exchange for prosecutors dropping 25 similar counts stemming from at least 13 incidents involving DuPage County elementary school students. He taught in Naperville, Downers Grove and Hinsdale, authorities said.

DuPage Associate Judge Cary Pierce sentenced Zagorac to 20 days in the county jail and two years probation in exchange for the guilty plea. He will have to spend at least 10 days in jail, which gets him out on Dec. 26.


He won't have to register as a sex offender, however.


Muntz said Zagorac was accused by "no less than 13" boys who said the substitute teacher touched their backs under their shirts.


He had been accused of similar conduct in Indiana as far back as 2002, prosecutors said. He was brought up on charges of sexually touching a young boy in one case there, but the boy refused to testify against Zagorac.

Much more at link:
I didn't hear does he still have his teaching licence or ability to continue to subsitute in the future? And what is wrong with the system that he doesn't have to register as a sex offender? How will future employers or neighbors or girlfriends with kids know about his past?

So many questions so few answers.
Here is an interesting comment under the story on the website:

Almost Victim:
April 23, 2010 at 1:12 pm
He is continuing to tutor kids with an alias. I, too, used poor judgment in picking him as a tutor for my son. Luckily, he did not touch my son in any way. However, I monitored them. He did not tutor but, gave him answers to his homework. He bought him things and brought candy. I let him go as I was not seeing improvement in grades, but this pervert continued to email me and was willing to adjust his rate to come back. My son was very lucky!! I know he is still preying on children so as parents, we need to beware! Hopefully, the justice system will take him in and let him rot!

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