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    Bone fragments found in a decayed box in a bank building are being subjected to DNA tests to determine whether they might be the remains of a man who vanished in 1962.

    Authorities expect to know in a few weeks whether there’s a match between DNA extracted from the bone fragments and a DNA sample provided by Laura Schetzer, the daughter of Charles Starr.

    Starr, 37, vanished on Oct. 12, 1962, after leaving a Muncie bar. Police found his Muncie apartment open and his keys locked inside his station wagon but never found any trace of her father, who was a Muncie factory worker, Schetzer said.

    The Hamilton, Ohio, woman hopes the DNA tests reveal new information about what happened to her father. Schetzer’s mother lived in Albany, which is about 10 miles northeast of Muncie.

    “I just want some closure,” she told The Star Press of Muncie.

    More than 100 human bone fragments were found this month in the old Albany State Bank building in the remains of a box that had deteriorated from being under water.

    Delaware County Coroner James Clevenger Jr. said it appeared the bones had been underground and unearthed before they were put in the old bank’s basement.

    But Clevenger said he’s aware of the missing person case with the Albany connection. But he said initial information from a forensic anthropologist suggested the bones appear to be too old to be those of Starr.

    Albany Town Marshal Shannon Henry said investigators could not rule out anything until forensics provided more information. He said local police have spoken to more than 50 people, including former bank employees, the current tenant and others, since the bones were found.

    “We really don’t have anything new,” he said.

    After Starr vanished in 1962, detectives questioned a person who lived in Albany and had been involved in an auto crash with Starr shortly before his disappearance. No arrest was ever made, however, and Starr’s body was never found.

    His daughter, now 57, recently read about the discovery of the bone fragments in the former bank, which now houses a barber shop.

    Schetzer recently contacted the National Center for Missing Adults seeking any information about the disappearance of her father, whom she remained close to after her parents divorced.

    “I know my dad would never walk away from me,” she said.
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    Was this case ever solved? what were the results of the DNA?

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