In-Flight Entertainment Unit Calls Passenger 'Idiot'

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    <cite id="yui_3_9_1_19_1378067654196_183" class="byline vcard">By JOANNA PRISCO | Good Morning America – <abbr title="2013-09-01T10:24:09Z">10 hours ago
    </abbr></cite> So much for the friendly skies.
    A passenger aboard an Air India aircraft lodged a complaint recently when her in-flight entertainment unit allegedly insulted her, according to the Times of India.
    The report stated that about five hours into her journey from London to Mumbai, a woman sitting in seat 19H attempted to watch a movie but was unable to get her unit to function properly. After fiddling with various switches and buttons, a message allegedly appeared across the top of the screen that read: "The selection is no currently available. Please try again." But at the bottom of the screen, the instruction was reportedly followed by: "Lie low ... Sit down you idiot!" more at link:
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