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Three years probation

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — A grandfather who pleaded guilty to negligent homicide in the fall of his young granddaughter from an 11th-story window of a cruise ship docked in Puerto Rico was sentenced Monday to three years’ probation, according to justice officials.

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Terrible...that baby needs real justice and that laughable sentence isn't it.
Judge dismisses Granger family's lawsuit against Royal Caribbean
U.S. Southern District of Florida Judge Donald Graham found the toddler's grandfather, Salvatore Annello, to be the "sole proximate cause" of Chloe's death when he held the 18-month-old over the railing in front of an open window and subsequently dropped her.
The family is surprised and deeply saddened by the court's ruling," the statement read. "This is a matter that should be decided by a jury, and we are confident and hopeful the appellate court will agree.

In his ruling, Graham found Royal Caribbean could not be held liable for Chloe's death because the actions of Anello were "not foreseeable" and that the danger of holding Chloe over the railing and extending her out toward the open window was "open and obvious."

"Despite conducting extensive discovery, the Plaintiffs have failed to present evidence indicating that the Defendant knew or should have known that there was a risk of an adult lifting a child over the guardrail and through an open window," Graham wrote in his ruling.

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