IN IN - Philip Leon Keeling, 36, Taylorsville, 7 Apr 2017

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    Missing Person / NamUs #MP39643
    Philip Leon Keeling
    Nickname/Alias Phil

    Male, White / Caucasian
    Height 5' 9" - 5' 10" (69 - 70 Inches)
    Weight 175 - 180 lbs

    Hair Color Brown
    Head Hair Description Short
    Body Hair Description Brown
    Facial Hair Description Mustache and goatee.
    Eye Color Brown

    Initials P.K. on right forearm.

    Black tee shirt with the words Highly Suspect on it and blue jeans.

    Wears glasses but found pair in truck left behind so not sure if he had more then one pair and he might have Sun glasses.

    Tennis shoes not sure style or color.

    Possibly wedding band and maybe watch.

    Date of Last Contact April 7, 2017
    Missing From Taylorsville, Indiana
    Missing Age 36 Years
    Current Age 38 Years

    Last Known Location
    Location Taylorsville, Indiana 47280
    Bartholomew County

    Circumstances of Disappearance
    Philip Keeling was arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated by Columbus Police Department on 4/6/17. He was released from the Bartholomew County Jail on 4/7/17. Mr. Keeling traveled on foot to the tow company that impounded his vehicle. He did not have the proper documentation to prove ownership of the vehicle since it was recently purchased. A driver from the tow company transported him to the Burger King (10385 N US31, Taylorsville IN 47280) and gave him a cable to charge his cell phone. He did not have any contact with his family and one member learned of the arrest by searching on the internet. His mother and step-father reported him missing on 5/27/17. The only known cellphone number for him shows his last location in the Louisville, KY area. However the phone service was shut off due to non-payment on 5/6/17.

    Transportation Comments: Mr. Keeling's vehicle was not released from the tow company lot (31 Wrecker) due to him not being able to provide adequate proof of ownership due to it being recently purchased.

    The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs)

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