Info on Missing/Murdered in SWLA and SETX

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    Here's the current list & the maps all in one place.

    Bessie's LA-TX map:

    [table="Updated 8/20/2012"]Marchbanks Tomasina Suzanne 22 LA 7/6/1995 Monroe Ouachita
    Bowen Tina Louise 18 TX 7/4/1997 Conroe Montgomery
    Cain Jessica 17 TX 8/17/1997 La Marque Galveston
    Prasek Michelle 12 TX 12/19/1997 Woodlands Montgomery
    Collins Natasha Denise 31 LA 7/6/1998 Baton Rouge E Baton Rouge
    Thibodeaux Danielle* 24 LA 10/28/1998 Breaux Bridge St Martin
    Sunday Victoria Deann* 34 TX 3/24/1999 Montgomery Montgomery
    Gremillion Robin* 27 LA 1/18/2000 Baton Rouge E Baton Rouge
    Bailey Cher-Lon 40 TX 8/26/2008 Conroe Montgomery
    Brydum Kirsten* 25 LA 9/27/2008 New Orleans Orleans
    Lehrnamm Jennifer 27 LA 2/2/2009 Marerro Jefferson
    Chen Lin 18 LA 7/30/2009 Metarie Jefferson
    Guillory Necole* 27 LA 8/16/2009 JeffersonDavis Acadia
    Bouzigard Sierra* 19 LA 11/23/2009 Moss Bluff Calcasieu
    Schauer Samantha 15 TX 11/23/2009 Conroe Montgomery
    Rosier Dorothy Eyvonne 25 LA 1/11/2010 Pineville Rapides
    Johnson Sheryl LouAnn 16 LA 3/1/2010 New Orleans Orleans
    Lowitzer Alexandria 16 TX 4/26/2010 Spring Harris
    Stephens Shema Turner 16 LA 7/31/2010 Shreveport Caddo
    Morgan Leslie 27 LA 9/26/2010 New Orleans Orleans
    Perez Victoria Marie 22 LA 3/10/2011 Alexandria Rapides
    Green Theresa 40 TX 9/13/2011 Splendora Montgomery
    Johnson Sheryl Lou Ann 16 LA 3/1/2012 New Orleans Orleans
    Landry Kamanthe 38 LA 4/12/2012 New Orleans Orleans
    Bettencourt-Alexie Tara 28 LA 5/2/2012 New Orleans Orleans
    Hawkins Tara Gean* 33 FL 6/7/2012 Jacksonville Duval
    UID Male 11/5/2011 Blk Male 25-40* * LA * *est 6-18 mo. Rayne, Acadia


    Jessica Cain
    Leslie Morgan
    Corrected date Danielle Thibodeaux
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