Italy - Bolzano, WhtMale, 50-60, suicide in apple orchard, Jul'06

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    'The morning of the 14 July 2006 is found the body lacking in life of a man to Marlengo (Bolzano). Era in an apple field near the communal road and to the sold superhighway that Merano connects to Bolzano. The corpse, lacking in documents, belongs to a man of white race of age comprised between the 50 and 60 years, garment with a grey black grid shirt, a black belt, pants greens, grey stockings, shoes browns and a pair of boxer shorts of written Israeli brand “Gottex” with two in Hebrew inside.
    The death, than according to the legal doctor has happened between the 9 and the 9,30 of that morning, have resulted from a blow of gun shot in mouth. The weapon, presumablly a produced Smith&Wesson caliper 38 special in 1950, with brand and freshman abraded. The position of the epostatiche spots, the gun which wormed its way into mouth and the residual ones of gunpowder, numerous on the right hand and partially also on the left, confirms the hypothesis of the suicide. Beside the man a containing blue travelling bag slung over the shoulder 32 bullets not exploded of the same type of those found in the drum of the gun, a water bottle, a box of empty Cibalgina and one of Valeriana and a written ticket with: “SUICIDE anonim”. An other identical ticket was found inside of the pocket of the shirt.
    The man could be arrived on the place on foot, since in the vicinities some abandoned means of transport are not recovered. But he could also have asked a passage someone that could perhaps remember useful details to the identification.

    Link case warning open!!!
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