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    There is a puzzle behind the discovery, which occurred July 26, 2007, in an uncultivated field in Via della Pescaglia (zone "Magliana"), composed of human bones on the ground so as to represent a skeleton. There is a mystery behind the action meticulous, professional, by disturbing implications, it is accomplished in a very hot July day eight years ago. A mystery never solved. The story begins at 15:30, with a call to 115. Firefighters rush to the outskirts of Rome, Via della Pescaglia: a field damaged by brambles and shrubs, which faces a range of tower blocks. An area used for parking. The usual idiot set fire to the brushwood and the fire has chewed up in a few minutes the natural vegetation. The fire red-hot air, smoke darkens the sun's rays. A routine, except that a policeman, behind a wall constructed in 2001, discovers a skeleton. A skull, limb bones, there is everything. Placed in the supine position to look at the sky, the sun and all the smoke. Beside the skeleton a kangaroo, some clothes, a couple of scape. Inside the pouch there are a bunch of keys and identification scorched: the document belongs to this Libero Ricci, mild pensioner vanished on October 31 four years earlier, was 2003. The man's family had launched a appeal through "The Who Saw," but there were no reports and the case had been forgotten. Firefighters at the sight of the body of the document and, have no doubt: it's Libero Ricci. He'll be dead by reason of illness. Mystery revealed. But no.

    When kangaroo, clothes and keys are shown to relatives of Libero Ricci, they admit: yes, the kangaroo and the keys are his. No clothes, never seen. And certainly that is the skeleton of Free, who could it be otherwise? The remains are sent to the Institute of Forensic Medicine and the same is accomplished an advanced research called "Bomb spike." Give striking results: the skeleton was composed with the bones of five different bodies, bodies of three women and two men who died between 1989 and 2006. The skull belongs to a woman of 45-55 years, who died between 2002 and 2006 ; other bones of another woman, who died between 20 and 35 years between 1992 and 1998. A third woman also contributes to the macabre mosaic died between April of 1995 and December of 2002 at the age of 35-40 years. The rest of the skeleton is composed of the members of two men: one of 40-50 years, 40-50 died between 2002 and 2006, the other aged 25 and four years, which ended its days between 1986 and 1989. The details: anyone who has been to define the shape of the skeleton, which had notions of anatomy capillaries. There is a bone too. Are the remains stolen from some cemetery and put together for a sick joke? It can not be: on those bones there are no traces of zinc or wood. And then they appear to have been affected by the animals; it means that when they were "eat", were not stripped. The hypothesis of a serial killer Bone Collector makes its way forcefully. The surprise that most purses already difficult investigative question is that the female skull (a woman with no teeth that never healed) is belonging to the maternal line, to the family of Libero Ricci. But who is it, then?

    Libero Ricci, the man who died in 2003, the man who owned the pouch and the keys and the documents found next to the skeleton, the man related to the woman whose skull was part of the macabre body, was a child when jew In 1943 he escaped thanks to the strength of the mother, Rebecca Moscato, the German raids. After the war life had resumed its course. Free had married the lovely Emilia curly and he had three children, two sons and a daughter. He worked as a skilled worker for a firm Vatican and was, by all accounts, a good man, that within the Vatican itself, enjoyed a lot of confidence by senior prelates. At 77 years old, and you go back to 2003, was a retiree who for decades lived in the Magliana, a peaceful area for him, but unfortunately the public back to the exploits of the gang of the same name. Although a district inhabited by hard-working people, who with the Magliana gang has never had anything to do. On the morning of 31 October Free wore beige shoes, a blue coat, brown vest and pants blacks. He told his wife that would come out for the usual walk. He never returned

    What is the cord that connects the disturbing disappearance of Libero Ricci to the discovery of those human remains? And what happened to the retired? What was the message that the anonymous creator of that skeleton with too many names would throw? It was a challenge? Likely that it was he (or she) set the fire in order to find those remains. But why? The investigation leads to the opening of a case of murder and concealment of a corpse, no suspects course. It is also sketched the profile of Bone Collector: a man 40-50 years old, well-educated, upper-middle social class. And what are the names of people whose remains have been found at Magliana? We could not give a definite answer, and so far the investigation has not found outlets. Too sophisticated and overly cryptic message contained in the skeleton, too thin and yet unfathomable siste the bond between those remains and Libero Ricci. It could be a coincidence the presence, on the spot, his pouch. But it can not be a coincidence that the skull of the skeleton belonged to a relative. One of those who would like Yellow much to the Americans, specialized in the psychological thriller background.
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