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Aug 12, 2008
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We are all talking about what happened or didn't happen;
I'd like to know about little Haleigh?
We know she loves hats and dress up.
She loves makeup and is very GIRLY.
She's beautiful and so sweet.
Only 5 years old.........
Great thread idea:) Thanks for making it! I would also like to know more about Haleigh:) She is such a beautiful sweet little angel:)
It looks like she likes purple
She has a health issues but rode a bike, played and went to school
has playmates,
all pictures i see of that her daddy loved her very much and she was always smiling in them or giggling
She loves the color Red.
She appears to love playing outdoors.
She has birthmarks.(which remind me of my ds)
She seems very energetic and a pure joy.
She looks very happy and comfortable around all of her family in photo's and on video.

Praying for you Haliegh

Any input from friends and family would be wonderful on this thread. thanks passionflower
Thanks for the reality check.

Yes.. It's all about this little girl.
Passionflower, thank you for starting this thread, what a great idea :blowkiss:
Looking at the videos and photos, Haleigh is absolutely precious, what a beautiful child she is. She looks like she is just so full of life and amazement, happy, and obviously loves everyone around her. When her grandmom said she loves all the little girly things that little girls love to do, painting fingernails, playing dress up and putting on makup, encluding putting makeup on her grandmother, which the grandmother stated she looked like a clown on several occassion...LOL. I thought that was so darn cute, and how wonderful it was that grandmom didn't mind a bit. Praying hard for Haleighs safe return and comfort for the family while they are going through this horrible HORRIBLE time.
I would love to have her do my hair and makeup my daughter now my granddaughters play beauty shop and it showns like thats what haleigh did. i can't quite crying today. haleigh honey we want you to come home.
She was very excited to attend the first day of kindergarten and then got scared at the bus stop and wanted to stay with dad. Went and loved it.

Haleigh's teacher said that she is a joy to have as a student and the children in her class are missing her greatly.

Prayers for you little Haleigh
Haleigh's family has said that she is an outgoing, well mannered, respectful child.

God bless you Haleigh Ann-Marie
One thing I noticed about Haleigh is her huge, happy smile. In photos, she usually has a happy face, unlike little Caylee, who never seemed to be really happy with very few happy laughs and smiles. Haleigh on the other hand, always shows her joy on pics and videos. Even with her health issues, Haleigh enjoys life and the people around her. Such an adorable child!
Haleigh is and will always be her "Daddy's heart" and her Mommy loves her very much.

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