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Discussion in 'Netflix Series: Making A Murderer' started by Cymbaline, Jan 26, 2016.

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    Please post links to support what is claimed as fact.

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    Hi all, I've stickied Cymbeline's post as a "No Discussion" thread. The goal of this thread is to provide a fact based list of information.

    Here are the basic rules:

    • Please post a single fact per post with a supporting link.
    • The link must point to a court document or police report.
    • Youtube interrogation videos are fine as long as you include the time mark.

    For example:

    Fact: RH testified that he saw Ms. Halbach on October 30th at her home (link, page nn, ll)

    For the above "example" the link points to the document, nn is the page, and ll is the line number, if applicable.

    Again, this is a "No Discussion" only thread. So, no commentary. Just the fact and the corresponding link. Notably, any post that does not meet this criteria will be unapproved, as opposed to moved. So, if your post disappears, that's why.

    That said, thanks in advance for helping to build this thread!
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