Krystal Holloway (aka River Cruz) testimony

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Oct 6, 2008
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JB w/Krystal holloway aka River Cruz, Dad used to call me River, Mom maiden name Cruz, met GA @ tent while he was looking for his Granddaughter - she went there every day, GA went to her residence @ least 12 times.....did you have an affair with GA? Sidebar!
(GA is in court w/CA and he is wearing button down shirt with a tie)...JB & JA went to sidebar w/HHB

JB - object is sustained....heart to heart conversation with GA what happened with his Granddaughter...he was sitting on my couch I was on the floor, he said accident that snowballed out of control....his eyes filled with tears...I didn't elaborate or ask him anything further.....around Thanksgiving time...wasn't prompting or asking him...we were talking about his daughter.....I didn't think he could raise somebody...don't give us your opinions...I didn't think he could raise somebody who was capable of harming her child...I did look up and he had tears in his eyes...I didn't ask anything after u that....when relationship end w?GA? I believe it was the 4th balloon release, when the A's had their memorial for Caylee still in relationship with you a paper...(big sigh from KH) did you go to media or tell anyone about your relationship w/ were you found by police? object= when did police contactyou? 2 yrs later after...they present you....if I knew GA and if I had an affair with him......any documentation of relationship with GA? yes the many tex messages did they show you? several ask for any documentation...provided them with my phone and letters he had written me...letters he had written...strike that.....text message you are looking @ now.....can you read? HHBP not offered into evidence can't of that text message - fair and accurate representation of text....received in evidence as DT date and contents...Tues 12/16 from GA just thinking about you I need you in my did relation end? he was supposed to come over and he didn't....I didn't think it was approapriate that he was sleeping with him and he didn't come over and I was crying and my sister texted him and I never saw him again......

Establish a there a guard gate/post at your complex...did you instruct guard not to let him into your complex any more...object overrule...yes sir...after did your name become exposed in the media...what happened? beginning to be harrassed by media (object- sustain X2) can we appraoch?


JB w/KH - I lied to LE I was embarrassed thought I would get him in trouble if I told that we were having an affair....also I was in a relationship....object overrule...did you eventually tell police the truth? I did ....after being confronted with all text messages....when did you finally tell the truth...I had no choice with the text...confronted with it....prior to LE ...after that did you sell your story to a tabloid magazine...gentleman who did interview would give my entire story in full...I felt the media would make me look like trash...have a sister twin. as part of that interview you got compensation sister got compensation....are you truthful ly testifying today? did you want to come testify today? why yes I did because...object sustain

Cross- the time you inserted yourself in the A lives they were already celebreties...been on Nat. news and on news sought them much $ from Nat. Enquirer for the story $4K = others don't pay and ones that chose Nat. Enquirer would explain everything in detail...the one news story you could trust to tell your story...the NE was the one place that would tell your story in a fair an honest and nonsensational way......agree that story is much sexier that if you were having an affair with GA....story gets much better if you actually sleeping with GA.....
recognize this was sent a couple of weeks ...(hard to hear).....sidebar


JA w/KH a ka RC....

read from pg 11 line 2-7 were you ....did you and GA become romantically answered Feb 17 2010 given statement...when did you change that? my sister went to media with it....when it started coming out I told detectives the truth.....after you went to media...sis did...after family went to media.....I spoke to Detectives within first couple of days they first found me...they found you on Feb 17...the next day sister went to @ end of that week...sis goes to media with this story....when Nat. enquirer contact you? very quickly object - did NE media change your story to the media...I had no choice to tell the had no choice to tell the truth on the 17th and you lied....I did not speak to media wanted no part of it....when did you first discuss giving story to NE? possibly end of the week couldn't believe he could raise a daughter that could harm her child.....I really believe it was an accident that just went wrong....JB - object- HHBP -sidebar and bring me the statement!


JA w/KH....did GA say in context of having a child that harmed her child he said I really
believe it was an accident and it went wrong and she tried to cover it up....( reading from ) that in fact what he said? yes....but also he said it was an accident that snowballed out of control...he didn't tell you that he was present when this accident never told you he knew it to be the case.....I told you what he said I never elaborated on anything else.....he said it was an accident that snowballed out of control....he didn't say he believe it he didn't say he knew it and didn't say kc siad it....he also told you on occassion where he relayed about the death of CAylee...did he relate incident where he threw kc up against wall, choked her...objectx2 sustained approach


KH is reading her statement
missed some...

JA up Ms. Holloway I am quite frankly confused....that is what you said and that is what you intended to say..YES!..may the witness be excused? Jb up to ask question...has laptop and JA looks @ it over his shoulder.....sidebar


Jury in (9:02)


(HHJBP's headset is not working)

Are you known by any other name? River Cruz. My father used to call me River and my mother's maiden name was Cruz. Are there any other reasons why you use that name? No.

She met GA at a tent when his granddaughter was missing in July or August of 2008. She went to the tent every day and got to know GA a little better, and developed an intimate relationship with him.

He went to her home about 12 times.

Did you loan him any money?

OBJECTION - relevance - May we approach?

SIDEBAR #2 (9:06-9:08)


Did there come an occasion where you had a heart to heart conversation with GA as to what happened with Caylee? Yes.

On that night, he was sitting on her couch and she was sitting on the floor. He had said it was an accident that had snowballed out of control. She was in shock, but by the time she looked up, his eyes were full of tears. She did not elaborate.

This was around Thanksgiving. They were talking about his daughter. She thinks she mentioned that she didn't think he could raise someone...

OBJECTION BY JA - witness should be allowed to answer - HHJBP - go ahead

She didn't think he could raise someone who could harm her child and that is when he said it was an accident that had snowballed out of control. She didn't ask him anything after that.

She believes her relationship with GA ended on the 4th, the day of the balloon release.

She was still in a relationship with him when the Memorial Service occurred.

She was shown Defense Exhibit FT.

After the relationship ended, she did not tell anyone about her relationship with GA before being contacted by LE.

How were you found by LE?


The police ocntacted her 2 years later. They came to her and presented her with - first question was if she knew GA and if she had had an affair with him. They had texts.

Was it one text or several?

OBJECTION - items not in evidence - OVERRULED

They showed her several texts. They asked her for documentation and she provided them with her phone and the letters he had written her.

She was shown the text, Defense Exhibit FT - a photo of the text message. JB moved it into evidence with no objection and it was marked as 72.

She read, Tuesday December 16 - From GA - just thinking about you, I need you in my life. She recalls when he sent it.

Why did he send it?

OBJECTION - question withdrawn

How did the relationship end? On the Memorial Service day, he was supposed to come over and he didn't then texted her for the next 2 days. She didn't think it was appropriate that he was sleeping with her and wouldn't come see her.

Did he attempt to come to her home around that time?

OBJECTION - establish a foundation

Is there a guard post at your complex? Yes.

Did you have to instruct the guard not to let him in?



After the police found her, her name was exposed to the media.

Were you being harrassed by the media?


I'd like a little leeway.


Can I approach? You may.

SIDEBAR #3 (9:17-9:18)

When LE first asked her about the affair, she denied it. She felt that he would get in trouble and the way it ended, she just assumed the media would find out about it if she told the detectives and she was embarrassed. She was also in another relationship - while she was seeing GA, when she told the police, and after.


She eventually told the police the truth. After being confronted with all of the text messages?


When did you finally tell them the truth? She had no choice because of the texts.

After her info came out to the media, she did not sell her story to a tabloid. She did give an interview. The man who did the iterview offered her the chance to tell her story in full.


She felt the media would edit certain things and make her look like trash. He gave her the chance to tell her story.

She has a twin sister. She or her sister got compensation for that interview.

She is testifying truthfully. She did want to testify today because...




At the time you inserted yourself into the A's life, were they already celebrities? She did not think they were celebrities - they were looking for their granddaughter She agreed they were in the news every day and she sought them out.

How much money did you get from the NI? $4,000 just for talking to them.

Did other news organizations that don't pay, contact her?

The NI gave her the chance to explain everything in detail. She felt that she was being trashed in the media.

You felt the NI was the one place to tell your story?


He told it the way you wanted it told? No, he told it the way it happened.

She did have an affair with GA.

OBJECTION - argumentative - OVERRULED

You do not agree this story is better if you are sleeping with GA? That's not true.

She agreed GA sent her letters?

She was shown State's Exhibit RS and identified it as one of the letters which was sent within a couple of weeks of the text.

JB OBJECTED to letter being entered into evidence - SUSTAINED

SIDEBAR #4 (9:27-9:29)

In early January 2008 she received a letter from GA referencing attempting to get messages to her through her daughter, sister, gate guard and her husband.


She stated she did not have a husband. She did not tell him she had a husband. He did know she was in a relationship with someone else.


He also referenced her friendship with him and his wife as being very personal to him. He signed the letter...


Did he sign both himself and his wife?


Yes, he did.

The text was sent 5 days after GA learned that remains had been found.

2/17/10 statement to LE - she was asked if she was in a romantic relationship with GA?


Page 11, Line 2-7. She answered no that she and GA did not become romantically involved - under oath.

When did you first alter that statement? It was February when she told the detectives. Her sister went to the media. Then she spoke to the detectives, within a couple of days and told them the truth.

She spoke to the detectives and told them the truth that she had been sleeping with GA within a couple of days of when they found her.

Her sister went to the media the end of the week of the 17th.

When does the NI contact you? I don't remember. Very quickly?

OBJECTION - asked and answered - OVERRULED

How did the NI interview relate to her changing her story? She had no choice to tell the truth because her name had already come out.

Regarding GA's statements to her - she was talking to him about his daughter and how she couldn't believe that he could raise a daughter who could kill her child - and isn't it true that what GA said was - "I really believe that it was an accident?"


SIDEBAR #5 (9:38-9:39)

Did you say in your statement to LE: "I really believe it was an accident that just went wrong and she tried to cover it up?" No, that is not what he said.

She read from her statement: "I really believe that it was an accident and it went wrong and she tried to cover it up".

Yes, that is what he said. But he also said...

OBJECTION - let witness finish -

She said he didn't read what was above it where he said it was an accident that snowballed out of control. He never told her that he knew it himself? She never elaborated. She never said he said anything else other than what he said.

He said it was an accident that snowballed out of control. He did not say he was actually there or knew it.

He didn't say he knew it or that ICA said it.

Was there another incident he related to you where he had talked about attempting to get information about the death of Caylee? Did he relate an incident where he threw his daughter up against the wall and attempted to choke her...


SIDEBAR #5 (9:43-9:48)

No further questions.


The statement that JA read to you - you saying GA believed.... Do you remember that? Yes.

That statement was taken out of context, was it not? Yes.

Before that line of questioning you had said what? That he said it was an accident that snowballed out of control. That is the first statement, then you followed it up first with JA had you tried to read...

OBJECTION - SUSTAINED - lets just ask the questions

This was a statement he made while he was still out making media statements while he was out trying to find his daughter; and he told you


While he was telling the world she was missing - he told you it was an accident? Yes.

The text 5 days after the remains were found - you were still having a relationship with GA? Yes

For two years you didn't tell anyone


How long did you keep quiet.


2 years. She never went to anyone. The detectives came to her door 2 years later. After that, your relationship was exposed? Yes.

Why did you go to the NE? Because she didn't want the story to be edited. The NE gave her the chance to tell her story in full. The media was saying all kinds of negative things about her.

They said she had a criminal background. She does not.

She has had issues where she failed to sign a citation?



She was asked to read from her statement.


She is reading from her statement

OBJECTION - document not in evidence - OVERRULED

She read: He said I really believe it was an accident and it just went wrong and then she tried to cover it up. Casey (no verbal response)

JB stating that the document is not being read in context and HHJBP asked to see the document.

She then read: Did he tell you what he thought happened to the child? Yea. What he said - upset - sorry - we have to know the truth - take your time - He said that it was an accident and it went wrong and it just snowballed and he said you know how you tell a small lie and you try to cover it up and it just got really big and out of control. Did he give you more than that? No. What type of accident. He was sitting on her couch and she was sitting on the floor and she understood that because she had done many things in her life that she was ashamed of. She thinks this occurred the last time he was at her house. He didn't give specifics? I really believe it was an accident tht went wrong and she tried to cover it up. Did she say to her that ICA told her it was an accident or just something you believed? He didn't say that - she didn't remember him saying that ICA said it.

So they specifically asked you if she was told about it or it was something you believed?


GA made it clear to you that he did not have any first hand knowledge?




You made the statement that he didn't say ICA told him, he made it sound like he knew it was an accident?

OBJECTION - leading - rephrase

Did he say ICA told him? Is that what you said? Yes. He didn't say ICA told him? Right.

You conveyed to the police?

OBJECTION - leading -

Did you tell the police..


She told the police that he knew it was an accident that snowballed out of control? That's correct.

After that he continued to make statements to the media that his daughter was missing.



Ms. Holloway, I'm confused....

OBJECTION - SUSTAINED - just ask questions

In your statement you said he didn't say it like he knew? Yes.

Witness excused. Oops - JB wanted to show her something else.

SIDEBAR #6 (10:06-10:08)

Jury sent out for their recess at 10:08 until 10:30

No Jury

HHJBP: It is quite evident that an instructions should be given. We have two trained lawyers who can't agree. How can we expect the Jury to understand.

According to Williams v State, Dudley v State and Pierce v State the Court will give the following amended instruction:

The testimony concerning the statements of GA testified to by this witness KH may be considered by you only as they might impeach the other testimony of GA and for no other purpose. These statements may not be used by you as proof of how the victim in this case may have died, and you are not to use this testimony as to the defendant's guilt or innocence.

JB: The Jury may be able to infer that GA lied. The Jury then can decide to use that toward determining the guilt or innocence of ICA. We are not putting witnesses on the stand for no reason. He objects to the last two sentences.

HHJBP: Supreme Court Justice Jonas - prior inconsistant statements - limiting instruction proper. The jury will be instructed that they can believe all or any part of a witness's testimony and they can consider whether a witness gave an inconsistent testimony. To not instruct this Jury who are not lawyers, and we have seen that even the lawyers can't agree on what the law is and what it means. If we get to that stage - MY PAPER WILL BE GRADED.

Is anone else going to ask her any more questions? No.

Jury returned


No further questions.

Witness excused.

HHJBP: The testimony concerning the statements of GA testified to by the witness KH may be considered by you only as they might impeach the credibility of the other testimony of GA and for no other purposes. These statements may not be used by you as proof as to the manner by which this victim may have died, and you are not to use that testimony as to this defendants guilt or innocence.

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