KY - Amber Spradlin, 39, stabbed 11 times, Prestonsburg, June 17 2023


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Aug 22, 2019
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I haven't seen this posted yet and my cousin who lives in the area brought it to my attention. They asked to help get the word out, so let's help get justice for Amber!

As of today, August 27th, 2923, it does not appear an arrest has been made.

Unsolved murder of Kentucky woman stabbed 11 times leaves family shaken

(WHAS) - FLOYD COUNTY, Ky. — Family, attorneys and community members from the small community of Prestonsburg, Kentucky, gathered on the courthouse steps Thursday to expose what they know about a brutal killing, now going 10 days unsolved.

According to Kentucky State Police, 38-year-old Amber Spradlin was found dead in a home on Arkansas Creek, on June 18. The incident that led to her death is believed to have happened overnight, on June 17.

There’s a monster out there’: Family focused on finding justice for Floyd County murder victim

PRESTONSBURG, Ky. (WYMT) - When looking into the 9-1-1 calls Amber Spradlin is believed to have placed on the night of her death, her cousin Debbie Hall is left wondering who dropped the call.
Hall said it may not have been a murder investigation if emergency response services were sufficient.

Williams said, between around 2 a.m. and 6 a.m., there are no police officers to respond to calls in the county.
I appreciate the articles and @Nancy19XX for posting them however there seems to be little about this murder or the victim and a whole bunch about what a mess that she has to depend on. I live in a small SC county that has had shortages in police/fire but always made sure it was covered. It really says that thru the middle of the night “THERE ARE NO COPS”. There just has to be a sheriff, county super, or somebody to answer for this.
We're in that general neck of the woods, and sometime back the county next to us went without deputies at all for a period of time. Meigs on verge of becoming one-cop county This is the only article I could find quickly about it- in the end the sheriff told residents that they would have to arm themselves as there was no one to do more than come and take a report. Where I'm going with that- in Appalachia it isn't at all unheard of to be without deputies, or to only have a very few on duty for a huge area, especially overnight. I'm honestly not surprised that emergency services dropped the ball, they likely truly didn't have enough bodies to work. I know it sounds absurd in the year of our Lord 2023, but here we are.

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