KY - Joel Wells, 21, Hazard, 15 Jan 1994

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    KY Joel Mark Wells, 21, Hazard, Kentucky, 15 January 1994, Namus MP # 7013

    I did a search and this missing person is listed in Namus, but he does not have a thread on Websleuths. So I’m creating a thread for this missing person on Websleuths.

    Putting together a summary of what is known about Joel Mark Wells.

    Joel Mark Wells, 21, Hazard, Kentucky 15 January 1994, Namus MP # 7013

    Physical Characteristics

    Nickname or alias: Wells may go by his middle name, Mark.

    Missing From: Hazard, Kentucky

    Date Last Seen: January 15, 1994

    Age Last Seen: 21

    Gender: Male

    Race/Ethnicity: White

    Height: 6’0”

    Weight: 160

    Hair Color: Brown

    Eye Color: Blue

    Clothing/Jewelry: Blue jeans, Blue flannel shirt, Black denim jacket, Green baseball cap with a hemp plant insignia.

    Footwear: Back Trails brand Green & Tan Hiking boots.

    Circumstances: Joel Mark Wells was last seen on the extremely cold night of Saturday January 15, 1994 at the Black Gold Shopping Center at Hazard, Kentucky. While at the shopping center on the coldest night of the year, Joel Mark Wells got into an argument with a group of friends.

    After having an argument, Joel Mark Wells left his friends and walked to a Burger King restaurant at the Black Gold Shopping Center. He banged on the closed doors of the restaurant which was shutting down for the night. The employees at the restaurant called police who arrived within minutes, but Joel Mark Wells was gone when police arrived.

    After Joel Mark Wells was last seen at the Burger King restaurant, he apparently attempted to catch a ride with customers exiting the old Wal-Mart store at the Black Gold Shopping Center. It was the last time that he was seen at the shopping center.

    According to witnesses, Joel Mark Wells appeared panicked and was acting as if someone was after him.

    Search dogs caught his scent near the river behind city hall, but nothing else. A search of the area by police, family members, and volunteers where Joel Mark Wells was last seen turned up no indication of his whereabouts.

    On the previous evening before Joel Mark Wells disappeared, a gas station on Main Street in Hazard had been robbed and its attendant shot to death. The murderer of the gas station attendant was arrested a few days after the disappearance of Joel Mark Wells. The murderer was convicted and sentenced to twenty-five years to life in prison.

    Authorities investigated the possibility that the disappearance of Joel Mark Wells and the murder of the gas station attendant could be related, but could find no evidence to support this theory.

    Joel Mark Wells left behind two sons. He was never seen or heard from again and his case remains unsolved.

    Contact: Anyone that has any additional information or questions regarding this case should contact the Kentucky State Police Post 13 Hazard at 606-435-6069 or the Hazard Police Department at 606-436-2222.

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