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Judge gives Joshua Young 120 days in jail

"Sit up straight and listen to me, Mr. Young," Perry told him Friday morning before sentencing him to serve 120 days in jail starting Friday, with release only to meet with his probation and parole officer.

How many chances does this guy get?? He just goes back out and disobeys the rules set out before him every time. I want to believe he can change and do better but in order to do that he has to want to. I don't think he does. :(

We haven't seen the last of Mr. Young:snake:
Jan 20, 2015
Josh Young Appears in Court on Jail Contraband Charge
".....Josh Young appeared in front of Judge Stephanie Burke at the Hall of Justice Tuesday morning.

The 19-year-old is accused of trying to sneak in contraband while in jail earlier this month.

Authorities said during a pat-down, they found a small baggie of spice -- a synthetic marijuana -- in Young's underwear.

On Tuesday, Young agreed to a one-year sentence on the felony charge of promoting contraband.

"The tampering is going to be dismissed also without prejudice also, your honor. We've come to a resolution on the promoting contraband for the week of Feb. 9," said Young's attorney, Sheila Seadler.
The sentence will be added onto a two-year diverted sentence for retaliating against a witness.

Prosecutors want Young to spend that time behind bars.

A probation revocation hearing will be held next month.

Young is already in jail serving a 120-day sentence following an incident with his pregnant girlfriend......"

As I wrote upthread: We haven't seen the last of Mr Young
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