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    Kyron Horman Search Timeline

    June 5th: Search near Cornelius Pass - Photo Slideshow HERE

    Photo of searcher near Skyline with police helicopter in the background:

    June 6th: Grid Search near School ~ Raining, Searching Nearby Property Oregonian Video

    Also Parents and Students Interviewed at School all Day ~ FBI involved ~ Quantico Profiler ~ Also Regional Child Abduction Team

    Police Spokesperson: "All day you'll see activity at the school, children coming in with their parents to be interviewed. Simultaneously we are doing a search - it's a grid search. . . . "It could be up to 300 (interviews) because the school does have 300 students. And with family added it could be a really large number of people here all day."

    FBI Spokesperson: "The FBI is here in an assistance role. . . . We can sometimes bring people in large numbers which we have been doing since Friday night. We have our Child Abduction Rapid Deployment team (the CARD team) and that is a standard procedure in a missing child case. . . . That is a regional team and we're lucky enough to have three members of that team here in Oregon but we've flown in other members of that team from other parts of the country including a Profiler from Quanitco who is now working with the investigators to come up with some ideas in order to get the most complete picture possible of Kyron - what did he like, what did he not like, would he have left on his own, was he adventursome or was he more shy.

    Search Spokesperson: "What they're doing (in the grid search) is basically arm's length. If there are places where they need to get underneath brush where a child might crawl, they'll search everything."

    June 7th: From Diana Olsen, coordinator of the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office search and rescue operation:

    June 8th: Fliers handed out at the intersection of Cornelius Pass and U.S. 30

    June 9th: Search Widens:

    June 10th: More Volunteers Come out to Search

    Picture Slideshow

    Crews from 18 Oregon Counties Join Search


    June 11th: Search Expands to Sauvie Island

    (Same day as family press conference in which Terri Horman appeared to have strange body language while on stage with Desiree and Kaine)

    Picture Slideshow

    June 12th: Search Continues

    June 15th: Last day of school at Skyline Elementary

    Searchers out on horseback and in the water on Sauvie:
    Source: KGN (with video)

    Fourth Day of Search on Sauvie Island

    June 18: Flier Released of Terri Horman and White Truck

    August 8th: Searchers Return

    August 9th: Old Germantown Road Search

    August 11th: Press conference about white truck in front of School.

    October 2nd-3rd: Crews Return to Sauvie Island

    Photo Gallery

    October 9th: 100 personnel search Sauvie for second weekend in a row:

    October 10th: 60 personnel search Sauvie for second day

    November 14th-15th: Dive Teams Return to Sauvie Island

    November 13th-14th: Dive Teams Continue Search on Sauvie

    December 4, 2010

    January 30, 2011: Searchers Return

    Feb. 24, 2011: FBI to Dedicate up to Six FBI agents to Kyron's Case:

    March 26-27, 2011: Search near North Plains:

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