KZ 100 Questions to SA Guilters

Laura Mountford

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May 30, 2018
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My apologies if this has already been brought up on here but there are so many threads and pages to sift through.
I just wondered if any guilters wanted to have a go at answering any or all of KZ questions?
I believe SA and BD are innocent but I am open minded and would like to see other people's reasoning...


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Some of those questions can't be answered with a definitive answer, only with a speculative answer. Also notice on page 1 it states "We reserve the right to make the final determinations as to whether anyone has successfully answered all 100 questions and is entitled to the $10,000 reward." So even if you answer all questions correctly, Zellner can still decide you won't get any money.

If you search the web you'll find some people who answered all 100 questions.
Hi, sorry for the question but what is this questionnaire for?
Hi, sorry for the question but what is this questionnaire for?

hi avensis! Welcome to Websleuths! Sorry for the late response... the questionnaire or challenge was something that Zellner put out a few years ago.

The Steven Avery Proof of Guilt Challenge
The Proof of Guilt Challenge: We are so convinced that you will fail at answering the following 100 questions that we will offer an award of $10,000 to anyone who fully answers all 100 questions based upon credible evidence that establishes Mr. Avery’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
I answered them all the same day she posted them. They are nonsense questions that fail in any way to require answering in order to prove his guilt.

Zellner is a clown of the highest order.

Because of me she made this rule:


Her goal is to attack people personally not to debate the facts. She wants identities to go after personally to deflect from the substance or lack therefore since she had no substance and ignores procedure as a matter of course.

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