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    After losing one son to violence, mother mourns second child
    WDSU By Randi Rousseau
    Published 4:30 PM CDT May 15, 2015

    NEW ORLEANS —After struggling with the murder of her son, Joseph "Jermaine" Byrd in 2005, Alice Felix still found comfort in her stepson Karry Daily.

    "When he was about 11 years of age, he came to live with us and we had a good relationship," said Felix.

    However, on Thanksgiving, Nov. 23, 2006, Felix got an all-too-familiar phone call that would rattle her family once again.
    A friend of Daily's called for her husband to give him the tragic news.

    "My husband said, Karry has been shot, and he's dead," said Felix shaking her head as she recounted the moments. She responded, "Not again" with tears welling up in her eyes.

    The 30-year-old and another man Brian Marcelin were shot on Pear Street, just a block from Bethune Elementary School, and walking distance from where Daily's stepbrother Jermaine was killed a year prior.

    Daily died at the scene, while Marcelin passed away at the hospital.


    "The people who were living there in 2006 may still be there and still have the information we need to conclude this case," said Harbin.

    "I just want justice. I just want them, the person who did this to them, brought to justice," said Felix.

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