GUILTY LA - NOPD officer convicted of raping 7 year old girl, 20 Aug 2003

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    Sorry if this has been posted..
    A New Orleans police officer who was convicted of raping a 7-year-old girl will spend the rest of his life behind bars after his sentencing Tuesday.

    The lifetime term without probation or parole for Michael Thomassie, 41, follows a trial marked by prosecutorsÂ’ seizure of the cellphone they said Thomassie used to send raunchy texts to his girlfriend and a courtroom selfie. A jury convicted the 13-year veteran cop Aug. 20 of the aggravated rape of his then-girlfriendÂ’s daughter, a second-grader, in 2003.
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    This is from August:

    Cop accused of raping ex-girlfriend’s daughter, 7, ‘took selfies and sent racy text messages’ during his trial

    Good for her for showing up. She should be proud of herself.

    What is with people.
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    What a revolting human being. Shame that was the worst sentence he far.
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    A former New Orleans police officer has pleaded guilty to the 2003 rape of his ex-girlfriend's child.

    Forty-three-year-old Michael Thomassie had been convicted of first-degree rape in 2015. But, the conviction, which carries a life sentence, was overturned on appeal.

    On Monday he pleaded guilty to second-degree rape and sexual molestation of a juvenile under age 13. He received 10 years on the molestation charge, but with eight years of that suspended. He received five years on the second-degree rape charge.

    He would become eligible for parole after serving two years and is being given credit for more than a year already served.

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