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Did you ever instruct DC and JH to search off of Suburban? No.

Did you ask them to video tape there? No.

December 20, 2008 search warrant - did you tell YM at that time that you had your people search and nothing was there? She can't remember what she said to him then.

Do you know if you told him that you had people walk that area where the body was discovered a month ago and nothing was there.

She doesn't remember what she told him at that time.

She did recall telling him that there was A blanket missing. She agreed this was the second search warrant since finding Caylee.

On 12/11 they did not leave a search warrant or inventory sheet. She did not know what they were looking for at that time or what they had taken.

On 12/20 - did you know what they had taken on the 11th? She believes their attorney had requested that and at some point they got it.

You were aware of the Winnie the Pooh bedding? There were seventy some items.

Prior to December 2008 that you had told LA that you had sent DC and/or JH to Suburban Drive with a video camera? She never told anyone that because she never sent them there.

What about after or around the time of 11/08, did you have an argument with LA about sending DC to search? She had no knowledge of that search. Her first knowledge of that search was after Caylee's remains were found.

She never had a discussion with LA in which he asked why she was looking for a dead Caylee?

Witness excused at 11:12


He had an argument with CA about DC looking. He was over at his mother's house...

OBJECTION - narrative and hearsay - SUSTAINED

CA told him that she sent DC into the woods off of Suburban because she got a psychic tip that she wanted to follow up on. He didn't recall when this happened, but it was before he went back to work in October of 2008.

This discussion created an argument. He was quite angry because this was the first time he had heard anyone in his family offer up that they were willing to look for a deceased Caylee.


This alleged conversation happened in October of 2008, or prior? He went back to work in October and the conversation happened prior to that because it fueled his decision to go back to work.

Are you aware that DC went into the woods in November? Yes.


What do you mean it fueled your decision to go back to work? It made my decision a lot easier to go back to work.


He was very angry that his folks decided to do that without keeping him in the loop. It was something he couldn't believe he was either considering that she was no longer with them and he didn't want anything to do with that and he decided to go back to work.


So mid to October 2008 you were completely sold on the lies your sister told?


Yes and no.

Witness excused subject to recall - (11:18)
Lee Anthony up.

JB: Did you ever have a argument with your mother about sending DC to the area off Suburban Drive?
Yes sir, I did.
Did you go to your parent home?
Yes, I did.
Did your mother tell you about sending DC with a video camera to Suburban Drive?
Yes, that did happen.
That she sent DC to the woods off Suburban, that she got a tip.
When did this happen?
Later in the year of 2008.
Before you went back to work?
I believe it was.
When did you go back to work?
October 2008.
Did this create an argument?
Might have been one-sided on my part. I was quite angry.
It was the first time anyone in my family was willing to look for a deceased Caylee.

FG: You had this conversation in October 2008 or before?
I don't know the exact time frame.
FG: Are you aware that DC and JH were in the woods in November?
Yes sir.
So this conversation took place before the event actually happened?
Yes, I guess so.

What do you mean you made a decision to go back to work?
I was very angry that my folks decided to do that without keeping me in the loop and I couldn't believe they were even considering that maybe Caylee wasn't with us. I decided to go back to work to focus my energy across the board.

FG: So in October 2008 you were completely sold on the line that your sister sold you?
LA: Yes and no.


He was very young when Mandy passed away in Ohio. He doesn't really remember it.

When did you first remember the family having to bury a pet? He remembers being present for Beau, same for Ginger. He was present when Cinnamon was buried. He buried her in the backyard. She was in a black plastic bag with duct tape to secure the bag.

Were there any other pets you were present for the burial? A pet of their grandmother but the animal was given to them by the vet. The pet was in a black plastic garbage bag taped with clear tape.

Typically his parents were in charge of burying the pets.

No cross.

Witness excused at 11:31
Lee Anthony called.

JB: Were you present when Mandy was buried? How old were you?
Do you remember when that happened?
Not really.
When was the first time you remember an animal was buried? Beau?
I wasn't really present for Beau.
I was present for Cinnamon. There was a plastic bag and duct tape.
Were there any other pets you were present for the burial of?
One was my grandmother's, but no other family pets I was present for the burial.
My grandmother's in a plastic bag and clear tape.
Who was in charge of burying your family pets?
Typically my parents.

LA excused.
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