Links for support if u r being abused or a survivor.

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    Please post links here for those who may need help/support because of abuse. TIA.

    RAINN: The nation's largest anti-sexual assault organization.



    More Links:

    • Abuse/Incest Support -- Articles on advocacy, child sexual abuse, date rape, and much more.
    • Abuse/Incest Support Chat -- Supportive chat for survivors of sexual abuse and incest. Recommended by a survivor.
    • Abuse Survivors Chat -- Chat (includes scheduled topic chats), and forums for survivors of any kind of abuse.
    • After the Rain -- Message board, facts about Tori Amos, letters written by survivors to their family & friends, and much more.
    • Alecto's Directory -- Growing list of triggering books and movies.
    • Angels of a Golden Sky -- Message board support for survivors of child abuse, including CSA.
    • Aphrodite Wounded -- Lou's amazing site for women survivors of partner rape. Survivor stories, definitions, myths/facts, info about Louise's upcoming book on partner rape, and much more.
    • Arte Sana -- Serves underserved survivors of gender and racial violence, particularly Latinas.
    • Bearing Through It -- Guide to dealing with incest.
    • Beyond the Tears -- Official website for an awareness book by Lynn C. Tolson.
    • Break the Silence -- Survivor stories.
    • Butterfly Wings Survivor Site -- Statisics, definitions, webmistress' biography, and more.
    • Dancing in the Darkness -- Survivor stories, message board, info on speaking out and much more.
    • Darkdancer's Graphic Art and Poetry -- Art and poetry from the point of view of a rape survivor.
    • emergence -- Beautiful, beautiful, I mean beautiful site! My personal favorite. Survivor stories, info for male survivors, safety & prevention tips, and much much more.
    • Escaping Hades -- Excellent site by Lis. Extensive collection of survivor stories, resources for male survivors, safety tips, and much more.
    • Finding My Soul -- Advocacy info, info on Mother-Daughter abuse, anti-child pornography, and more.
    • Finding the Hope to Heal -- Survivor stories, poetry, info for male survivors, inspirational quotes, etc.
    • Healing Angels Survivors -- Full mental health survivors support forum. With lots of support for everyone, from mental health support, to survivors support and personal issues support too. Also contains a chat box. 100+ forums. Everyone welcome!
    • Healing Broken Angels -- Info on types of abuse, and lots of info on many mental illnesses.
    • Healing Minds -- Healing Minds was created for survivors of abuse & domestic violence. On the site is numerous information, book lists, support forums and helpful links.
    • Healing the Wounds -- Message board, definitions, Tiffany's story, and more.
    • Healing Through Creativity -- Healing Through Creativity is an event where survivors are encouraged to share art, music, poetry and other writings in an effort to heal.
    • Holli's Triumph Over Tragedy -- Holli's story, interviews, ribbon campaign, and much more.
    • Hope 4 Survivors -- Survivor site of Hope, an incest survivor. She tells her story, shares healing tips & suggestions, inspirationals, and more!
    • Hope Heals -- Melanie's personal story, information about CSA, aftermath info and much more.
    • Incest Survivors Anonymous -- 12 step organization for incest survivors.
    • Innermotion -- Movement therapy through dance for survivors.
    • It Happened to Alexa Foundation -- Assistance for survivors so that they can participate in the justice system. See website for services rendered.
    • Journey to Me -- Liz's sexual assault and domestic violence survivor site. Info on maintaining boundaries, info for secondary survivors, bookstore, and more.
    • Lavender Power -- Lavender Power is the official home of the Survivors SUCCESSors emag. You can check out the latest issue here. Included are sections on helpful music & books, healing info (such as pages devoted to different types of therapy, such as gardening therapy), info on many supportive organizations, and so much more! Highly recommended!
    • The Lighthouse Sanctuary -- Information on types of abuse & therapy, a support forum, poetry/artwork, and more.
    • Looking within -- Poetry board which encourages survivors to write.
    • Male Abuse Survivor Support -- Several important articles geared at male survivors.
    • MaleSurvivor -- Extensive amount of resources for male survivors. Help finding a therapist, information for adults/adolescents/families, poetry, and a whole lot more.
    • Mended Wings -- Nice board for survivors of child abuse. Includes a forum for healing through poetry.
    • Mickey's Domestic, Child, Elder & Sexual Abuse Resources -- Huge collection of links and resources.
    • Mujer Arte -- Triggrering collection of art by women. Site entirely in Spanish, please understand this site can be rather graphic.
    • My Voice of Truth -- Website for upcoming book by author Stephanie Gagos. Stephanie tells her story, has information on different types of therapies, healing inspirers, a list of many helpful books and much more!
    • Ophelia's Love -- Canadian organization assisting victims of rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence. Resources, computer safety tips, global advocacy, and more.
    • Orange Clouds - A TS rape survivor site -- Information for transgendered sexual assault survivors. Allison's story, listings of support groups & hotlines, plus a lot more.
    • Out of Darkness -- Domestic violence resources and poetry.
    • Over the Rainbow -- Survivor story, definitions, aftermath info, and much more.
    • Pandora's Box - The Secrecy of Child Sexual Abuse -- Article/book list, list of TV documentaries, prevention info, and more.
    • Pandora's Hope -- CSA statistics, myths & facts; extensive aftermath info, stuff for secondary survivors, article on the need for survivors to advocate for other survivors.
    • Parents & Loved Ones of Abuse & Rape Survivors -- Great site for secondary survivors.
    • Path to Healing -- Survivor stories, myths/facts, info for male survivors, and much more.
    • Pathway to Healing -- Christian page featuring survivor creativity, prayer section, aftermath info. Lovely site.
    • Peaceful Haven -- Pooja's lovely site. She tells her story, has many pages on survivor issues, including breaking the silence/healing/confrontations, etc and a whole lot more.
    • Pedal Prayers -- Information on child pornography from a Reverend. Select "Special Cause" from the menu.
    • Pilgrim's Journey -- Pilgrim's blog about her recovery from child abuse and coping with dissociative identity disorder (DID).
    • Porcelain Heart -- Jackie's lovely site. She shares her story, her poetry, songs that have a lot of meaning to her, and her heart! She also has a section specifically for hotlines, and a separate link section for survivor sites.
    • Project Becky -- Website of a British teenager who became pregnant through rape. She tells her story and offers support and information to those pregnant or who have been pregnant through rape.
    • RAD Self-Defense -- Official website for the RAD self-defense system. Hightly effective!
    • Rape and Sexual Abuse Center (Nashville, Tennessee) -- Volunteer info, counesling info, programs for children, etc.
    • Rape Crisis Online Encyclopedia -- Mainly academic information sexual assault and abuse.
    • Rape Crisis Federation of Wales & England, UK -- Articles, statistics, volunteer info, and more.
    • Rape Crisis Information Pathfinder -- Articles, research, links and more. Tons of information.
    • -- Extensive hotline and activism information.
    • Rape Survivors -- Poetry and memorial wall.
    • Rape Survivors Hope and Home Page -- Info on patterns of attacks, survivor's Bill of Rights, thoughts on self-blame, and more.
    • Rape Victim Advocacy Program -- Volunteer info, hotlines, information in Spanish.
    • Samantha -- Samantha's story of survival, her poetry, and she blogs too!
    • Silent Lambs -- Dedicated to breaking the silence on child sexual abuse. FAQs, legal info, personal stories, and more.
    • The Silver Braid Survivors of Sexual Exploitation Network -- Information and advocacy for survivors of sexual exploitation and the sex industry.
    • Soul Survivors -- Site geared to the Black community. Forums, FAQ's, myths/facts, and more.
    • Stolen Innocence -- Information on the book by the same name, by Erin Merryn.
    • Survive -- Safety tips, webmistress' story, facts/myths, and more.
    • Surviving the Memories -- Donna's awesome site. Survivor stories, aftermath info, info for male survivors, and much more.
    • Surviving to Thriving -- Jes' excellent site. Survivor stories, info for male survivors, thoughts on healing, and much more.
    • The Survivor Alliance -- Ginger's lovely site; which seeks to unite sites and organizations that work to support survivors. The includes a list of sites and organizatons; information on various types of abuse; poetry, and much more.
    • Survivors and Friends: Support for Survivors of Sexual Abuse -- Articles, message board, memorial wall.
    • Survivors Can Thrive -- Webmistress' story, mediations, healing tips, etc.
    • Survivors Can Thrive (Blog) -- This blog is a supplement to the Survivors Can Thrive site.
    • Survivors United: Standing Strong Together Against Abuse -- Inspiring site of Jenna, a CSA survivor. She tells her story, blogs, includes a resource section, some stuff on affirmations, and more. I especially love her quotes section!
    • Taking Back Control -- Has a good amount of basic information (including grounding techniques, which is great!), survivor stories, a blog, and poetry. It is a fairly new site, so you might like to check back in a while for new content!
    • The Awakening -- Ann Free Spirit's story of terrible abuse in two Catholic orphanedges.
    • the crew's house -- Information for sexual abuse survivors, particularly helpful for those who are DID (multiple) or suffer from eating disorders. Art and writings from survivors. Webmistress is a multiple.
    • The Mighty Phoenix -- Extensive links. Information on Marie's healing poetry book.
    • The Show of Hands -- The Show of Hands is an art project by Jodi which will feature handprints of the survivors of child sexual abuse. For more info on Jodi's mission and how to submit your handprint, visit the website.
    • TatteredxTornxBroken -- Message board for survivors of sexual violence. Donna of Surviving the Memories is one of the mods!
    • Threads of Compassion -- Threads of Compassion is an organization which provides hand knitted or crocheted scarves to newly victimized persons. These scarves are knitted by survivors. Check the website for more info.
    • Through the Fire -- Info on eating disorders and other self destructive behavior, info for teens, nurturing ones inner child, etc.
    • Turmoil Leads to Hope -- Abuse survivor and victim rights information.
    • Understanding the Survivor of Rape -- Extensive information on what it is like for rape victims.
    • Listserv Discussions -- Maillists dealing with prevention, research, and public policy of domestic & sexual violence.
    • Verge of a Miracle -- Survivor stories, suicide/self-injury info, booklist, and a lot more.
    • Voices of Strength -- Haullie's beautiful site for her audio documentary. You can purchase the documentary and also the music compilation Mindful Lullabies of of here. Includes a wealth of supplementary information, including Haullie's story, information on types of abuse & aftermath, and extensive links.
    • Welcome to Barbados -- Excellent site by Shannon. Survivor stories & poetry, myths/facts, message board and a lot more.
    • Whitedove's Nest -- Whitedove's story, prevention of CSA info, list of online support groups, and much more.
    • Why the Incest Survivor Should Tell -- Article encouraging incest survivors to speak out.

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    BLESS YOU :blowkiss:
    Thank you for this thread.

    I am very blessed and I never had abuse as many know it.
    Some emotional abuse Definitely...but it was not from a mean heart it was from ignorance.
    My parents were Concentration Camp survivors who lost their parents at very young age.
    They had no idea about Parenting.
    I think non the less they did a great job with the little bit they did know.
    I did counseling for years and facilitated a women's support group for over 8 years.
    All I can say to you is This is a great thing to do for the people who need to share.
    THANK YOU for the many resources you had provided too. :blowkiss:

    As for those who had been abused....OPEN UP...Let it spill.
    Remember that tears are the antifreeze for the soul.
    and Songs are the wings to your spirit. :blowkiss:
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    Thank you so much for providing these links.

    I cannot express how valuable this is to me today.


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