GUILTY MA - Aaron Hernandez, New England Patriots player, charged with homicides #3

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Cathy ‏@courtchatter · 33s33 seconds ago
"@BobMcGovernJr: Both ADA McCauley and defense attorney Sultan nod in unison at something Judge Garsh said. #AaronHernandez"
Susan Campbell ‏@S_E_Campbell · 24s24 seconds ago
The original juror who first appeared at sidebar this AM is back at sidebar now. #HernandezTrial @wpri12
Susan Campbell ‏@S_E_Campbell · 36s36 seconds ago
Juror is escorted from courtroom - Sidebar breaks up. #HernandezTrial @wpri12
Susan Campbell ‏@S_E_Campbell · 27s27 seconds ago
Before jurors are brought into courtroom, judge is hearing defense motion to limit Jenkins' testimony #HernandezTrial @wpri12
Thanks for the updates guys! Think I might pull up a chair today, don't want to miss Shaneah testifying.
Travis Andersen ‏@TAGlobe · 3m3 minutes ago
Sultan: "all inclusive list is what's in the bill of particulars" re Jenkins perjury indictment #AaronHernandezTrial

Travis Andersen ‏@TAGlobe · 3m3 minutes ago
McCauley: says they will not go over certain areas in Jenkins bill of particulars #AaronHernandezTrial

Brian Fraga ‏@BfragaHN · 3m3 minutes ago
Among items defense wants to limit is Shayanna saying she she did not have convo w/#AaronHernandez about police going to their home 6/17/13
Bob McGovern ‏@BobMcGovernJr · 1m1 minute ago  Bedford, NH
McCauley: "If she says, 'No I didn't," then we're moving on."

Travis Andersen ‏@TAGlobe · 1m1 minute ago
McCauley: "is there was any withholding ... obviously she's under oath" today #AaronHernandezTrial
Susan Campbell ‏@S_E_Campbell · 23s23 seconds ago
McCauley: I should be able to ask her, did you have a conversation with #Hernandez
Judge: I agree, at voir dire.

#HernandezTrial @wpri12

Bob McGovern ‏@BobMcGovernJr · 2m2 minutes ago  Bedford, NH
Garsh says prosecutors can ask about conversations Jenkins had with #AaronHernandez after the grand jury.
Travis Andersen ‏@TAGlobe · 2m2 minutes ago
McCauley: if she was untruthful before GJ "doesnt she have an obligation to cure" that testimony

Apparently a 'short' voir dire is upcoming with Shayanna.
Liam Martin ‏@LiamWCVB · 2m2 minutes ago
Judge wants to voir dire Shayanna Jenkins ahead of testimony. ADA McCauley objects because that would alert her to the questions. #WCVB

Travis Andersen ‏@TAGlobe · 2m2 minutes ago
McCauley: "if there's something new in that time that she didnt share with us ... " Garsh: I agree
Susan Campbell ‏@S_E_Campbell · 49s49 seconds ago
Judge tells McCauley a denial is not admissible - we're into a legal argument back and forth here. #HernandezTrial @wpri12
Susan Campbell ‏@S_E_Campbell · 36s36 seconds ago
Right in the middle of motion hearing, judge abruptly stops and calls attorneys to sidebar to speak with a juror #HernandezTrial @wpri12
Brian Fraga ‏@BfragaHN · 7m7 minutes ago
Looks like prosecution not expecting Shayanna to be a cooperative state witness #AaronHernandez

Travis Andersen ‏@TAGlobe · 7m7 minutes ago
McCauley: "I dont recall him saying I'm innocent" she said "I asked him if he had anything to do with it, and he said no" #HernandezTrial
Travis Andersen ‏@TAGlobe · 7m7 minutes ago
McCauley: statement inconsistent w/other evidence "he's attempting to mislead her" shows "consciousness of guilt"
Travis Andersen ‏@TAGlobe · 7m7 minutes ago
Garsh from SJ GJ testimony "I asked him if he did it, he told me no"
Liam Martin ‏@LiamWCVB · 7m7 minutes ago
History: McCauley and Garsh often spar. He asked her to recuse herself before the trial because he felt she'd be biased. She declined. #WCVB

Travis Andersen ‏@TAGlobe · 6m6 minutes ago
Garsh: "in every case where there's a denial, there is other evidence" straight out denial not admissible

Travis Andersen ‏@TAGlobe · 6m6 minutes ago
McCauley: denial shows AH trying to mislead Jenkins to thwart invest #AaronHernandezTrial

Susan Campbell ‏@S_E_Campbell · 50s50 seconds ago
First juror who started the chain of jurors being questioned this AM is back at sidebar with the judge, attorneys & #AaronHernandez @wpri12

Travis Andersen ‏@TAGlobe · 6m6 minutes ago
now going over issue of alleged coded text message #AaronHernandezTrial

Brian Fraga ‏@BfragaHN · 5m5 minutes ago
Sultan: our position is Shayanna gave answer she gave at GJ, she may not be asked questions about text message #AaronHernandez

Bob McGovern ‏@BobMcGovernJr · 5m5 minutes ago  Bedford, NH
The text messages between #AaronHernandez and Shayanna Jenkins regarding destroying evidence is also at issue.
Susan Campbell ‏@S_E_Campbell · 1m1 minute ago
Sidebar breaks up, juror walks out of the courtroom #HernandezTrial @wpri12

Back to hearing.
Bob McGovern ‏@BobMcGovernJr · 3m3 minutes ago  Bedford, NH
My head hurts.

You and me both, babe.
Travis Andersen ‏@TAGlobe · 57s58 seconds ago
McCauley: "she ,mentioned a different gun in front of a different grand jury"

Susan Campbell ‏@S_E_Campbell · 32s32 seconds ago
back to dealing with the defense's motion, trying to limit Jenkins' testimony (dealing with info in perjury indictment) #HernandezTrial

Bob McGovern ‏@BobMcGovernJr · 55s55 seconds ago  Bedford, NH
Now we're back to the motion to tamp down Shayanna Jenkins' testimony. We're on to her testimony regarding guns. #AaronHernandez
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