Major Figures in Springfield MW case

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    Here is a thread for listing major figures in the case: Victims, Family Members, Witnesses, LE Professionals, and so on. If you intend to use initials to refer to someone, make sure that the person is listed here, with at least some description of hismor her connection to the case.


    Sherrill Levitt (11/1/44), hairdresser, mother of Bartt and Suzanne
    Suzanne Streeter (3/9/73), known as "Suzie," daughter of Sherrill
    Stacy McCall (4/23/74), friend of Suzie's, daughter of Stewart and Janis McCall


    Janis and Stewart McCall, Stacy's parents
    Meredith and Lisa McCall, Stacy's sisters
    Bartt Streeter, Sherrill's son, Suzie's brother

    Last known people to see or hear Suzie and Stacy

    Janelle Kirby, friend of Suzie and Stacy
    Kathy Kirby, Janelle's mother

    Law Enforcement

    Officer Rick Bookout, responded to 1717 E. Delmar after Janis McCall contacted police, along with Officer Brian Gault. Wrote Incidental Report of 6/07/92.

    James Wright, FBI

    Persons Known to be at 1717 Delmar when police arrived:

    Janelle Kirby; Mike Henson; Stewart and Janis McCall, and their daughters Meredith and Lisa; Adina Ruthrauff (a friend of Stacy and Suzie) and her mother Darlene; and Janelle's parents Randy and Kathy Kirby. The Tulsa World article states that 18 people had been in and out of the house, although only these 10 were listed in the Incidental Report.
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