Mall Santa uses sign language to communicate with deaf boy

Discussion in 'News that makes you smile!' started by texasgirl2, Dec 26, 2012.

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    "Cameron Sylvester, 3, who is deaf, is caught off guard when a Santa at a mall in Foxboro, a suburb of Boston, uses sign language. Too afraid to sit in Santa’s lap, the boy comes to life when he sees him sign, 'Have you been a good boy?'"

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    This literally brought tears to my eyes when I read it yesterday. We have a family tradition of going to our local Bass Pro Shops for pictures because we think our BPS Santa is the best around. But, this Santa at a BPS near Boston is pretty darn great too!! I bet that sweet little boy believes in Santa for sure now! ;)
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    I saw that yesterday and thought it was wonderful that he found a Santa he could talk to. I bet he is a believer now!

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