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    My name is Courtney Tascoe-Burris. I am one of the coordinators of the volunteer efforts to find Hasanni Campbell.

    We need your help to find this little boy. The search for Hasanni has been driven by a grassroots effort, a village of people who care about a child lost. We conducted a search today of the Lake Elizabeth area in Fremont, CA. It started at 9AM, ended around 3PM. San Jose Search and Rescue, the Oakland Police Department, and the Fremont Police Department were all present, and we look forward to working with them in the future. Over 80 volunteers came out today to assist in the search efforts. We are so grateful! I am happy to say today's mission was a success. The Lake area was searched thoroughly, and nothing related Hasanni was recovered. In this regard, our prayers were answered..but there is still more to do!

    There will be another vigil for Hasanni at the College Ave Presbyterian Church (5951 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618) this Monday at 6:30PM in the Rockridge area where Hasanni was last seen. We encourage people to come out for that. You will have an opportunity to sign up to volunteer in future search endeavors. Vigils will take place at this time, in this location, every Monday until Hasanni comes home (and as long as the Rockridge community remains hospitable)!

    After we've completed the search of the Lake Elizabeth vicinity, we have every intention to search in the Oakland/Berkeley area extending out from Rockridge where Hasanni was reported missing. However, we felt it was imperative to search the lake in light of OPD changing the status of the case from "missing persons" to "homicide". We hold onto the prospect that Hasanni is alive. Until substantial proof is presented to us to suggest otherwise, we refuse to relinquish that hope!

    If you would like to sign up to volunteer, you can also send an email to We will add you to our list of contacts.

    Courtney Tascoe-Burris
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