MI MI - New Buffalo, "Betty the Bag Lady", WhtFem 65-75, UP8224, wrapped in sheet/towel/2 bags, Aug'92

Oh wow story lines up except for the buried in NY but everything else sounds right especially if her kids reported her missing. I wonder if she had dentures
Deceased/Not Found - MI - Janet Kirkup, 53, Jackson, 14 Aug 1992 *R. Kirkup guilty*
According to the thread dedicated to Janet it was suggested before that Janet can be Berrien co Jane Doe (however, I am not sure this suggestion was forwarded to the LE). I don't think Janet is Berrien co Jane Doe, but there are too many coincidences, for example, it was mentioned in the discussion that there is a Buffalo co in New York (where according to Janet's husband he had buried her body) and also New Buffalo in Michigan where Berrien co Jane Doe was found.
I have just noticed, that the DDP answered to the comment on the facebook page, that they will forward the suggestion about Janet to the team, it won't be difficult for them to check it.
On September 4, 1990, at approximately 6:50am, Ann Lylyck was last seen by her friend when he dropped her and her dog off at the Our Lady of Mercy Hospital in Toronto, Ontario. Ann was intending on visiting her aunt, but wanted to walk her dog before going into the hospital. When her friend returned a few hours later, Ann could not be located.
Canada's Missing | Case details
From DDP's Facebook page. Sounds like this might be a difficult case, especially if it involves Irish genealogy.

Can you help us identify Berrien County Jane Doe (1992)?
Our research has found that she has genetic connections to the following surnames in County Waterford, Ireland: McLaughlin/McLoughlin, Morrissey, O'Brien, Kelly, Hogan, Mahoney, Cashman, Walsh & Lyons and in County Kerry, Ireland: O'Sullivan/Sullivan & Kelly. Many of her matches still reside in Ireland, England and New Zealand.
She also has potential connections to these surnames: O'Donoghue / Donahue / McDonagh, O'Brien and other locations in the United States: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois.
Also of note is that, based on her ethnicity admixture, she may possibly have a Grandparent from the Eastern or Western Mediterranean Regions.
Do you recognize any of these surnames or locations from your OWN family tree?

I'm surprised the Oracle gives her 1/4 possible Greek....Because I'm 1/2 Armenian and her DNA doesn't look anything like mine. As a matter of fact, it looks exactly like my Scots-Irish matches

Mine is pretty heavy on the East Med and West Asian and I'm only 1/2 Armenian. Also West Med is very very common in all Europeans.
Attached is mine and then Betty's.


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Hmm. Interesting suggestion. A bit older than the estimated age range for the UID, but I wouldn’t rule her out because of it.

Marie D. Jost – The Charley Project

View attachment 325712 View attachment 325713
Could that crazy crew surrounding Marie actually take her body all the way from Wisconsin to Southern Michigan? She was missing from either Amherst or Portage....We're looking at almost 300 miles

It really looks like a complete long shot.

Marie's maiden name was Farrow. Her mother was born in Germany and her father was born in Canada.

DDP is showing our Jane Doe to have ties to Ireland.
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I still wonder about Sherrill Levitt, she was part of the Springfield Three. She looks more like the unidentified pic than Marie, imo. I will have to look back because I was thinking there was a couple of others found near here at that time too. Maybe one with no head. Just a thought...
The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs)

TypeUnidentified Deceased
Date Body FoundAugust 11, 1992
NamUs Case CreatedJanuary 18, 2011
ME/C QA Reviewed--
Location Found Map
CountyBerrien County
GPS Coordinates (Not Mapped)--
Found On Tribal Land--
Circumstances of RecoveryTorso of woman found in Berrien County, MI.
Details of Recovery

Inventory of RemainsHead not recovered One or more limbs not recovered
Condition of RemainsNot recognizable - Partial remains with soft tissues

So just a torso, wonder if the age could be off on this too?
New article

“[Betty] has matches with recent Irish heritage, but unfortunately they are too low for us to successfully work with because the common ancestors with the Jane Doe are probably in the early 1800s, before the Irish civil records were established,” he said.
“It looks like one of her parents may well have been an Irish immigrant, or at least of full Irish descent.”
@ginestra looks like a good match. FYI Reddit isn’t an approved source for WS so you should remove that part of your post.

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