MO MO - St Louis, BlkFem 8-11, 54UFMO, in abandoned bldg, Feb'83 #2

I wonder what the status of genetic genealogy in this case is. Has the investigating agency been contacted for potential use of it since she has dna available. If so I think Othram can help here in getting her identified.
hopping this little girl can be identified this year I’ll be working on it while I have extra time
(Edit) After actually looking through everything I found nothing most likey she wasnt reported missing as it looks like they checked everything I Dont know if DNA test can help anymore but most likey she could've lived on like the carolinas and Virgina those are the middles in the testing if i am right Other then that as she wasn't reported she could've spend time far as texas and basically got killed in missuior and body dropped there other then that thats all i got
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February 28, 1983
Who is this sweet girl!!??
If these two are not her then she wasnt reported missing most likey thats how it looks they maybe arent looking into those 2 girls because there from illionis and The Testing didnt say she could spend her life in illionis maybe thats why they could say no but one of them haves unknown DNA other doesnt i can see if these two kids parents are located in a census Couldn't find the parents but those two missing girls got smoething in common even tho their not the same type they were both wearing a kind of boots when they disappeared not to mention the color was blue also i'll see if i can trace anything
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Could there be any connection with this case: The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs)
Camden Jane Doe Recon

Summer 1978 and early 1983 - so 4,5 years apart
Camden NJ and St. Louis MO - so 900 miles

Black teenage girl, bound, stabbed, decapitated.
Body parts dumped in basements of vacant buildings.

The victim's headless body was discovered under the porch of an abandoned house in Newark. It is believed the victim was decapitated after she died. She had been stabbed at least eight times and her hands and feet had been bound. Eleven years later in November 1990, the skull was found.

The skull was discovered under tons of rubble by construction workers in a rowhouse in North Camden, about a block away from the Newark location. The rowhouse had been vacant for several years. Forensic experts determined the skull and body were from the same person.

She may have possibly been homeless and may have been from the Delaware Valley area. In 1991, a forensic reconstruction of the victim was completed but is currently unavailable.

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