More Manson Family Victims Found?

For more read Maury Terry's "The Ultimate Evil"

I, too, read Terry's The Ultimate Evil. Either he spins a good yarn or else NYC officials are pro's at covering up the real truth. I lean toward Terry's evidence that Berkowitz was doing snuff films. I think also he was doing it for the sadistic pleasure he was getting out of it.
In the meantime, there seems to be no inquiry into possible victims in northern California. Clyda Dulaney and Nancy Warren
were murdered south of Ukiah CA in the Emerald Triangle, on 13 October 1968. Members of the Manson family lived in nearby Philo during the year before the double murder. Manson was arrested north of Ukiah along the Hwy 101 corridor, in Leggett, before the murder. Susan Atkins was serving a sentence in the Mendocino County Jail in Ukiah when Clyda and Nancy were murdered, and the Mansons notoriously traveled in packs. I doubt she was stuck there on her own. There were two separate reports of suspects that may have been reports of Mansonites. One told of a vehicle full of hippies emerging from an orchard near the Dulaney/Warren residences at about the time the victims were discovered. Another lead was directed toward unsuccessfully tracing a station wagon containing three young men and headed south from the homicide scene.

Nor would I put it past the Mansonites to have killed others up here.

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