Moving to Europe - everything goes!!! Interested??

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    Hello - this is first time I've been here - so I hope I do this right! My beautiful husband and soul mate died a month ago today, and I will now be moving to Riga, Latvia (in November) and must sell EVERYTHING in my house! I will be having a House/Yard/Garage sale end of September and all of October. Here are a few items I would like to sell here. If interested, please PM (I think I can say that here?) :thinking:

    Items for Sale:

    Bomber Jacket:
    The Cockpit Navy G-1 Antique Lamb Leather Jacket. Also worn by members of the USMC and US Coast Guard. ($600 on eBay); Given to Larry as a teenager from a neighbor, a former Navy pilot from WWII. A bit worn. Leather is nice, with just a few nicks on back. Asking $400 or best offer.

    Grille for 1961 MGA Roadster
    Recessed Shell is chrome plated brass, grille recessed, slats are polished stainless steel. No emblems on grille. I have not found anything on the net that will give me a price for this - so best offer.

    1931 Vintage Original Cartoon Map Yosemite by Jo Mora 16" X 20" Famous Artist (asking $500)
    The condition is very good for age. And the colors are not faded. In “old” wood frame
    Devoting his life to the exploration of subjects as diverse as vaqueros, Hopi Kachina figures, the Arizona landscape, and California missions, Joseph Mora, a Uruguayan-born American cartoonist, also excelled as a writer, photographer, designer, children’s book illustrator, mapmaker and cowboy.
    Joseph Jacinto "Jo" Mora was born in Montevideo, Uruguay (1876-194). He was the son of Domingo Mora, a well-known painter and sculptor who brought his family to the United States in the mid-1890s, and then became a teacher in New York at the Art Students League. Joseph and his artist brother Luis Mora (1874-1940) grew up being much influenced by the creative atmosphere of their father’s studio.
    In 1904 he returned to Arizona and New Mexico. There he lived with Hopi and Navajo tribes, learning their languages and painting their ceremonies, especially the Kachina ceremonial dances. One of the results of his western travels was a series of humorous maps that were spoofs of the national park maps that were made into posters. In the 1930s, the maps sold for 25 cents each and were distributed through souvenir shops at the parks. He also painted a watercolor series, “Horsemen of the West,” and wrote two books, “Trail Dust and Saddle Leather” and “Californios.” Joseph Mora died in Pebble Beach on October 10, 1947.

    Oil painting – by Ashton III
    This is nice framed oil painting on canvas by Ashton III the Artist. Birch Tree and birds; Information on back of painting explains a little about the artist. Ashton was born in 1938 in Panama City; was last known to be living in the Bay Area. He has painted all of his life without formal training; his paintings are in collections all over the world. This painting in its frame measures approximately 20 inches by 16 inches. I obtained this oil painting at an auction. Similar painting - $23.99 on eBay. Asking $25

    1958 Singer Sewing Machine - Slant-O-Matic 403 Special and hard cover case - with foot motor control; all parts are there. Instruction manual Booklet 1958 included. Very few marks/scuffs; machine is in good working condition.
    from eBay:
    $249.22 - same
    Booklet alone - $9.99
    Asking $100

    Sony Mavica Model #MVC-FD91) Digital Camera - MPEGMovie Quick access FD Drive 2X / Steady Shot 14X Digital Zoom / XGA 1024 x 768 pixels / Battery Type:
    InfoLithium / Lens cap and strap / 3.5 floppy disk.
    eBay $50, but with charger and bag... Asking $10

    "Eye of the Storm" Plasma Ball Light Globe E6000 Tesla Coil by Rabbit Systems Inc /
    approx. 14" tall with an 8" globe, Eye of the Storm, by Rabbit Systems Inc., 1987,
    model #E-6000. Excellent cosmetic condition, works great including the sound driven
    function; fully functional, steady controllable intensity or responds to sounds, dances
    with music, etc. It emits colorful flashes (red, blue, yellow lightning bolts) that will
    pulsate with music or loud sounds (when on audio setting) and also responds when
    your hand is placed on the globe. Includes "audio" control feature that makes the light
    show "dance" to music and sliders for power rate and intensity. (S/N 137559-Made in
    Hong Kong). Works Great!
    eBay sold at $99.00 /another for $57.99
    on kijiji for $250.00
    Asking $100

    Casio MA-120 ToneBank Keyboard (portable keyboard), made in Japan; with original box.
    eBay & sirenblaster - $59.99 - Asking $25

    Red with black trim steamer trunk/metal/26" length, 14 1/2" wide, 14" high. Asking $25

    Old time steamer trunk, circa late 1940s/very early 1950s. Brown. Don't know the
    size yet, as it is sitting in the rafters! But you know - one of those old steamer trucks
    families took on the ocean voyage. This one is my parents from when we came to U.S. in 1952. Asking $20

    Vintage 1930's 14" Taxi, Vehicle, Bicycle Or Clown Car Rubber Squeeze Bulb Type Brass Plated Horn Made In Pakistan Works (Rubber Squeeze Bulb missing). Asking $5

    7" Die Cast 1940 Ford Pez Truck
    This 1940 Die Cast Metal Ford Truck is emblazoned with PEZ logos everywhere! It says Pez Candy on the door, and Pez Candy on the bed tarp. The truck bed sides have pictures of Pez Candy packs! The hood of the truck is hinged to open and reveal the 8 cylinder engine! The truck measures just over 7" long and is stoutly built with easy rolling wheels! Awesome Pez licensed item by Golden Wheel Diecast!
    $25 on eBay - Asking $22

    12" Betty Boop Plush Toy Red Dress by Play-by-Play Novelties
    $8 eBay Asking $4

    1948 Jaguar XK120 1/24 scale Die Cast, white; made in Italy by Durago; doors & engine open.
    $25 eBay. Asking $25

    Chief Wahoo Electric Tonic Green Bottle
    Walbridge Co/Dunsmuir, Cal. / Cathedral Brand / Celebrated Remedy Made in Taiwan
    $10 - $18 eBay - Asking $10

    Vintage Toledo Steel Cup Hilt Rapier Decorative Spanish Sword; Made in Spain; Tizona - shape of handle; 40" with hilt; 32" blade. $200 eBay - Asking $100

    45 Spoon Display Case Oak Cabinet Rack
    45 Spoon Display Case Oak Cabinet Rack, With glass door, wall mountable. Holds 45 souvenir size spoons. A great way to display your spoon collections.Black matted background to create a lovely display. 31 spoons included.
    $35 eBay - Asking $30

    Original White FURBY Tiger Electronics w/ Box Model 70-800 Snowball 1998; with pink ears.
    eBay - $194 / another one (never opened) $40 / another for $30 - Asking $15

    Baseball Cards - 1992 Sunflower Seeds:
    Randy Johnson (2) - 4.50
    Will Clark - 2.90
    John Smiley - 1.25
    Willie McGee - 2.95
    Jeff Reardon - 1.25
    Terry Mulholland - 1.25
    Paul Molitor (2) - 2.50
    Howard Johnson - 1.25
    Terry Pendleton - 1.25
    Bill Gullickson - 1.25
    Tony Zeile (2) - 2.50
    Bobby Bonilla (3) - 3.75
    Scott Erikson - 1.25
    Kirby Puckett - 5.00
    Ken Griffey, Jr. (2) - 3.75
    Joe Carter - 1.25
    Tom Glavine - 14.00 (rare)
    Cal Ripken, Jr. - 2.25 = $56.85

    1991 Sunflower Seeds:
    Mark McGwire - 1.00
    Ben McDonald - 1.25 = $2.25

    1992 Fleer #702 The Ignitors (Paul Molitor/Brett Butler) - 1.00
    1998 Fleer 8 of 30TT - Top 30 - Steve Young - 1.25 = $2.25

    1990 - Topps
    1989 Passing Leaders - Joe Montana & Boomer Esiason (#229) - 1.00
    For all - asking $50

    1957 Topps Robin Hood cards
    #16 – Little John’s Task - $19.95
    #31 – Taking the Treasure - $2.50 - asking $20

    1959 Fleer The 3 Stooges cards (7)
    #8 – Larry & Curly - $11
    #9 – Curly’s fighting name - $10
    #10 – After Curly had turned four - $40
    #23 – Moe & Curly - $2.50
    #24 – Larry & Curly – (rare) - $15
    #26 – Larry, Curly & Moe - $2.50
    #40 – Larry & Curly - $18 = $100 will take $50

    1957 Topps Football cards (6)
    #35 – Em Tunnell - $2
    #68 – Yale Lary - $1
    #98 – Joe Scudero - $2
    #107 – Fred Cone - $2
    #117 – Don Bingham - $1
    #149 – Ronnie Knox - $1 = $9 - will take $4

    Beatles Cards:
    1964 Topps “Hard Day’s Night” Beatles Cards (15 out of 55)

    1964 Topps Color Beatles Cards (6)
    1964 2nd Series Beatles – (5 out of 115)
    1964 3rd Series Beatles – (40 out of 116-165) all above = $280 / will take $135

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    I'm sorry for your loss.

    Do you have the Nextdoor app? You could post this in their classifieds section & your neighbors who have the app will see it. It works great in my area.

    Best of luck.
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    My Huz' Pez collection:

    Not Pez, but Flix Godzilla Gumball Machine
    From Burger King – Mr. Potato Head on a Fry Flyer

    Pez List:

    7" Die Cast 1940 Ford Pez Truck
    This 1940 Die Cast Metal Ford Truck is emblazoned with PEZ logos everywhere! It says Pez Candy on the door, and Pez Candy on the bed tarp. The truck bed sides have pictures of Pez Candy packs! The hood of the truck is hinged to open and reveal the 8 cylinder engine! The truck measures just over 7" long and is stoutly built with easy rolling wheels! Awesome Pez licensed item by Golden Wheel Diecast!
    $25 on eBay – Asking $25

    Star Trek – Collector’s Series 2008 (Uhura, Chekov, McCoy, Kirk, USS Enterprises, Spock Scotty & Sulu) New box. – eBay - $40 / Asking $40

    12 ½” Pez Giant Oakland A’s Snoopy – plays “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”. (2005); candy roll dispenser.
    eBay - $15 – Asking $15

    In Packages & Plastic bags with candy:

    Teddy Friends Series – Gilbert Plush Fuzzy Friends – Purple Bear – cuddly dispenser with candy
    Teddy Friends Series – TJ Plush Fuzzy Friends – Orange Bear - “ “ “ “
    Looney Tunes – Daffy Duck w/blue night cap
    Looney Tunes – Sylvester red handle
    Looney Tunes – Sylvester with sunglasses, blue handle
    Looney Tunes – Tweety Bird with red handle
    Looney Tunes – Tweety Bird with blue handle
    Looney Tunes – Tweety Bird with black cap, orange bill, bright green handle
    Looney Tunes – Daffy Duck blue handle
    Looney Tunes – Yosemite Same blue handle
    Looney Tunes – Bugs Bunny yellow handle (2)
    Looney Tunes – Bugs Bunny with orange cap, yellow handle
    Looney Tunes – Speedy Gonzalez (2 – 1 in plastic bag)
    Star Wars – C3PO (gold) 1997 Series I
    Star Wars – Darth Vader 1997 Series I
    Star Wars – Princess Leia 1997 Series I
    Star Wars – Chowbaca 1997 Series I
    Star Wars – Storm Trooper 1997 Series I
    Star Wars – Ewok 1999
    Nascar – Bobby LaBonate Green Interstate Batteries helmet (2005)
    Sweden Soccer ball (SvFF) (from Sweden) (2)
    Despciable Me – Dave (one eye)
    Cars – Mater #95 orange car
    Disney – Donald Duck Classic (1997) blue handle
    Disney - Daisy Duck Classic (1997) – pink bow, purple handle
    Disney - Goofy Classic (1997) with lime green hat, red handle
    Disney - Minnie Mouse Classic (1997) – red bow, red handle
    Disney - Pluto Classic (1997) – red handle
    Disney - Shrek the Third – Puss in Boots (2004) orange handle
    Disney - Chicken Little with green glasses, green handle (2)
    Disney - Bugz (movie) - Big Bee or Super Bee (Bumble Bee) (200)
    Disney - Bugz (movie) - Sam Snuffle the Fly with orange handle (2000)
    Disney - Bugz (movie) - Clumsy Worm (2000)
    Disney - Bugz (movie) - Jumpin’ Jack the Grasshopper (2000)
    Disney - The Muppets – Kermit
    Disney - The Muppets – Miss Piggy (2012)
    Disney - Winnie the Pooh – Piglet
    Disney - Winnie the Pooh – Eeyore
    Disney - Winnie the Pooh - Tigger
    Snoopy & the Peanuts Gang - Snoopy with black sunglasses (2000)
    Snoopy & the Peanuts Gang – Snoopy with his smile with handle (2000)
    Snoopy & the Peanuts Gang – Lucy red handle (2000)
    Snoopy & the Peanuts Gang – Woodstock yellow handle (2000)
    Snoopy & the Peanuts Gang – Charlie Brown blue baseball cap, blue handle (2000)
    The Simpsons – Bart red handle
    The Simpsons – Maggie blue handle
    The Simpsons – Homer blue handle
    The Simpsons – Lisa red handle
    The Simpsons – Marge (in plastic bag)
    Garfield with blue sleeping cap Series 2
    Garfield with chef’s hat with red handle
    Garfield with orange handle
    Flintstones – Dino
    Flintstones – Pebbles
    Flintstones – Fred
    Flintstones – Barney Rubble
    Superman, blue handle
    Spiderman – red
    Wonder Woman (1999)
    Batman - black handle
    Incredible Hulk (2- different styles)
    X-Men – Wolverine (2009)
    Chicky in a red basket with red hat, blue handle (2 –one not in packaging)
    Heart with “I Heart You”
    Golden Monkey daemon from Golden Compass (2007) orange handle
    Easter Bunny (2)
    Bunny with blue handle (2008)
    Sourz Pineapple - Yellow head with pink tongue sticking out with sunglasses & green hat (2011 16th Annual MN Pez Collection - $20)
    Snowman (2)
    Santa Claus (3) – 1 not in package
    Brown dog with green collar
    Naughty Ned non-glow (Ghost with blue handle)
    Happy Henry non-glow (1990) (Ghost with orange handle (2))
    Slimy Sid non-glow (Ghoul green goop yellow handle)
    Glow in the Dark – Mummy
    Skull with purple handle (2) – not in package
    Semi-truck red with yellow cab
    Witch – green face, orange hair, red handle
    Pumpkin – with green handle – not in package
    Dinosaur (cartoon?) green handle, yellow & green head
    Polar bear – white handle
    Whistle – orange with violet handle

    NOT in any packaging:
    Popeye – no hat – blue handle (from ‘50s) / Made in Austria
    Vintage ‘50s Bozo the Clown – on side “Bozo / Butch” made in Australia

    Total: 100 / 11 the same – Total $541.39 – Asking $540 (face value of all)

    Would like to sell this all together.
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    Thank you Claudius! I'm one of those "old" people that don't have a cell phone! LOL! So, no apps... But I am thinking of putting all this in our local paper's classifieds!
  6. i.b.nora

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    I think you might want to see if you can find a memorabilia or kitsch type collector in your area. Or, see if you can get a "packaging type store" such as UPS or USPS or? to give you a bid on packaging and mailing each lot and limit it to continental US. Then list it in lots on eBay, ask enough to get what you want and to cover the outside pakaging and mailing.

    The Yosemite Map by Mora was interesting to me, so I looked it up and found this page which somewhat details the "printings".

    You have alot of cool stuff that at one time would have been right up my alley.
  7. iridescentrose

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    I kind of really want that Furby
  8. AzPistonsGirl

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    Wow, Latvia! From California - that is quite a jump! My FIL is from Latvia, still speaks and reads Latvian. I had never heard of Latvia when I met my partner over 25 years ago (I was 19 and geography and history were not my fortes). Best wishes for a smooth transition! Wow!
  9. Niner

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    :wave: Long story short - my parents escaped Latvia in 1944 when the Soviet Russian army came back thru - pushing the Nazi's to the Baltic Sea. They caught the last train going West - and crossed the Baltic Sea in a small fishing boat - they landed on Gotland Island - and my brother and 2 sisters and I were born in Sweden. We came to the U.S. when I was about 4 - and we settled in Petaluma! So going back to my parents' Homeland is getting a bit exciting. Yes, I can speak Latvian... a bit trouble in reading it and writing - but I think I'll be okay!

    Don't feel bad - when I was growing up - Nobody knew "where" Latvia was! LOL!

    :tyou: for the best wishes too!
  10. Niner

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    Oh - I sold all the Beatles' and other cards listed above to the local Comic store here! :happydance:
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    I am so sorry to hear about your soul mate. I wish you peace and all good things. I hope that friends and family are waiting for you. Be well on your journey,
  12. 1&2&3

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    Just wondering Niner. Have you ever been to Lativa? Do you have family still over there?

    You are a brave lady to make such a big move. Good luck to you and wishing you much happiness in your new country. :)
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    Niner , should you decide to break up the PEZ I would be very interested in all the snoopy ones ( and possibly the Star Wars and the PEZ truck) DS is a huge fan and was born in 2000!
  14. Niner

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    Thank you awakeandaware!!

    Yes, I visited Latvia in the Soviet times - about 3 times, and than after 1991 when they WON their freedom - at least 5 times! LOL! My parents bought an apartment building when Latvia got free - there are 4 apartments (2 top, 2 bottom). My brother owns it now, and lives in one of the top ones - and I get the one across from him, where my Mamma used to live - she died in 2011 at 90 years old.
    Yes - a BIG move for me, as I've lived here in California for most of my life. But living on Soc. Security here makes it really difficult. There I'll be "rich"!! LOL! Thank you for your thoughtful words!

    Yes, I can do that! I'll PM you!

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