NC - Buncombe sheriff candidate DeBruhl arrested in Madison County, 6 Sep 2018

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    Buncombe sheriff candidate DeBruhl arrested in Madison County

    A candidate for the top cop job in Buncombe County faces a stalking charge in neighboring Madison County.

    Tracey DeBruhl, 38, the Libertarian candidate for sheriff, was arrested by Madison County Sheriff’s deputies Thursday on charges of misdemeanor stalking and second-degree trespass.
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    DeBruhl repeatedly visited a woman’s home after being told to stay away, stood outside her Mars Hill address and yelled, left notes on her door, harassed her children and called and sent text her messages from different numbers. The warrant was issued based on evidence of “imminent danger to persons or property if the accused is not taken into custody,” according to court paperwork.

    In a phone interview Friday morning, DeBruhl described the arrest as retaliation in a custody case. "14 years ago, when I was deployed with the Marine Corps, I made a baby and just found out about him," he said. "To the men and women of Western North Carolina who are seeing what is taking place, don't let this discourage you from being parents. Man up up and be there for your kids."

    Candidate for Buncombe County sheriff arrested on stalking charge

    His Facebook pages:

    Tracey DeBruhl

    Tracey DeBruhl for Sheriff
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    Sorry, Mr. DeBruhl. You will have to wait until he is an adult to see if he wants any contact with you.
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