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May 24, 2009
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Teen girl reported missing two years after disappearance
Was just starting a thread on her when I saw you have already made one!

Authorities say they were contacted last Tuesday regarding 15-year-old Erica Lynn Parsons.
The 4-foot-5, approximately 90-pound girl with a thin build, brown hair and eyes and a fair complexion, may be in the Asheville area, the Sheriff's Office says.
Officials say Erica is known to be small for her age.
Erica went missing from a home in the 200 block of Miller Chapel Road on November 19, 2011. The report was filed on July 30, 2013 by a step-sibling, officials say.
Info from missing persons flyer:

OR Lt. Chad Moose or Detective Clint Mauldin @ 704-216-8687

Erica Lynn Parsons
Missing From: 218 Miller Chapel Rd., Salisbury NC
Date Missing: November 19th, 2011
Date of Birth: 2/24/1998
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Height: 4ft. 5in.
Weight: 85-90 lbs.
Build: Thin
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Race: Caucasian
Complexion: Fair
Clothing: Unknown

Circumstances: Erica possibly in the
Asheville NC, area.

Special Indicators: Erica known to be
small for her age.

Entered NCIC: 8/3/13
She was born in 1998, she turned 15 in February she went missing at 13.
She went missing November 19, 2011. So they know what DAY she went missing but didn't report it?
Yet they don't know what clothes she was wearing and they again, waited 21 months to report it?
So she missed 2 Thanksgivings, 2 Christmas' and 2 birthdays before being reported missing.

Grandparents concerned over missing 15-year-old girl

They said the teenager lived at a home south of Salisbury, but when Channel 9 went there, the family members said they have been advised by their attorney not to talk about the case and they've turned over photos of Erica to the sheriff's office.
Hmm. Anytime I see a huge time lapse between last seen and reported missing I think the worst. I am thinking the worst.
Does anyone the circumstances of why she is just not being reported missing nearly 2 years later? And why the photo they are distributing of her seems to be a childhood picture and not a recent photo?
well, in that video I just watched the reporter tried to ask but the family has a LAWYER.
My children's grandparents are pretty uninvolved.
Even THEY would freak out after a year.
There are certain functions my kids are expected to be at.
(Christmas, 4th of July, their birthdays.)
Only missing a few of those would result in them coming to ME.
And again... they are pretty uninvolved.

I have a feeling we will end up with a Christian Coate situation here.
He wasn't reported missing for 2 years after he was murdered and buried.
Two FREAKING years?! Are you kidding me? Why was this not reported and how did no one notice her missing? Teachers? Classmates? Friends? Neighbors? Extended family? No one noticed a thing?

Not reporting a missing child should be illegal.
I also wonder why this was not given to the media last Tuesday? I realize they would have to do a little checking first but why wait a week? strange.
Snipped... Erica Parsons is described as 4 feet, 5 inches tall and weighing between 85 and 90 pounds. She has a thin build. She has brown eyes and brown hair.

The missing person’s poster states Erica Parsons may possibly be in the Asheville area.

[Video at link]

At the end of the video the reporter says her grandparents last saw her a year ago but they were in aware she was missing. Anyone else catch that?
yes I caught that, listened twice, but wonder if the reporter may have erred?
Was she 95lbs and 4'5" two years ago? That would have been small for her age then, but really small for 15.

In two years, she could have had a major growth spurt & hit puberty. She could be many inches taller and tens of pounds heavier by now.
Was she 95lbs and 4'5" two years ago? That would have been small for her age then, but really small for 15.

In two years, she could have had a major growth spurt & hit puberty. She could be many inches taller and tens of pounds heavier by now.

Very true!
I was about to ask if Erica may have a health condition that caused her short stature, but after some googling, I'm not sure if it could be that she's just shorter (no medical condition causing it or disability).

According to this, the avergae height and weight for a 13 year old girl is:
60 - 63 inches and 95 - 105 lbs.
That makes her about 7" shorter than the average at 13 (according to these numbers, I was 5" taller than this at 13, which is also when I stopped growing), so IMO there's plenty of inches under/over that many 13 year olds are; I don't really know if her height alludes to more going on with her. I hit my final growth spurt early (grew the most between 10-13) and I suspect Erica had yet to hit hers when she was 13.
According to this, she was reported missing by a step-sibling:

Good for that step-sibling! Apparently whatever answers the other family members had for Erica not being around set off his/her hinky meter.

Wow. I had assumed the parents had finally stepped up and reported her missing. I'd LOVE to hear the parents excuse for not calling the police the day she "disappeared". How frustrating and infuriating.
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