Missing pregnant Shanann Watts and her two daughter's bodies found, husband arrested
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Identified! NC - Whiteville, Male UP12955, 50-60, multiple GSW, Sep'14 - Name not found

Discussion in 'Identified!' started by ClaireNC, Oct 25, 2014.

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    Body found floating under a Red Hill Road bridge, shot several times. http://www.cbs46.com/story/26657670...-whiteville-shot-several-times-unidentifiable


    Male, aged 50 to 60, 5'8 to 5'10", 240 pounds, Race unknown, (not recognizable/decomposing) In water 4 to 12 days

    Dental information / charting is available and entered

    DNA Sample available - Not yet submitted

    Local Contact
    Agency NC Ofc of the Chief Med Exmnr
    Phone 919-966-2253

    Officials said they are seeking information on any missing persons, and ask anyone with information to call the Columbus County Sheriff's Office.

    There has definitely been an increase in the violent crimes being reported in the SE NC (notably Whiteville and Lumberton) in the past few months, especially shootings. Much of the crime is gang and/or drug related.
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    I'm getting a permission error on this NamUs profile.
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    I couldn't find anything in the news about who he might have been identified as. Wish they had a way to leave a page up that that said they figured out who the person was...

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