GUILTY NE - Juliette Geurts, 2, beaten to death, Gering, 11 July 2008

The family has a copy of all of the medical records on Juliette. Her sister had a feberal seizure in Feb 08, in which the mother called 911. 911 was not called this time. There were no signs of a seizure in the ER at the time. The physical exam was normal and Juliette had a low grade temp.
They never did any tests what so ever when Juliette was brought into the ER the morning she died because I don't think the injuries that killed her were present at that time. CPS was never called by the neighbors being it was a hispanic area and no one wanted to get involved. The ER should have suspected child abuse with the head injury d/t the time of night it happened around 10pm. I hope this helps
I have re-friended you on FaceBook.

This story is just heartbreaking. I would suggest you continue to send emails and letters to Nancy Grace.

We had a case here of a murdered 18 month old - several of us did daily emails requesting media follow up and finally landed on Nancy Grace. Mom was arrested and is about to go to trial for 2nd degree murder - 25 years to LIFE!. While the delay in arrest was only a matter of weeks - I believe our efforts and national attention has helped, as the State has refused to plea this murderer down to less than 25 years (her PD asked for 7 and later for 15)!

I hope you are able to get some national recognition - Juliette and her family both deserve Justice and the perps deserve to pay!
Wow, I just read about this last week on one of my facebook links. Very sad and frustrating story!! Please let us know what we can do..
I wish I knew what to tell you on how to help.
We keep sending letters to the authorities, calling them and emailing them. They probably delete the emails like they hang up on the phone calls.
We have tried America's Most Wanted. I know John would have gotten us our answers but the police department in charge of Juliette's cage refuses to let them help! Yes, you read it right, REFUSES the help of professionals who have been solving crimes successfully for years. How sad. If they aren't covering something up, then why wouldn't they want the big boys to come aid them in their efforts of finding the killer?
Which really shouldn't be that hard, seeing as there we 3 people in the home at the time of her death! But instead the DA in Juliette's case is waiting for a confession! Like that is really ever going to happen! What are they hiding that they are using the death of Juliette to keep covered up??? :maddening: :bump:
Do you have this in writing? Do you have correspondence with AMW? I would take this to the press. If they wont write it up for you, buy some space and put it in yourself.

Keep on hitting up the press, local and national. And as much as I can't stand the Nancy Grace Show - I kept emailing her until she broadcasted Emma's story. We can help with an Email blitz - so can the followers on FB. Someone will listen.

Has Juliette's daddy had the ER records and ME report evaluated?

I'm assuming you have talked with a local attorney, if not they may be able to get you some inside information re LE and the DA.

Are all three perps still out of state?

I would also suggest going with a civil wrongful death suit.

Any word on Juliette's aunt joining us here?
I just found this case through Facebook. I am totally heartbroken and shocked that there has been no justice for this sweet angel.

I totally encourage everyone to watch this clip, that was put together by the local Fox station:

Monica Hall "I hope for Juliette's sake you will find justice for her.."
Doug Warner "Now don't give me that 'for Juliette.' Do you know how many dead babies I've worked on? I've worked on dozens of Dead Baby cases."
Doug Warner should be ashamed.
This family *needs* the national media to pick up this story. I wish I could figure out how to catch their attention.

Surely one of our fellow sleuthers has some sort of contact, no?
Juliette's Daddy was serving our country when his baby girl was beaten to death.

I am still stunned that more people are not outraged that he is not getting justice.

That his little girls are not getting justice.


Juliette was born November 2, 2005.

She lived 32 months.

She died almost 36 months ago.

She has now been dead, longer than she lived.



On July 11 it will have been 3 years...

3 years without Justice.

3 years her sister has lived without her twin.



Juliette is another big eyed, beautiful 2 year old little girl who was brutally murdered in the summer of 2008.

There is a cause of death, a crime scene and people of interest.



Juliette did not get swift justice like Caylee.

Juliette did not have a Yuri and she does not have a Linda or Jeff.

She does not have coverage from Nancy, or Jane or anyone else. Not yet.


Instead she has a guy who has worked on "dozen's of dead babies."


Juliette died because her Daddy was serving our country.

Her Daddy is still serving our country.

Yet, our country cannot give Juliette and her Daddy justice.


What can you do to help her Daddy get justice for his baby girl, while he fights for you and your family??




Justice For Juliette
This is an outrage!

Did I read this correctly? That the parents reunited briefly and had another daughter Arianna?

If so, I hope Jaelyn and Arianna are away from this mother!

I think some lawsuits need to surface...........they have a funny way of forcing things to get done.
Juliette's little sister is still with the woman who gave birth to her, last I heard... I would assume pending a paternity/custody battle which has likely been delayed due to Dad's deployment. :(

It's pretty hard to fight for custody when you are overseas. He was in basic training when Juliette was murdered... and I believe is on his third tour now... in 3 years. Not much time for court battles.

Juliette's twin is living with her paternal grandparents however.

I agree about lawsuits... I also think once Caylee's case is over that we might get Nancy to cover Juliette. If Nancy hears that DA talk to Juliette's aunt the way he did... that might not be a pretty sight either.

YouTube - ‪Justice For Juliette‬‏

Gov. Dave Heineman has appointed an attorney from Lincoln as a district judge in western Nebraska.

Apparently this new judge is a very good thing??? Aunt Monica is certainly excited about it at least.
I'm guessing any change is a good thing at this point...
I will send emails to every show I can think of. Such a beautiful little girl, I can't understand why so many end up like this. This is so wrong that the law did not work in this case. I will pass along the facebook page also.
I will send emails to every show I can think of. Such a beautiful little girl, I can't understand why so many end up like this. This is so wrong that the law did not work in this case. I will pass along the facebook page also.

I FULLY intend on a media blitz as soon as Caylee's case is resolved.
I am realistic... there is no way Nancy is going to cover Juliette while Caylee's case is still in litigation. As soon as there is a verdict and resolution however... I will be bombarding Nancy... Jane... all of them.

So please, everyone be READY... to do that. I will even post a summary here for all of you to send. And any of the above images can be used by anyone to assist in Justice for Juliette... if anyone wants another one made let me know.

And absolutely everyone can send the facebook and the homepage. You never know when it is going to reach someone who has the power to do something even more than we do. :seeya:

(And thank you Kimster!)
Try to make an appt with the investigating agency. Try to remain calm with them. You want to get answers to questions like "where does the investigation stand" "what roadblocks stand in the way of resolving this" "what can family do to help" and etc. Make your questions polite, specific and without blame. You may need a letter from the father giving whoever is doing this his power of attorney as regards to obtaining info and assisting the LE.

It might help if the father composes a letter, explaining why he is unavailable to insist on justice for Juillette, and asking for NG's assistance.

Contact local media and ask them to do a followup story on her. Maybe it would help if the family put on a memorial or candlelight walk for her. Anything to publicize that her case is still unsolved.

Contact your local state reps, as well as the AG for your state. (believe me sometimes it does help when they start making inquiries.)

I've got a feeling that the problem in this case is there are too many possible suspects. Any one of them could have been the one to harm her, but since no one is talking they can't rule any out and haven't come up with a way to get them to talk.
Thank you so much for your interest and help for Juliette!

I will absolutely suggest getting a letter from Juliette's Daddy before we begin a media blitz. :seeya:

There is a balloon release and candle lighting scheduled for the 3 year anniversary, July 11th.
Please everyone feel free to do so from wherever you are.

This is truly a case where the justice system has failed this family.

I am not sure if you have listened to/watched the recent news follow up video.... if not, it is truly worth it.

The Assistant Attorney General/County Attorney is a real charmer. The family hopes that for Juliette's sake he will find justice for her. His response?

"Now don't give me that 'for Juliette,' do you know how many dead babies I've worked on?
I've worked on dozens of dead baby cases." :sick:

YouTube - ‪Justice For Juliette‬‏

The AG will not get involved. Will not comment on why he will not help the family.

I understand there is more than one suspect.
However, there are so many things that could have been done...rather than simply allowing them to move on with their lives.

This is a case where the suspects haven't been really questioned.
They are "waiting for a confession." That isn't how it works.

I think that those who are not prosecuting this case need to spend some time with Juliette's twin.
Mister "dozen's of dead babies" need to meet the twin of THIS dead baby.

"Auntie Monica I wish I was a kite, because then Juliette could reach down from heaven and take me up there with her."


"I just want people to stand up. I want people across this country to stand up. I want you to remember this little girl, I want you to fight for her so that justice is served."- Juliette's Aunt Monica

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