NE - Omaha Double Murder #3 - *Arrest Made*


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Jul 21, 2008
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After ten years, this journey cones to an end, at least for us on here. The families will never recover fully.

I really wonder if Garcia's parents have any clue at all about their son. They just seem bewildered. I'd bet he manifested symptoms of dangerous mental disorder from his childhood. They seemed to expect him to live up to their high standards, to make them look good. He was pushed into a profession he had no talent or calling for.

That happened to me and nearly ruined my life until I just told my overbearing family to go jump; I was going to do what I wanted with MY life. He apparently never was able to. There's a lesson in this for what it's worth.

I have never been a big supporter of the Death Penalty. In this case I feel indifference. I doubt he will ever be judicially killed. That is fine by me. so tragic for all.