Missing pregnant Shanann Watts and her two daughter's bodies found, husband arrested
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Need some Advice.

Discussion in 'General Information & Discussion' started by AlphaWolf, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. AlphaWolf

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    ( a short Bio to help form my prospective)

    I spent over 5 years in the military , during that time working as an MP and as a Chaser I been around some evil people who did some evil crimes.

    I have seen some criminals claim they will never change.....But I also seen some put the past behind them and move forward with their lives in a productive manner.

    ( that was over 20 years ago)

    Currently I own a few residential properties that are rentals. I do use a Property Management company to find tenants/deal with payments. The property management also is in charge of the contractors/landscapers that work on the homes.

    ( to make a long story short )

    - recently ( today) I was on the Megan's Law website ( I do have children, I do suffer from some sort of OCD , I do have control issues, I do remember faces/details, I may be overly protective.......check that I am way too overly protective of my family/friends....hence why I am hear now:gaah:)...and noticed a familiar face.

    - The familiar face was the landscaper for my rental properties.....( I recognized his lower portion of his face as he always wore sunglasses rain or shine) I have met the Landscaper on a few occasions, and I noticed his Business card (last) name did not match the name on the Megans law website. ( same first name and same address though)

    - His crime was Ca penal code 288 (a) ( from what I gather) is oral copulation with a child under the age of 14

    - There are children living at the rental properties.


    I tried researching the Ca requirements for a crime of 288a, so far it's very unclear if he has to disclose his criminal history to the Property Management

    If I was living in a rental with children I would sure as Heck would not want someone with a similar past working in my backyard.( especially not knowing the person)

    but a part of me is compassionate as I do not know what happened......and I do know some people who change....and I do understand each crime is different..

    with that being said ...I am definitely going to get a new property management company Asap, ( with new Landscaper)....

    but any advice is welcome.

    ( Mods I'm not sure if this thread belongs here?...general board?..please move if necessary)
  2. Charlie09

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    I would check with the property management company about what background checks they do- to ensure tenants and children are safe?
    Utlimately - it seems like if there was a sex offender that re-offended both the management company and the property owner could be liable -

    I'm not a property manager, but do help with a property in LA - I don't do background checks on our contractors, plumbers, pest control, landscapers - I also tell tenants to use common safety sense when contractors are around.

    At our home, we use the same landscapers all the time, but there are at least three different crews that show up --we use common sense here too.
    I think I'll call the association we're a part of tomorrow and ask about this - I've wondered but never followed up.
  3. Sutton

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    You may have already made a decision here, but

    1. What year was the conviction?
    2. How old was the offender when he committed the offense?
  4. 1&2&3

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    Is there a web site in CA that you can check out criminals and their records? Also, there are sites in most cities where you can check out the RSO. Sorry I can't tell you the name. Maybe one of our good WS will see this and give you websites.

    In the meantime, I would Google Sex Offenders in name of the city and that will help you. Good Luck!

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