Netflix to stream new documentary on Steven Avery

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Steven Avery was in prison for 18 years prior to this murder. This vial of blood was taken during those years. He was exonerated through the use of DNA evidence that was not around at the time of his initial arrest, 1985. The date on the blood vial was 1995 (?), approximately eight years before his exoneration. Could this vial have been accessed more than once during the DNA testing process that was used to exonerate him? There is just so much left to question, IMO, about the whole blood vial/blood planting.

I need to read through this whole thread, but why would the police kill this woman or cover for someone who did? In episode 3(I think), IMO, it was very telling when SA's female attorney makes a statement to the effect that being in prison could have driven SA to commit this crime. That statement coupled with the fact that his fiancee was in jail for approximately 8 months when the crime occurred...... I'm not going to elaborate.

Something else that has troubled me, and it may be a fabrication since I have only seen reference to it online, but the whole animal torture (burning a cat, IIRC) sent up a huge red flag for me.

Unfortunately, the corruption was glaringly obvious in this documentary. Because of the corruption, there will always be the "what if" in the minds of many.

I've been meaning to look into other unsolveds and missing cases in the area..... Could there be or have been other crimes committed by a member(s) of this family that put the target on SA? Or, could SA have done other things that we are unaware of that made it important (take away the $$$ lawsuit) to keep him locked up? Will we ever know?

ALL JMO :moo:

Great post! Re: BBM I could not agree more. The killing of animals is nearly almost always present in the lives or history of many killers of humans.
I will watch the documentary eventually , I saw an earlier one , but I have also read about all of the damning evidence against him. I doubt I will be swayed to feel this man should be set free.
Great post TheDuchess - agreed on all points, especially 4 & 5. I know for sure that watching two seasons of Fargo helped me follow the dialogue in some parts of the documentary :)
I live in Wisconsin but am originally from Lake Tahoe, Nevada and whenever I comment on the Wisconsin accent to people here they act like I am crazy!
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