Found Deceased NH - Ashley Turcotte, 31, last seen at home, her car found at the town hall with her phone & backpack, Barnstead, 4 Jan 2024

She has scars on her arms?? That's an unusual thing to mention, they must be quite a considerable size.

It does sound at first like an odd thing to mention, but considering the process for reporting a missing person, maybe it's not so strange. You go to the police dept, they ask you a series of questions - one of which is likely "does she have any distinguishing tattoos or scars?" and that prompts you to mention the scars she has. It's not necessarily something the reporting party was intentionally emphasizing..

Anyway I've spent some time digging through that "popular social media site" and not that we need to be reminded but boy is it a cesspool :( In case it helps spare anyone else the ick of following those threads, here's the little useful information I've gleaned. (Please consider this all MOO based on unreliable sources.)

- a motion activated camera at the church captured an image of her car already parked at 10:37. The motion wasn't her car - hers was too far away to trigger it. From this we can't say conclusively how long her car was already in the parking lot by 10:37 (e.g. it could already have been there for 15 minutes making her 10:44 arrival at dollar general viable by foot). We also can't say whether she drove to DG and then back again.

- her car was parked "directly in front" of the town hall "facing the road", there are a handful of spaces that satisfy this description.

After a couple of hours of reading, that's pretty much all I'd feel comfortable passing along... the rest is a mix of nasty, absurd or both. time to go shower :p
I believe I read that instead of flowers they asked for donations to St. Jude's, so I wondered if he'd had cancer and they wanted to help kids fighting cancer. Just a thought.
I think I learned the answer while wading into the FB cesspool.. and if accurate, not cancer - but we probably can't highlight further here as it won't be considered victim friendly.
Was looking into public transportation. Looks like nearest bus is in Farmington. Maybe she got a lift there to catch a bus south? Assume police looked into that...?


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One of the ‘popular social media site’ groups for finding AT was created two years ago. Do these ‘find so-and-so’ groups get renamed when someone goes missing? Or, did AT go missing two years ago also?
Good spot, it does appear that the group has had three name changes though, the other two didn't include Ashley's name.
The most recent change, to include Ashley's name, was on Jan 10th 2024.
Fwiw, circled in blue are what I believe to be the possible locations of her car; circled in yellow is where I believe the church camera is. (Moo)


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What happened to DJ? Does anyone know cause of death/manner of death?

I keep hearing that DJ passed, but I have not been able to find why he died, how he died, etc?

Just curious since you have brought up the possibility that her processing of his death could have potentially impacted Ashley’s mental state and actions in the weeks and months leading up to her disappearance.
I wondered the same. No clue what he died from... Very little info on anything in this case. There are also homeless camps not far from here in Concord & even southern seacoast area. Did she go there ...this whole thing has huge questions left unanswered & everyone in the family is saying nothing
According to the Barnstead Police Department, Ashley Turcotte, who has been missing for over three weeks, was last seen on January 4 at a Dollar General in Barnstead. Police said she made purchases at the store at 9:18 a.m. and 10:44 a.m


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