NH NH - Bedford, WhtFem UP11273, 20-40, hip-hugger dungarees, found off road, Oct'71

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    It does make me wonder who in Canada or even NH would be wearing shorts into September--that could point to either someone who was coming from another area or more of an August date for our UID's death. I looked up historical weather info in Montreal, and the day Marthe was last seen, the high was 18.9 C (66 F), although it had been considerably warmer within a week of that time. I personally would not wear shorts in that weather.
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    Just wanted to say, when you live in the northern states, 66° is still shorts weather, ;)
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    New Hampshire unsolved case file: Who is this woman found dead in Bedford in 1971?

    Authorities are still hoping to solve a case that has been cold for nearly 50 years.

    On Oct. 6, 1971, the remains of an unidentified white woman were found in a wooded area at the end of Kilton Road near the Route 101 Bypass in Bedford, which is now the on-ramp from Route 101 to Kilton Road.

    -- Remains found: Oct. 6, 1971
    -- Case status: Suspicious death

    Forensic analysis indicated that the woman had died about one to three months before her body was discovered.

    Officials have never been able to identify the body.

    An autopsy determined that the woman was about 25 to 35 years old and stood between 5 feet, 1 inch and 5 feet, 5 inches tall. Her hair color may have been brown.

    She was wearing a maroon pullover blouse with lace at the neck, short, hip-hugger jean shorts and size 7 sandals.

    Officials have not determined her manner of death, but the circumstances indicate that foul play was involved. Her death is considered to be suspicious.
    Can you help police solve this case? Submit a tip to the New Hampshire Cold Case Unit.

    New Hampshire unsolved case file: Who is this woman found dead in Bedford in 1971?

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