Still Missing NH - Harmony Montgomery, 7, Manchester, missing after placed in Father's Custody in 2019, reported 2021, *1 Guilty perjury, 1 guilty weapons* #3

This Morning: Jury selection is underway in the weapons trial of Adam Montgomery, who is also accused of killing his daughter, #HarmonyMontgomery.

Updated: 2:12 PM EDT May 31, 2023

Live: Jury selection wraps up in weapons trial for Adam Montgomery​

Jury chosen as Adam Montgomery trial on gun theft charges begins

May 31, 2023 at 5:42 pm EDT

MANCHESTER, N.H. — In Hillsboro Superior Court North in Manchester, New Hampshire, 100 potential jurors get their first look at the man who has dominated headlines and news coverage for months.

Adam Montgomery is now on trial for charges related to two-gun thefts, a rifle, and a shotgun, in September and October 2019.

But Montgomery is widely known as the father of his missing daughter, Harmony Montgomery, last seen in December 2019.
MAY 31, 2023

Jury selection wraps up in weapons trial for Adam Montgomery


The jury pool was whittled down in about four hours to a panel of 21. Both sides used preemptory challenges to strike six jurors, leaving 15 – 11 women and four men. Three are alternates.

"Avoid any all media coverage," Messer told jurors. "That includes social media coverage of this case or the related Harmony Montgomery case I discussed."

Opening statements are scheduled for 9 a.m. on Thursday. Jurors are not sequestered but have been ordered not to listen to, read or research anything about the case or Adam Montgomery.

BREAKING: Jury selected in NH v. #AdamMontgomery. Opening statements Thursday morning, 9am ET.

CHARGES for this trial only: 2 counts of Armed Career Criminal. 2 counts of Theft by Unauthorized Taking or Transfer. 2 counts of Receiving Stolen Property.

Montgomery faces up to 70 years for the weapons violations. He will have a later trial date for the murder of his daughter

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June 1: Opening statements start at 9/8c

LIVE: NH v. Adam Montgomery | Weapons Trial​

LIVE COURT CAM: NH v. Adam Montgomery - The father of missing Harmony Montgomery is standing trial on charges unrelated to his daughter’s presumed death.

An indictment charges Adam Montgomery with eight counts related to firearms theft in 2019. Authorities accuse Adam of stealing two firearms on two separate dates from the home of a person identified as C.F. in court documents.
Live Now: Opening statements underway in the weapons trial of Adam Montgomery.

Updated: 9:09 AM EDT Jun 1, 2023

Opening statements are set to begin Thursday morning in Adam Montgomery's weapons trial.

More than 100 potential jurors filed into the Hillsborough Superior Courthouse in Manchester Wednesday before 15 of them were selected to decide Montgomery's fate.
Opening Statements have concluded.

The Prosecution maintains that Adam obtained, maintained, and disposed of the shotgun and a rifle. Kayla initially lied, was charged and convicted of perjury, and will now testify truthfully against Adam.

The Defense immediately named Ishmael Garcia as the perpetrator and contends that Adam merely helped “Ish” market the guns, Adam did not steal the guns, maintain the guns, or control the guns.

Source: LIVE: NH v. Adam Montgomery | Weapons Trial - YouTube

(Video is still live and the court is taking a brief break to stand and stretch - testimony will begin soon.)
The prosecution has called Chris Frain as it's first witness.
He's lived in Manchester his entire life (40 yrs)
He studied Automotive Repair in college.
He was previously married to Kim Frain. They split in March 2020.
In 2019, he worked for a construction company, typically at out-of-state locations.
He would leave home on Sundays, work M-F, and return home.
He owned an HK 45 pistol, Ruger, AR 15, and 12-gauge Mossberg shotgun w/scope.
The guns were stored under his bed wrapped up in a blanket.

Source: LIVE: NH v. Adam Montgomery | Weapons Trial - YouTube

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