NH NH - Janis Louise Taylor, 15, Concord, Jan 9, 1968

There are also articles with her name spelled as Janice, where a potential link with Ted Bundy was "investigated" - the last of which I am sharing here.

Newspapers.com, Concord Monitor, 27 Jan 89, pg 10
Was Barry Bickford ever questioned about her disappearance? He was supposed to give her a ride home and he came back to the trailer park saying she wasn't there... And we know Janis had accused him of beating Richard just before her disappearance.
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Could Janis Taylor's disappearance be connected to the murder of Joanne Dunham age 15, (11 June 1968) who was abducted while on her way to her school bus stop in Charlestown, NH?

Or could there be a connection with the disappearance of Debra Horn, age 11, (29 January 1969) missing from Allenstown, NH after returning home from the school bus stop?
''Name: Janis Taylor Hair: Brown Current Age: 70 Eyes: Brown Missing From (Location): Concord, NH Height: 5’3”-5’4” Reported Missing: 01/08/1968 (Age at Missing: 15) Weight: 115-120 Investigating Agency: Concord Police Race: White Clothing Description: Unknown Gender: Female Brief Synopsis: Subject was believed to be in the area of Concord High School on Pleasant St in Concord, NH and she has never been heard from again''

March 2022
'' Police are looking for anyone who had contact with Ms. Taylor between December 1967 and the time of her disappearance or anytime thereafter.

At the time of her disappearance, Ms. Taylor had been living in Concord at various addresses, including 176 N. State Street, 89 School Street and the Alosa Trailer Park on Manchester Street. She was a sophomore attending Concord High School in the fall/winter of 1967-68. Prior to attending Concord High School, she was enrolled in Manchester Central High School. She grew up in Warner, NH with her eight siblings. Ms. Taylor was described as being 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighing 110 pounds with brown eyes and long brown hair. She enjoyed 4H activities and riding horses. Additionally, Ms. Taylor was associated with people who worked at Rumford Press in Concord.

Anyone who knew or associated with Ms. Taylor or has information about her disappearance is requested to contact Detective Paul Shaughnessy at the Concord Police Department (603-230-4934)''
Just to correct a slight bit of information. Previous posts suggest that Barry Bickford (the boyfriend living with Janis' sister in law) killed the baby a month after Janis disappeared. He did not. He killed the baby 4 days after she went missing. This is shown in the clipping from the Nashua Telegraph at Clipping from Nashua Telegraph - Newspapers.com. The confusion probably arose as the court proceedings started a month after the missing date. The proximity of the killing and her disappearance raises him further as a POI in my mind.
From newspapers.com, Concord Monitor, 11 Nov 80, pg 17. Article includes info on Ms. Taylor, first name is spelled as "Janice", however dates, etc., align with Namus case. There is info in the article (general specifics are which in her CharleyProject casefile). Janice/Janis would watch her nephew after school. It appears that she lived with her sister-in-law and sister-in-law's boyfriend. The boyfriend is the one who "returned to the trailer park later to say he hadn't been able to find her when he went to pick her up at school" (The SIL reported her as missing after she returned from work and Janis/Janice had still not returned) The same 2 y/o nephew that young Ms. Taylor babysat after school died a month later due to a beating. The same boyfriend was convicted of 2nd degree manslaughter.

I've attached the pdf file for the entire article as others missing from NH are referenced, including Stanley Bassett, for which a thread was recently created.
So she was living with them when the nephew was killed??
I just did some cursory research on young women murdered during this timeframe within (approx.) an hours drive of Concord, NH. I quickly found six women who could possibly be tied to the same killer. Here is the data base I was looking at:
Victim List | Cold Case Unit | NH Department of Justice

It sure looks like a SK to me, and I have read on various miscreants who "operated" in that area during that timeframe.
Many of the decedents were very close in age and looks. It seems this killer had a "type".

Amateur opinion and speculation
I've also wondered if there was another serial killer in the general area as well, that is before Terry Rasmussen's time 1979 - 1981 ~~~
Could Janis Taylor's disappearance be connected to the murder of Joanne Dunham age 15, (11 June 1968) who was abducted while on her way to her school bus stop in Charlestown, NH?

Or could there be a connection with the disappearance of Debra Horn, age 11, (29 January 1969) missing from Allenstown, NH after returning home from the school bus stop?
You made a list about possible victims of a NH SK a while back. I decided on eight of them possibly being murdered by the same person. When I put the locations of each murder/disappearance into a map. The all branch from one central location, Concord, the location of the first case, Janis' disappearance. IMO, if there was a SK operating in NH in the late 60s - early 70s, they may have been local to Concord.

For reference, here are the eight cases I chose:
January 9, 2024

A 15-year-old Concord girl has been missing for more than 50 years, and police are looking for anyone who had contact with the teen between December 1967 and January 1968 or anytime thereafter.

These cases might be related to the disappearance of Janis Louise Taylor. Although many more homicides are listed at the link, these all occurred in a 7 year span and involved similarities of victim, and methods of operation. Some of them have separate threads here on Websleuths.

Note that some are unsolved homicides, some are missing person cases, and some involve unidentified victims.

For more information on each case, click on the name.

Dunham,Joanne, Year: 1968 City/Town: Charlestown
Status: Unsolved Homicide

Horn,Debra Year: 1969 City/Town: Sandown
Status: Unsolved Homicide

Blakeslee,Luella, Year: 1969/1998, City/Town: Hopkinton,,Status: Unsolved Homicide

Whitacre, Carmel Sue
Year: 1970/1979 City/Town: Northwood
Status: Suspicious Death

Gloddy, Kathy Lynn
Year: 1971 City/Town: Franklin
Status: Unsolved Homicide

Unidentified Female Year: 1971 City/Town: Bedford
Status: Suspicious Death, unidentified victim

Clevesy, Arlene, Year: 1972, City/Town: Newton,
Status: Unsolved Homicide

Randall, Kathleen Year: 1972 City/Town: Nashua
Status: Unsolved Homicide

Compagna, Diane, Year: 1973, City/Town: Candia,
Status: Unsolved Homicide

Psaradelis, Anne Year: 1973 City/Town: Candia
Status: Unsolved Homicide

Doe, Jane Year: 1974 City/Town: Marlborough
Status: Unsolved Homicide, unidentified victim

Lord, Judy, Year: 1975 City/Town: Concord
Status: Unsolved Homicide

Stankiewicz, Melodie Year: 1975 City/Town: Salem
Status: Unsolved Homicide

Victim List | Cold Case Unit | NH Department of Justice
These towns are so close to one another. SK really does seem possible.

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