Nike to pay $7.6 mln to settle suit

Discussion in 'Up to the Minute' started by czechmate7, Jul 31, 2007.

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    It don't understand this lawsuit...Does it explain how they were discriminated against and I'm missing it? :confused:
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    Here you go:

    In this lawsuit, the Plaintiffs say that Nike has discriminated and continues to discriminate against its African-American employees and managers at Niketown Chicago by:

    • Subjecting African-American employees and managers to a hostile working environment created by harassing activities, including the use of racial epithets; accusations and coercive interrogations regarding alleged thefts and misuse of employee discounts; greater scrutiny and monitoring of African-American employees and managers than given to their Caucasian co-workers, including extensive “check-out” searches upon leaving the store; and greater scrutiny and monitoring of African-American customers than Caucasian customers.

    They also say that Nike has unlawfully discriminated against its non-managerial African-American employees at Niketown Chicago by:

    • Segregating its African-American employees into its lowest level and worst-paid jobs in the stockroom and cashier positions.

    • Denying African-American employees equal opportunity for promotions to more attractive positions.

    • Applying workplace rules and giving out discipline–up to and including termination–in a racially biased manner.

    • Denying employment benefits to African-American employees by predominately hiring African-Americans into part-time rather than full-time positions and by denying appropriate benefits to those who, though officially part-time, worked enough hours to be entitled to full-time benefits.

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