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May 31, 2016
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Cops fear a missing Pennsylvania teenager who hasn't been seen for weeks is the victim of sex trafficking, police sources said Monday.

Police on Monday released a photo of Corinna Slusser, 19, who was last seen in the early morning hours of Sept. 20 at the Haven Motel, on Woodhaven Blvd. by 68th Ave. in Rego Park.

Though she was last seen in Queens, police said the 32nd Precinct in Harlem received her missing person report. Cops couldn't say who reported her missing.

Slusser, who lives in Bloomsburg, Penn., according to her Facebook profile, last posted on Instagram on Sept. 10, posting a photo tagged in the Bronx.

<snipped by me>

"She filed an emergency protection from abuse while living in New York with a man. She is originally from the Bloomsburg area and has been missing for around two weeks," said one friend, Cameron Seely, in an Oct. 5 post. "She is a very active social media user and has not poster in weeks either."

Police describe her as white with blond hair and blue eyes, abut 5-foot-6 or 5-foot-7 and 140 pounds, with a large black flower tattoo on her chest.(Photo of tattoo at link)

more on that emergency protection:

Slusser recently filed a complaint against a man known for pimping out women in New York City, police sources said.

She was first reported missing in Pennsylvania but her family later found photos on Instagram tracing her to the Bronx.

She has been studying marketing at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Her mom wrote: &#8220;My daughter was a great student , a cheerleader. She had many friends and lived her life as a normal teenager. I need her home and I cant bare anymore days like this,&#8221; she wrote on Oct. 10. &#8220;I fear the worst but I pray for the best and her to return home. Waiting for an Angel to hear my prayer,&#8221; she wrote.

Relatives told the paper she met a pimp last March and followed him to New York. She was reported missing on Sept. 12 after missing her grandfather’s funeral.

Authorities are working to determine her location.

Slusser filed a complaint against an unnamed 32-year-old from Harlem who police believe may be her pimp, the report said. The two reportedly had an altercation over $300 and the man allegedly strangled her.

He was arrested in August and charged with strangulation and obstruction of breathing. He has a history of arrests and is known for supporting prostitution rings, the report said.

Police encouraged her family to resist the urge to post about Slusser’s vanishing on social media.

“Make no mistake, one move and she will be disposed of in one of two ways,” police told relatives, The Daily News reported. “Either she’ll be killed or moved.”

more details about that altercation:

On Aug. 25, the 32-year-old assailant, who has multiple arrests for promoting prostitution, had stolen $300 from 19-year-old Corinna Slusser while she was in the shower. When she demanded the money back, he allegedly grabbed her by the neck and pushed her against the wall.

Slusser, who relatives believe is a victim of sex trafficking, reported the brutality to police, and cops arrested her suspected pimp on Aug. 28, charging him with strangulation and criminal obstruction of breathing.

The Daily News is withholding the man&#8217;s name since he may play an integral role in solving Slusser&#8217;s disappearance.

The avid social media user hasn&#8217;t posted anything online since Sept. 10, when she put up a photo of herself tagged in the Bronx.

Relatives said Slusser met her pimp in March &#8212; who she called &#8220;her daddy&#8221; &#8212; and moved out to New York to live with him.

She remained in contact with her family for several months but began acting strangely in early September, around the time her grandfather died.

Slusser first told relatives that someone had stolen her ID and she couldn&#8217;t travel to Florida to go to the funeral. She also seemed terrified and said she had wanted to come home but had no money for a bus ticket.

No one in the family has heard from Slusser since that point.

She may no longer be taking orders from the man who brought her to New York and later attacked her, police sources said.


In addition to the Instagram account above:

Her final Facebook post from September 8 consisted of a selfie showing her dressed in a lacy white top with a red rose applique.

On September 7, she posted photos of a tidy one-bedroom, one-bath apartment on Grand Concourse in the Jerome Park section of The Bronx, tweeting: 'My first apartment all to myself in NYC!!! Never been more happier in my life. Forver [sic] dream accomplished.'


more pictures:




shows the tattoo:
People change especially at her age. She moved to New York to live with her pimp. <modsnip> BTW this case was profiled by Ashley on HLN. tonight. Her hotel room rented by the hour.
People change especially at her age. She moved to New York to live with her pimp. <modsnip> BTW this case was profiled by Ashley on HLN. tonight. Her hotel room rented by the hour.

<modsnip>I believe she didnt know he was a pimp. I assume maybe he was a dealer (she was fond of marijuana per her insta) <modsnip>
<modsnip> I believe she didnt know he was a pimp. I assume maybe he was a dealer (she was fond of marijuana per her insta) <modsnip>.

I believe her family said he was a pimp.<modsnip> Not implying her actions resulted in whatever the outcome of this case is. The poster I answered is the one who implied her behavior was wrong by asking why would someone do that.
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